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Chapter 14


Red tape. Bureaucracy. Both were equal amounts of bullshit. 


After escorting Shoto Todoroki to the hospital, you and he had run into such annoying legalities that you really started to reconsider Aizawa’s words. He had been upset that you’d gone beyond the law to help Toshinori regain what he’d lost. Theoretically you understood his point. It was a licensed surgeon’s job to help the wounded after all. If just anyone tried to help there could be anarchy and uneven medical care for individuals. In all practicality, now you were at a hospital with the Todoroki family, you had found that uniformity of medical care seemed so damned patronizing. 


The whole “we’ll inform you if there are any changes” line that Todoroki and his two older siblings got everytime they asked for an update was bullshit. It reminded you of when you’d been 16 and worried about your own parent. The worried looks the nurses and attendants gave the three of them while also not telling them what was going on reminded you far too much of what happened back then. And just like then you felt helpless. 


Cold fear gripped you and it wasn’t even your father. You barely even knew Endeavour as a hero much less the man  Enji Todoroki. Whatever was going on back in the surgery rooms, you knew you could have helped in better circumstances. You could have been helping to reduce nerve pain. Or maybe helping control blood flow. You could have helped with knitting up any organs if they’d been ruptured. Helping the heart keep a rhythmic beat. You could have even helped regrow any damaged muscle. 


But no.


 Just like you had told Aizawa, you were just chaperoning Todoroki so that there was no question of curfew or traveling while his father was in the hospital. Though with his older siblings there, even that amount of help was pointless. That feeling of frustration, fear, and helplessness brought back memories you’d rather not think about. 


Why was being a vigilante so bad again? 


You leaned your head against one of the trees in the garden as you frowned in frustration. Even though the air was practically freezing at this time of night, being outside was better than being in the actual hospital. Though it was one of the high end sort of places, good enough to have a garden for patients and visitors alike, it was still a hospital. The smell of rubbing alcohol and rubber gloves permitted everywhere. The scents, sounds, and site of the place made the cold fear in your heart worse. 


Your mother had been brought to a place like this. 


Your mother had died in a place like this. 


Which explained why you disliked it so much, no doubt. Knowing why the fear and anxiety threatened to overtake you didn’t stop it from happening. It didn’t rationalize it. What you felt was still irrational. Nothing bad was going to happen to you or what remained of your family this time. You were at the hospital to support a student. You were safe. The irrational fear didn’t really disappear as you tried to reason with it; somehow that was perfectly normal and you hated that. 


You pushed off from the tree and forced your sluggish body back into the main building. The sterile scent seeped through your mask, burning your throat with its unwelcome sharpness. You tried to push it to the back of your mind by counting the variations in the patterns beneath your feet.


 It wasn’t long before you found Shoto Todoroki sitting beside his sister, whose acquaintance you’d made at the hospital. He awkwardly had his hand on his sister’s head as she let the fear take over. You took a seat across the hall from the siblings. You felt faint actually. 


Which the older Todoroki picked up on. He looked a little more like a frosty version of their father compared to Shoto Todoroki. He was about 6 foot tall with broad shoulders. Though from the way he held himself you were going to say he worked out less than his brother or father; far less than his father for sure. 


“Hey, are you okay?”


“Physically I’m fine,” you told him honestly in a shaky voice. “I just don’t like hospitals.”


Too many bad memories. 


“Is that why you’re not a doctor?” Todoroki’s older sister asked.  


You stared at her in confusion as you took her in once more, trying to find clues to her question. Unlike her brother she wasn’t as tall. In fact, you were taller than her when everyone was standing up. She wasn’t large in any sense of the word nor was she small - her clothes were on the average size if you had to guess. The most unique thing about her were the red tuffs of hair amongst the white. 


“I don’t understand,” you finally admitted. 


“You have a healing quirk, right? Like your aunt.”


You nodded as you started to understand where that question came from. “Yes.”


Your ties to Recovery Girl and ability to pick up the slack as a healer if she was too busy was no doubt the reason you’d been offered the job at U.A. Though the fact that Aizawa had recommended you for it was another boon in your favor. You hadn’t even known that there’d been positions opening up at the school much less turned in a resume. 


“So if you have a healing quirk, why aren’t you going to medical school?” Fuyumi reiterated her question. 


“I want to help people,” you answered. “If I spent a decade in medical school, that would be a lot of years spent where I could have been helping. As a masseuse I get to help all sorts of people with and without my quirk. Especially since most of my clients are pro-heroes. The more I help them recover, the more people they can go back and help. And yeah, my aversion to hospitals probably made that an easy choice.”


Plus you didn’t know if you’d ever be able to handle the guilt of someone dying in front of you. Someone that could have still been alive if you’d just been better. Not again. 


Never again. 


The conversation quieted down as some sort of official person walked towards you and the Todoroki siblings. Fuyumi was the first to stand up to consult the doctor. You listened as they explained the damage that he had suffered - prolonged overheating of his organs, blunt force trauma, and a wound to the left side of his face that resulted in damage to the eye. 


Though Fuyumi seemed to be the only one visibly sad about the damage, you saw that the boys looked shaken up. Though Shoto Todoroki was a little bit harder to read than his older brother, watching him unconsciously raise his hand towards his own scar told you a good deal. You just couldn’t understand a word of what it told you. 


You hung your head as the older brother, Natsuo, tried to comfort the distressed Fuyumi. 


“He’s going to kill me,” you groaned as you reached for your phone. 


Apparently you’d said it just loud enough that you’d pulled Candy Cane’s attention away from his inner musing. You nervously shifted about in your seat as you dialed up your aunt. No doubt she was asleep at this hour of the night. She’d be peeved at you for calling so late but you couldn’t help it. This counted as an emergency as far as you were aware. 


“Hi, yes, I know, I’m sorry. I know it’s late. But this is important…”


It wasn’t until after you’d explained the situation as briefly as you could to Recovery Girl, convincing her to come down to the hospital, that the bi-colored boy spoke up. 


“You’re in danger?” He asked with a serious face. 




Were all the Todorokis just confusing by nature?


“You said that he was going to kill you. Who is he? Why are you in danger?”


“It was a figure of speech,” you told the boy in a tired voice, putting your cell phone back where it belonged. “Aizawa isn’t literally going to kill me. He’s just going to be displeased with my life choices.”


Apparently that hadn’t helped. The youngest Todoroki still had a frown on his face as you lowered your head towards your hands. After sort of whining and internally fighting yourself you stood back up. You moved over to where Fuyumi and Natsuo had taken their seats once more. The eldest looked like he was a little bit angry oddly enough while his sister was rolling through the stages of grief like they were flash cards. You took a knee in front of them, much like how you had done with Candy Cane boy earlier. 


“I’ve called my aunt,” you said quietly. 


And oh boy were you going to hear about that at a later date. 


“Recovery Girl has agreed to take over as his primary care provider. He’s UA alumni so there’s some precedent for it. But she will need some release forms signed. Do you know who has the power to make choices for your father when he’s incapacitated?”


Judging from the surprised expression on their faces you were going to guess not. You closed your eyes and counted down from ten. All you really wanted to do was sleep. You had hoped that this part would have gone much easier than it seemed like it was going to go. They were not making this easy. Which made you just want to whine and complain childishly. It was a testament to your self restraint that you didn’t. 


“Who has the right of attorney?” You tried to re-phrase it to see it that knocked something loose. 




Huh. For a pro-hero family they weren’t really prepared for the worst happening were they?


“That’s something you’ll need to talk about with the current doctor then. Hopefully you can get that sorted before she gets here...I’m already going to be getting the stink eye for waking her up…”


“How can Recovery Girl help?” Shoto Todoroki asked. 


You stood up slowly and looked to him. By this point he knew how her quirk worked. It used a person’s stamina to speed up their healing. The unspoken thing here was that Endeavour would have no excess stamina after his fight. You met his eyes, marveling at the heterocromia of them, before answering. 


“As a cover for me,” you said quietly as you let out a deep breath. “Hopefully as long as I take his advise and do my thing under the gaze of Recovery Girl this time, Aizawa doesn’t chew my ass out as badly when I get back.”


Though why he seemed to have gotten angry at you for helping in the first place was beyond you. The whole parallel between what you were doing and what vigilantes did was thin at best. He did have a point about you breaking the laws though. But laws that stopped you from helping people that needed it were stupid laws anyways. 


And though you didn’t know it, the reason Shoto’s eyes widened wasn’t because you revealed that you were planning to help. He was actually far too concerned about the fact that you thought his home room teacher was going to bite you on your deriair. 


“Miss Todoroki, could you get me a spare toothbrush, paste, and mouthwash?”


You hated what you were about to need to go do. Having to purge what was left of your shakes from earlier was something you weren’t looking forward to. Normally people broke down the carbs, sugars, and fats before the body used proteins for energy. Your body was different - if you were actively using your quirk you used the proteins before anything else. Which left the less useful parts of your food to float around in your stomach until they could be broken down too. Despite the fact that you had a healthy appetite you didn’t have an endless supply of room to store food in. Though you knew what you were about to do was necessary, nothing in you was happy about the fact that you were going to need to make yourself sick; especially as you were in a hospital where nurses and doctors were probably going to get the wrong idea. But you needed to make room for more shakes and supplements. 


“This is going to suck,” you muttered to yourself after you saw her nod. 


The fact that she seemed confused was lost on you as you’d started to the nearest bathroom. The sooner you emptied your stomach, the sooner you could work on calming it down to accept more vitamins and Nutrients. 


You looked back to the youngest Todoroki before speaking, “If she gets here before I'm back, tell her everything that’s wrong with your father and that I’ll need her to get a plus ultra IV drip and shake going.”


Was the day ever going to end?


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