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Chapter 8


“Gamma...Gamma…" you repeated to yourself as you looked for the building you were supposed to be at soon.


UA sometimes beggared belief. The campus itself was huge, boasting the largest area for a single institution in Japan if you weren’t mistaken. On top of that there were also buildings outside of the campus such as the USJ which were also owned by the school. Gym Gamma was just another example of the unbelievable heights that the school had risen to during the age of heroes. As you stood in front of it you suddenly had the feeling that you should have asked for a higher salary. Just by looking at Gym Gamma you knew they could have afforded it.


It was 5 stories tall at minimum. The first ten feet of all walls was windowless but from there up there seemed to be little else other than Windows. There were two catwalk like hallways on top of one another, creating what seemed to be 3 different floors. Though in reality each floor was a lot higher than standard and they were all open to form one cavernous area anyways. But around the perimeter walkways  were ½ walls acting as guard rails. Each floor had its own color (orange and then green) that didn’t even match with the school’s uniform colors of blue and white. And to top it off the ceiling was curved which added even more height.


Your astounded whistle echoed in the void of a space. After the echo died down you heard a herd of feet coming from outside. Politely you moved a little more to the side as teachers and students filled the opening of the massive area. Class 1A pretty much huddled together as Aizawa started the introduction of the training space.


“Gym Gamma. Also known at the Academy as the training dining land or TDL.”


A teacher (Cementos) with a gray body and a squared off head as well as digits also took a turn to explain. “This facility was my idea. We can prepare unique terrains and obstacles for each student here. Here you will learn to serve up justice.”


As he spoke up about preparing unique terrains and obstacles, Cemento took a knee and showed everyone what he meant. The ground was made up of cement and the pro-hero was able to manipulate it into a series of columns that ended up looking like someone tried to butcher a mountain. Probably someone like Sparky Sparky Boom Boy (Bakugo) if you had to bet on someone.


His demonstration didn’t really seem to impress the students as they barely paid him any mind. While Cementos stood back up, Iida already had his hand in the air and was blurting out a formally worded question.


“Please allow me a question. What is the advantage of having ultimate moves for our provision exam? Can you know your reasoning?”


Aizawa responded back, “That's two questions. Calm down.”


You smiled at that. Who’d have thought that sleepy head had a dry, perhaps even a bit sardonic sense of humor?


“The job of a hero is to save people from all sorts of dangers; crime, accidents and natural or manmade disasters. Of course the licensing exam analyzes how well you are able to deal with such things. You won't just be fighting. Your ability to gather and make quick decisions will be judged in addition to how well you communicate and cooperate and lead others. Every year a new test is used to evaluate these qualities.”


One of the other teachers (Midnight) who was dressed in something a little less than teacher-like clothes spoke up. Her tone at least was innocent enough. "One thing is especially important. If you want to be a pro-hero, you must be able to prevail in battle. If you're prepared you won't have to worry. And those of you with an ultimate move will have stronger results"


"Your circumstances should not dictate your future battles. Learn to be consistent and you will be a great asset on the front lines," Cementos added to the conversation.


He wasn't the only one. The shadow-like man (Ectoplasm) in a flasher's cloak spoke up, "Your ultimate move doesn't necessarily have to be an attack. Take Iida's recipro burst for example. This sort of temporary boost in speed is valuable. It falls into the category of excellence we're looking for. "


See, that was something you just couldn't understand about the whole Pro-hero culture. Why would they save their best for any reason? Why couldn't or wouldn't they just do their best no matter what? What was the point of having an ultimate move? The moment they used it once or twice and it was recorded, it wasn't exactly a secret anymore. So using it as a surprise was out. Once they used it any villain with half a brain would be able to watch it and find ways to counter. Which just meant that using it negated the surprise factor for the future; making it pointless. Unfortunately in this group it seemed like you were in the minority as a good amount of the students just got excited.


"You mean I've been doing it right all along?" The Running robot asked with such pride in his voice.


...wasn't he supposed to have been from a hero family? Shouldn't he have known this to begin with? Didn't his family teach him anything?


"So it's basically our secret weapon. Something that gives us the edge so that we can we no matter who or what we are facing."


You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath. Yep, heroes being stupid. It wasn't your place to point out the failings of the hero training system. It was just yours to help provide well rounded care for the students; to integrate them into the whole economy system surrounding their future occupation. Like the Geisha's of old, while the performance of their job was their own, if they wanted to be successful it wasn't a one person job.


Sadly Midnight praised the boy, "There's a smart boy. For example how Kamui Woods is able to use his lacquer chain prison to capture opponents in an instant. That's exactly what we want to see."


And back to Aizawa. "The training camp was interrupted. But the practice you did get in to develop your quick was part of the processes needed to create these defining abilities. Now that you're caught up you'll be working hard to develop powerful moves of your own for the next ten days or so. This is how you will spend the remainder of your summer vacation. Prepare for intensive training. In addition you should think about how you can improve your costumes, especially now that you have a better understanding of your quirks. I expect each of you to go plus ultra. Do you have it in you?"


"Yes sir!" a group of students said with an enthusiastic tone.




Gently you pressed into warm flesh. You felt him react as you worked; muscles tensing for a moment as they practically shivered at your touch before they relaxed. For the most part you had already done a majority of the work so you didn’t need to use too much effort.


Your hands reached around his shoulders and collarbone as you relaxed the tense trapezius on either side. Aizawa had done his best to remain in an upright position up to that point. As you worked on relaxing his neck it was too hard to sit up straight. His chin touched his chest as he let out a deep breath. Despite the fact that you could have stopped as you’d already done everything that had been requested, you continued to massage his neck.


He seemed to enjoy when you’d turn your hands around from his shoulders to delicately work the bones at the base of his neck and skull. Your hands moved from his neck to using your palm to warm his cheek and jaw. It wasn’t until you started massaging his ear lobes and connective area that Aizawa finally scooted away.


You washed your hands as he rewrapped his capture weapon around his neck and shoulders. By the time that you’d hands were dry once more he was almost done. Considering how much practice he had it wasn’t that surprising that he could finish that quickly.


“Back to patrols?” You asked


Aizawa nodded as he readjusted his goggles and hair.


“Do you ever sleep?” You asked almost jokingly.


“Do you?” He returned.


“I do actually. I was about to lay down when you requested the tune up,” the smile you gave him was more jovial than anything. “Next time maybe just swing by my room ; it’ll be more efficient don’t you think?”


He rarely laid down anyways. Most of his sessions were conducted with him in a seated position. The rare time he made full use of the specially designed massage chair was when he’d over stretched his legs or something like that. So giving him a massage while he sat on the sofa in your room wouldn’t be all that different. Except you could have already been back in bed if the massage and healing had taken place there instead. Which seemed like a bonus to you.


“I’ll keep that in mind. Are you ready?”


You blinked and made a slight sound of confusion before you realized what he was really asking. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll close the office back up and get to the dorms no problem. I think I’ve memorized where they are now…”


Mostly anyways.


Aizawa’s hands went back into his pockets as his bad posture returned. Considering that you had just spent half an hour working to help remove the damage of said sexy slump, you felt almost...challenged by the return of it. With lips tight against one another you moved without really thinking about what you were doing. Aizawa reacted quickly as well.


You felt his hands as he held your wrists together in front of you. Honestly you should probably just be glad that he hadn’t gone straight to the capture tape.


“I just spent half an hour fixing your back...stand up straight mister.”


Aizawa let go of your hands and stood up straight with a slight roll of his eyes. His posture was one of the lesser concerns.


“You’re wasting time. Grab your things.”


It was too late to argue. You grabbed your purse and found him waiting expectantly by the door. Fine if he wanted to walk you back, he could. You were just going to take your sweet ass least that way he wasn’t instantly going back to active patrol duty. After everything that had happened...he still hadn’t retired. Stubborn man.

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