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Chapter 4

Aizawa had upheld what he had said he would do. He brought a student whom could help with your state of dress in order to make you decent enough to talk with. You'd been expecting one of the support students to be honest. But with how quickly he'd retrieved the voluptuous teenager she had to have been in the building already. Which meant that she was most likely in class 1A - a hero coarse student - and was supposed to have been under your care.

Turned out that she was caring for you because of the situation. And to be honest you were so very envious. The amount you wanted to trade powers with the senior high school student was astounding. She had the ability to create new inorganic objects out of lipids which was a more specific way of saying fats. She could legitimately eat chocolate and ice cream all day and be stronger for it! What human being in their right mind wouldn't want that power?! Not only could she create anything she wanted, she would never have to worry about her weight! Of course you did wonder how she was able to maintain such a large chest; Aizawa must not have been pushing her very hard if she was regularly at that cup size during training.

Breasts were pretty much just stored fat around mammary glands after all. Other than the primary sex characterists (reproductive organs) the capacity to store fat in a healthy way such as the chest was what separated the females from the males. It was just that in modern society it was the unfortunate truth that storing fat wasn't a revered thing any more.

Which was exactly why you wanted her quirk!

Sadly you couldn't have her quirk. You had your own. It was a fine quirk but not exactly one that would let you eat chocolate all day while remaining healthy.

Once you were dressed decently again, and the student (whom had introduced themselves as Momo Yaoyorozu) had left, you were finally able to sit down to talk with Aizawa. He sat on the other side of your coffee table where you and Bakugo, not that you knew his name, had engaged in a minor wrestling match. One which you had won by way of knock out. You sat on your sofa, trying to maintain some sense of dignity. It was easier said than done. Aizawa's tired, almost grumpy gaze, made you feel like you were just another student about go get reprimanded for something that happened in class. Which was stilly. You hadn't been in school for two years already. Legally you were a proper adult and everything.

"What happened with the students?" Aizawa cut to the chase.

"I have no idea what started it. One minute I was minding my own business in here and the next there was an angry blond student demanding to know who I was. With some other words thrown in there."

"Bakugo, Katsuki," Aizawa filled you in. "That doesn't explain everything."

"Hmmm well after the green haired kid figured out that I'm related to Recovery Girl by seeing my last name, sparky-sparky boom boy decided to call my aunt an old bat. So I disabled his arms. He didn't like that very much seeing as he caught his own pants on fire. He charged me and while he continued with his explosions, I put him to sleep. I figured that was nicer than making him a paraplegic. Unfortunately my pants and legs were torn up. I'm afraid I may have traumatized your students a little when I went comatose on the couch to heal up quickly."

Aizawa let out a sigh as he stood up. "That boy needs to learn to control his temper or he will be in serious trouble when he graduates. I will deal with him when he wakes up in the morning."

"You could always let his arms stay disabled," you said with a smile.

Aizawa shook his head, messy hair moving around his shoulders. "He needs to train. Giving him a handicap of that magnitude this early on would only delay his training."

You stood up from your seat. "Well I guess I should go unpinch the nerves before they stay that way then."

Aizawa nodded and lead you out of your room. You followed behind him to the first floor. And then over to the males' wing before finding Katsuki's room. He was asleep on the bed. One of his classmates much have been very nice. They'd even covered him up. It was funny how sweet and young he looked while he slept.

"Will you stay in case he wakes up?" You requested from Aizawa in a quiet, calm voice.

The dark haired teacher nodded. You sat on the edge of Bakugo's bed before getting to work. He was still wearing the same clothes from earlier as far as you could see. Which meant that you had complete access to his skin with you hands. Hair width tendrils slowly edged their way out of your hands and went into his body when you made contact with his skin. You worked on undoing your prior disabling and drew back when that was done, turning around to smile slightly and nod at Aizawa.

As you made your way out of Katsuki's room with Aizawa you realized just how hungry you were after healing up your own legs. It still took calories from your body to build new tissues - specifically protein. And you hadn't been stocking up on proteins to begin with for the simple fact that you hadn't wanted to outgrow your clothes. Thankfully because you did have a tendency to help your hero clients without them knowing you did regularly eat protein bars as meal boosters. But this just tended to get you to an equalizing point with extra calories from fats and sugars to burn off. It was why you still had a little insolation on your body despite staying moderately active yourself.

Without saying a word to Aizawa you found yourself back in the kitchen making another omelette. This time it was the biggest that you could make.. Unfortunately you felt bad wasting all the egg yolks as you sorted them out before beating the egg whites. You wanted the protein, not all of the fats that came with the yoke centers. It made for a lesser omlette of course but thankfully there was ketchup to help. Sugar always helped even if it was a silent killer.

You cooked silently and ate the massive omelette the same way while you stood inside of the kitchen.

Today had been interesting to say the least.


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