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Chapter 5


Over and over again you had to remind yourself to hold still. Everything inside of you was nervous in front of the large group. You could feel your organs fluttering even if it wasn’t true. It didn’t matter that the group before you was a bunch of students. All that mattered was that it was a bunch of people staring at you; judging you. 


As you tried to steel over your nerves, Aizawa introduced you to the class. You looked to him every so often. He looked so relaxed in his hero uniform that he might as well have been in Pajamas. You were used to seeing him in such clothing given that he regularly came to your office; you worked the kinks out of his muscles on a weekly basis. It was just odd to see a teacher in Japan wearing such casual clothes while in class. U.A was about as liberal as they came you supposed. And yet the students still had to wear strict uniforms...funny that. Regardless, Aizawa was like the familiar safe spot in a sea of sharks. 


So what if they were years younger than you? So what if you’d already wrestled with the angriest boy in the class? Suddenly meeting them all so formally was nerve wracking. 


“She’ll be here to assist in treating this class as needed. And as Bakugo found out the hard way last night she’s been granted the same liberties as the teachers to discipline and teach you as she sees fit.”


Bakugo, the loud sparky-spark boom boy, looked extremely miffed. He was practically smoking in his chair at the reminder of his so called disappline. 


One of the other boys, a tall teenager with glasses on, had his hand straight into the sky. “Mister Aizawa, can you elaborate on what you mean by the first statement? How is she meant to assist us in treatment?”


“She can answer that,” Aizawa said as he sat down in a chair, practically laying over the desk as he closed his eyes. 


Well you guessed that meant it was your turn. You kept trying to ignore the fact that there were 20 students in front of you. There was nothing to replace them with in your mind’s eye, you weren’t that great at ignoring the truth, so they just remained a sea of students. You closed your eyes and tried to calm down as you started to talk. 


“I’m a licensed masseuse,” you managed to get out in a quiet voice. “Hero work is physically taxing. I help with that. And I do have the capability to help as a medic after battles as well.”


The green haired boy had a hand high in the air this time. “You’re related to Recovery Girl right? How were you able to put Katsuki to sleep last night if you have a healing quirk?”


Ah the dreaded quirk question. You contemplated how to explain it as you but your lip. The boy seemed to have his attention focused solely on you. Like whatever came out of your mouth next was life or death worthy. You took a deep breath and opened your eyes to look out at the twenty students. 


“Recovery Girl is my great aunt on my father’s side of the family. Healing quirks are way more common on his side than on my mothers. While I can heal people, my quirk manifests more like my mother’s than my father’s.”


A very diligent hand raised in the air. The taller boy with the glasses seemed poised to ask the question you knew was on everyone’s mind. Mostly everyone at least - the fiery blond still just looked pissed off. And the student you’d cooked for seemed apathetic at best at the current moment. 


“Who is your mother?”


“She didn’t work in Japan. Her hero name was...well translated it would have been Spider Silk.”


“Did she retire when you were born?” One of the girls (Uraraka) asked with her hand in the air. 


From what you’d seen since coming to Japan, it was far more common for women to stop working when they got married and started having children. Not that every woman did - it was just more common in Japan than where you were from. 


“No. She worked as a Hero pretty much the whole time. She was killed in action when I was sixteen.”


An uncomfortable silence filled the room. Right up to the point that Bakugo sneered. 


“So you have a sob story, is that supposed to make us take you seriously?”


“No, being bested by someone who didn’t train to be a hero should make you take them seriously. Unless you’re really just that shitty at close combat so it’s not that big of a surprise to lose.”


Oh look. That seemed to get him agitated. Good. Though you realized it also irritated Aizawa with how quickly you escalated the situation. But hey you never claimed to have been trained in nonviolent crisis prevention or anything of that nature. 


“Wanna say that to my face?”


“Ah, you’re one of those type of guys. Good to know.”


Aizawa called out your name warningly. You took a step back and let out a breath, trying to relax your shoulders. The teacher’s warning was probably for the best considering that you could see what you were doing was a bit much. You just had a hard time letting go of a challenge from such an ego. Especially when that ego seemed like such a little bitch. Still...he was only fifteen so Aizawa was right to remind you to reel it in; even just calling your name was reminder enough.


“...right. Any other questions?” 


“What we saw a the day before was part of your quirk right? How does it work?” The girl who asked (Uraraka) had brown hair and an honest looking face. 


“I have micro tendrils all throughout my body. The are used to repair damage in my own body and in others by rebuilding and damaged area. Skin is the easiest of course but I can repair muscles, bones, organs, and everything that goes with that over time. Unfortunately it’s not a pretty thing to witness and regrowing body parts all at once is a painful process so it’s hard to focus on anything else when it’s taking place on a large scale.”


“How did you put Kaachan to sleep?!” The green haired boy looked highly embarrassed when he realized that he’d asked a question without raising his hand. And that he’d used a nickname to refer to another student in from of the teachers. 


You were able to realize that he meant Katsuki Bakugo by context clues. The aggressive way that Bakugo looked back to the green kid (Midoriya) was a clue. The way that said green haired boy practically wilted under such ferocity was another. Plus the only person they’d seen you put to sleep was Bakugo. 


“The tendrils are small enough that I can go in and manipulate even healthy tissue or nerves into responding. Other than rapid reconstruction I can use this to remove things like lactic acids from muscle fibers or I can use them on nerve endings. I can constrict or increase blood flow as well. So basically I very temporarily restricted oxygen to your classmates brain and they passed out from that.”


There was a boy in the class, the smallest among them, that seemed particularly distracted midway through your explanation. When you’d talked about restricting or increasing blood flow it seemed like you’d sent him off the deep end. And unlike when he was just with his classmates he had enough self restraint to not say anything aloud; barely. Not that you knew him well enough to know that. 


“I think it might be easier for everyone to understand after a demonstraition,” you said quietly, looking to Aizawa nervously. “Do you think 3 kilometers would do it?”


Aizawa slowly rose his body from a laying position. There was a grin which crept on his face which was infectious. You couldn’t help but feel like it was mischievous in nature. 


“That’s not Plus Ultra enough for this school.”




Oh dear. With the languid way that Aizawa was standing up and shaking his head it seemed like you’d gotten the students into quite the predicament. 


“Six kilometers it is.”


Six kilometers was nearly four miles. It was also 4.5 more kilometers than students were generally expected to run for tests in the country. Which would definitely work as far as a demonstration went. It would give the students one hell of a work out while the teacher got to nap. Not that you knew that was his plan of course. You could even hear the fearful sounds of some of the students as they whispered amongst themselves over what you and Aizawa could have been planning.

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