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Chapter 11


You could feel your body relax into your bed as you shifted around. Though you knew you should clean up a bit, you couldn't bring yourself to care. Such was the languid sensation that spread up through you. Unfortunately the calculated knock on your door set your heart to pounding quickly for a very different reason.


Guilt and embarrassment made you want to hide under your covers. Duty and curiosity got you out of bed. You pulled on a moderately thick bedroom robe as you made your way to the door despite the not so subtle protests of your legs. As you opened the door to see what, or rather whom, needed your attention, you kept the robe closed with your hand. The answer to that was Aizawa.


And he looked tired as hell. Some of his capture tape was even wrapped around one of his hanging arms. Said arm looked like it was bent in weird places and pulled out of socket. Your shocked, horrified, expression pulled a reaction out of him too. It was a mixture between a grunt and an appology.


"What happened?" You asked as you moved aside so he could come in.


You had a feeling you already knew the answer. The only reason he'd be damaged this badly at this time of night was because of a villain attack.


"Villains are getting bolder now that All Might’s retired."


You nodded but stared at him as he started to walk towards your couch. From the way he was moving there was a good chance one of his legs and some ribs were injured too. Bold villains he said; more like vicious and skilled. Aizawa wasn't one to shy from throwing himself into the line of danger to protect others but the last time you had seen him this bad off was when the USJ had been attacked. And now this. The injuries were months apart but you had a bad feeling about it. Back at the USJ incident he'd gone to Recovery Girl so you only helped with the aftermath. The only reason you could imagine that he'd come to you instead at this point was because there was someone in a more dire situation. It wasn't a comforting thought.


"Damn," Aizawa cussed to himself as he tried to pull his uniform's shirt off, only to fail. Probably due to the pain starting to lock his body up.


You moved from your stupor over to him. You played through his injuries in your head. It would take you a while to comb through his body and knit everything back into proper order. And he hadn't exactly come when you were at your awake peak. He'd come after a peak...just not a very helpful one unfortunately.


"Have a seat," you told him quietly but firmly. "I need to get the bed ready."


His silent stare was questioning enough that Aizawa didn't have to ask a single word.


"Your wounds seem varied and spread out. Trying to figure them out and patch you up with just my hands would take until morning," you told him honestly. "It'll be faster if I can work on everything at once. Unless you have an objection?"


He slowly shook his head no. You turned around to do what you just said you'd to. Preparing your bed included turning down the blanket while hastily removing a towel you'd placed down earlier, hoping he didn't notice, and spreading out two new towels on the other side of the bed. You had a feeling that he had more than a couple cuts and you wanted to protect the mattress from that. It was far easier to replace a couple towels and some bedding than a mattress. Considering that the mattress wasn't really yours and all.


You vaguely wondered if the situation was better or worse than the first night you'd spent at the Hero's Alliance dorms. Your aunt had sent him to you while you were wearing nothing but lingerie then. Now you looked more covered up but the honest truth was that you only had a robe on. Oddly enough that was actually helpful for what you were about to do but...oh god it was going to be embarrassing as hell.


You prayed to all forms of divinity that he didn't ask about why you'd been so undressed. He seemed like the kind of man who wouldn't hold your nakedness against you if the lingerie event was anything to go off of but still. You prayed nonetheless.


As you seemed everything ready, you moved back over to Aizawa. You helped him out of the bundle of capture tape he had first. Which meant that you had to actually go into the tape and severe it from the length he put around his arm. That took longer than you would have liked. It was something your mother could have done quickly but you didn't have the tensile strength she did. Nor did you have the practice.


You helped him with his shirt, remembering his curse when he tried by himself the first time, before helping him stand up. You felt an embarrassed blush coloring your skin as heat rose to your cheeks. Normally you had no issue; you'd seen plenty of make torsos in your time in all states. In fact you handled men (and women) in varying states of undress all the time. It was just that right now, you were battling with the fact that he wasn't going to be the only one exposed. Just like with what you'd done to start to help All Might, you needed more exposed skin than just your hands to be efficient for the task ahead of you.


You scolded yourself for the nerves and embarrassment. They  weren't very professional feelings for you to be experiencing. And despite what it might have looked like on the outside this was just business. Just like with All Might. And just like with him it was the level of business that you prayed Recovery Girl never found out about.


"Do you need help with your belt?" You asked in a surprisingly steady tone despite how embarrassed you were.


Most of your clients didn't need your help undressing by the time they got to you. The fact that you were helping him get undressed was probably one of the larger contributing factors as to why this was harder to remain objective through. It was definately why you were having a hard time meeting his eyes directly. You were thankful that he wasn't offended by it. And it helped that it seemed Aizawa was more professional than you.


"No," he said in a quiet rumble.


You nodded and politely turned around. "When you're ready please lay down on the towels on your least injured side."


As Aizawa handled his pants you hurried over to your dresser. Though you tried not to make a big deal of it you grabbed out a pair underwear. Then you headed to the wet room to put on your underwear. You also took a minute or two in the bathroom to speed wash up as well. Though it wasn't his fault, Aizawa hadn't come at a great time.


By the time that you were done and had mustered up enough courage to face him again, Aizawa was already laying on your bed. The sight of the disfigured, out of socket, arm was enough to help keep the sight professional. You made your way over to him. First thing you did was help put the arm back into place properly. Then you moved over to your side of the bed. You had your back to him as you squeezed your eyes closed. You dropped the robe you'd been wearing and got into bed all the while keeping your back to him. Though it would have been even more efficient if you'd been facing him so you could wrap an arm around him to go in from both sides of his body, that was something you couldn't bring yourself to do. Besides you reasoned that you had enough skin exposed to get to job done quickly without that extra measure. Unlike with All Might you actually knew Aizawa's body well enough through his weekly sessions to instantly get to work.


"If you need to sleep, feel free to do so. If you experience any discomfort, however, please tell me."


As you told him that in the best working voice you had been able to muster, you scooted back far enough so that your naked back was touching him. The sensation was pleasant. Embarrassing but pleasant. And it was the second time in your waking cycle that day experiencing such a thing. As your blush stayed on your face you got to work.


You felt your finer than hair tendrils leave your body as they entered him. You also used them from your legs up to pull a sheet over yours and Aizawa's body for modesty while you worked.


You worked quietly and diligently for a couple of hours. Aizawa fell asleep during the process, which you didn't mind at all. In fact, hearing him sleep helped you calm down. Knowing that he couldn't consciously hear or see you made doing your work easier. As you had thought, the pro hero had done a lot of damage that wasn't instantly visible to you when he'd come through your door. Considering that you had seen a lot that was saying something too.


As you were finishing up you debated getting out of bed. The thought of sleeping on that two cushioned couch however felt like a nightmare. What got you up was the fact that you needed to wash down the phyiscal parts of your quirk before you retracted them back into your body. You also took the chance to slip on a simple nightgown before you got back into bed.


The space you'd tried to keep between you and Aizawa during what was left of the night disappeared at some point. Not that either you or he seemed to mind while you two slept. In fact it was oddly soothing having someone you could trust so close. Even the arm holding you to his bare chest was comfortable. His hand was warm against your lower sternum. The fact that he'd slipped his knee between your legs was actually extremely comfy, oddly enough.


The only thing that wasn't great was the stick digging into your rear.


Wiggling about didn't seem to help dislodge it. If anything else it just made the sleeping man grumble in his sleep and push the stick into you harder as he moved his hand down to your middle to keep you still.


You blinked lopsidedly as reality started to filter through your mind. Yet for some reason you kept moving about trying to find a more comfortable spot for the stick. You registered a throaty groan before you realized who it was. Aizawa...Aizawa had a stick behind you. The thought didn't work. He didn't have sticks or batons or anything like that. What you felt was definitely not a stick. And that hadn't been him groaning.


As that idea registered in your head you finally held still.


After a couple of minutes it seemed like Aizawa had decided to join you in the land of the living. You felt as he moved his knee out from between your legs and he slowly moved his arm from around you. Though you pretended to be asleep to spare him any embarrassment, you weren't sure that your acting skills were good enough to fool him.




The apology had been quietly whispered to you as he sat up. It wasn't as though you had a lot of experience with what he was going through but you knew that it was just a natural bodily function. It was nothing you could or would blame him for. Instead you did your best to let him maintain his dignity as he got out of the bed. Even though he was wearing his underwear you kept your eyes fixed on the wall in front of you.


If you closed your eyes now you had a feeling that your imagination would try to take over. Considering that you and he were coworkers it probably wasn't professional to remember the way he felt against your back. Or the way his hand had been on your body. You could feel him lingering on your skin and you flushed at the thought.


The moment you heard your door open and close, you let out something of a tortured groan. Apparently your imagination was going to work with or without your eyes closed damn it.


Stupid hormones.


You thought you'd served them last night before Aizawa came over. Apparently not enough to get them to submit. After taking a few deep breaths you reached over to your bedside drawer. With how flushed and needy you were, there was no way you were fit to join a class without lessening the burning.

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