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Chapter 15


“I thought I’d find you here.”


Aizawa looked up from the spot he had claimed on your couch. The television was off but he hadn’t been asleep. Which you personally would have been proud of if you’d been there. You weren’t though; you were still at the hospital with Todoroki. It was your great aunt, Recovery Girl that caught Aizawa staring at the gps tracking app on his phone while sitting on your couch. 


“If you’re here though, who is taking care of Eri?”


“Mirio is watching her tonight,” Aizawa said passively. 


Recovery Gorl nodded. “Good. It gives the boy a sense of purpose after that tragedy.”


Obviously the underground hero agreed. After everything that had happened the staff agreed that while Mirio was on leave from his hero classes, he needed to remain on campus for his own safety and well-being. One of the ways they tried to help keep him positive was by having him help with Eri. The two of them got along well and she was there to remind him that there was still hope. That and losing his quirk hadn’t been in vain - he’d been a large part of why Eri was safe and happy now. 


“Speaking of tragedy and purpose...You’ll never believe what my niece woke me up for.”


Aizawa guessed inside of his head and didn’t like the answer. His eyes narrowed as he stood up. “That foolish—“


“Don’t be angry with her, Eraserhead. She’s just trying to help. She wasn’t told about the danger, remember?”


“That was a mistake,” the dark haired man said.


 Aizawa pocketed his phone and started towards the door. Recovery Girl stopped him from passing her with her stylized cane. He looked down at her, willing her to feel both the urgency and exhaustion he felt. With how long she’d been playing this game, Recovery Girl didn’t budge an inch from his silent demands. 


“Principal Nezu thought it was best she didn’t know. At least until she’s figured it out herself. And I agree. Knowing my niece, the moment we tell her that she needs to hide the extent of what she’s capable of, she’d find a way to broadcast it to the world.”


“If she’s calling you from the hospital that’s exactly what she’s about to do,” Aizawa said quietly, though it was more out of habit than anything. 


“Perhaps. But she wants me in there to take over as Enji’s primary physician. That way I can act as a cover for her,” Recovery Girl told him. “I wonder who gave her the idea to do that?”


Aizawa shoved his hands into his pockets. He let out a deep breath. They both knew he’d suggested it to you at that point. There was no use trying to deny it. Oddly enough, being perceptive of everyone else’s situation seemed to be a trait that ran strong in the Shuzenji family. As was the quick tempers. The old woman was just better at hiding it from the students; she’d had years of practice though. 


Recovery Girl lowered her cane. “In any case I’m headed there now. I just thought you’d like to know since you’ve been tracking the girl since she left the dorms.”


He didn’t even bother to deny it. Recover Girl let out a small, perturbed huff when Aizawa continued out the door. 


“I take it you’ll meet me at the hospital?” Aizawa nodded, prompting Recovery Girl to speak out once more. She called out to his retreating figure. “Don’t you dare tell her young man! She doesn’t need to worry about that just yet!”


Aizawa raised his hand in acknowledgment without slowing down. The pace he set out of the building frustrated the older heroine.


“I swear, that man…” Recovery Girl trailed off as she closed the door to your suite. Her cand made a few sounds on the well made hallway floors as she muttered to herself. “If either of them would open their eyes I’d have grand babies to spoil right now.”


Never mind that you weren’t her daughter. Or the fact that you weren’t even twenty-two. All that mattered to her was the fact that she wanted what she wanted; which in part was to see you happy at least. But mostly she wanted a little kid to spoil just as she had spoiled you growing up. 




You turned around so quickly when you felt a hand on your shoulder that you were pretty sure you’d hit someone. Though considering that the person you may or may not have hit didn’t make a sound it was hard to tell. The only clue you had was the fact that your hand kind of hurt but that could have just been the fact that you had jerked around. 


“Aizawa? What are you doing here?” You asked, thoroughly confused. Seemed to be a theme that night. 


He moved his hand off of your shoulder and stuck it back in his pocket. “I’m making sure you don’t do anything stupid.”


You bristled at that, turning around to look at the injured man instead of at Aizawa. The fact that Aizawa seemed to think what you were doing, healing heroes, was foolish made you feel frustrated. Wasn’t that, in part, why you’d been hired at the school? Did he just expect you to sit back and take it easy when you could help? If he did that was a little hypocritical of him. How many times in the last year alone had he risked his life for another? How many times had he put his own health on the back burner if it meant helping someone that needed it? Too many times to count on one hand that was for sure. 


“I called my aunt. She should be here shortly. I won’t do anything till then.”


Aizawa simply rebuked the whole idea by asking, “Did you plan on stripping down in a public hospital to help him?”


You turned back around and narrowed his eyes at his tone. “I can just use my hands you know.”


“You haven’t chosen to lately.” The massage you gave him recently aside. “I thought full body contact was your preference.”


Your mouth parted a little. Oh, he had just pressed the wrong button. After the lack of rest and all of the stressors you bore that night, your short fuse had been dipped in gasoline. Aizawa was a walking match. 


“I did that for you,” you hissed at him. “But fine next time you need help, I won’t bother.”


It wasn’t like you had enjoyed making yourself that vulnerable with him nearby. Being that exposed in front of someone, even a client you’d known for a while, was not your idea of fun. It wasn’t like you had enjoyed feeling his chest on your shoulders or his steady rhythmic breathing as he’d slept. Nor waking up feeling like you weren’t alone. Nope. Not at all. It had just been that you’d been so nervous that you’d been grateful he had not seemed to care about your state of dress. Apparently that wasn’t entirely true. He just hid his thoughts better than you could in the moment. 


Aizawa called out your name in a low, almost warning like tone. You ignored him. Childish, yes, but you had nothing you wanted to say to him. At least nothing nice. Even with the lack of sleep or rest you’d gotten over the last couple of days, you recognized he didn’t deserve to have his head bitten off. Not yet at least. 


Before he had a chance to try to berate you again, the door to the private room opened. You looked up from your spot in the visitor’s chair to see Todoroki’s surprised face - the youngest one at least. 


“Professor Aizawa?” Todoroki asked as he furrowed his eyebrows. 


The question he hadn’t bothered to ask was obvious: what was he doing there? You looked back at the teacher with a challenge in your eyes. You couldn’t wait to see how he explained to one of the most promising students he currently had that he didn’t want you to help his father. That he didn’t want you to help the current number one hero in all of Japan. 


“What are you doing here?”


Huh, so it wasn’t an unvoiced question after all. Though your curiousity at Aizawa’s answer was still the same. 


Aizawa said calmly. “I’m here to take you both back to U.A.”


Your lips thinned and gripped onto the chair. According to the exact same student in the room you had seemed younger than you really were. After having offered to chaperone Todoroki so that there wasn’t a question over traveling after curfews, you had reminded the class that you apparently weren’t as young as you seemed. Aizawa had accepted your logic in front of the class. In trying to cover up the fact that he wanted to stop you from illegally using your quirk on Endeavour, he was rebuking that acknowledgement. Even if it was only in front of one student you weren’t pleased. Though you were younger than he was, you weren’t a child and you didn’t appreciate being treated as one regardless of the fact that it was a ploy to cover up his real motivations. 


You closed your eyes as you gripped the chair tighter. You counted down in your head but gave up when you heard Aizawa mutter something about “come on”. Your eyes opened but they were narrow as you glared at the darkly clothed man. You stood up as you took in a shakey, angry breath. 


“Aizawa,” you spoke out with a less personal tone in your voice. It was replaced by a less familiar hardened one. “Can I speak with you outside for a minute?”


Based on the way his own eyes narrowed on you, you were going to say he wasn’t very pleased either. But without causing a scene to your mostly polite request, he accepted. While you and Aizawa walked out to the garden from earlier, Todoroki took a seat where you had been. He fixed his eyes on his father who lay bandaged and prone on the bed; for once he didn’t feel overwhelming anger when he stared at the man and he wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Meanwhile you rounded on Aizawa in the garden with enough fury to shake an elephant. 


“You didn’t need to treat me like a child in there,” you said sharply. 


“You’re being irrational.”


“So?” You demanded. “You are too.”


His silent look was challenging. You wanted to pull his hands out of his oversized pockets and smack him with them. Which you realized was probably just the consequence of not getting enough sleep these last few days. You were round up a little tight. 


“First you recommend me for this supportive position, then you don’t want me to be really supportive of the students. You tell them that I have the authority of a teacher but my suggestions are ignored. You remind me that they’re underage so I need to be careful. So I try to remind them that I’m there to help them by being a responsible adult and offering to be a chaperone. But to cover up the fact that you don’t want me to heal the current number one hero, you treat me like a child in front of one of your students. You’re sending so many mixed signals and messages, I’m starting to think we don’t speak the same language,” you took a deeper breath and held it for a moment. “You need to make up your mind. Am I an adult or am I a child?”


“You’re throwing a tantrum over wanting to break the laws about quirk usage just like a child.”


He might not have said it directly but you understood his point well enough. He considered you more of a child than anything. For some reason that actually hurt. Which you didn’t expect. 


You nodded your head and turned around without speaking. You felt him responding quickly as he reached out to stop you. Aizawa grabbed your arm long enough to stop you from going inside. You could see a remnant of red in his iris as they faded which only cinched the issue for you. He thought you’d use your quirk reactively against him somehow. So for the split second he made contact with your clothes arm, he’d neutralized your ability to do so. Like he did with his students. Or worse yet, on villains. 


“I’ll turn in my resignation to Principal Nezu in the morning as you obviously don’t think I’m qualified to be of any help at the school anymore,” you said tightly as you yanked your arm away. “But tonight I’m going to actually help someone that needs it with or without your blessing. Considering the panic we both saw on the news over what happens when a pro hero is seen to struggle with a villain, Endeavour needs both of his eyes to maintain his ability to dominate whatever monsters keep attacking Japan. Arrest me in the morning. At least then there won’t be riots because another number 1 was forced to step down.”


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