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Disclaimer: I don't own highschool dxd or it's characters.the oc is created by me.i dont make any money from this fic.

It was your average day Kuoh Academy, the birds chirping, the students gossiping about girly things or getting laid with the female/male students/teachers. It was honestly just the same ol' same thing that I wished something different would happen until one day… I went to the abandoned library near the "Occult Culb" as I was tasked of cleaning up the garage or making sure it was spotless. There was someone else that was supposed to be there to assist me, Issei Hyoudou, but he had to deal with other matters.

Dusk: Sighs Damn it Issei, we were both supposed to do clean up for this place… I said sweeping the floors with a broom with another sigh

Short Flashback

Issei: "Hey Dusk, sorry but I have to meet up with Rias and the other right now"

Dusk: "Huh…? Your supposed to help me out with the annoying cleaning up at the abandoned library-"

issei: "I know and I promise to make it to you, but later~!?"

He said as he dashed off

Dusk: "H-Hey wait- ISSEI!?"

Dusk: Ughhh…… I can't believe that I not only have to clean this place up, but I also have get any "valuable" books that are here and tell the teachers about what I find-

I said taking the books from the shelves when I pulled the next book out, I saw a slightly thin book fall to the floor beside me

Dusk: Hm? That's weird… it's a little dusty *I said as I lightly brushed on the book to see a Dragon like claw with a vertical eye that looks like it's being held* …maybe I can keep this as a journal since I kinda like the design

I said as I put the journal on the back of my waist so my coat can cover it from being discovered as it too me about 2 and a half hours to clean the floors, the selves and transfer all the books to the teachers. After I did that I bow, close the door and leave.

Dusk: Man Issei is gonna have a mouth full of my ranting when I am done with him…!

I said as I had a nice meal, took a nice bath and "barracked" myself in my room

Dusk: Man…… This day kinda sucked…… *I looked at my dresser and kinda forgot about the journal that I picked up* …I wonder if there any cool things that are written in this journal

I flipped though the pages as I see fresh clean blank pages, which I found odd in my opinion, till I looked at the last page that had writing on it

Dusk: Hm? What this we have here?


• He/She who writes in this will have his/her desires and/or wishes come true for the current user of this Journal

• You must write down in slight detail to make this a complete wish

• There will be no limit to what will be written in this Journal

I blinked a few times with a disbelief of what I just read

Dusk: What… did I just read? I give it a moment to think and decided to write in the very beginning of the journal to humor myself "When I say person's name and end with 'will be in a trance' that person will be in a complete hypnosis and will obey me as I can add 'hypnotic suggestion' until I say 'wake up' " …… I highly doubt it will work, but I better get to bed

- The next morning -

I yawned as I saw the same old thing and listened to the same old chatter from everyone else, till I arrived at school. There I happened to see Yuma Amano walking along the hallways and just wanted to test out if the journal was true or not and I felt like I couldn't lose anything really

Dusk: Hey~ Yuma?

Yuma: Yes? Is there something you need? ^‿^

Dusk: "Yuma, will be in a trance"

Yuma: I will… be in a trance? Why… would I… *She said as she went dead quite with a spaced out face looking forward*

Dusk: Yuma?

Yuma: …

Dusk: Umm… can you hear me Yuma?

Yuma: …yes…I can hear you…

Dusk: Hmm… *I think for a little and say* well… you and me would be heading for a empty room to talk in private… like you asked… right?

Yuma: …Yes…That's right…I asked Dusk to talk somewhere…privately…

She said as she takes my hand and closed the door as I had a slight grin on my face

Dusk: Yuma, you will call me "Master" and will obey my commands as if it's your second nature

Yuma: …I understand…Master…

Dusk: Also when I snap my fingers you will go back to your hypnotic trance, understood?

Yuma: …Yes…Master…

Dusk: "Wake up"

Yuma blinks and noticed that we weren't in the hallway and in a empty classroom

Yuma: Huh? Where- Weren't we in the hallway a minute ago-

Dusk: You know… Yuma… it's pretty hot in here I think you should take your uniform off, don't you think so?

Yuma: What? Why would I show you by body for? Especially when your not my type Dusk-kun

She is saying, but her body is moving despite her noticing as I see her unbutton her school shirt to let me see her big breasts bounce a little with her bra covering them, as she took off her skirt for me to see her black undergarments

Dusk: Now I think you should get on your knees and lick my cock till it nice and hard, also I when you smell my naughty scent, you will be turned on

Yuma: W-Why would I do such a dirty thing to you Dushk-kyun?

She says, taking my pants off, removing my boxers to display my limp 8 inch cock as she licks it with her tongue and eventually got the tip in her mouth

Dusk: Ooo~~ despite being a proper girl your mouth is good at giving me head with that wet slobbering mouth of yours*

I said as I hear Yuma trying to talk with my cock in her mouth

Dusk: Mm~~ it would be better if you can be quiet and focus on sucking me off Yuma, also you have to call me "Master" silly

Yuma: Mm~~ S-Sorry Master

She said speeding up her sucking on my fully erect cock in her mouth-pussy

Dusk: Ahh~ that's it Yuma, make sure to get it all the way down your throat

She did as I asked as she moans lewdly as my cock was to the base of her lips, I can see her wanting to take it out of her mouth, but she went back to sucking her off like a wet vacuum

Dusk: Ooo~~~ That's it Yuma-chan, now give me a double piece sign while looking at me

Yuma, looks at me with teary eyes as she was a little confused why she was giving a double piece sign with a deepthroat action, till I held her head and started to throat fuck her a little

As I hear her moaning as my cock rubs her mouth-pussy, till I got to the base of her mouth and dumped a thick load down her throat. I then pulled a little too make sure to cum in her mouth a little as I can see she wanted to spit it out

Dusk: No, no, Yuma, when someone dumps their thick cum in your mouth-pussy, you have to make sure you drink all of it and then stick your tongue out

I can hear her whine as she did as she was told, as I hear her gulping down the rest of my cum in her mouth

Yuma: *Gulps and looks at me* Ahhh~~~

Dusk: Good girl now clean my cock your mouth-pussy made

Yuma: M-My mouth isn't called a mouth-pussy mmm~~

She says, but cleans my cock anyways as I then snapped my fingers for her to go into her trance

Yuma: …

Dusk: To think that you were pretty good at blowjobs Yuma-chan, did you cum from just sucking me off?

Yuma: …No…but when you started…to slightly thrust you cock in my mouth…I came a few times, till I drank your thick shot that made my panties damp…

I then went to have a feel of her panties if she was telling the truth

Dusk: Ooo~? Your drenched down here Yuma-chan, any secrets you wanna tell me?

Yuma: …Yes…my name isn't…really Yuma Amano…it's Raynare…the Fallen Angel…

Dusk: Wait what?

Raynare: …It's the truth… She said as she sprouted her raven like angel wings from her back

Dusk: 0_0!? And here I thought you were just joking around…

I think for a bit as I came up with a evil plan and test to see if it will work

Dusk: Hmm~~ Raynare

Raynare: …Yes…Master…?

Dusk: Well I have a little assignment for you… *I said with a grin*

-After School-

I see "Raynare" taking her thinking off her desk as I see her have a small jolt and blinked a few times. She gets up and then heads for the baseball team locker room, I followed to see if she would do as told

Baseball guy1: Huh? What is Yuma doing here?

Baseball guy2: I-Is she gonna confess to someone?!

Baseball guy3: Like he she would

Then the entire team mumbles and grumbles about the other guys opinions, till Raynare spoke up

Raynare: Actually……you guys need relief from your hard work all day on the field…right?

Entire Team: Huh?!?

She then starts to take her skirt off, then her shirt, bra and panties off. To the baseball teams disbelief, they see Raynare in her full beauty with some nice curves and well developed breasts. As she then got on the bench, spread her legs while opening her pussy lips with her fingers

Raynare: Don't make a girl repeat herself and just enjoy the ride guys

The 12 guys were sweat, they gulped simultaneously from her tempting appearance as they were also trying to hold back from their primal nature to jump the gun

Raynare: I could ask the basketball team, if you guys aren't "manly" enough that is

The baseball teams sanity snapped as then stripped down and made Raynare give them all head with handjobs or footjobs since there a lot of them, as they would eventually escalate to having sex with her till they all were fully relieved

Plus not to mention a few of them started recording their first times hammering Raynare or making an ice memento for this special occasion

Dusk: Heheh~ seems like it worked better then I expected it to do *I said as I opened the journal*


• Will tempt all the sports teams into having a one-on-one action, 3-some, 4-some or orgy activities

• Will have to make sure that you absorb their cum inside your womb till pregnancy and continue to have sex with any sports teams as their personal cumdumpster for life

Dusk: Heehe~ I think the entire sports teams and possibly the managers will enjoy their new "toy" for quite a while, now who should my next target be?

I said as looked at my journal for ways to make my normal life better then before





Hey, hope you enjoyed the read as the next chapter will be about "Second Victum: Xenovia Quarta" and if you have any suggestions for the next chapter, after Xenovia that is, let me know. But until then, peace

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