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- Continuation from Part 1 -

- End of the school day of Friday -

I have Ravel kneeling while fingering her leaking cum filled puss, massaging her breasts a bit as she gives me a well deserved blowjob clean up for having almost 9 straight hours of sex on campus, plus her heart filled eyes are nice to see that she’s ready to be completely dominated

Dusk: Mmm~~ Ravel, as soon as you wake up, you have to ask Dusk-senpai in the front gate of the school to ask him to be your boyfriend, okay?

Ravel: Mmm~~ I understand Dusk-senpai, So tasty

Dusk: Remember, when he says “yes” and “invites you to sleep in his house” take the invitation as it’s another meaning of “lovers going to have sex in private”, got it?

Ravel: Mmm~~ If he says… Mm~ Yes…invites me to sleep at his house~ it also means having sex as lovers Mmm~~

Dusk: Ahhh~~ that it, now that you understand, clean up, dress up properly and sit on the couch and wait a good minute to wake up as I will be at the front gate…okay?

Ravel: Yes…Mmm~ I will clean myself, dress up in my uniform and be awake on the couch as I will ask out my Dusk-senpai…at the front of school…

I gave her a few minutes as I am at the front gate of school

- Front of School grounds -

I waited patiently to see when Ravel would confess her love to me…ooo? Speak of the devil herself

Ravel: D-Dusk-senpai! Wait pl-please!!

Dusk: Yes, Ravel?

Ravel: I-I was umm… w-wondering if… you’d be my b-boy-boyf-boyfriend >//////////<

Dusk: Sure, I don’t mind dating you Ravel ^-^

Ravel: o///////////o R-Really?!

Dusk: Yes

Ravel: Really? Really?

Dusk: Yes Ravel

Ravel: D-Do you honestly really mean it-!

Gives Ravel a mature lewd kissing as I can see her roll her eyes back a bit from her experiencing such a erotic kiss for the first time for a solid minute

Dusk: Does that answer your question Ravel?

Ravel: Y…Yes… ./////////.

Dusk: Then are you available to come to my house by chance?

*Ravel felt the hypnotic suggestion kick in inside of her*

Ravel: Y-Yes I would like that very much Dusk-senpai

- My place -

As we both arrived to my home I immediately bring Ravel to my bed, we sit down facing each other as I took the advance of kissing her sweet lips again as my lewd hands fondle her soft, hand filling breasts all to myself as I teased her stiff nipples underneath her clothes and bra

I can very much tell that Ravel is enjoying this quite a lot for her “first time” with me as moved down to help take her damp panties off and finger her pussy to climax while kissing her at the same time giving her no chance to think other then pure sexual pleasure as I felt her hips jolt a bit as her love juices coated my fingers a lot with her having a blissful face and a bit of heart pupils in her eyes as I began to strip and lay on the bed to let Ravel marvel at the sight of my fully erect 10 inch cock throbbing to have sex with her hot pussy over and over again

Dusk: Come here to my side Ravel, I want to help warm you up with some more kisses

I can see Ravel was having a small orgasm at the sight of my cock as she dreamt of riding the exact shape and size she fantasies about

Ravel: H-Hai!!

She also takes her clothes off as Ravel laid on my left side to resume or little French kiss session from before as I guided her left hand to touch my throbbing cock, she feels the warmth it gives off on her palm as she begins to jerk me off at a decent pace while I used my left hand to slide down her back, massage her ass for a moment and bring my fingers to finger her hot-dripping pussy from behind

This went on for a good 10 minutes as her pussy was slopping wet from the kissing and my fingering techniques for her body to react naturally from all the training I did while she was “dreaming” this to reality

Dusk: Mmm~~ is it okay if you give me a blowjob Ravel?

Ravel: S~Sure Dusk~senpai

She kneels on the floor as, I sit up on the bed, she holds my cock with both her smooth hands as she takes in the lustful scent it gives off as I see Ravel starting to lick my cock for the first time as I see her naughty eyes looking at me

I see Ravel’s face getting lewder and lewder by the minute as I can tell she’s wholeheartedly enjoying giving me a erotic blowjob as she is now going for 5 inches inside of her warm slippery mouth, god the way her pleasured face is so erotic that I want to dominate her mouth right now…but I have to be a little patient and not be so eager at this moment, so let’s get to the next step in my plan

Dusk: Mmm~~ okay that’s quite enough of your excellent blowjob skills Ravel, now it’s time for you put your pussy on my cock, don’t worry I will be gently in helping you put it in

I said in a slight mischievous tone

Ravel: I-I got it Dusk-senpai

I see Ravel going for the reverse-cowgirl pose as her nicely plump ass is before my eyes as I see her stroking my cock a bit against her dripping pussy as I can also see her churning her pussy lips a bit with using the tip of my cock which is also with erotic to view

Dusk: Mmm~ that’s it Ravel, go ahead and take your time inserting my cock inside of your pussy

Ravel: Mmm~ it’s so long, hard, thick and hot, but Mmm~ I will do my best Dusk-senpai

Dusk: That’s what I’d like to hear, your positive spirit Ravel

Ravel giggles as she slides my cock inside of her pussy almost in one go as she gives a very naughty face as my cock was balls deep inside of her as she’s much tighter when conscious then when she was sleeping in a hypnotic state

Ravel: du~Dusk~senpai’s cock is so big inside of me~ <3 Mmm~~ it doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would for Mmm~ my first time

Dusk: Ooo~~ Your pussy is so tight Ravel!!

I hold her ass firmly as I hit her sweet spots over and over again as I can already tell that her ahegao face is showing as she also thrusts her naughty ass up and down my girthy cock

Ravel: Dusk~senpai~!? Your cock is out of this world~ <3 I feel like it’s a perfect Mmm~ fit already

Dusk: Let’s see if that’s true Ravel

Of course it’s a perfect fit, I have been having sex with her somewhat sleeping body for 5 days straight. Next I slide my hands to fondle her lovely breasts in my hands while thrusting my cock deep inside her pussy-womb at my own mercy

Ravel: Ooo~~ <3 so gwood~ <3 even though this is my first time it feels really gwood Dushk~senpai~ <3

Dusk: Ahhh~~~ god your pussy folds are so good Ravel that I wanna cum inside of you

Ravel: Mmm~~ it’s okay Dusk~senpai, go ahead and make my pussy climax from your juicy cum please~<3

Dusk: I guess it can’t be helped for how horny you are Ravel!!!

I thrust along side her thrusting ass as I let Ravel feel her “first” creampie inside of her womb as it’s not going to be the last either

Ravel: Mmm~~ Sh~Show gwood Du~Dushk~shenpai~<3

Dusk: That’s just round 1 Ravel!

Kicks it into gear as I laid her on the bed for doggystyle as she can feel her womb being penetrated multiple times from the length and girth of my cock

Ravel: Mmm~~ it’s going inside of me deep then before Dusk~senpai

Dusk: Ooo~~ doing it in this pose is quite the treat Ravel

After 20 good thrusts inside of Ravel’s pussy she felt another torrent of cum going inside of her womb as I put her in the missionary pose next as my thrusts against her defenseless womb never stop along with my kissing her and her arms and legs hugging me tightly from how somewhat intense my thrusting is

Ravel: Mmm~~ So good Dusk~senpai~<3! You gonna cum? Are you gonna cum inside of me again? Please do, I love it when you dump your thick milk inside of my womb without mercy Dusk~senpai~<3

Dusk: Ooo~~!! My hips aren’t stopping from how your pussy feels on my cock Ravel!! Mmm!! Accept my next load straight inside of your need Princess pussy!!!

Ravel: Y-Yes!! Please show my princess pussy what you have Dusk~senpai!!

I grunt as I give Ravel’s princess womb a thick 3rd shot straight inside not giving it a second thought of the consequences as I see her naughty face and pleased rolled back eyes that she’s mine now body, heart and soul, I pulled out of her slightly gaping pussy and see some cum leak out as I am ready for my next assaults of pleasure against Ravel

Dusk: This is just the start Ravel, now for the next step

I said with a smug tone as Ravel couldn’t answer back but is willing to do whatever I say as long as she enjoys the sex we have

- 15 Minutes Later -

Ravel:  Welcome back from your shower Dusk-senpai, what do you think of my outfit just for you to see?

*I get to see Ravel in a very fairy based outfit as it was quite fitting for her to wear as the leaf like bra barely covering her breasts as I already can see her perky nipple ready to come out to play as well as her leaf like panties already stained from her having the thoughts of me thrusting my cock back inside of her Phenex pussy again and again

Dusk: Mmm~~ I like the outfit, it suits you quite well Ravel, mind if I see the back?

Ravel: Ravel, of course, it’s for you to wholeheartedly see for yourself Dusk-senpai ;)

She turns around for me to see the better angle of her plowable ass being so filling to either hammer against to see her sexy ass jiggle or holding her ass in the air to massage while hammering her pussy, either way Ravel Phenex is on sexy prey that I am never going to let go, god damn it I have a massive rager from thinking of “my" sexy Ravel’s body again…!!!

Dusk: I can’t hold it any longer Ravel!

Hoists her ass up, slides her panties off so I can mounts on Ravel a bit as I thrust my freshly clean cock straight inside her how Phenex love tunnel in one go, as Ravel makes a lewd orgasm face from me simply thrusting my cock inside of her pussy

Ravel: Ooooo~~ Dusk~senpai’s cock is kissing my womb again~<3!

Dusk: That’s right Ravel, I can’t help it from how erotic your body is that I just want to make it mine and mine alone to pleasure you and myself like this Mmm~ everyday!

I said thrusting with no shame or mercy against Ravel’s petite and hot body that it’s true already, that her body is mine from day one of her arrival and she doesn’t know about it other then her “dreaming” about having sex with me multiple times

Ravel: D~Dusk~senpai make my pussy fit for your cocks shape only then please~<3!

Dusk: I guess it can’t be helped now “Slutty Ravel”

I thrust my cock deep inside of her womb that at this point the shape of my cock fits perfectly inside of her hot princess pussy-womb that this is going to be a once in a life time experience to enjoy wholeheartedly, though Rias is also a princess is what I’ve heard from Sona, so I guess I will be “doubly” lucky to experience taking 2 princess virginities with my cock, Ahh~ Ravel’s wet and well wrapped pussy is unbearable to not think of cumming inside of~! I guess she deserves it for being a nice and obedient girl for lasting so long!!

Ravel: Ahhh!! D~Dushk~senpaish~ M~Mwilk is leaking inside of my womb!! Ahhh~~!!

She gives soft squirts as she pants while resting her head on the bed as I firmly rub her ass while twirling my hips a bit inside of her convulsing pussy walls

Dusk: I haven’t had quite enough Ravel, the night is still young, let’s enjoy out “3-day sex filled couple experience” together now…shall we~?

I asked Ravel to change into a keyhole turtleneck sweater as her lovely cleavage area can be show for my lustful intentions as well as her perky nipple still hard to see in that sweater of her’s, however she pouted at first from wearing this cause I was giving her a lustful gaze of looking at her breasts…quite a lot

However she liked it as she gives me a nice blowjob taking 8 inches down her hot throat as I can see her lust filled eyes, her fingers teasing her damp panties and her expression of wanting to drink my thick human cum

Which I do give her after her giving me a blowjob for 20 decent minutes

Next was her first anal sex experience as her ass took it pretty well for how big my cock is to the base as I get to see Ravel’s premature “apron” outfit, that usually you will see before marrying and man for marriage, but her ass is just as hot as her pussy that I can’t help but bust another nut inside of her former virgin ass

After serval minutes of that Ravel cleaned me up for the next activity, which was her being the horny and slutty bunny girl that she is, I get to see her naughty bunny ass in my view as I see her tare the long stockings she has on as she thrusts down on my cock to immediately ride my cock with much vigor that her own pussy acts like it has a mind of it’s own of milking me out, she leans forward to smother my chest with her melons kiss my lips as I give her the 7th cum shot for her erotic performance as a slutty-bunny

For the next several hours I didn’t give Ravel a moment to rest as I also noticed that the information that Sona gave me the Phenex clan can replenish their loved one’s sex drive to it’s peek potential, as I don’t feel tied or going limp after giving Ravel 35 thick shots from her erotic outfits, Ravel’s Phenex body is something else and a worthy girl in my sex harem to eventually impregnate at my own pace

- 5 hours of sex at my hours later -

I hold Ravel against the wall as her legs are up in the air while I feel her soft and large breasts against my chest as I don’t stop thrusting inside of her dripping wet pussy full my thick cum

Ravel: Mmm~~ Dusk~senpai’s cock feels so good that it’s fits inside of my pussy like a glove~ <3 <3 <3

Dusk: Ahhh~~ that’s right, it’s because we haven’t been doing anything by having sex for hours Ravel, so it’s Mm~ only natural your pussy folds would take the shape of my cock eventually!!

Thrusts faster then before as I am ready to give Ravel her 35th cumshot inside of her slushing womb

Ravel: Mmm~~ Dusk~senpai~ your speeding up again!! Are you gonna give my pussy-womb another shot of your thick Mmm~ cum~?

Dusk: Yes I am Ravel, now remember the feeling and sensation it gives you every time I cum inside of you!!!

I can’t help by lose myself to pleasure as I don’t give Ravel’s pussy a moment to rest as I thrust like a beast in pure heat wanting to mate

Ravel: Ahhh~~ don’t stop and give me your thick baby juices please!!!

I grunt loudly as I dump a very thick load inside of Ravel’s womb as I hear her squirt very loudly, her eyes rolled back, her tongue sticking out, her arms holding my back as her legs are holding my neck tightly as her tight pussy convulses on my cock that’s having a mind of it’s own for wanting to bare my child pretty badly…but soon enough, I will give Ravel’s womb what it want’s in the very near future, just like the other girls in my harem

Ravel: Ahhh~~ I can feel your thick cum inside of my womb~~ it’s swirling so much

Dusk: OMG your pussy is out of this world Ravel

Ravel: O~Of course it is, I am a royal princess and all

Dusk: Hehehe~ not from how naughty you’ve been for  6 or so hours “Miss innocent princess”

Ravel: o//////////o T-That’s because of your c-cock’s been ravaging me l-like that B-Baka!!! >///////////<

Dusk: O-Okay, okay, let’s take a small break on the bed then

Ravel: Mmmm~

Dusk: Only a little bit

Ravel: ¬////////////¬ Fine……

- 5 minutes later -

Dusk: Mmm…mmm…mmm…??? R-Ravel…

Ravel: Hmmm…?

Dusk: I know you want to have more sex…but can you stop sucking on my cock for a moment…please…?

Ravel: Hmmm? *Rubs her eyes* What are you talking about, I’m right next to you Dusk-senpai

I jolt as I get up to see who was sucking my cock off

Dusk: K-Koneko-chan?!

Koneko giggles and slurps my cock to make a very naughty pop sound as I get to see her wear a very blue see-though outfit with pink frills, light-blue underwear and her cute smile and glittery eyes with lust in mind as I do get to see her ass angle from her panties almost being taken off

Koneko: I was worried that Senpai might get a disease from being with this slutty fire-chicken for so long, so I personally went to clean up the mess she made on your behemoth of a co-

Ravel: F-Fire chicken!! I have you know little girl!! I am Ravel Phenex a Princess of the Phenex clan and I am-

Koneko: A Royal Chicken?

Ravel: Yes, I am a Royal Chicken- NO!!!

Tires to no laugh from this interaction they are both having

Ravel: D-Don’t laugh! Also who is this little girl!!

Koneko: I am Koneko Toujou, a Nekomata, miss Royal Chicken

Pop’s her neko ears and tail that sways about in a cute manor

Dusk: N-Now girls…

Ravel: Perverted Loli Neko

Koneko: Moaning Royal Chicken

Dusk: Girls…?

Ravel: Keep quiet Dusk-senpai!

Koneko: We are debating right now!

Dusk: D-Don’t I have a say in this-

Unison: No!

They glare at each other as I can see literal sparks and flames coming from both of them as I have to make a quick tactical retreat before I get in the middle of this figh-

Ravel: Hold on Dusk-senpai…

Grabbed my right shoulder

Koneko: Where do you think your going Senpai…?

Grabbed my left shoulder

Dusk: T…To the bathroom…? o.o

Ravel: Not a acceptable answer

Koneko: Try again

Dusk: I’m going to get refreshments…?

Ravel: …

Koneko: …

Dusk: I’m going to have sex with both of you till you make an agreement isn’t that right…?

Ravel: Mmm…

Looks at Koneko-chan

Koneko: I don’t mind, by he’s my Senpai and if you hurt him, I will clip your wings off

Ravel: Likewise, Loli Neko, I will make sure you can’t have claws anymore if you do the same

Dusk: Umm…

Koneko: First one to make him cum the most wins

Ravel: Deal, Although I have a head start with 35 shots-

Koneko:  Such a naive girl
Ravel: Huh!!

Koneko: If were keeping score, then it would be 35-40 right about now
Ravel: Why you…!!!

Sneaks away trying to escape from these two at their current chemistry-

Koneko: Not so fast Senpai

Ravel: We are just getting started

Dusk: Hai… ╥_╥

First was Koneko-chan taking off her stringed panties as I see her very smooth slit that I am still surprised is tight from how much i’ve make her cum multiple times from my girthy cock to her small petite frame, but she let’s me have a taste of her leaking love juice pussy as I massage her ass and she goes back to giving me a passionate blowjob while fondling my balls in her soft, small and firm hands of her’s

Ravel was watching this very carefully as she couldn’t help by playing with her clit at first as she started to masterbate a bit vigorously as her fingers goes as deep as they can while teasing and pulling her erect left nipple as her cute moans leak out

I get to enjoy a meal and have a show at the same time?! Man I love this erotic hypnotized harem that I have made so far to my liking. I do my best to hold on from Koneko’s excellent blowjob skill, Koneko does her best to hold back from my cunnilingus skills in her tight folds

Ravel holds back her semi-loud moans as she fingers very vigorously while playing her left breast to her hearts content, in mere seconds we all cum at the same time

Ravel and Koneko cum, I do drink some of Koneko’s love juices from her squirting directly in my mouth, as Ravel make’s a large mess on the bedsheets and Koneko drinks my thick cum down her tight and small mouth of her’s

Koneko then goes to Ravel as she gives her an erotic French kiss as Koneko let’s Ravel have some of my fresh cum to “share” while Ravel was surprised as Koneko was also playing with her breasts

I blush brightly as I my cock is rock hard as it curved upright from this erotic sight they are both giving me at the same time

Ravel was in a bit of a daze from what Koneko-chan just did to her, as Koneko looks at me with pure lust while also fingering both Ravel’s and her own pussy at the same time

Koneko: Go ahead Senpai, our pussies are ripe and ready for your thick and sturdy cock of your’s to ravage our small and tight pussies, so don’t keep us waiting please ;)

Ravel gained a “bit” of her senses as she spread her pussylips for me to see her hot and slightly steaming folds of her’s, as Koneko-chan did the same thing as Ravel as she leans on top of her

Ravel: Ma~Make sure to give the both of use the same amount of pleasure Dusk~senpai, I~I won’t let you off if it’s half-baked sex, y~You hear us~?!

My sanity snapped in two as I firmly hold Koneko’s ass and thrust my cock deep inside of Ravel’s hot, wet and tight pussy as she winces a bit from me suddenly thrusting my cock so deep inside of her

Koneko pouts a bit from me picking Ravel over her to penetrate, but I swoop in to kiss her lips while playing with her cute b-cup breasts as I began to thrust inside of Ravel’s pussy

While I making out with Koneko-chan as Koneko-chan fondles Ravel’s breasts and pulls on her erect nipples for a bit

This very hot 3some was just the beginning as I pulled out and thrusted my cock inside of Koneko’s tight as hell pussy while making out with Ravel this time as both girls moan out in pure pleasure

I continued to alternate between their hot, damp, tight and firm pussies as their naughty orgasm faces shows from just a hour of sex as I pulled out and thrusted between their bodies and came between them as they give a very loud squirt from the sudden change of sexual pleasure

I pulled out and pointed my cock at their lips, without delay they started to clean my cock very sweetly and throughly as I see that I am not going to give either of them a change to rest

- 20 minutes of set up later -

I got both girls to wear white school swimsuits as I summoned 5 more versions of myself to start the “Massive sexual orgy” for both of them to experience with me and my other selves

I started off with Koneko’s tight mouth and hold her head as I thrust at a decent speed as my other selves hold her in a doggy position while thrust in both her tight ass and pussy without any delay as Koneko makes cute kitty noises from being plowed from multiple different angle’s

Ravel was laying down as she can see the thick cock going in and out of her hot and slippery mouth while his balls are hitting her nose a bit and the 2 thick cocks ravaging her damp and tight ass and pussy while one of them fondles her large breasts at the same time as this

Both girls climaxed multiple times as we climaxed with them and alternated poses while marking there bodies from head to toe

Next was various amounts of cosplay outfits; Maid’s, stringed bikini’s, white t-shirts, police officer uniforms, bunny girl outfits, Kimono’s, China dresses, Apron only, Skimpy Nurse uniforms, Santa outfits, School uniforms, A White One piece dress, Cute which outfits, Belly dancer’s attires, Neko Keyhole lingerie, Wedding dresses and Very Skimpy Devil outfits barely covering anything…

The costumes continued as we all lost track of their outfits as all went bare naked in the end, as they were both being plowed from being held in the air or upside-down while my other selves would finger their leaking pussies or tight asses till one of them climaxed in their throats

This went on for many hours till all of us were dead tired. From 6 P.M. on Friday night to all the way to midnight and on Monday morning at 6 A.M. it was very sex filled as both girls forgot about their bets and just wanted to have sex with me over and over again

They formed a sexual sisterhood of making sure to pleasure me to the max till they both fainted from having over 100 rounds of sex for 60+ hours

Their leaking pussies didn’t stop from how much milk I have given to the both of them for how erotic they were at their full extent of pleasuring me for 2 and half days

- Monday Morning at 6:05 A.M. -

I moaned a bit as I get to see both Ravel and Koneko-chan hugging me in a cute way in their see-through nightgowns, minus the bra and panties, as their lovely bodies are milked from head to toe

I massaged their asses firmly as I get to hear them moan softly as they both wake up slowly, kissed my cheeks, softly jerk my morning wood to full length of energy as their smile’s are super lustful

Koneko: I am glad you enjoyed your night with up Senpai

Ravel: But let’s clean up and have some breakfast?

Koneko: That way we can enjoy some “early” desert?

Ravel: What do you think?

Unison: Dusk-senpai?

I grin as I fall to their temptations as we ended up having sex in the shower, eating breakfast until we went to school…but…

Now that I have all the piece up my sleeve from this wonderful banquet of sex with two of the sexy-cute girls in Kuoh Academy…

I think it’s time to pay a red haired maiden a “visit” and see what will happen once she see’s what I have done to her whole female harem…I wonder what face or reaction she will make…

I do hope you’re prepared for you sexual down fall…Rias Gremory…

- End of Part 2 -





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