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Chapter 7


The sound of the door opening made your heart thump hard in your chest. It had this weighted sound as the heavy door was pushed open which you weren’t quite used to yet. And that was only because, true to his word, Nezu had set you up an office across the street from the school. Which was why you weren’t used to the sound of that particular door opening.


You went to go greet the person only to stop when you saw who it was. He was large by pretty much all definition of the word; tall, broad, and thick with muscle. At the very least he diminished the flames around his shoulders as he walked into your office otherwise something might have caught on fire. You hadn’t really expected to see the number two hero in Japan in your office, which was why his presence shocked you.


“Welcome sir,” you spoke politely. “How may I assist you today?”


Even though it was a new office that you were setting up still, you already had some things ready to go. Namely the work basics. Unfortunately you didn’t have the reception room quite as ready which was probably why he looked around distastefully.


“You’re the new teacher at U.A.”


You noticed that wasn’t a question. Regardless, you nodded to confirm it.


“In a way, yes.”


“What makes you good enough to teach my son?”


You were surprised at his question.  The students had questioned you about what you could do over the last week of course, but he was the first parent to do so. He hadn’t even tried to be subtle either.


“I am assisting the students at the school, not teaching them directly,” you said as you looked him in the eye.


There was a lot going on that you tried to figure out - namely the who, when, and why of the situation. Who told him you were working at U.A? When did he find out? Why did it seem to matter so much to him? And of course you were trying to figure out who his son was in your head too by trying to remember what you knew of the number two hero. Unfortunately unlike everyone’s favorite greenette you didn’t have a mental rolodex of all the heroes to ever exist. All that you could remember was his hero name to match his face and that his quirk had something to do with fire. Oh and that he seemed to find your presence distasteful judging by the look in his eyes. Which was irritating...kind of like sparky sparky boom boy.


If you squinted and tilted your head just right, they did kind of look alike. Mainly it was just the sharp set of the eyes and the intense look of dislike on his face.


“Is your son blond?” You asked the tall man.


He seemed surprised and insulted at the same time. You took that as a no even before he said anything.




“Oh Todoroki!” You said as you tilted your head back to normal. “Okay. So candy cane is your son. I guess the half fire makes more sense than combustion.”


Your filter was reserved for when you had to stand in front of kids. Your tongue was free to wag otherwise as Endeavor was unfortunately discovering. The look in his eyes was a touch less hateful as caution edged in there. Your whimsical air must have thrown him off a bit.


“The principal and I will discuss your role in the school. I will not have Shoto being taught by a child.”


“...that’s rude. I might not be all grumpy all the time but that doesn’t mean I’m a child. I work, I pay my own bills, I cook for myself and I clean up after myself. Do you?”


Such audacious behavior in the face of the man before you might have entranced the younger Todoroki but it didn’t go well with the older one. His shoulder flames sparked back to life. They got dangerously close to burning your ceiling. Your eyes drifted pitifully up to see if anything caught on fire. Thankfully it hadn’t as that was not something you would have looked forward to explaining to Principal Nezu.


“Your impertinence is getting on my nerves, girl.”


“Want me to work them out for you?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.


You could do far worse than having the number two hero of Japan on your clientele list. At least if you were working on him then you couldn’t see the disdain in his eyes. Not to mention the fact that loosening up his muscles might make him less of an ass. You’d never know until you tried.


“What did you just say?”


“I’m a licensed masseuse. I could probably do wonders for the tension you have in your upper back — maybe even make you feel ten years younger.”


“UA hired a masseuse?” Endeavor’s voice sounded a bit grumbly to you.


You nodded. “I’m supposed to assist in recovery after training sessions as well as help educate them on the resources available to professional heroes. Principal Nezu is hoping to make the students more effective than prior classes.”


There was some sound of recognition from the big redhead. You motioned for him to follow you back into your workspace. There you had a couple shelves of different creams and oils, an artistically designed sink to wash your hands before and after, an decorative cabinet filled with various different linens, a specialized massage bed, and a privacy screen.


“Would you like to see how effective I can be in assisting with mobility recovery?”


Endeavoring nodded once.


“Good. Feel free to remove the upper portion of your costume and have a seat on the bed,” you motioned towards said massage bed that you had already prepared. “I will be right back with the paperwork before I start your session.”


Without waiting for even his acknowledgment you slipped back out of the room and into the small front room you used as an office and lobby. It took you a couple of minutes to find the right documents that he would need to fill out. Once you did, you returned to the back room. Endeavour had stripped down to his pants, only proving your assumption about his physique right. Not that it surprised you - most heroes needed to maintain an extreme level of fitness to do their job. Most combat ready quirks required physical conditioning to use properly. Which was probably why you hadn’t gone into the hero field unlike your mother...far too many workouts and not enough desserts.


Getting through the paperwork had been surprisingly easy. Endeavour didn’t mince his words. He got straight to the point. Sure he was a little condescending but at least he didn’t waste your time.  Once that was done you made sure that he extinguished the remainder of his flames so that you could get to work without getting burnt.


It wasn’t long before you found multiple balls of tense muscles that begged to be loosened. You worked through each area with your hands first and then you went in with your quirk to help with fiber regeneration just for good measure. You hoped you made him eat his own thoughts - The ones that you knew he must have been thinking while interrogating you. Just because you weren’t a grump didn’t mean that you were useless; a fact that you’d no doubt have to prove over and over again in your new position.


By the time that you’d finished with Endeavor a good hour had gone by. That wasn’t an unusual amount of time for a man his size on their first visit. Especially as you had taken your time to keep it as soothing as possible.


“So, how do you feel?” You asked a little smuggly. “Better?”


Endeavor sat up with a sound you took as affirmation. “You did a better job than expected.”


The compliment almost sounded like you had forced it out of him.


“I’ll take that as a compliment,” you said with a smile. “And in case you were wondering, the more sessions you have the more effectively I can use my quirk to help get you in tip top shape.”


“Your quirk?” His voice was rumble again, almost curious but at the same time it sounded judgemental.


“Let’s just say that the more I learn about your body, the quicker I can help you. In a pinch I can function like a healer. Which is why I was the one recommended for the job at UA and not another masseuse. Now if you’re satisfied...would you care to pay now or would you prefer I bill you?”

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