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Chapter 18


You found yourself in a very similar situation as before. You stood in front of a class of teenagers as their teacher introduced you. Their faces felt foreign, weird even. You were so used to seeing the kids from Class 1A when you entered into a classroom. You found yourself looking for Angry Boy, Candy Cane, Greenie, Pinky, Sparkles, and all the rest. The fact that you could see 20 strange faces staring back at you instead of 19 also made everything feel off. 


“She’ll be the new support staff for the class,” Vlad King. “Treat her with respect.”


“I look forward to working with you all,” you said politely. You turned to look at the Blood Hero and asked a simple question, “Did you have anything planned that I can help with today?”


The large man looked at you with what seemed to be an unreadable expression. With the way his smaller, focused eyes didn’t seem to widen or narrow and the way his jaw jutted out because of his sharp incisors, it was hard to get a read on any shift in his expression.  Though that was probably only because that despite the time you’d been with U.A, he was still pretty much a stranger. 


“Today’s plans need to be pushed after that meeting. So just show the students what you can do to help them surpass their limits.”


You nodded and turned to look out at the classroom full of awkwardness. Not that the students were awkward, though perhaps some of their quirks were visually different than what you were used to, so much as that you were filled with how strange it was to be with a new group so quickly. Should you have said goodbye to 1 A? Would that have made it more awkward? Would it have made it less strange to stand in front of a bunch of new kids?


“To start out with, let’s get any questions you have for me off your chests. Then I’ll go into trying to explain what I, personally, can do to help.”


“Weren’t you assigned to class 1A?” A voice called out, wasting no time. 


You looked towards the boy that had asked. He was in seat 18; in some ways he reminded you of a cross between Bakugou and Aoyama. It was a wonder he didn’t just explode violently because of those volatile elements mixing together. But he did put off some seriously manic energy so maybe his body recognized that and was trying to explode without his consent. 


“I was,” you answered honestly. “As far as I know, I’ll still assist 1A after classes as needed but I will be working with 1B for the foreseeable future.”


“Did you finally realize how inferior class 1A is?” The blond laughed. His laugh was kind of frightening in its intensity. “Ha! How sad! Even their own teacher couldn’t stand them!”


Something in what he just said pissed you off. You tried not to show it but the atmosphere in the room definitely shifted. Where did he get off calling all of class 1A inferior?


“Monoma, that’s enough,” Vlad King practically barked. 


“No, it’s okay,” you said with a false kind of calm. “I mean if you let him, he can try to prove that this class is better than 1A.”


And somehow that shut him up. It also seemed to interest the teacher. He rubbed his chin for a moment. 


“What did you have in mind?”


You smiled with a hint of vicious amusement. You knew exactly what you were about to do would seem cruel. But if you were lucky, it would get the blond to eat his words. If you played it right you could even use it to put some peer justice on him. 


“Aizawa let me have free reign to show them what I could do on the first day. It’s best shown after a test of endurance. Would you be willing to let them go through the same?”


Vlad King  looked like he was frowning as he lowered his hand. But then he nodded and said with a slightly enthusiastic voice, “My class will surpass the expectations that class 1A set! RIGHT?!”


“Yes sir!” Class 1B chimed. 


Oh they were going to regret that. 




You were right.


After being told that half of their day was going to be spent on a 6 kilometer marathon, the class regretted the choice made for them by Monoma and their teacher. Though you felt bad for those that struggled, it was an informative exercise. Watching them on the track gave you a chance to see their quirks and some of their physical skills. 


Unfortunately, contrary to what they no doubt wanted, no one out preformed class 1A. On a class level their average was still below the bar that class 1A set. On an individual level there wasn’t a single student who had come close to the first 4 students in class 1A to finish the marathon. There were even students in the class that couldn’t finish the 6 kilometers at all. You felt horrible as you watched some of them struggle. Annoyed when some of them defeated themselves. But there was nothing to see or wow you unlike before. 


As the class gathered round as best the could in the grass, some much worse off than others, you looked over their faces. Was it fair of you to compare the classes this way? Probably not. Had it been fair of the blond to claim the other class was inferior when he could back it up? Definitely not. 


“For those of you that are angry at me, I do feel bad that you're in pain or that you’re struggling to breathe right now. For those of you who haven’t already guessed it - I have a recovery type quirk. I’m sorry about the run but I will help you with that so you can feel my quirk for yourselves,” you spoke out as you shifted your weight nervously. You locked eyes with the tall teacher in the back to give you something to focus on. “But here is a truth that no one wants to hear. Class 1A did a lot better at this exercise than your class both in terms of applying their quirk and in stand alone physical abilities. I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves...but I want you to think about why this happened. If you compare yourselves or let someone else compare you to someone need to be able to back it up. This torture I put everyone through can also be taken as an example of what it’s like to be a hero. Or so I’ve gathered anyways.”


Personally you were pretty sure you’d never even be able to finish the six kilometer run yourself. The thing was that you weren’t a hero. You had no intention of ever becoming one either. Your goal was to help people in other ways. It required a different kind of skill set. 


“A hero’s life is like a constant marathon. You have to learn to set a pace both with your quirk and with your body. You also need to find a way to stand out or pull ahead of each other because you will have to compete against other heroes for the rest of your career even if you don’t like it.  In this run there were no consequences for not finishing or doing well. In the real work there will be. If you can’t get to someone quick enough, if you’re not fast enough, there’s a chance they die. If you can’t endure, people get hurt. If you don’t pace yourself and burn it...others suffer. If you don’t stand out, you’ll have a hard time putting food on the table by yourself.”


That last part sucked. It was the truth that a lot of people liked to gloss over during hero training as far as you’d seen. Heroes that couldn’t solve enough crimes or help enough, who couldn’t explain why they deserved compensation, couldn’t afford to continue being heroes. Not if they wanted to keep a roof over their head and bread on the table. Lord help them if they had a family to support.


“Heroes need to be able to get up and do this insane race again day in and day out. The key is knowing how to recover. That comes in a lot of different forms. Sometimes it’s mentally or emotionally but almost always it’ll be at least part physically too. So now, I’m going to help with that one thing - I will help you recover while you guys seriously think about this whole...thing…”


You kind of floundered for words at the end there. Especially as you realized that one of the kids seemed to have his fist clenched with a look of pride on his face. Was he crying? How did someone pull off proud tears? 


Questions for another time. For now you focused on doing what you had done for class 1A that first official day. And for some you helped a little more by opening up airways, relaxing the lungs, and removing built up fatigue near their chest. A couple of the kids had seriously felt bad but at least this way you’d made a couple serious points for them very obvious. 


Overall you felt like you’d made a bigger, better impact on them than you had with Class 1A. 




You looked up from the apology dinner you’d started to make for class 1A when you heard the dorm’s doors open. After spending the day with class 1B, you couldn’t help but feel terrible over the situation. Somehow doing a better job at explaining yourself to class 1B felt like you’d cheated class 1A out of something. Plus the fact that you hadn’t actually spent many days with them to try and broaden their understanding of hero support before you jumped ship made you feel bad. It wasn’t their fault that their teacher was a contradictory ass. 


A group of the girls came in, walking through the door one at a time before bubbling back up. 


“Was it just me or did Mr. Aizawa seem in a bad mood all day?” Uraraka asked as she stretched. 


“He’s never very enthusiastic,” Mina pouted. “Unless he’s torturing us. I swear he likes to see us struggle!”


“Ochako is right,” Asui croaked in. “Something was bothering him.”


“Do you think it had something to do with the announcement?” Uraraka asked as he put her finger to her lips and hummed thoughtfully. 


“Why would that upset him?” Mina challenged. “I thought us working as heroes would make him happy. At least he’ll get to sleep in as much as he wants while we’re gone.”


Ah, so he told them about that. Vlad King had also informed his students. You’d expected that Aizawa would have sprung it on them last minute though. Like he’d have turned packing for the transition into some sort of competition to prove themselves worthy of being heroes. The thought of the madhouse that the dorms could have turned into in such a case brought a smile to your lips. 


As did the broth of the savory beef stew you were making for everyone. Letting the meat slowly boil for the last couple of hours had been the easiest part. Trying to cook for 20 different kids with all different tastes had been the tricky part. Thankfully with winter coming it gave you the opportunity to do a hearty stew. Not too far away from you were 20 individual loaves of bread just waiting to be turned into bowls. 


“I don’t know. I think it has something to do with Miss Shuzenji being replaced.”


You winced. Well that was one way to look at what had happened. Though personally it felt less like you’d been replaced and more like you’d just switched. What had Aizawa told them about that situation anyways?


“You don’t think he—“


Uraraka cut herself off when she realized that you weren’t that far away. The group of girls had been following their nose to the kitchen the whole time they talked after all. 


“Oh! Hey! Uh...there you are!”


It was amusing seeing her so flustered. You smiled as you sat the ladle down and turned around. 


“Welcome home,” you greeted in a slightly ironic tone. 


“Where were you today?” Asui asked without beating around the bush. 


“I’ll be working with class 1B during school time and helping you guys before and after from now on,” you told the three girls, looking over their shoulders as more from class 1A came into the dorms. 


“Whaaat?” Mina seemed louder than you remembered...and you hadn’t even been “gone” that long. “What happened? Why are you abandoning us?!”


“Dif it have something to do with Mr. Aizawa? Ribbit.”


You really needed to learn to have a better poker face. You had a good masseuse face in front of half or fully naked clients but in front of 3 teenage girls you were the one that felt naked. Which was inconvenient to say the least. 


“What happened?” Uraraka asked in concern. 


“He and I disagree on some issues,” you told them honestly. “So to make sure you guys get the best, well rounded education, I figured I should let him get back to doing his own thing. But because I really like my room and most of you guys, I wanted to stick around and help.”


Well...after Nezu denied you leaving all together at least. You still didn’t know if he had been allowed to do that…


“Are you making us dinner?” One of the boys, Ojiri, asked as he got close enough to see the army of bread behind you. 


“Yep. My way of apologizing for disappearing from your classes… not that I’d been there a whole lot...but still.”


“Apology accepted. It smells magnifique.” 


You smiled Aoyama. Hopefully the rest of the class accepted your token as well as the five before you had so far.

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