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As I have finally conquered the naughty yet cute Nekomata, Koneko Toujou, I was planning on using my hypnotized harem to make Rias agree to my terms with what will happen next for my final phase of my plan to be enacted…… however there was a small dent in delay in that plan to happen as I was currently making love with Koneko-chan……

- Saturday Morning -

You deliberately hear erotic “Nya’s” mixed with very wet gushing sounds outside my room

Dusk: Mmm~~ ever since we first had sex Koneko-chan you haven’t been able to stop your naughty hips or mouth from having a good taste of my girthy cock for the last week

I was sitting up but Koneko-chan was giving me a reverse cowgirl poses with her moving her tight and nicely wet pussy all on her own

Koneko: Mmm~~ I can’t help it, my body reacts this way when I think about Senpai’s cock going to ravage my Loli Nekomata pussy every time Nya~ plus I always wanna have senpai’s fresh milk in my womb every time in the morning Nyaa~~

I moan from Koneko-chan thrusting her naughty lips hips up and down my girthy cock as I can tell that her pussies tightness isn’t going to be away forever as it seems that because of her Nekomata side she will retain her current tightness for a long time

Dusk: Ahhh~ Koneko-chan’s tight pussy is out of this world

Koneko: Nyaa~~ so is senpai’s thick cock ravaging my loli pussy!

Is what you can hear outside my room as I ended up toppling on top of Koneko-chan’s small body by thrusting from behind like a animal

Koneko: Mmm~~ Senpai’s cock from behind feels so good I can feel my pussy and womb being constantly pleasured and ravaged Nyaa~Nya~Nya~Nyaaa~!!

I enjoy thrusting behind Koneko-chan as not only do I get access to hammering her from behind like a Alpha male, but my balls smacking her marshmallow ass every time

Dusk: Mmm~~ I can’t much longer Koneko-chan

Koneko: Mmm~~ Senpai you so impatient when I’m enjoying your thrusting cock, mmm~~nya but it can’t be helped, take me from the front Senpai

I immediately turned her on her back, I locked lips with her, cup her delicate hands down, thrust my cock all the way inside her tight womb for my cum’s exclusive use and her strong legs locking on my waist so she can let my cock run wild deep inside her reformed pussy-womb

Dusk: Mmm~~ is your loli pussy for Senpai’s thick and creamy milk? Cause you’ve been building up for the past hour, Koneko-chan?

Koneko: Hai!! I want it badly, pwease give it to me Senpai!! Give this naughty in heat Nekomata your thick and creamy milk!!

I locked lips with Koneko-chan as my thrusts inside of her clamping pussy and snug womb was doing it’s best to milk me dry as I was reaching my limit as I know Koneko-chan is at her limit as well, plus I have a feeling that Koneko-chan is being a bit more forward then the other ladies that I’ve had sex with, not that I mind, but to hear her cute and lewd moans with her Nya’ing is really hot to listen to

While I was thinking a bit, I ended up cumming deep inside Koneko-chan’s womb without mercy as she was filled to the brim still not showing a bulge of my cum from how much sex we’ve had for the past week straight

Koneko: Mmm~~ Senpai’s warm mwilk is so tasty…Nya…

She said taking a small little nap as I couldn’t blame her as we’ve been really intimate about us knowing about pleasure or knowing new ways for sex or to let Koneko-chan’s womb to get familiar with my thick seed going to fertilize her womb in the near future, but I was a bit smelly so I head into the shower immediately to clean myself off from the intense sex session I’ve had with Koneko-chan and my other naughty girls in my harem…

However as I was enjoying my shower I didn’t hear the magic circle being formed from behind cause of the water and me scrubbing my head, but I did hear clothes being dropped from behind me as the wet foot steps came closer to me as I felt a hug, soft skin and large breasts on my back that my semi-tired cock went to full strength thinking this par of breasts were Akeno’s, but when I turned around, I saw a black haired female with similar eyes like Koneko-chan, yes it was Kuroka that was behind me, even though I didn’t know her name quite yet

Dusk: W-Who are you and how did you get into my house… umm…?

Kuroka: My name is Kuroka Nya~ I was looking for my cute little Shirone at school, but I couldn’t find her so I did some research and here I am teasing her mate just a bit

Dusk: S-Shirone?! Are you by chance referencing to Koneko-chan?

Kuroka: Hai~ that’s my cute little Shirone for you Nya~

I couldn’t believe that Koneko-chan had a older sister with a bombshell body, from just the small glimpse I can see her breasts could rival Akeno’s melons as her soft and smooth skin can rival Asia’s, Irina’s or Xenovia’s, as well as her naughty twin tails swaying about as I can feel Kuroka’s soft palms rubbing my chest and waist so she could feel my nicely bulky build I’ve had from training with the girls for the past 4-5 months now

Kuroka: Mm~~ you have some strong muscles for a human as well as your cock being a little above average in length and girthiness, I bet you make all the girls cum from just thrusting this lewd behemoth inside there wombs

I moan a bit as I can feel Kuroka’s soft hands jerking my cock off while commentating about being accurate in me hammering girls to cum almost immediately from my cocks size and length alone

Dusk: Ahh~~ did you wanna have a taste of this cock that conquered your sisters tightest Nekonata pussy, Kuroka?

Kuroka stopped her hand jerking leaving my throbbing cock in this current state of wanting more

Kuroka: Nyaa~ sorry, as much as your cock is tempting to taste and probably mate with, you don’t have any dragon seeds that my untouched pussy really desires to bare

I was a little disappointed in her reply, but since she’s here let me “persuade” her to change her mind about giving me a try as I snapped my fingers as I see Kuroka’s amber eyes slow looking a bit empty as I turned around to see her natural curves up close and personal

With her mind now very obedient right now to my orders, I see her pretty smooth slit hasn’t been touched other then her masterbating I’m assuming, her nicely shaped ass which feels quite nice to rub or firmly grasp in your hands, her large heavy marshmallow breasts are also nice to fondle as my hands sink in and I can feel her nipples getting hard; what a pervert for getting erect nipples while moaning softly from a strangers touch. Now that I’ve had a feel of her body so far, it’s time to give her orders

Dusk: Alright Kuroka, kneel for me please

Kuroka: …Hai…

She does so obediently as I nicely place my 10 inch cock before her eyes as I am very aware that Nekomata’s sense of smell is very sensitive to erotic scents. As I can see Kuroka slowly inhaling my cocks scent I can see her face is getting a bit red while I hear her pussy dripping a bit from wanting cock badly

Dusk: Kuroka, the cock you are smelling is going to be one out a million cocks that is going to pleasure your erotic body as this cock is also a good substitute for your dragon seed needs is what you information has told you remember?

I lied a bit from my cock having a substitute to dragon seeds or being 1 in a million, but it’s not like she’s going to know after her reformed mind is complete

Kuroka: …Right…your cock is one in a million for a human to… natural have dragon seeds…inside of him…I wanna have those seeds for my needs…

I rubbed her head for taking that well

Dusk: Good girl, now here’s something important for you to know once your conscious…

1. I would like you to stand up for me thinking of mating right now to be on your mind as you wish to have a taste of my cock before you leave

2. Being in the presence of a human cock near your body will make your body twice as sensitive to pleasure, however if human cock goes inside your pussy your body will be 3 times sensitive to pleasure

3. Your mouth and womb will crave my cum to coat your inner folds the most including your stomach and womb wanting a nice thick shot of my human cum

4. When your body has experienced sex for the first time, you mind will think of mating, obedience and pleasure 24/7 of the time

5. Over time of us having intimate sex, you will deem me worthy as your mate for life as your womb will be used for my exclusive use only

6. If you cum more then 10 times from my human being cock alone, you will give me permission to dominate your body and mark your body for only me to use for sexual relief or mating purposes

I instructed her as she kindly repeated as no matter what she will do next, her fate is sealed by my cock one way or another, so I clap my hands and see Kuroka’s vacant eyes light up with her coming to her senses

Kuroka: Welp, since I feel a bit generous, I’m gonna let you feel what my mouth feels like before I leave Dusk

She said by kneeling towards my cock as she noticed her body was sensitive from just being so close to my cock including the cum scent my cock is giving out, her smelling my cock actually gave her a small little orgasm she didn’t notice as her mind now wants to taste my cock even more then before

To which she kissed the tip of my cock and I felt her lips slowly engulfing my cock as I can feel her tongue rolling on my cock, Kuroka’s mouth-pussy wasn’t as tight as Koneko’s, but the sensation and warmth was just enough with her soft tongue licking my shaft as my cock was already down here throat

I can tell from Kuroka’s semi-teary expression that my cock’s flavor is out of this world as she begins to bob her head to suck me off at her own slow pace. Her mind is fixed on pleasure and lust that no girl can think straight with this hypnotic combo, as go to play with her Neko breasts as they were just as soft as I last touched them as I can hear and feel Kuroka’s moans as she sucks a bit harder while bobbing her head

After a good 30 minutes of her giving me a blowjob, I helped her cup her breasts so she can give me her first tittyfuck-blowjob combo as I put my hips into this erotic sight of Kuroka’s eyes full of bliss and wanting to drink my fresh cum down her throat

As Kuroka helps build up my lust to the limit, I let her throat-pussy have a nice taste of my cum, I pulled slightly to cum in her mouth and I pulled out to cum all over her face and lovely breasts

Dusk: Mmm~~ good, now let me see your mouth wide open Kuroka

Kuroka opens her mouth full of my fresh cum

Dusk: Good, now swirl your tongue around the flavor so you don’t forget it’s taste then after a good minute drink it and open your mouth again for me Kuroka

Kuroka swirls her tongue around while slushing my cum inside her closed mouth with her blush like appearance of doing as I had requested, she then goes for a very loud gulp of drinking my cum, Kuroka looks back at me again with her blush look as she opened her naughty mouth and hanging tongue out to show me her progress

Kuroka: H-How was that Dusk? Did I do it correctly to your instructions…?

I rubbed her head and then her chin for her good work so far

Dusk: You performed pretty good Kuroka, but now it’s time for the main course

I said giving Kuroka a hand up, she took my hand as she came a little from how sensitive her body is to simple touches like this, as well as me fingering her damp pussy folds for only a moment

Dusk: Seems like your ready for some sex Kuroka

Kuroka: Mmm~~ not my fault your flipped my switch with your cock alone Dusk

I let Kuroka put her hands on my shoulders as I hoist her up by holding her marshmallow ass in the air as my cock was teasing Kuroka’s pussylips like no tomorrow

Dusk: Well Kuroka? Don’t you have something you wanna say?

Kuroka let’s out cute and erotic moans from me rubbing her damp pussylips for a good 10 minutes straight just to make her cave to being my next fallen girl in my harem

Kuroka: Mmm~Nyaa~~ your girthy cock is rubbing against my pussy a lot Nya~~

Dusk: Uh~Huh~ so what do you want me to do with this thick cock I have with your pussy Kuroka?

Kuroka: Mmm~~ Wh~What I want is~!!

A small squirt could be heard

Dusk: “What you want is”?

Heavy erotic panting from Kuroka

Kuroka: Mmm!! I want Dusk’s girthy and strong cock to ravage this mint condition neko pussy of mine!!! I said it now give me your cock already Dusk!!

I thrust my cock deep inside of Kuroka’s tight, wet and smooth pussy folds I can see her clear as day ahegao face as her pussy was convulsing quite a lot as I can see her nipples are nice and hard for me to play with… but later as I give Kuroka a wake up call by playfully spanking her plump marshmallow ass

Kuroka: Mm~ sorry, your cock feels so gwood Dusk~!

She said as I hungrily kiss her lips and show her slow reforming pussy fitting to my mold. Kuroka kisses me back as I can feel her bucking her hips to match my thrusts as our kissing and sexing was quite in sync as well as rhythm that Kuroka’s Nekomata pussy will be a fine edition for me to cum inside of just like her sister Koneko-chan

From the comparisons of both their pussies, Koneko-Chan was wet and tight for her pussy, however Kuroka’s pussy can take my whole cock in one go; excluding her short pussy. Even still I stretched Kuroka’s pussy folds to my mold large behemoths size

After a good 30 minutes of sex filled indulgence of not giving up, I slammed Kuroka on my cock as the tip penetrated her womb as she felt my fresh cum seeping inside of her womb all at once

Kuroka: Mmmm~~ D~Dwushk tasty mwilk is inside my womb~~~!!

I obviously churn Kuroka’s pussy a bit to make sure I get all the cum deep inside her womb at best

Dusk: Mmm~~ that’s right Kuroka, enjoy your naughty reward you helped milked out for a good half n hour

Kuroka came a few times from me churning her pussy ever so slightly as she rests her head on my shoulder while I massage her plump ass, walking towards the door that is slightly open, then used my foot to gently open it to see Koneko-chan in the middle of masterbating from seeing me and Kuroka getting to know each other…on a intimate level

Koneko: I-I can explain s-Senpai (^0/////////0^)

Dusk: Even if you do, it’s time for both girls to be punished for being so naughty or watching from a far

I said as Koneko-chan stripped down following me and Kuroka to the bed as I set up the camera’s for multiple different angles as well as me giving them a “Stamina” drug, to which they were surprised and took it without a second thought. However, what they didn’t realize is that I wrote in the journal to just test it out is “when the Nekomata sisters consume a stamina drug, their breasts will temporarily produce milk for x amount of time” so it’s going to be interesting to know what their soon to be motherly breasts milk will taste like for future reference







Hey~ guys hope you liked this 1st part of this 3-parter short for Koneko and Kuroka, I'd like to hear your feedback from all 3 parts, if not what you'd like about this chapter, by the way the next chapter will be coming up very soon right after this one, until then, peace…

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