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A few days since I have fully dominated Akeno Himejima as my personal queen in my harem as I now have 6 girls added from both Rias and Sona's Peerage I wanted to see how many more girls would be added to my harem in the future, but thanks to having Sona being the Student Body President, I used her power to make her whole peerage, except for Tsubaki, come to her office so I can make a plan for these female candidates as I would “hypnotizing them and then bang them” to see their quality is ripe and top notch...

- Monday Morning -

*A knock on Sona's door could be heard*

Sona: Come in the door is unlocked

*She said as her whole female peerage had entered and closed the door behind them*

Reya: Is there something that you need from us President Sona?

*Reya Kusaka a well taught student in the academy with good grades along with her luscious body structure worth plowing cause of her smooth curves and nicely developed ass*

Tomoe: You can count on us to listen to your requests Sona-chan

*Tomoe Meguri she’s a bit of a rebellion and has a b-cup bust size but her body might be petite, from looking from behind she could be able to wring out any guy with that devious ass of hers*

Tsubasa: Calm down ladies, we all can't shout at once if we don't know what our king's orders are going to be after all

*Tsubasa Yura, one of the tallest females in Sora’s peerage she seems to be a bit underdeveloped from the front and slightly the back, but I bet her smooth body and sweet moans might be worth tempting her into some kinky situations*

Momo: Tsubasa has a point so calm down now

*Momo Hanakai, another busty female in Sona’s peerage with a somewhat pure maiden aura around her along with her nicely developed thighs, slim sides and decent ass, I wouldn’t mind hearing her beg for more once she’s been doninated*

Ruruko: Anyways what do you have in mind for us to do Sona?

*And Ruruko Nimura, she’s the loli of this group and her bust size is double A, but her nice curves and slightly plump ass might change my mind in letting her have a taste of my growing member in my pants*

Sona: You 5 will be undergoing some training from my master as he knows how to make you all proper ladies in the heat of battle

Unison: ....Eh?!

*Of course it was natural for the 5 of them to be shocked, but it won’t matter for what I have already written down for their fates…*

Sona: It’s exactly as I have said, you will be trained by your new master for sexual education purposes you all need to learn to become true in-heat devils

Reya: W-what are you saying Sona?!

Tomoe: S-Something’s not right with Sona-chan, Tsubasa and Momo

Tsubasa: Your right… where’s this slime of a “Master” at so I can teach him a lesson

Momo: Agreed Tsubasa, we have to get Sona back to normal

Ruruko: I-I am not sure what’s going on, but you think Sona will be fine Tsubaki-chan?
Tsubaki: She’s not wrong, for I have also learned the ways of sexual education from our master as he will arrive right now

*I opened the door as the 5 maidens had a either concerned or furious look on their faces for what I did to Sona and Tsubaki*

Tsubaka: So your the one who did huh…? Well come here so I can teach you a lesson one-on-on-

Dusk: As much as I would love that… *I said as both Sona and Tsubaki put earplugs on so their hypnotic minds aren’t overwritten*…how about you all go into a nice and happy trance *I said snapping my fingers*

*In a instant, Ruruko, Tomoe, Reya and Momo are in a complete trance as Tsubasa was struggling to not fall*

Tsubasa: Mm~ M-my mind… is fading… w-what are you doing…?!
Dusk: Don’t worry Tsubasa-chan, just fall and wake up as someone new

*I said snapping my fingers again putting a double layer of hypnosis on her that finally work as her eyes including the others were in a complete daze*

Dusk: Now then… Tsubaki, Sona, would you both mind getting the “New” uniforms for these 5 including yourselves to wear as I throughly rearrange their minds?

Tsubaki: Hai, Dusk-sama

Sona: I-I honestly can’t believe your going to make me wear that outfit-
Dusk: But if you don’t, your not going to get my thick member as a reward later S~o~n~a~C~h~a~n~

*She blushes knowing what I meant as she bolted with steaming coming off her head*

Sona: B-Baka-sama!

As they both left, I opened my journal to see the “Automatic: Snapping Hypnosis” still needs some work, but it still has the same effects as verbal commands, but when I snap my fingers I have to clap my hands for them to be out of their trance as a substitute

Dusk: Now then… you 5 will be learning sexual education from me your “Master” as I will give you all a hands on experience in female pleasure and how to pleasure a man, as you will wear your new school uniforms which are 100% appropriate to wear on campus, any girl not wearing this uniform will get a detention, also your sensitivity from touch, breathing or being licked is tripled which is linked with your female orgasm’s. Do you have that all down ladies…!

Reya: …We will learn about Sex Ed from our Master…

Tomoe: …Master will teach us they ways of female pleasure and how to pleasure a man…

Tsubasa: …Our uniforms or inappropriate to currently wear… as our new one’s are 100% must… even on campus…

Momo: …Our sensitives are link with our orgasm’s as they are tripled from simple touch, breathing or small licks… 

Ruruko: …We understand Master…

Dusk: Good, good, ooo~ and I almost forgot, if you feel like you will resent me, the only way to make me “pay” is to give me a blowjob while acting “somewhat” superior and whatever I say is the “truth” even if it feels wrong, for when I clap my hands you will all wake up not remembering this but your bodies will, got it?

Unison: …Gives blowjob as a punishment for making Sona and Tsubaki lewd females… Whatever you say is true when it’s not false… Wake up from trance like state and not remembering… Understood Master…

I grin as I waited for the girls to bring their uniforms in so I can see their lax reactions, a minute later Tsubasa was already wearing her new uniform, which was a mini-skirt that you can see her plump ass in view, her panties were string with the front part being visible to see her wet pussy, her bra was also string as the fabric had a slit in the middle for her hard nipples to peak our while her coat was the same, but without the shirt to get in the way, Sona wore the same outfit as it was sexy and cute to see her slightly small chest fit her petite body.

Dusk: I’m liking the view in more ways then one Sona ;)

*She glares at me, but orders her mesmerized Peerage to strip and put on their new uniforms, they nodded and took their sweet time as I get to watch every nook and cranny of their development or nice curves as their new lewd uniforms are finally on for I clapped my hands as they closed their eyes and nodded their heads and looked at me*

Tsubasa: Now that your outnumber, time for some punishment for tricking Sona and Tsubaki-

Dusk: I would, but don’t you wanna see what you have on by chance?

*They look down at their leaches attire as it takes them a moment to process this as the hypnotic suggestions are kicking in*
Reya: Hm…? Is there something wrong with our uniforms?

Tomoe: They’ve always looked like this dummy

Momo: I do like the breeze it gives from the back and front 

Ruruko: I don’t see anything too different
Tsubasa: Enough with the stalling and come here-

Dusk: I get it, I get it, now go ahead and punish me Tsubasa

I said sitting in a chair with my pants off and my limp cock hang out, naturally they blush thinking I was crazy or a pervert, even though I am, but that’s not for them to say with their lewd attires they have on

Tsubasa: W-Why did you take your pants off?!

Dusk: Didn’t you say you were going to punish me? I mean… you have to use that mouth of yours to throughly give me a speech and all

In her mind the hypnotic suggestion is kicking in as she kneeled and holds my thick limp cock in her right hand while she rubs her soft cheeks against it

Tsubasa: I-I know that much, n-now hurry up and get hard already so you can spurt your thick pervert juices

Dusk: Well~ as much as your cheeks are going to get me slightly hard, you have to crouch while fingering your pussy, rubbing your nipples and breast(s) while licking my cock Tsubasa-chan

Tsubasa: D-Don’t add “-chan”

She said arguing, but is doing as she is told as her smooth tongue is licking the girth of my cock as she noticed that it’s slowly rising upright after the last 10 minutes of her getting it to it’s full glory at 10 inches

Dusk: You need some improvement, but how did your first cock taste for the last 10 minutes?

Tsubasa: G-Gooie and naughty…

Dusk: Well it’s not over quite yet since your lower half wants some attention as well

Tsubasa: I-I get it

*She stands up opening her damp pussylips and hovers on my cock for a bit as she let’s the tip kiss her pussy for the first time as I feel her trembling*

Dusk: You know if you get on the chair it will be a easier position for you right?

Tsubasa: S-Shut up… I knew that ba-baka

She did as she was told as she was squatting before my eyes and inserted my cock into her virgin pussy as I heard her moan out slightly and stopped as I noticed that her hymn was broken… but I surprised her by kissing her lips and she accidentally slammed herself onto my whole cock which is crushing against her womb in one fell swoop

Tsubasa: W-wh-wh-wh-wh-what was that for!? Ki-Ki-Kissing me like that @////////@

Dusk: Well I wanted to see if you could get my hard cock inside of you and it worked Mmm~~ it’s quite tight and slightly wet folds

Tsubasa: S-Shush already you pervert…!

Dusk: Fine… but you wouldn’t mind showing one of your male classmates what Sex Ed is right…?

I grin as I looked at Sona as she nodded and used a magical circle to summon him into a chair that was bounded with Raynare by his side while his mouth was covered so he couldn’t speak out loud or disturb my personal sexual relief session these girls are going to be giving me for their 1st times and all. Naturally to Saji’s surprise he see’s his comrades in lewd attires that revealed a lot of their bodies in a sexual manor that he couldn’t help but get a hard-on from seeing

Tsubasa: S-Show Saji Sex Ed…? T-That’s not so hard b-baka…

*She’s stilled connected to me as she turned her body towards Saji as she laid her back on me and started to thrust her hips on my cock for Saji to see in full view*

Tsubasa: T-This Mmm~~ I-Is what a males G-Genital looks like when i-it moves a-about in the f-female v-vagina mmm~!!

*She says while giving off some sweet moans as I noticed that she’s a bit more wet then before as she thrusts her hips as I grinned about what I am going to say next*

Dusk: It’s not a “Genital” or “Vagina” Tsubasa, say it correctly or else I will give your a naughty surprise

*Tsubasa moans while thrusting as she didn’t want to say it but couldn’t disobey the commands I have given her*

Tsubasa: I-I’m s-sorry… T-Take a look at how h-hit large and thick C…Co…Cock is ravaging m-my pussy to submission while k-kissing the base of my womb S-Saji-kun Mmm~!!!

She climaxed from saying lewd things to my surprise as she made a mess of the chair with her love juices that I let her rest on the floor and gestured Reya to come over and take Tsubasa’s place, she blushed as she kneed before the scent of my cock’s musk and Tsubasa’s love juices mixed in that her face was in deep lust and a red blush that before I gave her a order she went to give me a loving blowjob while massaging my balls at the same time. Her mouth-pussy was pretty good at being soft and went along with her smooth tongue licking around the tip as I went to play with her breasts in my hands and she moaned out, but continued to bob her head a bit faster then before as she started to finger her own pussy from how wet she’s become

Dusk: Mmm~ Reya your pretty good for a virgin Mmm~~

*Reya felt entranced as I feel her thrusting my cock to rub her inner cheeks which was a bit hot to see while she was looking at me and I couldn’t help but wanna mess with her lustful look she has in her eyes*

Dusk: Mmm~ that’s it Reya, keep it up and I will give you a nice reward

I said as Reya speed up her head bobbing and fingered her pussy a bit faster then before as you can hear droplets of her love juices hit the floor, then I noticed Saji was a bit mad with a erection then I grinned and gestured Raynare to give him some “service” to which she nodded and unzipped his pants and boxers as her eyes lit up for the first time seeing a 8 inch girthy dragon cock before her eyes. Saji was a bit shocked that his cock was a bit longer then usual since I used my journal to increase the size a bit, however Raynare didn’t hesitate to lick the shaft nice and slowly as Saji bucked his head back from how smooth her tongue felt and he almost wanted to cum immediately as if his sexual sensitivity was spiking. Guilty is charged I changed it where he’s doubly sensitive to the female’s body when having oral sex or normal sex, as he has a 3 climax mentality breakdown, he’s will and loyalty will break after cumming 3 times from any girl as he will be my literal loyal pawn for tests

Saji: ~*Mmm~~ Sh-She’s just licking it b-but it feels so good oooo~~ now she’s taking it down her throat and giving me those lustful eyes mmm~!!*~

Raynare: ~*Mmm~~ Even though I have sucked, tittyfucked, rim-jobbed, hand-jobbed and ridden so many cocks, but this one’s probably my favorite Ahhh~~ I want this cock to ravage me so badly it’s so study, thick and has a nice in-heat breeding scent too*~

Is what they were both thinking at the moment as Saji does his best to resist Raynare’s top tier slutty blowjobs, but Reya was pretty close to making me cum for giving me head for the last 10 minutes, I nicely held her head and gave her throat a thick cum surprised as I can hear her gulping it down like a champ without delay. After about a minute I pulled back and came a bit in her mouth

Dusk: Ahhh~~ that felt good, not savor that taste a bit in your mouth Reya-chan

*She closed her mouth and swirled a bit in her mouth while playing with her breasts this time*

Dusk: Good, good, now swallow and let’s see that clean mouth of yours

She gulps down the slightly small amount of cum in her mouth as she says “Bwahhh” with a lewd tongue hanging out of her mouth that just got me nice and hard again just waning to ravage her some more, but I gestured to Ruruko-chan and she immediately did as I can see her love juices seeping down her legs like a small steam, I turned her around, held her legs upward and rubbed my cock against her smooth and wet pussylips for about a minute to hear her sweet, youthful and softly lewd moans echo in the room before I stuck my cock deep inside her tight pussy which I could see a slightly small lump of my cock’s shape inside her pussy, she couldn’t help the pleasure she received as she came about 3 times which twitching for a bit as I let her regain her senses before I started the main event. However, from Ruruko’s moaning it made Saji cum deep inside of Raynare’s mouth which she was surprised about the amount he was dishing out that her mouth was full, she naturally pulled back and his cock was half limp. Raynare showed how much cum was in her mouth, swirled it a bit in her mouth, drank it all down and opened her mouth to let him see it all gone as he naturally got raging boner from how hot it was

Raynare: Ufufufu~ for someone that’s not liking my services, this big meaty guy it’s lying so far

Saji: Tch… T-That’s not fair u-using you feminine charms and lustful appearance… a-any guy would get hard from seeing something s-so lewd or hot

Raynare: Ufufufu~ That’s now let’s take your other virginity with a tittyfuck

Saji gulped as Raynare’s large and plump melons engulfed Saji’s member where the tip was just peaking out a bit and she licked the tip while massaging his cock and glaring at him that he couldn’t help but see how hot this was for a girl to do the triple threat of hotness combo

Ruruko: …Hmm…I-Is it over…?

Dusk: Not even close Ruruko-chan…!

Once I noticed that she woke up, I thrusted my cock in and out of her tight semi-loli pussy to which she moaned out sweetly like a in-heat slut for every thrust that hits her sweet spots or womb every second.

Ruruko: Ah~ahh~ahh~ahh~ahh~ahh~<3!! D-Dushk-shama’s cock is so big and sturdy that it keeps poking my baby making mmm~!! Chamber!! and i-i’m a-a about to mm!!

Dusk: Mmm!! Come on and last a little bit longer Ruruko-chan i’m not even close to being satisfied
Ruruko: I-I know that Mmm!! B-But your cock k-keeps-!! Ahh!!

Dusk: Well it can’t be helped, go ahead and cum

I said thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy like a piston as I feel her tight walls convulse on my cock a few times as well as her body twitching every so often as I have a feeling that she had climaxed about 3 times with a blissful face with her tongue hanging out, I let her rest as I went towards Tomoe-chan as she “Eek’d” from seeing my hard cock be before her eyes as I noticed she made a slightly wet puddle of love juices on the floor as I noticed she was trembling, both from how long and thick my cock was and how excited she was because of the hypnotic suggestion

Tomoe: I-It’s my turn to clean you up right D-Dusk-sama?

Dusk: That’s right Tomoe-chan, can you clean up Ruruko’s mess she made on my cock with that mouth-pussy of yours?
Tomoe: M-My “mouth-pussy”?

Dusk: Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here to teach you, first open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can.

*She naturally gulped as she did as instructed as it was pretty hot to see her slightly pant while with a naughty ahegao face*

Tomoe: L~like dish~?

Dusk: That’s it, now hold still and don’t bite

I said slowly letting the tip of my cock glide on her tongue to which I then felt her wet mouth as I hold her head and I feel my thick cock slowly going down her throat as I noticed her eyes went upwards as she muffled and a loud squirt could be heard with her shivering, as for my surprise I feel her tongue licking around my shaft which was quite pleasing as I then softcore’d throat fucked her. I couldn’t help but hold the back of her head with one arm and seeing my cock going in and out of her wet mouth pussy. As for Saji witnessing a hot blowjob Tomoe-chan is giving me he has a raging boner again to which Raynare exploited by giving him a blowjob-tittyfuck combo which after him lasting about 30 minutes he busted a thick nut inside of Raynare’s mouth as she gulps every single drop to make sure she doesn’t waist a single dragon seed he’s given out, however with Saji in a slight daze he slowly regained his senses as Raynare positioned herself on his hard cock to her wet and dripping pussylips

Saji: W-Wait! I-I don’t w-want it t-to mmm!!

Raynare: It’s okay Saji-sama, I am just going to hug your bulky member a bit with my warm, coiling and wet pussy

She said giggling as she licked her lips as Saji pants and moans as his v-card was slowly being taken away by Raynare. As soon as she rammed the her hips for her pussy to engulf his whole cock, she moaned out sweetly while climaxing at the same time as she gives Saji a ahegao face while rubbing her large melons on his face

Raynare: Mmm~~ O~of all the guys that’s I have fuck, sucked, handjob’d, tittyfucked, rimjobbed or had orgies, 3somes and 4somes; their cocks can’t compare with this mm!! hot and hard dragon cock of yours

*Saji heard bits and pieces of what she was saying in her little monologue*

Saji: ~*Ahh~!! I-It’s so wet and hot at ahh~!! At the same time… i-is this w-what a pussy is like?!*~

*Saji was thinking as he tries to have a cool mind to not cum easily at this moment, but Raynare started to move her decently plump ass up and down his shaft*

Raynare: Mmm~~ I wonder how long your gonna last this time Saji-sama, cause I am quite curious of how your yummy baby batter is going to feel deep inside of me

She said with a tease as Saji hears that hit dragon instincts went “mate, mate, mate” hard while he tries super hard to not think of those dark temptations of knocking up Raynare. To which he doesn’t know, I gave Raynare a pregnancy pill, which should knock her up from just his pre-cum alone; as I have written in the journal before hand. She is currently a test to see if I can knock up my harem in the later future. However I am just enjoying Tomoe’s mouth-pussy a bit much as I couldn’t hold back after a long while and dump a thick load both in her throat and mouth as she muffled and gulps every single drop. She the slurps the remaining cum in my cock, pulled her head back and opened her mouth with a large pant

Tomoe: I-I made your cock clean D-Dusk-s-sama… c-can I have a reward p-please…?

Dusk: I am way ahead of you Tomoe-chan

I said as I lay her down and thrusted my cock without hesitation inside of her pussy, of course I do see some blood, but her reaction of a lewd ahegao face and her eyes rolled back was a bit priceless as she didn’t feel pain, but a lot of pleasure as she just climaxed from me thrusting inside of her, but I woke her up by thrusting my cock at a normal speed as she suddenly wrapped her legs around my waist and not letting me go.

Tomoe: M-Mess up my insides D-Dusk-sama… I-I don’t mind i-if you cum inside of me… I-I just need you to be satisfied pl-please…!!

To her request I thrusted my cock in and out of her pussy without mercy as her lewd moans leaked out every time the tip of my cock hits against her womb as I vigorously try penetrating her womb, she tightened her legs and pussy walls and after a few attempts my cock was snuggling insider her womb and pussy completely. I moaned out from her giving it her all as I responded by bucking my hips into over time and she just cums over and over again

Tomoe: I-I can’t hold o-on Dusk-sama~!!

-At the same time-

Raynare: Come on Saji-sama, don’t you wanna spurt that lovely juices you have stocked inside of you large balls sack?

Saji: Wai~wait… d-don’t thrust… mmm… like… that…ahhh…

Raynare: Mmmm~ I can feel it pulsing so much, don’t hold back and cum for me

*She says speeding up her thrusts while kissing him at the same time*

Tomoe and Raynare: G-Give me your thick and juicy cum Dusk-sama/Saji-sama

We both grunted as we dumped a thick load deep inside of their wombs to the brim, this made both girls have their tongues hanging out while their bodies shivered with joy and pleasure at the same time. I pulled out of Tomoe’s pussy and a thick amount of cum leaks from her pussy and I gestured Momo to clean the mess as she did immediately while rubbing her pussy, right breast as she is crouching at the same time with a lustful gaze in her eyes

Dusk: Mmm~~ was watching 4 of your comrades getting their just deserts too much for you Momo?

Momo: MmHmm~ Pwush I can’t hwelp bwutt wanna have a tasht of dish bwig cock ov yoursh

( *T: MmHmm~ Plus I can’t help but wanna have a taste of this big cock of yours )

Dusk: Mmm~~ then enjoy the taste of 4 different love juices that this cock has taken

Momo: Mmm~~ Sho gwood!!

To be honest I couldn’t believe that Momo is a natural slut that is just begging to get hammered or tamed… either way her blow job skills are surprisingly good for her first time, especially with those eyes that just begs to have my cum dumped down her throat or her luscious breasts that she continues to fondle or even her wet pussy she keeps fingering; either way her body and motives are top notch. Speaking of top notch, Saji wakes up from his long session with Raynare and noticed that Raynare slowly got off his crotch and his own cum slowly seeps out of her pussy as she went to take some of his cum and slurp it up with glee on her face

Raynare: Mmm~~ so good, can’t let this go to waste and all

*Saji pants as he cock stands up again from how hot Raynare is being right now*

Raynare: Even though you came 3 times hard, your pretty much backing huh~ Saji~sama <3
Dusk: I think it’s time to put him to the test Raynare, you can let him out of his chair now

She pouted cause she wanted to screw with him a bit longer, but she did as commanded as she pants while standing up as he noticed that I have Momo’s leg’s spread and her opening her wet virgin pussy in full view

Dusk: You see this Saji? It’s called a pussy, to more exact it’s Momo’s pussy and she said that she needs something long and hard to help calm her down… you think you can do that for her?

Momo: Mmmm!! Hu-Hurry, Hurry Saji-kun!! I-I want that thick and meaty dragon cock of yours!! I-I don’t mind if you cum inside of me by accident, I just want you to ravage me till I climax Mmm!!

Saji tried to think about this, but his body moves forward ever so slowly, I get out of the way as he holds her thighs while panting like a horny beast in-heat as he was on the brink of caving to his temptations and his reasoning flying out of the window. As I sneakily wrote in the Journal “Momo, Tomoe, Tsubasa, Reya and Ruruko will be willing to help Saji’s dragon lust every single day as they won’t mind if they convince his child” and “When ever Saji sees Raynare’s, Momo’s, Tomoe’s, Tsubasa’s, Reya’s or Ruruko’s” fully nude bodies, his dragon instinct will kick in and he will ravage one or more of those girls in order to calm his dragon lust” was written as I watched to see what would happen

Saji: I…I…

Momo: Hmm…?

Saji: …I will take that offer Momo-senpai!!

He said thrusting his cock deep inside of Momo’s smooth and wet virgin pussy as Saji feels her first time blood leaking on his cock, but he slightly ignored it and thrusted his cock in and out of her pussy naturally

Momo: Mmm~!!! I-It’s inside of me!! Y-Your dragon cock Mmm!! I-It keeps poking my womb Sa-Saji-sama… don’t stop and keep going mm~!!

She said as she crossed her legs helping him push deeper inside her pussy as he can’t help but ravage her pussy to the max. Along with Momo’s obscene facial reaction of being slutty while moaning at the top of her lungs as her womb was being fucked every time Saji would thrust in and out with ease

Momo: Oooo~!!! I-I can’t hold it anymore~!! i-I’m g-gonna cum from you thrusting in-inside of my wo-womb a-alone S-Saji-sama~!! Ah~! Ah~ah~ahh~ah~ahhh~!!!

Saji: T-Then cum for me and fall to superior dragon lust Momo-senpai~!!!  

Momo: H-Hai Saji-sama~!! C-Cum deep inside pwlease~!!!!

He surprisingly holds on for a decent 20 minutes of him vigorously thrusting in her womb for so long that he cums a thick load inside of her that you can notice a small bulb in her stomach. She slightly faints as Saji pulled out and laid on his back while panting

Tomoe: Saji-sama, Saji-sama, make sure to please us too!!

Tsubasa: Y-You better have enough for all of us

Reya: I-I will be in your care Saji-sama

Ruruko: Even though your a bit smaller then Dusk-sama’s cock, I bet it will still feel pretty good inside of me Saji-sama

Raynare: You better do you best Saji-sama

With that Saji was slowly having his own personal orgy with his newly found harem as his lust just ravaged on with the girls multiple moans echoing in the Student Council Room, to which me, Sona and Tsubaki have left them all to do as they please

Dusk: That went better then expected didn’t it girls?

Tsubaki: Mmm… It did Dusk-sama

Sona: I-I can’t believe you too most of my peerage’s first times in one go ba-baka-sama

Dusk: Someone jealous by chance? ^-^

Sona: I-I am not ba-baka~!! L-Let’s go!! >/////////<

She said steaming off in a storm as I followed her behind, however Tsubaki looked at me from behind and started to think while rubbing her belly for a few moments, she then looked back up and got wet and walked home with us……





Hey guys, IK that this chapter wasn't... "great" as I wasn't really motivated at the time when I first posted this chapter originally and I did read some feedback and I finally started from scratch and worked my way up for this "fixed" chapter. Also I needed to have a break so I took this somewhat long Hiatus, though don't feel discouraged as I have some chapters I have typed up. I just need to finish them as the next chapter will be sole for Tsubaki and if you have any suggestions or feedback let me hear it, I have open ears to different opinions, but until then, peace.

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