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After conquering the whole female student body council and handing them to Saji to pleasure himself with as his own woman. I was glad to take their first times before anyone else, except for Momo but that was to test his will. My little project was a massive success in brainwashing Saji as my loyal-horny-puppet for future research. However, the next morning I see my naked harem on top of me. Akeno was on my right arm, while Asia cutely snuggled into my left arm, Xenovia was in the middle on top of me as I can feel her soft and bountiful body on top of me, Sona and Tsubaki near my legs as I couldn’t help but have a raging boner and morning wood from seeing a 5 times sexy sight of beauties… only if I could get up to enjoy it even more since I could was currently bound down from these sexy ladies…

- Early Saturday Morning -

Dusk: Mmm… To be honest I wouldn’t mind using their soft breasts to rub one good morning wood for their faces… but this is a little hard to accomplish since I don’t want to disrupt their sleep or harm their luscious bodies…

Asia: ~.~ Mmm!! Ahh~~~ Gooo morning Dusk~san~

Dusk: Ahh!! Asia I would like you to help me get them off of me plea~mmm!!!

I didn’t expect Asia to start to give me a innocent kiss with her using her tongue to swirl around my tongue which felt soft to the taste as she held my head and of course Sona and Xenovia wake up to hear me make out with Asia as well as seeing/feeling my morning wood standing up right

Xenovia: Mmm!!! Give me some kisses Baka-Dusk!!

She said as she took my face away from Asia’s to lewdly swirl her tongue with mine which felt like a little dance as well as having her soft and smooth body rubbing against mine as her body would move like a snake, but ever so slightly

Sona: Mmm… I-I am just going to help you out i-is all

She said as she jerked off my cock with her smooth hands from the tip of my cock all the way to the base with one hand, as her other hand either plays with her hard nipples or her moist pussy while she sniffs my morning wood scent. I couldn’t believe that I was making out with Xenovia and Asia at the same time as I was really surprised that Tsubaki and Akeno are still asleep though all of this-

Akeno: Ara~ you are such a naughty boy and you deserve to have a little punishment Ufufufufu~

Dusk: W-Wait Akeno I-It’s not what you thin-Mmm!!

Akeno holds my head as she slowly went to give me a loving kiss which I could hear her moan out as her tongue slowly slides into my mouth as she played with the tip of mine till our tongues started to swirl about in a trance as this was just too hot to not calm down from honestly

Asia: Mmm!! I-I wanna make out with D-Dusk-san too!!

Xenovia: O-Oi!! Don’t take a jump on kissing him without me!!

Akeno: Ara~ then let’s see who can make him feel good with out mouths then Ufufufufu~

After those three looked at me I got to have a 4some kissing with only tongue so far which I can feel there different sensations as I got to suckle on the tip of the tongues individually or in unison, but while I was making out with the girls I felt my thick 10 inch member being sucked on my Sona with her hot and tight mouth-pussy as she was muffling from having the taste of her master’s cock in her mouth while she plays with her nipples and pussy a little more aggressively

- This continued for another 30 minutes till Sona’s throat was full of my cum and the ladies making out with me came from only being kissed of their tongues being suckled on -

Sona, Asia, Akeno and Xenovia: Mmm!! T-That felt so goood!!!


Dusk: T-Tsubaki…?

Tsubaki:…I want one…

Dusk: Huh…?

Tsubaki:…I want…I want to have your seed Dusk-sama…


Other girls:……Eh…?!

Tsubaki: I-Is that a no…?

Dusk: W-Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!!! W-Why all of a sudden?!

Sona: I-Is it because of morning sickness?!

Xenovia: You feeling like you might need to have something to eat by chance?

Asia: I-Is it something that I can help with?!

Akeno: Could it be that you jealous~?

Tsubaki:…W-What Akeno-san said…

Dusk: W-Why are you jealous for…?

Tsubaki: F-For having sex with the others of course, cause…

She talks while I was hammering or giving soft core sex with each individual girl that I have had sex with or girls that have given me oral sex in a flashback

Tsubaki: Y-Your having sex on the roof with Xenovia during lunch, cleaning Asia’s body while suckling on her breasts or tiny pussy before you have sex with her, then you have some S&M time with Akeno as she’s the “M” with a blindfold on and having intimate idol sex with Serafall-sama from time to time or the time you were helping Sona with her “duties” on the desk for the 5th tim-

Sona: O-Okay we get it!! Y-You don’t have to go any further

Akeno: Ara~ Ara~ seems like you were a horny girl for watching all of us getting or wombs filled up or our bodies covered in our honey’s fresh milk

Asia: I-It was because we were dirty a-at the time T-Tsubaki-senpai >///////<

Xenovia: I wouldn’t have minded if you were to have observed us and joined in Tsubaki

Well I rarely get the chance to do it with Serafall, I wanted to get a bit kinky with Akeno, Sona was kinda asking for it when she was swaying her ass nonchalant at the time, with Asia we did get dirty… but I couldn’t help from how cute she was while I caved to temptation of “cleaning her up” from getting wet- Wait… That didn’t sound right coming from Xenovia… hmm…

Dusk: A-Anyways…

Tsubaki: You rarely get to have sex with me, so let me have your child

I think about it for a little bit, but I wanted to test the pregnancy pill that has been modified from the journal to see if I can knock up a full fledge devil like her, since I am not aware of Raynare being pregnant since the other day with the pill I have given her with horny Saji. Plus there’s no real down side of plopping a baby in her if she’s begging like a horny slut in lust

Dusk: Alrght, we will have sex all day, but the other ladies will have to leave please cause I don’t want any distractions when me and Tsubaki start to mate, okay?

Xenovia: Mmm~~!

*She said with a cute pout*

Xenovia: Fine, But you better make it up to me later

Asia: I-I understand, Dusk-san

Sona: Y-You better take responsibility if she has your child D-Dusk-kun

Akeno: Ara~ Ara~ I wish I could see it, but I will have to listen for now

Dusk: A-Akeno?!?!?! @//////@

Akeno: Ufufufufu~ I’m kidding of course

She said with her naughty lewd face while she licks her lips. After that the ladies, except Tsubaki, got up to put some robes on to either shower or have something to eat

- About 5 minutes later -

I had let Tsubaki calm down and let her have the pregnancy pill to let her become 100% breed-able, but she doesn’t quite know that yet. However she still takes the pill and drinks some water and has a bright red face while moaning quite lewdly since I had tampered the water she drank with a strong aphrodisiac that I had found from one of the students belongings

Tsubaki: Mmm~!! w-Why do I feel so hot~?! P-Plus m-my pussy and breasts are a-aching to be ravaged or played with~!!

To hear the stern and cool Tsubaki turn to a horny slut while talking like one would give any guy a run for their money to instant make her their girl or sex relief tool, but I am going to make her both to me only as I went behind her to lightly touch her breasts and she had a loud moan and squirted from her pussy instantly

Tsubaki: F-From just a s-simple touch I-I came Mmm~!!

Dusk: The fun’s not over yet Tsubaki

I said as I turned her head around for me to have a taste of her lips, tongue and mouth. They were quite a unique combination as her lips were soft of course, but her mouth felt smooth along with her wet and squishy tongue to taste. As I was playing with her breasts by circling them, let’s them rise to fall so I can hear their nice squishy bouncing or to focus on her nipples with my index fingers. Of course what ever I did to Tsubaki, just made her moan and squirt at the same time for the next 5 minutes

Tsubaki: Mmmm~~ M-More… no teasing D-Dusk-sama… p-please

Dusk: Well, well, I made you cum pretty easily a few times, now it’s time to see how you fare against this long behemoth

I said letting her lay on her back as my musky hard cock be directly in her face, with my cock in her face I could hear her love juices drip from her pussy along with her opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out with a very erotic ahegao face. I grinned as I positioned my cock to her lovely mouth-pussy and gave her mouth a nice and steady sensation of the taste. She immediately moans as squirts as my cock was only 4 inches in and continued to go till it reached the hilt of my 10 inch cock. I moaned out from how hot, tight and slippery her mouth is as I started to throat fuck her nice and slowly, however I see her hands are vigorously masterbating her pussylips as I couldn’t help but thrust my cock at a decent speed.

Dusk: Ooo~~~ to have a girl blowjob me while fingering herself is pretty hot Tsubaki-chan, mmmm~~ Plus your mouth-pussy just feels like a real pussy for me to ravage don’t you think so?

I pulled back with her saliva coated my entire cock and her heavily panting as she licks the girth and balls vigorously with hearts in her eyes

Tsubaki: Mmm~~~ pl-please I want your thick and strong seed to go into my mouth-pussy Dusk-sama, I need to be trained like the slutty vice-president and queen I am.

Dusk: As you wish Tsubaki-chan

I thrusted my cock back into her mouth as I help her sit upward so I can hold her head while thrusting at the same time

Dusk: Ooo~~ god your so erotic Tsubaki, now look up so I can give your treat and don’t forget to suck

She looks up at me as I see her sucking on my cock so hard that her mouth-pussy feels like a vacuum, I immediately thrust harder as I hear her moan every time I pull or push deep in her throat of a slutty girl till I hold her head and cum down her throat and she rolls her eyes up as I feel her gulping and twitching at the same time from the pleasure she is personally receiving. I pulled back from her mouth as she gulped down the leftovers while opening her mouth that was erotically clean

Tsubaki: I-I made sure to clean up the mess you made Dusk-sama

Dusk: Mmm~~ you sure did now it’s time to give this mess a clean up

I said fingering her damp pussy as her eyes go up and cums a few times, as I hold her thighs down while seeing her plump melons being squished from her legs being close to each other as I rub her wet pussylips and clit at the same time to tease her a bit more

Tsubaki: Mmmm~~ D-Dusk-sama y-you tease…!!

Dusk: Well I’m not sure what your referring to Tsubaki-chan

Tsubaki: Y-Your c-cock rubbing me d-down there

Dusk: Mmm~~ if you say it correctly I might reward you faster

Tsubaki: Mmm……!!

Dusk: Or I could just tease you to climax since rubbing your “down there” is a nice lubricant to spurt a good relief

I said avoiding the “sexual wording” so she begs for it knowing that I am teasing her for some good sex

Tsubaki: U…U….Us…

Dusk: Hm? ^-^

I said with such a smug smile as she couldn’t hold on any longer from the teasing game

Tsubaki: U-Us your hard throbbing cock t-to ravage m-my in-heat pussy and p-pump it full o-of your superior gene’s t-to make sure that it’s nice and full D-Dusk-sama!! S-Screw my Queen level pussy t-to your liking and make me cum!!!

I blush a bit from that erotic statement as I pointed my cock towards her pussylips and then thrusted my cock deep inside of her pussy giving her a hard mating press as she moaned out loud and came about 5 times as her pussy-walls feel so hot, tight and super wet all around for my cock to enjoy as I couldn’t believe that from my single mating press penetrated her womb in one go

Tsubaki: Oooo~~~ y-your cock i~~is in my womb~~ I~~ I~~ feel like I am losing my mind~~ ooo~!!

She said climaxing again as I started to thrust my cock in her pussy as I please as she moans every time from my thrusts

Dusk: Mmm~!!! Come one Tsubaki-chan, wrap your arms and legs around me while sticking your tongue out for some hot mating sex were going to be having all day long

I said as she obediently sticks her tongue out for me, her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs having a strong hold on my waist. I could tell that she’s not going down anytime soon with that determination in her eyes as I licked around her lewd tongue with mine as my thrusts are both intimate and beastly against her pussy and womb. Making sure that I don’t give her a break with her moans mixed in the intimate mating were currently having. Which I then started to twirl my hips while thrusting my cock in her pussy to make sure that all of her sensations in her pussy walls are being hit, which I can feel her pussy convulsing and clenching on my cock hard wanting to receive me cum so badly. I however wanted to last a little long, but I was reaching my limit for the last hour and I give her womb the cum filled reward she wanted as she immediately bucked her head back while climaxing at the same time

Tsubaki: Mmm~!! Y-Your c-cum is… is invading my womb… Ahhh~!!

She cums while her pussy convulses on my cock with her panting to hopefully catch a breath… but I hold her ass and lay back as she was currently on top of me at this moment

Tsubaki: Hmm… W-What are you do-ahh~!!

To her surprise I thrusted fast and hard while holding her plump ass so I can womb strike her more aggressively letting her know that my cock’s the only one to be inside of her

Dusk: Mmm~!!! Just one shot’s not easily to satisfy me Tsubaki-chan… Since this the perfect time for me to knock you up, plus I wasn’t joking about us mating “all day”

With Tsubaki hearing what I said, she twirks her hips while I thrusted inside of her pussy as her moaned filled lust licks my tongue as she muffles under hear breath “Mmm!! M-Make sure you release all of you cum pwlease”, “Mmm!! S-So hard and sturdy! I-I can feel it hitting my womb so much ahhh!!” or “Mmm~!! D-Don’t stop till I am reduced to your perfect woman in heat Dusk-sama~<3!!” in a lewd manor. I heed her request as after about 20 minutes I cum deep in her womb while holding her ass firmly… but this was just the start

We continued to have sex in doggy-style on the bed, cowgirl in the bathtub, reverse cowgirl on the air bed in the bathroom, Stand and deliver for a hour straight in the bedroom, the Pleasure Pick-Me-Up for a 1 hour as I came every 10 minutes cause of me being a bit sensitive along with her, I even give her the Hot seat for a solid 2 hours as she just came every 15 minutes, next was a intimate face off for a solid 30 minutes, then going hard for the Shoulder Holder for a solid hour again and after that came the Squat Thruster for a decent 20 minutes. Of course we did repeat these sex positions a lot, but after the morning was turned to night we were both exhausted as Tsubaki’s belly had a slightly large lump of how much cum I have dumped inside of her which I highly doubt she wouldn’t get pregnant from especially with my cheat-cheat journal involved

Tsubaki: …Mmmm…S…So much baby milk in my belly…I…I wonder if I will conceive your baby Dusk-Sama…<3!

Dusk: …Ah…Ahh…Ahh…I…I can’t believe that I came…35 times…without a break…I am pretty sure you…will have my child Tsubaki…chan…

Tsubaki giggles as she kisses affectionate in bed for a got 2 minutes as I peeked at the door to see my harem glaring at the both of us being lovey-dovey

Akeno: Ara~ Ara~ to think you both would be going for a solid 16 hours of sex is pretty impressive

I had to use the journal to give me enough stamina to handle the girls in bed though

Asia: @/////////@ I-I had n-no idea th-that s-so many t-things were said w-while y-you were d-doing it D-Dusk-sama

She says steaming red, plus… I think Tsubaki said some pretty erotic things in bed for the heat of the moment as I took a glance at her and she was in the same state as Asia as Tsubaki slowly remembers all the lewd remarks she has said

Sona: H-Hentai

Dusk: Strong words for someone that was panting at the top of their lungs saying “M-More Dusk-sama, I-I want to be filled up pl-pleas-”

Sona: @////////@ B-Baka~!!!

She left in a steamy storm

Xenovia: Hmm~~

Dusk: Y-Yes…?

Xenovia: Nothing, just make sure you don’t over due it okay?

Dusk: T-Thanks Xenov-

Xenovia: Cause I want that same kind of treatment in the future

Dusk: ╥ω╥ I had a feeling you would say something like that

Serafall: Hmm~ and I got that all on tape too

She says with a mischievous poker face and twinkle in her eyes as me and Tsubaki went white as sheep from what she just said

Dusk: …S-Since when…?

Serafall: This morning

Tsubaki: …H-How…?

Serafall: I had them installed ever since I came into this room when I knocked out Dusk-sama to sleep that one time

I did remember she knocked me out… but she must have had a lot of time doing that while I was unconscious at that time… plus… I just have to know what's going to say to this next response

Dusk: W-When you said… "E-Everything…" did you mean…?

Serfall: Hmm~Hm~ Everything, every, little, detail, to, a tea Honey~ <3

I sweat a bit as have a funny feeling that she's recorded all of the sexy stuff that I have done in this bedroom with all of the girls so far…

Tsubaki: …give…

Serafall: ^-^ Hm?

Tsubaki: Gi-Give that t-to me Se-Serafall-sama!!! @////////@

*Tsubaki said running after Serafall*

Serafall: Nope ~ <3

Running away while laughing… which goes on for a while… and I obviously take a shower and have a nice meal with Asia, Sona and Akeno for the rest of the night. I have also been informed from Sona that we will be getting a new teacher some time next week as I looked at her file and images and she has a nice rounded body for a mature woman of her stature, her long silver hair, her beautiful blue eyes, flawless skin that looks smooth to the touch, even though I can say the same to the girls I have sex with too, but yup my next target will defiantly be…Rossweisse-sensei





Hey~ guys hope you like this chapter, hopfully you like the "rework" or "Fixed" previous chapter that I did… it was a bit of a nightmare on my plate and yes, Rossweisse is next on my bucket list as if you have any suggestions for me to do for some "kinky time" with her let me know so I can add it before I finish the final draft, also after Rossweisse will be Irina, Koneko Toujou, Kuroka and it depends on which fiery hair female you want me to pick which is Rias Gremory or Ravel Phenex to be after Irina, let me know about that as well pls; however until then, peace

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