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Chapter 6


The school never stopped amazing you. The facilities of the school were phenomenal to put it slightly. The sheer size of all the different properties, the fact that they had different properties to begin with, was the true wonder of this place. Especially considering that it was all in Japan and not in a country where things were normally so sprawled out.


The track was 500 meters around which meant that the students would need to run around twelve times to meet Aizawa’s expectations. You felt sorry for them but at the same time the exertion they’d face as heroes could be worse in the future. A hero had to be at their peak physical capabilities, or at least be highly aware of what those were, in order to do their best. Which was why you said nothing as Aizawa explained the rules in his very brief manner; 6 kilometers (12 laps) before lunch and they could only use their quirks so long as it didn’t affect the track or others’ performance. The looks on some of their faces made you think that Aizawa has just crushed their hopes and dreams. 6 kilometers wasn’t easy for most people to run straight through after all. 6,000 meters was nothing to sneer at considering that the Tokyo marathon was 10 kilometers; they’d be doing 60% of that before they were allowed to go to lunch. 


As their own marathon started, you sat back and watched them. One of the students clearly pulled ahead of the others. The student was taller than most of his peers and his glasses reflected in the sunlight almost as much as the engine rods which stuck out of his calves. You flipped through the booklet you’d been given on this class to better prepare you to be one of their caretakers. 


Tenya, Iida: engine quirk. He was able to use it to such great effect on this task. Though you did notice that after the first few two laps he slowed down a bit. Which let some of his teammates close the gap. One of those teammates was the angry boy, Bakugo, and a green haired boy that the book said was named Midoriya. The last one had an amusing name to you considering that it was made with the kanji for green on top of his hair color. Both of those boys looked like they were competing neck and neck with each other more than anyone else. Or at least that’s what it looked like from your vantage point. 


There were others in the class doing extremely well as well. Notably the white and red haired boy you’d made the omelette for looked like he was pacing himself well; and his pace would have left you in the dust to be honest. A girl with pink skin was doing pretty good as was a boy with a large tail. The others of the class were still doing great but the afformented students were the forerunners in this particular marathon. 




“This is superb!” Tenya said. His voice seemed so exaggerated to you. “I feel like I could run another marathon!”


You smiled as you stood back up. Before your tendrils, as fine as fresh spider webs, retreated back into your body you shook them off. You had removed a lot of built up substances from Tenya’s legs (primarily) that you didn’t want to go into your body. So much like how a swordsman did their best to remove the blood from their sword before they reshesthed it, you made sure that you didn’t bring the pollutants back into your body. 


As you worked your way through the students, intending to do two at a time, you realized that the angry boy looked like he was ready to bite you. Somehow you wouldn’t put it past him. Tentatively you looked at Aizawa to see if he had a clue over what you should do in boom boy’s case. He simply shook his head which you took as a clue to skip him. Instead you went to the candy cane haired boy. 


He was quiet in a different way than Bakugo. Todoroki didn’t feel angry. Nor did he seem nervous or embarrassed like a couple of the students around him. You bent down and rolled his pants legs up to his knees. That way you’d be able to reach both his calves and his thighs from the inside with just the spider hair like tendrils from your hands. There was a max length you could extend them for after all. 


He sat quietly while you did your work with a very intense stare aimed at you. Once you were done you rolled his pants back down and shook off your tendrils before moving on to the next student. 


Over and over you repeated the process. You only had trouble with one student in class 1A if Bakugo wasn’t counted. And that happened to be a small boy with purple hair so dark it was pretty much black. The moment you’d belt down in front of his small body, he’d damn near hyperventilated. And from the looks on a couple of the students’ faces near by they expected that behavior from him. 


Due to his more diminutive stature, you didn’t need to roll up his pants beyond getting access to his ankles. Apparently though even that minimal contact was over the top. At least judging by his reactions. 


Aizawa had sauntered up to stand behind you at some point as the kid started muttering something too quickly for you to hear. Judging by the way that the kid went completely still as you removed the fatigue build up in his muscles, you’d have to guess that Aizawa was giving him a nasty look. You turned your head to see just that. Beyond the black baggy clothing you could see one of Aizawa’s eyes was practically glowing with Hell fire as he glared at his pupil. 


Seeing such a serious look on his face made you smile. It was kind of hot, sure, but you were mostly amused at the behavior. Almost like he didn’t know you’d heard far worse in your life. Though this silent reprimand and warning was probably more about putting the kid, Mineta, in his place, you still found it amusing to think he was being protective of your modesty and virtue. 


With that thought in your head you moved on from the student to the next. Other than Mineta it seemed the others didn’t have quite the same issue. In fact some of them expressed wonderment after experiencing your quirk for themselves. 


Unfortunately you didn’t get to Bakugo. The angry kid made it clear with his body language that he didn’t want you to go near him even as other students tried to encourage him to relax. By the time everyone finished their run and you’d finished with everyone else? The lunch bell rang. Which meant that the students needed to rush through showers and getting dressed so that they could get to lunch. After six kilometers they definitely needed it. 


You caught up with Aizawa after the students rushed off as he put his hands in his pockets. “I think you almost made that boy pee himself.”


A little vulgar, sure, but no one said you had to be polite all the time. Especially since there weren’t any students on the track. Regardless, Aizawa didn’t respond. 


“You didn’t need to though, I’ve handled worse,” there were a couple people right off the bat that you thought of but professional courtesy kept you from saying. 


“His actions are a reflection on this school,” Aizawa spoke as he lead you away from the track and field area. “If we let him act that way all the time it makes our institution look bad.”


“He’s a teenager. Puberty is probably hitting his brain with a sledgehammer.”


“Mineta is in a senior high school to become a hero. He needs to be more than just a teenager.”


You couldn’t disagree with that. Nor did you have anything resembling a counterpoint. So instead you nodded slightly and changed the subject. 


“What about the angry boy? Bakugo?”


Aizawa made a slight sound to show that he heard you. He held the door to the main building of the school open so that you could walk in. Once you and he were inside he continued talking. 


“His pride and very clear desire to be a hero has worked in his favor so far. But that strength is also his biggest obstacle. He hasn’t learned how to accept help with grace.”


“So basically you’re saying he needs to be spanked,” you joked. 


Aizawa cast you a dry, severe expression. You raised your hands as a sign of surrender as you tried not to laugh. 


“You’re a teacher now. Joking like that is not logical.”


“Technically I’m a trial run aide to see if a program of hiring support staff like heroes could have access to in the outside world would improve the quality of heroes coming from this school. Essentially I’m the guinea pig. And as the guinea pig I think he needs a lesson in humility. Even the best of heroes need a good support system to be at their peak; you know that. He needs to too.”


“I’ll think on it. Let’s see how he behaves after lunch and tomorrow.”


“Fine by me.”


“Go check on Recovery Girl.”


You supposed that was his form of dismissal. You waved slightly before separating.

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