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Chapter 17


You sat beside your aunt as the last staff member to attend took a seat at the large table. Surprisingly it wasn't Aizawa. The normally punctual Principal put the files on the table as though he hadn't been late to his own meeting before climbing onto his chair. Everyone, yourself included, stayed respectfully quiet as the quirky animal settled into place. 


"I have brought you all here to discuss a few different topics to discuss which may affect the direction of this school," Principal Nezu started cordially. "In light of the current events, U.A has been asked to ready the students with provisional licenses to start working. Though it was phrased as a request, the committee was quite insistent that we send students to fill recently vacated areas. I believe it would be in the school's best interest to do as requested. After all, we can not keep the doors open as a hero academy without their support."


Your eyes widened. There was a murmur of surprise around the table. Were things really so dire? It was true that you weren't a teacher, nor really a board member of the school, but you hadn't heard that things had gotten so dire. The media had tried to question and discredit U.A through live interviews after the events of the failed summer camp, of course, it was just that you hadn't thought much of it. The news always tried to spin stories out of control to make a quick buck. Though compared to other countries, the Japanese media was actually fairly mild. That didn't make all reporters pleasant to deal with but at least there still was a little dignity left in the media. Which was possibly why you hadn't realized that the question of U.A remaining open though these multiple disasters had been so dire that the Principal was considering sending the students out even earlier. 


First they'd moved their work studies ahead of they were practically being forced to shove the kids out of school entirely. Had the villain situation really gotten so bad so quickly?


"I've worked this last week on accumulating data on the areas that we've been requested to fill in for," as he spoke, Nezu turned on the display behind him. 


There was a map of Japan with many different small red circles spread all throughout. A good amount of them were in less densely populated areas. Most of them were spots in Hokkaido as well as Kyushu, though some of them were in more rural areas in Honshu. Nezu had the folders passed out to the six homeroom teachers in the hero course. You noticed that there was another file which he kept for himself. Though this one seemed to be of a different thickness than the others. Just barely though. 


"I've informed the Hero Public Safety Commission that our school will, for the time being, staff eight locations of our choosing throughout Japan."


There were far more dots on the map than that. You double checked just in case your first count had been wrong.  You hadn't been. There were a good deal more spots than Principal Nezu decided that they would fill. 


"There are thirty spots marked," Cementos said with a respectful tone. 


"Correct. Other Hero schools will fill in for the areas we have not selected. If needs be the committee has discussed the relocation of pro-heroes for the most turbulent areas that would be unsuitable for students."


You looked around the table to see everyone's faces. There was a mixture to be sure - surprise, disgruntlement, and all ranges of uncomfortable emotions. No one was quite happy with the arrangement.


"We will alternate classes so that only one class per year is away from the school at any amount of time. I've taken into consideration the experience levels of our students and decided to divide the groups up accordingly," Nezu switched to the next screen where there was a chart of how the different years would be split up. "Each group will alternate with another group in their year every 2 weeks between attending school and staffing an agency in their area. Year 1 will have all twenty students from each class staying together in one location. Year 2 will have each class split into groups of 10 and thus be able to cover twice that for the same duration. As you see, year 3 will have seven groups of five and one group of four. They will cover four different areas this way."


He turned to the next slide. From what you could see the Principal had organized the dots by threat assessment levels as well as population. Those with low threat levels were reserved for the first years and those with the higher perceived threat levels for those in the third years. There were only five different areas classified as low enough that the Principal felt comfortable allotting to the first year classes. 


"Out of the appropriate groups, it is up to you to choose amongst yourselves which areas your students staff as well as how the students are grouped with respect to the second and third years. You have until the end of the week to make your selections for this assignment."


"Is that all?" Aizawa asked in a rather sleepy, bored voice. "It's almost time for class to start."


Nezu shook his cute little head and cleared his throat. "We have a few more topics to cover but I'll try to be brief. This year alone, class 1A has had more experience dealing with facing real villains than any other single class from before them. It has been brought to my attention that in a time of such uncertainty, we could be doing more to fully prepare our students before sending them out to the world. As such, we will all undertake a shift in the education of the students. We will be increasing the frequency of some classes, while decreasing the frequency of others. On Top of this we will begin training the students in other areas as well."


Another slide appeared on the screen. There were groups of different classes. You looked on with wide eyes as a lot of what you named had been put up there. Defense classes, weapon classes, first aid, and the like were all in neat little boxes. 


"If I understand correctly, you want us to focus on making them more combat ready," Cementos pointed out with a worried tone as he leaned forward. 


Nezu nodded. "Even with our efforts to take out the Yakuza crime syndicate, it's a regrettable but true fact that the rate of crimes has once again started to go up. It would be in the student's best interests if, along with their quirk training, they could accumulate other useful skills."


"What about their education?" Cementos asked as he looked surprised. "Are we going to neglect their academic needs?"


"Yes. What about placement tests for university?" Ectoplasm asked from where he was at the end of the table. 


"They still need to be stimulated," Midnight said with a certain tilt in her tone that you weren't sure was appropriate for a teacher. 


The fact that you were questioning it disturbed you a little. Were you really that mentally stressed that you couldn't laugh? It wasn't like she'd been talking to students after all. She'd made the very minor innuendo among her peers. As the majority of the teachers debated the pros and cons, you decided to keep out of it and just lowered your head onto your folded arms on the table. Sure it was a little disrespectful but hey, it beat listening to some of the teachers defend an anquidated system. Besides it wasn't like you had to be on the lookout for fists; for a heated topic, they kept it rather civil. No one even cut the other off as they talked.


You frowned as you saw that Nezu pointedly looked at you for a moment. You somehow got the feeling that he was about to oust you for your radical thinking about what constituted as proper priorities for future Heroes. He didn't get the chance as Aizawa actually spoke up. 


"Those who have enrolled in the Hero course have already chosen their future. With all of the media attention we've gotten, most of our students have started to face the same exposure as any new hero. It's too late for them to back out now without serious repercussions," Aizawa explained. "Standardized tests will not prepare them for their future."


You saw Midnight looking down to Aizawa and the look on her lips was almost a pout. Almost. 


"Aizawa is  right," Vlad King said in his normal gruff tone as his fist hit the table with an assured thump. "These are the kind of classes our students need to be more successful!"


"Settle down," the Principal said after a good three or four minutes of this back and forth. 


You turned your head back to look at him as the debate faded away. Nezu waited until he had everyone's attention before he passed around papers detailing each teacher's upcoming new schedule.


 "I anticipated that this shift would cause some justifiable concerns. It is why the classes have just been shifted around and reorganized. If you'll look at the handout I gave you, you'll see that students will continue their academic classes on Tuesdays, and Thursdays. They will focus on their specific disapplines on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Class durations will be extended accordingly as you see on the handout."


Unlike the folders that had been passed out only to the homeroom teachers earlier, everyone got the new schedule hand out. Each class took up half a page so that there was plenty of space to show the new block format. Average classes such as Maths and Classical Japanese Literature had indeed been increased from about 45 minutes everyday to an hour and a half block twice a week. That made a lot more time for hero students to focus on actual hero courses. Even if that included history focused quirks and laws. 


It was a promising start. 


"When will these rocking schedules be aired?" President Mic asked far louder than you were sure was necessary. 


“At the start of Winter break. It coincides with the 1A, 2A, and 3A acting as Heroes under the new Safety Program. While they are away, the other classes will adjust to the new schedule. I trust by the time we alternate the students, everyone will see the merits of this new plan.”


He seemed so positive. 


"That's all for the day. I trust everyone will prepare their classes accordingly and that we'll have a decision on the locations shortly!"


The group started to get up. As the teachers and support staff started out the door, Nezu called out. 


"Oh, and I will be switching the support staff from 1B to 1A!" Nezu called out with a smile. 


Aizawa, Vlad King, the other support staff, and Recovery Girl all paused. You slipped out of the room while they all turned to Principal Nezu for answers.  You kept nearby just long enough to hear what the mighty Principal decided to say before anyone had a chance to question the motives. 


"Don't worry, no need to pack. You'll handle class 1A during the day and 1B once school lets out. Now hurry along! You don't want to be late to class."


Which was your cew to hurry to class 1B so that you didn't have to face the awkwardness that was bound to happen otherwise.

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