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Now that I have tamed Kuroka to my harem… despite her being unwilling at first, but ended up making her my love slave; which guys would be dumb enough to not want to ravage her hot and flawless body into submission or wanting to hear her beg her “master/husband” to pour fresh milk in her womb… crap I’m just getting hard from thinking about it again… but a change in plans before going after Rias Gremory as I have heard from reliable sources that a sexy and busty blonde would be transferring to this school and thanks to Sona’s information it’s Ravel Phenex, looking at the photos of her she’s going to be one of my 2nd hottest targets to conquer into my harem…

- Monday Morning; Small Break -

The day was going as I went to peek in seeing how Ravel was doing and up to…however right off the bat I can tell that she is nervous from being horded by girls asking a lot of questions of; What school she went to, was there a inspiration she choose this school, how does she keep her hair nice and shiny, etc, etc. of girly stuff as I can hear the mumbling of guys near me of saying; Her hourglass figure is so refined, I wanna get a tittyfuck while she sucks me off, I wonder what her pussy feels like when I ravage her semi-small body, etc, etc. of being horny and lustful towards Ravel’s erotic body… Then it hit me for getting Ravel a bit easily…

- Lunch Time -

Ravel was about to enjoy her meal as the school song started to play as Sona was on the mic

Sona: “W~Would a Ravel Phenex please come to my office, would a R~Ravel Phenex pl~please cu~cum to my office”

She said as the announcer music played for a few moments as Ravel sighs and does as she is instructed, but from Sona’s perspective she’s holding the desk with a very pleased face as I hold her plump ass in my hands while assaulting her precious high class devil pussy and womb

Sona: Th~There I~I said it Dusk~kun, n~now give me your reward as promised~~!!

Dusk: I guess it can’t be helped now?!

I said cumming inside of Sona’s president womb as she gives a naughty moan and rests a bit on the microphone area from me having sex with her for a good hour

Dusk: Few~~ you satisfied with that amount Sona?

Sona: N~Not until I get another 3 helpings your not getting out of here

I leaned towards her right ear as I grope her surprising plump ass in my hands

Dusk: Feeling jealous by chance that I’m gonna go and train a new girl into my harem of sexy slaves?

Sona: O~Of course not, now hurry up and put that thick cock of yours back inside my pussy so I can wring you out some mmm~ More Dusk~sama

Dusk: I guess it can’t be helped can it?!

- 10 Minutes Later -

I gave Sona a ravaging banging that I came pretty quickly 5 times inside of her of how Sona’s pussy folds were dying to milk me dry as I left her on the chair with a blissful face naked as her legs were spread on the arm rests of the chair as my cum leaks from her pussy like crazy…but it’s time to make another blonde girl to my harem and wonder how well her sexual training will be when I’m done with her

- In the Student Council Room/Sona’s Office -

I arrived at Sona’s office to open the door as I see Ravel having some tea from Tsubaki as she nicely bowed and left the room and I sat on the opposite side of the couch in front of her as she sips tea in a pampered manner

Ravel: H-Hello, my name is Ravel Phenex… is there something wrong I did by chance for my summon to be here…umm…?

Dusk: My name is Dusk, Dusk Tarragon, I am the secretary of the Student Council and I just wanted to ask a few questions is all of that’s okay with you Ravel

Ravel: Sure, I don’t mind

She says drinking more and more of the tea, as I did ask Tsubaki to put either a sleeping pill or aphrodisiac in her cup of tea as I am quite curious to see this development as I know right now she’s masterbating to a life size dildo inside her pussy from the beginning of the day as she’s not wearing any panties either which would be doubly interesting if anyone found out she was this kind of pervert…but more on that subject later

- A good 5 minutes passed for questions -

As Ravel finished her tea I noticed that her eyes were getting a bit droopy as I can now tell that she had drinks the sleeping pill and I just continued to ask Ravel some more questions till she was out like a light

Dusk: Okay…final question Ravel

Ravel: …Mmm…o…okay…?

She gives a cute yawn

Dusk: Have you ever found a lover by chance?

Ravel: …! A-A lover…?

Dusk: Everyone around the school secretly has love for someone…don’t you…?

Ravel: Mmm…I’m not…quite sure really…I did… *Another cute yawn* …just get here…

Dusk: Then you wouldn’t mind if I asked you out right?

Ravel: Well…I really…do…n’t…k…no…w…

She tilted her head down as she’d arms rested beside her as I can see her very cute sleeping face a bit as I come sit next to her and kindly lift her head up to see her softly breathing, then it just hit me as I quickly written in the note for this current situation

“I can use hypnosis even if the target is asleep only I have to call their name out and the remaining effects of hypnotism is applied” as I wanted to do this for a very long time with my girls…but Ravel is the perfect girl to be tested on, so I kindly go to her right ear and whisper

Dusk: “Ravel…Phenex…can you hear me…?”

It took a moment as it hits Ravel as her eyes opened half dazed under my control

Ravel: …y…yes Dusk…

I see it worked as I rub her head

Dusk: Don’t worry Ravel…this is a dream your in and you like to hear my voice of reasoning

Ravel: …A…dream…? As…your a voice of rea…soning…?

Dusk: That’s right Ravel, it’s just a dream as I am a voice of your reasoning, with me feeling your breasts is apart of the dream you often fantasize when alone don’t you?

I said fondling her very hand filling right breast in my hand as I get her to cutely moan from me being this forward

Ravel: Y…yea…I do fantasize…a bit…

Dusk: You even fantasize about serving me, Dusk Tarragon, your “senpai” you just met…right Ravel?

Ravel: …I wanna…serve Dusk-senpai…?

Dusk: That’s right Ravel, now repeat 10 times nice and slowly to remember this

It takes Ravel a moment to think as she says “I…wanna serve…Dusk…senpai…it’s one of…my fantasizes…” 10 times with each one being more meaningful as I just tease her nipples to hardness underneath her clothes as I have a full erection in my pants ready to train Ravel all day if I have too

Dusk: Good…now, doesn’t it feel warm in those clothes by chance?

I said as Ravel felt her body warm a bit

Ravel: …I…It kind of…is…

Dusk: The next step is to strip, it’s fine since it’s a dream to not feel ashamed of being naked in your dreams Ravel

Ravel: …Remove clothes…no shame…in dreams…y…your right…Dusk…senpai

I see Ravel giving me a show as she removes her sweater to be tossed on the couch, unbuttoning her top till her cute pink frilly bra can be seen as she tossed her shirt to, undoes her skirt to fall to step forward for me to see her very smooth skin as the show isn’t over

Ravel then unclipped her bra to let it fall to the ground as she places both her hands on her panties as she leaned forward and slowly unveiled her blonde smooth slit of a pussy along with her showing me her soon to be sexy ass being smacked by my cock as she stands straight up to let her panties fall as well and came towards me showing her Double D cup breasts before me bouncing and nicely dangling about, plus I do see her having a small stream of love juices going down her legs

Dusk: Good Ravel…

I said rubbing her head as she gives a hypnotized warm smile

Dusk: …Now help me strip as I can’t take my clothes off cause they are tired, would help your Senpai out with this favor Ravel?

Ravel: Of course…Dusk…senpai

She lets her breasts rest on my chest as she takes my shirt off all the way, then unbuckled my belt to take my pants off as she kindly knees before my pulsing boxers, she then is glued at seeing this sight as she takes it off and smells the strong lust hitting her virgin nose as I see her face go a nice shade of blush red for her seeing my fully erect 10 inch cock in her dazed eyes as I can feel her softly warm breath hitting against my girthy cock

Ravel: It’s…smelly…big…pulsing…long…thing before me…

Judging her reaction, I was right on the money for her to be a virgin as I go to rub her head some more while bringing my cock very close to her nose from her kneeling before me

Dusk: It’s called a “cock” Ravel, you wanna “service” senpai’s cock every single day like you imagined the shape and size of it right?

Ravel: Pleasure…senpai’s cock…every day…just how I imagined it…

I continued to rub her head

Dusk: That’s right Ravel, you can touch it as long as you want as well as have a taste for it to get accustomed to the flavor

Ravel: I wanna…touch and…lick it…

She said as I felt her very soft hands on the tip and end of my cock as I felt her hands going up and down in reverse unison that felt pretty different as I can see her lust filled eyes wanting to service me more and more as well as me seeing her sexy plump ass shaking about with her dripping every so often her love juices on the floor

Dusk: Ooo~~ I bet Dusk-senpai will love your handjob skills Ravel

Ravel: You…think so?

Dusk: That’s right, he will even love it more if you suck his cock

Ravel: I wonder…

I see her open her mouth willingly with her tongue hanging out a bit as she kindly slurps my cock inside her hot mouth-pussy as I can see her having heart shaped pupils while squinting from just sucking on my cock alone, so I rub her head for doing a good job

Dusk: That’s it Ravel, now bob your head back and forth while looking in my eyes for me

I see Ravel obediently listen to me as I can feel her wet and warm mouth-pussy going at a decent pace in my cock that I see her giving me her heart eyes while sucking my cock, man this kind of pleasure is irresistible that if you didn’t think straight, she could milk you 3 times over with her mouth alone

Dusk: Mm~~~ Good, good Ravel, you made Dusk’s cock nice and wet with your performance, now lay on the table on your stomach, open your pussy with your fingers and say “Please Dusk-senpai, use this naughty Phenex’s premium virgin princess pussy for your above average sized human cock”

I said as I see Ravel was still sucking me off as I almost busted a nut inside her mouth, only she stopped for a split second to do as she was instructed to by facing the table, laying on it and spreading her bare pussylips for me in full glory

Ravel: Pl…please Dusk…senpai, use this naughty Ph…Phenex’s premium v…vi…virgin princess pu…pussy for your above average sized human c…co…ock please

I walked towards her and rubbed the entrance of her dripping wet pussy and just feel the entrance is pretty hot for the tip of my cock along side her soft naughty moans from me rubbing her Princess pussy

So I hold her ass as Ravel gives another moan out as I rubbed the tip against her pussylips for being a little impatient, then I slowly thrust my cock inside her little hot love tunnel as I don’t stop

Even when I feel her hymen which I broke already as the tip of my cock was kissing her Royal womb in one go as I can see she hasn’t taken in all of my girthy cock like Koneko-chan’s pussy as they both taken 8 inches, but are both tight with different sensations in how wrapped their pussy walls are against my cock

Ravel: I…it’s so tight…and hurts a bit…

She said as I can see her royal hymen blood leaking a bit as I placed my hand on her head to rub with

Dusk: Don’t worry Ravel, the pain will subside in time as the pleasure you will receive is times 3

She doesn’t get it at first but after I thrusted my cock in and out of her virgin-ish pussy she started to feel pleasure as the pain would slowly subside as I had mentioned it, which is where her erotic moans started to come out more and more from me either churning my cock to hit her sweet spots or my cock kissing her womb multiple times

Ravel: Ahh~~ my pussy…pussy feels so…good!!! More…! I want…want more Dusk-senpai!!

Dusk: Mmm~~~ such a perverted princess!

Ravel: Yes…I’m a perverted princess…that loves Dusk…senpai’s cock <3

From me hearing that I can feel her pussy folds tighten around my cock as this warm and tight sensation is irresistible to not make for myself to use. So I hold her waist and thrust my cock faster then before inside of Ravel’s naughty Phenex pussy as every time I strike her womb, she will moan, every time I would churn my cock while thrusting, her pussy walls would convulse in a pleasant sensation

30 minutes have passed and I’m giving Ravel’s matured pussy a good lesson in fucking as I think her untouched womb will love the reward I have set up for her right now

Dusk: Ahh~~ That’s it Ravel, always be sure to clench your pussy to pleasure Dusk-senpai’s cock to the fullest

Ravel: Ha~Hai Dusk…senpai…I will…do mmm~ My best~<3!

I feel her hot pussy walls having a firm grip on my cock as I finally cum deep inside her princess womb with Ravel giving a lewd moaning orgasm as she rests ever so diligently on the desk, however I flipped her over to her back as I cup her hands and started to thrust deep in front of her as I felt her legs locking tight on my waist with her heart shaped pupils before me

Dusk: Mmm~~ how does my cock feel in the missionary pose this time Ravel?

Ravel: Ahhh~ it feel so good Dusk-senpai~<3 more~ give me more please~!!

Dusk: Who knew you were this much of a perverted princess in heat

Ravel: Mmm~!! That’s right…I’m a perverted princess…in heat for Dusk-senpai’s premium cum in my royal…womb~!!

She said as I continuously thrust inside of her womb and tight pussy folds watching her have a very ahegao face along with her legs locked on the back of my waist to make sure I don’t cum outside of her pussy

Ravel: Mmm~~ I wanna make you feel good Dusk-senpai, please cum as much as you’d like inside of me Dusk-senpai!

She saying out loud thinking this is a dream, but really isn’t as I am giving her the ride of her life

Dusk: Don’t worry Ravel, Dusk-senpai will give you as much cum as he can, just remember that this is training to help pleasure him when you wake up, okay Ravel?

Ravel: Yes, I understand Dusk-senpai!! Mmm!! I-I’m cumming!!!

Continued to perfectly mold Ravel’s pussy for my cocks length as well as stealing her first kiss while I’m at it, Ravel moaning while kissing me as her legs locked on my waist tightly along with her pussyfolds is just dying to receive her precious reward again and again. As I was thrusting my cock to the up most speed, I couldn’t help but think…

“I can tell Ravel prides herself very heavily from how obedient her body and her mind is to receiving pleasure…ahh I can’t think straight either from her hot and clenching pussy- I’m cumming”

I was thinking while dumping a thick load inside her womb again along with Ravel moaning with her eyes rolled back from how much pleasure she been receiving. I then pulled out of her clenching pussy and give Ravel a nice little milk shower to her breasts, stomach and a bit on your leaking pussy

Dusk: How did it feel to train like this Ravel?

Ravel: I…It felt so good…I want more…Dusk-senpai <3

Dusk: Don’t worry, you will, but it’s almost time to wake up to clean yourself and put your clothes on, Okay?

Ravel: I…understand…Dusk-senpai

Even I realized that I plowed Ravel from lunch time till the end of school as Ravel refreshed her body with the Student Council personal bathroom, came out nice and clean to put her uniform back on as well as sit on the couch

Dusk: Now remember, this is all a dream as none of it is real, but when you wake up your heart will skip a beat once looking at Dusk as you will fantasize of your dream more and more as you will come everyday to the Student Council room so we can talk in private, sounds reasonable?

Ravel: Yes…Very…

By “talking in private” I definitely mean having a lot of sex training with hypnotized Ravel to mold her body just the way I like it, so I snapped my finger to let her awake from her sleeping-hypnotized state, to which her eyes lit up as I was sitting in the chair as it took her a moment to process to think as her heart did skip a beat just as planned

Dusk: You Okay Ravel? You passed out when we were talking as it’s the end of the day now

“Acting innocent” even though I was the cause of her sleeping

Ravel: 0////////0 Y-Yes I am- s-Sorry I need head home Dusk-s-senpai >////////<

She said bolting out of the room as I enjoyed her very innocent nature…now it’s time to enjoy this sex filled life some more

- Tuesday Morning -

As the suggestion I gave her, she came to the office first thing in the morning as I written in the journal “Ravel and Dusk will be absent this entire week as they will retain full credit for school reasons” so I can have Ravel for myself for all week

So I give Ravel her sleeping tea again as she passed out like a light and I helped her wake up in a trance as she looked very happy by taking her clothes off and mine to immediately give me head on her knees

Dusk: Mmm~~ Someone’s rather excited today Ravel, were you dreaming of sucking off Dusk-senpai’s cock again?

Ravel: Mm~Hmm bwcause ish sho tashty while fingering myshelf squatting Dwusk-senpai Mmm~~ sho gwood

( T: Mm~Hmm because it’s so tasty while fingering myself squatting Dusk-senpai Mmm~ so good )

Dusk: Mmm~~ Glad to hear that Ravel, now let me see those pretty eyes of yours as your serving my cock

I said as I see Ravel’s heart filled eyes from her sucking on half of my cock to roll her tongue on the tip as she holds my cock so she can lick the side of my girthy cock as her right hand fingers her leaking pussy

Dusk: Ahhh~~ good girl, now get on the bed with your little plump ass in the air for me

I said as I see her sweetly and lustfully slurping on the tip to drink my pre-cum a lot as she listened to my order by laying down and letting her dripping love juices leak from her pussy

Ravel: <3 Mm~~ Come on Dusk-senpai <3 I want you to ravage my princess pussy again with your thick meat rod that I got nice and hard from me giving you blowjobs <3

She said shaking her ass tempting me to fall to in heat nature…which I do take the bait by holding her waist and rubbing her wet entrance for a moment with my cock

Dusk: Such a naughty girl like you…

I then slammed my cock to the base of her pussy

Dusk: …Should be trained by my cock!!

Ravel: Ahh~ Dusk-senpai’s raw cock is inside my pussy again

I am dominate behind her slamming my cock in and out of her clenching pussy folds along with seeing and feeling her sexy ass being smacked every time I go balls deep, Ravel loves it when I thrust my cock in her royal pussy striking her g-spot or giving her some womb-penetration; either way Ravel is very much enjoying her “dream” at the moment

Ravel: Mmm~~~ More Dusk-senpai, I want you to give me more!! Make my insides sticky with your cum please!!

I hoisted Ravel up by holding her nicely shaped breasts in my hands, as she used her hands on my arms for support from me womb striking her in Ravel’s current position

Ravel: Ahhh~~ <3 I love it when you hit my womb like this Dusk-senpai, more!! I want to feel more of you right now

I can tell that Ravel has fallen to a horny slutty princess in just two days and can’t wait to see her act like this when she’s “fully” awake to pleasure me, so I brought her to the missionary pose as I don’t give her convulsing pussy and clamping womb on my cock any time to rest from my full on assault

Ravel: Mmm~~ That’s it Dusk-senpai, I can Mmm~ feel your cock pulsing a lot, it’s okay, give me your thick cum inside my royal pussy, I want you to make my inner folds with your thick and juicy human cum. Mmm~~~ don’t hold back please!!!

I leaned forward to kiss her naughty mouth as the thrusting action against her tight pussy folds and clenching womb are desperately trying to milk my cum out as I will give her what she wants, I then noticed she crossed her legs to make sure I wouldn’t cum outside of her pussy and only deep inside her womb. I didn’t deny her request as I cum straight inside her womb while kissing her as her lewd moans escaped her lips along with her orgasming rather fast from my assaults, to which I pulled out to mark her lewd and elegant body in my cum

Dusk: Don’t worry Ravel…the fun is just about to begin

- Wednesday-Friday Morning -

After yesterday’s event, I kept Ravel on school grounds for the entire weekend as I got to train her lewd body in private for all of that time

Having her wear a sexy red see-through nightgown with sexy black underwear underneath for nights like this when it’s dark out for lovers full on kinky sex night

Next was having Ravel wear wear sling white bikini barely containing her breasts as her stiff nipples can be perfectly seen though them, however we were near the school pool while she was covering her mouth to not only let her moans escape, but using my cock to thrust in and out of her pussy when the girls/guys were changing for that entire class

Then me and Ravel were fully naked in one of the lockers for the entire day in the middle of class as I made it so sound out of this locker wouldn’t be heard as Ravel made the naughtiest moans that would give guys boners along with her petite body being molded in how I like it now

Next I would have Ravel wear a skimpy succubus outfit barely covering her cleavage as I can’t help but take her bra off and suck on her stiff nipples to my liking or for me to enjoy the erotic view while giving her a dominant missionary position while kissing a lot

Then there would be her wearing a nice frilly bikini for her petite and erotic figure to wear as we are in the middle of class as I ravaged her pussy while she kisses me deeply as I have to thank the journal to make “us not be noticed during swimming class for the day” as we were just having sex like animals in heat in front of the whole class

Then she was giving me a nice tittyfuck and blowjob combo in her witch attire with a ripped bra for her to cup her hands to massage my girthy cock up and down my shaft, her wearing black stringed panties that are ready damp with lust, not only was this pleasurable for me to watch, but this was during lunch in the middle of a classroom as everyone was enjoying there lunch, but Ravel was enjoying her meal a lot with her heart pupils in her eyes

God I wanna make Ravel mine right now from how pleasurable her body can be for multiple reasons…hmm…this gives me a idea…

 - End of Part 1 -





Hey~ Guys hoped your liked this chapter as I will be making this a "Two-Part" I would like to hear your feedback about this and the upcoming chapter, I am not quite sure why there was a "14 chapter limit" so I will link the "Season 2" chapter of this series I will linkthat series below. Also I am busy with life so making chapters now is a bit of a challenge...epsicially when I come back every now and then to see someone spam "continue/next chapter/update" and seeing that doesn't give me enough encouragement to make the chapter's come out sooner, so...every time I see anyone do this, I will delay it, just giving the head's up... I don't like to be pressured to do something I am not in the mood to finish when I am writing these up, I hope you all understand and until the next chapter, peace

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