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Chapter 10

There was quiet in the shared kitchen of the dorms. Before you was another medical book that you had borrowed from the local library. As you ate your meal, you studied from the anatomy book. There was also a large egg-white omelet filled to the brim and beyond. Omelets were things that you ate regularly, as sad as that was. The egg whites provided a good source of protein and you had learned to add more protein powder to the mix when you whipped them up. Plus it was an easy dish to add super veggies in like kale or spinach. If it wasn’t for needing to stock up on calories, high in proteins as well as many other things you could cram in there, you could have been eating in your room. You hadn’t quite broken in the newness of the room to feel comfortable enough to eat in there yet even though you had a separated entertaining space from the actual bedroom.

Students from class 1A started to come down in the winter versions of their uniform. Compared to their cultural festival performance just the day before, the energy in the room felt muted. You tried to do your best to keep your attention on the book in front of you as they went about their morning. That became a little harder to do as students sat down at the table. Especially when one boy in particular sat nearby. You could practically feel him hyperventilating near you.

Sitting down your fork, you had to remind yourself not to stab him with it. You counted down from ten and back up in your head in an attempt to stretch your patience with this kid. You had heard worse muttered due to your line of work. That was something you’d told Aizawa when he had disciplined the teen prior. At the same time that didn’t mean you liked hearing him mumble and know that it was all Pervy all the time.

“What was your name again?” You asked the purple haired kid.

“Mineta, Minoru,” he said quickly.

“Mineta,” you replied with a tone of respect even though you didn’t feel that respectful at the moment. “Did you know that a vasectomy is actually a very simple procedure?”

You took a bite of your omelet in a casual manner while you let that question ruminate in their heads. Some at the table seemed to get it a lot quicker than others. You flipped a page from the book in front of you and watched as they got the threat behind your words. One of those quick on the uptake just so happened to be Mineta himself. He became so pasty that the boy could have been shredded wheat.

"All doctors need to do is separate the sperm ducts," you continued just to drive the point home all the while keeping a casual tone. "I suppose all it really requires is to pinch off the sperm ducts and to leave them that way long enough for them to separate themselves like how tying off the umbilical cord leads to it falling off naturally."

To connect your words back to your not so subtle threat you extended your tendrils from your body. They snaked through the air, shimmering in their finer than hair state, and formed a bunch big enough to turn the page. As you continued to read you brought your tendrils back to your body and smiled.

"You're a villain," Mineta said in a shaky voice.

That only caused you to smile wider but you said nothing back to him. Anything you had to say would lessen the impact of your threat. Mineta got up from his seat and hurried away from you. By the looks of it he had to use the bathroom. You kind of hoped that you had scared the shit out of him. It felt kind of like your civic duty to do so. He needed to learn his lesson about being a public pervert. Especially if he was going into the Hero field.

"So you're a doctor mademoiselle?" One of the students asked in an excited voice.

You rose your gaze up and put your bite back down. The student that asked had pale blond hair that had an almost surfer dude flip in the front. Was that a speck of glitter on his face? Huh, kind of looked like it. It took you a moment to put a name to the face. Though you had asked Mineta for his name it was mostly to add a bit more of an intimidation factor, the honest truth was that you were doing your best to memorize the students you'd been put in charge of.

"No I'm not," you answered Aoyama's question.

"But you just threatened Mineta with a most gruesome procedure."

You nodded, "I did. Even though I can act like a medic in an emergency because of my quirk, I am not licensed to practice medicine. I have plenty of practice unpinching nerves though. And as some of you might have seen, I've had some practice doing it in reverse too."

"That's unethical!" A larger student, practically the size of a full adult, said with a hand gesture.

Ah, yes, Iida. From what you'd read he was a pretty straight laced guy.

"More unethical than letting a figure of the community sexually harass unsuspecting women?" You asked him. He seemed to stall out as he searched for an answer. "From what I can tell, everyone accepts his behavior as normal for him but it shouldn't be tolerated. Even if he's a teenager right now, imagine what happens to his life and those around him once he graduates from here. If he's going to be the best hero he can be that sort of behavior is not acceptable in public."

"I see," Tenya said as he fixed his glasses. While he made his grand acceptance of you threatening a minor with a form of non-painful violence, you decided to take another couple of bites. "So in threatening him you were trying to teach him how to be a better hero."

"...or person at least," you responded quietly after chewing. "There's a time and place to express yourself. At the breakfast table, in a group, is not that time. Especially considering he doesn't even know me and I'm not in his age range."

"How old are you?" Candy cane boy, also known as Todoroki, was the one to ask that.

You tilted your head as he thought about if you should answer him. There wasn't a hint in his voice that he'd been asking as though to make a joke about your age. Nor did you hear any overt curiosity. It seemed like it was just asked to be asked. Which was odd but not something that you hadn't heard before.

"I'm twenty-one...well, really close to twenty-two," you told him honestly.

"You seemed younger," Todoroki commented.

"Thank you?"

You weren't sure that was a compliment actually. He said it with such a straight face that it could have been an insult. You tried not to let that linger in your head as you got up from the table to wash and dry what you'd used. As you were working on washing out the pan you'd used to make your omlet in, however, the rest of the students filled in. This included the one boy that didn't seem to get along with you - Bakugo. You would gladly go on blaming him for that too. He was the one to storm up to your room, insult your great aunt, and all of that. So what if you'd taken away a good portion of his ability to fight you without telling him? He was a hero course student. He should have been prepared for anything. And he really shouldn't go around being that rude.

You were still going to stick with what you told Aizawa a couple of days ago; he needed a good spanking.

As you imagined Boom Boom getting spanked, you smiled. You got the idea that Midnight would volunteer as the person that had to do it. Though somehow you couldn't see her actually hitting him hard enough to make a point. Plus he was as likely to fall asleep on her lap as he was to feel her hit him. Not exactly the point you wanted him to learn. Which was simply: Talk shit, get hit.

"Who left their shitty book out Eh?"

Oh dear lord above. You tossed your head back before you looked at him. He was holding it by just a couple of pages and your eye was twitching.

"I did. Aren't you late for class?" You asked, holding back the temptation to add something like 'angry baby' to your question.

"Uh, actually we have twenty minutes before class starts, Miss," Midoriya said as he looked at his cell phone.

You gave him a blank stare. Which didn't seem to help the nervous disposition he seemed to have. If it wasn't for the fact that you'd seen him practicing his ultimate moves as well as the performance that Class 1A put on yesterday, you'd have thought he would be too timid for the job he aspired to have. When he put on his big boy pants he did the job pretty well actually.

"Ch," Angry boy said as he tossed the book back down on the table.

As you started towards him, your words were already coming out, "You little --"

"All might?"

...that was not what you were going to say. Midoriya had thrown the question out loudly as he looked just a little off the ways. You stopped your trek to wreck Bakugo's life. Said student gave you a challenging, almost satisfied look, before shoving his hands in his pockets and walking off. Without breakfast. That at least made you feel better about the situation.

"Hey, Midoriya," Toshinori said with a wave.

He was in a full suit and had just started into the dorms. His presence made all of the other students take note. If a staff member, a teacher specifically, was in their dorm house then there must have been a reason. Midoriya walked over and asked something too quietly for you to hear. As you looked at the height comparison it was actually surprising to see that Toshinori was so tall compared to Midoriya. While he was railroad skinny now and had an almost defeated slumped posture, he hadn't actually lost any of his height from his All Might 'form'. At least not if he stood up straight. His physical confidence in who he was, was something you'd have to work on with him. He had been a symbol to the world ever since you could remember. There was nothing to be ashamed of having to step down after so long of as far as you were concerned. But first, you were going to have to work on fixing his actual body. That could possibly take a while. Fixing up another person's body wasn't exactly an easy task.

You watched as he said something to Midoriya quietly. Something that had the greenette turning back to look at you with wide eyes. Were those...tears in his eyes? You looked at him like he was crazy. He had his fists clenched near his chest like he was so hopeful. What had Toshinori told him? The boy was almost crying.

“Okay kids, it’s time for everyone to head to class,” the tall blond said as he laid a comforting hand on Midoriya’s shoulder. “You don’t want to be late.”

Considering that it was Midoriya who had corrected you about the time just a couple of minutes ago, the fact that he so quickly picked up his bag and hurried out felt like he’d betrayed something. You watched as the other teenagers grabbed something light to eat on the way as they became a rather distracted herd to get out of the door.

You watched out of a window with the diminutive All Might as the students walked off. At that point they weren’t the only ones heading to class. There were other groups of students heading out of the dorm houses to make it to the main building. You watched a couple batches walk off. You also noticed a couple other support staff with the kids sprinkled in. Maybe you weren’t the only guinea pig. Though if all the other experiment hires, assuming that’s who the random adults were in the group were, were heading to class with the students, did that mean you were supposed to go too?

“Do you know what they had planned in class today?” You asked as you started to worry you missed a memo or something.

Toshinori shrugged. “Aizawa didn’t mention anything special. But I’m sure he’ll tell us if we’re needed.”

“Him? Admit he bit off more than he can chew?” You asked with a wry grin.

The humor in your voice caused Toshinori to smile. The smile turned a little more nervous as he looked at you. He shifted as he tried to think of the best way to approach what he wanted. In the end the direct way was best.

“So, where do we start?”

“I’ve already started on the research portion,” you told him plainly.

You went back to the table to show him what you’d been studying so diligently. It was an anatomy book that focused on organs and their functions. The book was actually wonderfully full of everything you needed for the organ’s structure. It would serve as your main source of academic research on the subject. But you also needed to get a more in-depth diagram of the veins and arteries to have a more complete picture. While you knew you could mend and regrow anything from the body you were used to working with bones, nerves, and muscles. You had limited experience mending or manipulating internal organs. The closest you got was pinching off veins and arteries temporarily.

“You're familiar with Yaoyorozu’s quirk?” You asked as you saw him looking down at the start of your research. Toshinori nodded, prompting you to continue. “Whereas she can create inorganic structures, my quirk let’s me construct and manipulate organics. But we both need to understand what it is we are creating before doing it. At the moment I’m teaching myself about the makeup of organs, their in-depth functions, and everything I can think of to learn.”

“You said we were starting today,” he pointed out with a questioning, probing tone.

“Oh we are,” you reassured him as you picked the book up. You motioned for him to follow you so that you could lead him to the elevators. As you and Toshinori road the elevator up to your floor, you continued to talk, “I explained a part of how it works. The other part is like spacial awareness or muscle memory. The more I know someone’s physiology, the more effective I can be. We’re starting on that today.”

The elevator dinged before any question of what that meant could be uttered. You led him to your room and closed the door. Vaguely you reminded yourself that you should probably get a door handle that locked.

“The damage was in your torso right?” You asked him for confirmation. Roshi or nodded, a hand going towards the side that had seen far too many operations. You smiled reassuringly. “Okay, so take off your jacket, shirt, and tie then lie on the bed.”

You were quite proud of yourself for sounding so professional up to this point. Internally you imagined his emaciated face if you had gone with your first instinct telling him to strip. Despite the fact that you wanted to lighten the situation you had the feeling some decorum was needed. You wanted him confident in your ability to help him, not questioning your motivations.

Respectfully you kept your back turned as the prior number one hero did as he was instructed. Considering that you couldn’t see the look on his face you weren’t able to short through the emotions he may or may not have felt about the situation. You listened closely for his shuffling feet to make their way over to your bed. Only then did you start to feel nervous. The first part was easy. You were used to your clients stripping down. Sometimes all the way - you provided a soft towel or two in that case. What you weren’t used to was what you were about to do.

You were going to need to remove your own shirt. In front of a co-worker. One that used to be the most popular man in all of Japan. Theoretically it was the best plan you had. You needed the largest expanse of skin to extend your limited ranged tendrils from. You also needed to be in a position where you could shift without having to dislodge them from his body. And if you had used your hands to explore and map the damage as you did in a massage there was a good chance you'd get tired and want to lower your arms. In massages you just had to go below the surface, barely into the muscles, but for this you would have to stay in one position a lot longer as you needed to go deeper.

Trying to reassure yourself that this was the best choice, you moved over to the bed. You had long since removed your covers and the like in anticipation that he would be there today. Somehow having covers on the bed made it seem less professional. You kept a thicker flat sheet there, though. Which you got under before starting to remove your own shirt.

"Woah, wait, what are you doing?" Toshinori started to freak out from the sounds of it.

You squeezed your eyes closed as you gripped the sheet tight to your front. "Remember how I compared my quirk to Yaoyorozu's? This is also similar. I need skin to skin contact to be at my most effective. My tendrils come out from my skin and they'll go into yours but I don't have a very long range. I think it's at a meter max right now."

If you'd pushed yourself in something like a hero course, there was the chance that they could have had the range of your mom's before she died. Her range was actually quite scary when you thought about it. She practically had her own spinettes letting her do whatever length she needed at the time. AT least that's how it had seemed growing up. You were far more limited. And you didn't know if that was because of a lack of pushing yourself or if there was just a difference because your quirk could do other things than hers.

"Normally in massages I just use my hands. This is different. With you I need to map out the damage in your body. That's going to take a while. To reduce fatigue and increase efficiency, this was the least awkward way I could think to do it."

"Least awkward huh?" he asked quietly.

You tucked your chin towards your chest as you nodded. Just because it was the least awkward didn't mean it wasn't still awkward. Oh Recovery Girl would have a field day over this. Other than yourself, she understood the limits of your quirks. If you had told her what you'd plan to try to do, she'd have teased you relentlessly considering the recent hints and jokes she'd been making at your expense. That was why you thought it best not to tell her what you were doing right away... or ever if you could help it actually.

Though considering that you'd brought it up at one of the teacher's meetings…

Nope, you weren't going to think about that. You were going to count your blessings and hope she hadn't put two and two together. 


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