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A/N: As a reminder, I will give the reader character a name and vague description for storytelling purposes. However I will not focus on either; I try to keep things vague without using fill in the blanks.

Chapter 2

You sat on the mattress and stared ahead at your wall. In your new suite's bedroom there was a wall that was devoid of furniture of any kind. Instead it was painted with your favorite nature scape. The other walls were done in the primary color of the scene. And the two attached rooms to the bedroom were done in complementary colors as well. Not to mention that the furniture all matched not only every piece in the suite but it matched the painted scene as well. Someone with a meticulous eye had done everything; you were beyond impressed.

"Will this be sufficient for your living quarters?"

Your attention turned to the animal with a quirk that let him be far more human than he had a right to be. Not only that but he was the principal of one of the most prestigious hero training schools - Nezu. there looking positively pleased and radiating confidence though he wasn't being boastful about it.

"What happens if I am terminated from the position or forced to resign?"

"We will, of course, give you ample notice in the case of termination. At which point you will be given the severance package we talked about as well as a month to find new accommodations. The same will apply if you resign. However, I don't believe either of these options are likely to happen in the future do you?"

You said nothing as you went over all of the details. The position that your great aunt, Recovery Girl, had basically given you was very multi-faceted. You were to assist her with the students, with an emphasis on the first years (class A) whom seemed to attract the most trouble. You would help with the staff as well. If the situation called for it you would act like a legal guardian for the afformented class. And on top of all that it was basically a twenty-four-seven job; like motherhood. The cons were enormous...but so were the pros. The principal had no issues with you continuing your practice; he had even promised to set you up a small office right across the street from the school so that your clientele didn't need clearance to enter the premises. As long as you weren't needed for an emergency you could maintain your second job. Not only that but the medical benefits (not that you needed them) were comprehensive. Judging by the suite you were now in the company provided housing was amazing. And the pay was nothing to be ashamed of either. He had definitely front loaded you with all of the positives of the position to cushion the negatives. And he'd shown you the housing situation at the end to once more discuss the very desirable aspects of the job.

"With all of can I refuse? You've even done up the room for me."

The space was far superior to the apartment you'd been renting. You had a hand painted landscape wall for crying out loud! Not to mention it was a perk of the job and not something you would have to pay rent for. The only downside was that because it was on school grounds, in the same building as the students nonetheless, it really did enhance how on call you were at all hours.

"Excellent! Welcome to UA," Principal Nezu replied. "We can have your things brought here as soon as tomorrow if you'd like to stay the night to break in your new accommodations."

"Don't take this the wrong way but I can't. I didn't pack a change of clothes."

"Recovery Girl took care of that. If you look in the dresser drawers you will find a couple selections." your aunt was very thorough. You supposed the "great" in great aunt wasn't just for show. It must have come from her years as pro-hero support. Mutely you nodded. The almost-human animal smiled once more and with a final farewell headed out. You continued to sit on the bed as you pondered over just how thoroughly you'd been trapped.

Once he was gone, you moved through the oversized dormitory so that you could get a feel for the layout. You hadn't actually seen any of the kids out of their rooms until you got down to the shared areas. Namely the kitchen. There was a student there that looked like they were trying to cook something with eggs. Although from what you could see with the eggshells and their posture it didn't seem like cooking came naturally to them.

You walked over from the side, mostly out of curiosity, to see if you could help. You kept in mind about what you'd been told about this class of students in particular as you moved closer. Getting attacked out of surprise wasn't exactly on your to-do list. Granted the student at this point probably had their quirks under control but you didn't want to chance it.

"Do you need help? You look a little tense."

The teenager looked up from his task. You had to remind yourself to control your features though you were afraid some of your concern showed through when you saw the burn scare trying to hide underneath his red hair. It didn't look like a fresh wound which only made your heart ache a little more for him.

"Who are you?"

"I'm the new addition to your class," you introduced yourself. "My name is Shuzenji, Sara. Pleased to meet you."

The boy with two toned hair nodded slowly as though accepting your words. "Todoroki, Shouto."

The name pretty much meant nothing to you. You could see from his guarded expression that he expected you to say something about it. You just had no idea why he expected you to comment.

"Your omelet is burning," you said quietly.

The younger boy looked surprised as he turned back to his attempt at cooking. It probably wasn't a meal he was used to making, if he was used to cooking at all. You watched as he tried to salvage the dish before you offered your help once more.

"Do you want help? I can teach you how to cook an omelette."

Todoroki looked down at his rubbery eggs before nodding. With a little prompting you got him to toss the eggs away. Afterwards you got to work on gathering everything you would need.

"Do you like it creamy or well done?"

"Creamy," His deep voice, for a Senior high schooler, was calm.

"Anything inside of it?" You asked as you broke the eggs.

He shook his head no. You nodded yours as you got to work vigorously whipping the eggs together. You explained why you were doing each step as it happened, including scrapping the eggs together in the pan as it cooked. Todoroki got a plate out just as the omelette finished. You rolled it into itself as you worked on dislodging it from the edge, explaining what was happening the whole time. Once the rolled omelette was on his plate, the teenager stared at it for a moment in quiet contemplation. Then he looked up to you with such a neutral expression that you weren't sure if he was happy or displeased over the omelette.

"Thank you," he finally spoke.

"You're welcome," you responded instinctively with a smile. "I hope you enjoy it."

The quiet teenager nodded once more before turning to walk away. You cleaned up the mess you made teaching Todoroki how to make a proper omelette before returning up the stairs to your room. There was an elevator of course but you didn't want to get too lazy wandering around the mansion sized dormitory.

Your room was in the girl's wing of course. And from what you could tell it took up what would have been two of the student sized rooms. The door with your name now right beside it, something that sneaky principal must have been responsible for, lead into a small sitting room that looked like a combination of a living room and a Study. This area could be separated from your bedroom by a folding silk screen wall that stopped between the side by side doors which lead to the toilet room or your bathing room. Right now though the divider was pushed all the way against the wall which connected to the corridor. Which was why you were able to stand at your new front door in a sort of awe. The only thing that was missing from the space compared to a real apartment was the kitchen. But based on what you saw when you were helping Todoroki that wouldn't be a problem at all. The shared kitchen was massive. Plus there looked like there was enough space for a small refrigerator in the corner of your sitting area if you moved the furniture on the far wall closer together.

Your hands ran over almost every surface as you tried to let the day sink in. Everything had moved pretty quickly. Just four days ago you'd talked with your great aunt and she said she would set up the meeting. And now you have a new primary job, new place to live, and a basket load of new responsibilities with 20 souls you'd be responsible for.

It was just a lot to take in. Which may have explained your childlike fascination with the new place as you explored the area. These heightened emotions also helped to explain the absolute shock of seeing just what the "selection" of clothes your aunt had picked out entailed. Clothes would have been the kindest word for them. Lingerie would have been far more accurate. There was barely any fabric to each piece and what was there were thin satins or lace. The fact that they were all your size notwithstanding. Your face colored as you slammed the drawer closed.

What the hell had your aunt been thinking?


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