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Chapter 13


Even though you’d been annoyed that you needed to get up, you still did your duty and answered the door. It was literally your job to be on call for them 24/7. Or as close to that as possible. One of the students could have been out there. You’d been hired to help expand their knowledge of what it meant to be a working hero. Not in the same way that rescue or combat training showed them how to do their future profession of course. More like help them know what tools were out there and make them a functional part of the economy. Reminding yourself about all of that was the only reason you got up from the couch. 


It hadn’t been a student at your door.


Aizawa barely said anything beyond a mumbled greeting before swanning in. You’d moved out of the way when you realized he meant to come inside. He had the silent audacity to close your door behind him before taking over your couch. You resisted the urge to push him. 




“The usual?” You asked in a far more polite tone than the voice in your head. 


Aizawa nodded as he started to unwind the capture tape. As he worked on that, you went to wash your hands. And you grabbed a warming oil that was good for the skin. All the better to keep a hero supple with. By the time you’d gotten back, Aizawa was ready. So ready in fact that he was watching the tv you had left on. 




He sat with his back towards the arm rest so that you could easily get behind him. Swallowing the childish part of you that just wanted to whine about having to work, you set yourself to the task. You rubbed some of the oil into your hands It did cross your mind that the visit seemed odd though. You’d healed him up last night after one of his patrols. He hadn’t even gone out yet he was back again. You justified the excess treatments by the fact that he could have been training all day. Not that you would have known. He was clean and smelled fresh like the air after a thunderstorm. He must have just gotten out of a shower. 


“Were you hurt?” Aizawa asked abruptly. 


“Hm?” You followed his gaze to the rather unpleasant state of your bed. 


You hadn’t had time to clean up after helping Toshinori. There were still layers and layers of skin there. Some of it discolored as it had been scar tissue. 


“No. That’s not mine. I just haven’t had time to clean up,” You worked around his jaw from behind as you spoke so you had felt him clench it. 


Though he’d lowered his voice, you heard him clearly enough. “You were hired to support them but they shouldn’t have been in your room alone with you. They might be future heroes but right now they’re still underage students. You need to be more careful.”


You rolled your eyes. Not that he could see such an action as you worked on the back of his skull. 


 “It was Toshinori,” you said quietly. “I told you and he that I could help. He took me up on the offer.”


With the way his hair was fanned out around his face, you missed the frown. Aizawa knew the extent of your quirk license. While your aunt, Recovery Girl, was licensed to actually perform surgeries, you were not. You had an emergency allotment as your quirk had healing applications but the main idea was that healing was for emergencies only. What you were saying you did was far more than what your license normally allowed.


“How does that make you any better than a vigilante?” 


Despite the strength he had tried to convey his words with, they lacked conviction. Especially as you got to a certain spot on his neck. Aizawa let out a deep breath and rolled his head forward. You smiled to yourself as you saw him relax. Though his words did have an edge of warning, you tried to ignore that. 


“I’m not committing violence...I’m not taking away his ability to move or taking him somewhere he doesn’t want to be against his will. Nor am I doing anything against his consent. It’s no different than when I helped you.”


“That was different,” he argued. “It was an emergency and I told you to.”


“Uhuh, but I’m not a student so that last point is void,” you reminded him. 


You worked outwards from his spine towards his wingspan. Aizawa stayed quiet at that point. Though you knew that what you’d done had been illegal you didn’t regret it. And no one had been harmed. 


“It won’t be the last time,” you told him. “I still have more to do. But it will take time to research.”


“So it’s even a premeditated crime,” he grumbled. 


You leaned further over so that you could lock your wrists in front of him as your arms dangled over his shoulders. “Go ahead. You’ve got your confession. Take me to jail. Let’s see what kind of judge punishes me for helping All Might after everything he’s done.”


You felt Aizawa’s hands on yours for a moment as he hesitated. He lowered his hands before he swatted your hands apart as he scuffed. “Next time just have Recovery Girl there so she can sign off.”


“Aw, are you letting me off with a warning?” 


When he didn’t really make a sound so you lowered the TV’s volume further and got back to work. Like many times before he fell asleep before you got to the well defined muscles near the end of his spine. You helped to coax him into laying out on the couch as best as possible, even covering him up with a throw blanket, before putting up the massage oil and washing your hands. 


You returned to your sitting area and sat on the floor facing the tv. Your back was propped comfortably against the front of your couch, Aizawa sleeping relatively peacefully behind you. You tried to respect his need for rest while at the same time letting your mind just relax into the mindlessness of channel surfing. Considering the double duty he pulled with being a teacher and a pro-hero it was a wonder he functioned at all. Naps such as what he was catching right now were probably the only way he got any sleep. You kept the volume on extremely low while turning on the subtitle feature. 


Of course not everything had perfect subtitles. Things that were playing live, such as the news, didn’t have them ready. And unfortunately the news was what caught your attention this time. You watched as a horrific event started with a very inhuman seeming villain. As you watched the news with your mouth agape, the situation only got worse. 


Endeavour was losing?


You flinched when you felt something moving behind you. After seeing just glimpses of the dark villain on the news, the flash of dark fabric in your peripherals set your heart pounding. A gasp left your mouth which Aizawa made no mention of as he finished getting re-dressed. Though you were mentally drained you followed him down to where the students from class 1A were gathered. Or rather the majority of them. 


Todoroki said nothing to Aizawa’s question about knowing what was happening in Kyushu. From what you understood about the class so far, Todoroki wasn’t one to talk a lot. At the same time this silence felt different. Shock, fear, and astonishment if you had to guess. Personally you were horrified by what was being reported. It wasn’t just the flashes of images that were being shown in a chaotic manner. The news reporter wasn’t helping anything as she brought up how there “was no symbol”. You clenched your fists at that and set your jaw tightly. 


With the way the reporter spoke out in fear, she made it seem like he was somehow to blame for the unfolding tragedy. You had no doubt that if Toshinori was watching this that he’d be racked with guilt. Endeavour wasn’t doing as well against this villain compared to the easy take downs that the media covered from All Might in the past, true enough, but he was still trying at least. And one of the teenagers in the crowd noticed. He called the reporter out on her unprofessional bullshit. 


Good kid. 


You edged past Aizawa as the fight continued. He might have been right to get up to check on his student who would be greatly affected by the outcome of the fight but he was a little too reserved in your opinion. You were less stand-offish by far. You reached out for Todoroki’s hand and grabbed it in solidarity. You only got a momentary glance from the boy in his shock before his attention turned back to the fight. Not that you blamed him - his father was the one fighting and his future was kind of on the line because of that. 


Still you stayed there supportively and as the fight finished you went down with the teenager. While Todoroki squared, trying to regain his understanding of the situation, you were on your knees with your arms around him. Which might not have been appropriate given the whole sorta-teacher relationship you were supposed to have but at the same time you were supposed to support the students. Todoroki very nearly just lost his father. From the looks of how another hero, Hawks, had to help him, he wasn’t out of the woods either. The fifteen year old definitely needed a gif in your opinion. 


“Hey, he won,” you whispered towards him. “He’s alive and he won.”


Though he was wounded pretty badly at least the last thing filmed showed that he was still alive. 


“Do you want to go see him?” You asked the conflicted candy cane boy as you helped him stand back up. 


The mood of the crowd seemed to shift. There had been tension before but of a different sort. Pained tension had overtaken the semicircle of classmates. Everyone in the downstairs felt bad for Endevour pain to some degree or another. By extension that had leaked over to Todoroki. When you’d asked about if he wanted to go see his father the mood shifted into something filled with nervousness. Was his father really such a hot topic for him? If so why had he reacted so strongly to the fight?


Though he kept his silence while you comforted Todoroki during the fight, Aizawa spoke up after you’d asked your question, “I’ll see if Principal Nezu can find out where Endeavor is being taken.”


There was a silent moment as you slowly released Todoroki that you knew you should talk with Aizawa. He wanted to go see if the genius principal could find out where one of their student’s parent was being taken. You were focused on something related but different. Once Aizawa spoke to the white quirky animal, you brought up:


“I’ll go with him.”


Aizawa gave you a sharp look. You held up your hands in a surrender. 


“Even if I wanted to help, I’m tapped. If I drink or eat anything more, I’ll puke. I don’t have enough left in my body to spare to help anyone else heal up,” you told him honestly. “And if that wasn’t the only attack, you’re in a better position to round up those with provisional licenses to go help. Or to protect them from being attacked really. All I can really do to help is be a school appointed chaperone at the moment.”


The dark, scruffy man took a moment to process what you were saying. He nodded his head in acceptance. You barely caught the name of the hospital that Endeavour was going to be taken to before you hurried back off to collect the conflicted high schooler. 

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