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From late at Friday night till the morning till nightfall of Saturday, me and Xenovia have been indulging ourselves in a lot of sex. As of Sunday I would ask her to wear kinky attire’s as she did from skimpy nurse outfits to apron only, micro bikinis to skimpy maid outfits, I enjoyed the various outfits that Xenovia wore as we did it all around my house in various positions for the appropriate atmosphere. But she made a suggestion of wearing “one more” outfit, but it would be for later that Sunday night

- Sunday Night -

I waited in my room for Xenovia to arrive as it took her about 10 minutes to get changed, upon her arrival she was wearing a black skin tight suit. I was baffled of how hot she was wearing that outfit

Xenovia: H-How does it look?

Dusk: It looks pretty damn hot

I said with a nosebleed and thumbs up combo

Dusk: But more importantly, why did you tell me you had this outfit for us to use earlier?

Xenovia: W-Well~ I wasn’t sure if Dusk-senpai would like these kinds of outfits-

She said as I massaged her breasts from behind while my cock rubs between her legs and crotch, as Xenovia let a soft moan out from my straightforward attack

Xenovia: Mmm~~~ y-You have to stop doing that b-baka~!

She says as she locks lips with me, I carried her to bed, then I get some scissors to snip the breasts area and her crotch to see her delicious oppai and pussy in full view with her skintight on, as Xenovia natural covered up

Xenovia: H-Hey!? >////////< I didn’t say you could do that to my outfit D-Dusk-senpai!?

Dusk: Yea~ IK, but it looks really hot

I said sticking my cock into Xenovia’s molded pussy, as her lustful moan came out with her slightly shivering body trying to hold on from the rush of pleasure

Xenovia: B-Baka, don’t do that when we’re talking~!? I-I am a little sensitive from e-earlier

Dusk: But your naughty face, tightened pussy and crossed legs are saying “ravage my pussy”

Xenovia: Mmm~~ I-I will make you pay for this~!?

She says, but doesn’t since we both spent the entire Sunday night doing the usual missionary position, where she lays on top of me and I hammer her pussy, then we went for a reverse cowgirl and then we both finished off with the cowgirl position, but I was laying up and our tongues were in a trance that we didn’t even notice it was morning, till I came deep inside of Xenovia

Then we both pass out for a few hours and knew that we had to go to school as usual, have some breakfast after we cleaned ourselves up, but this time Xenovia was a little clingy and had a sweet smile as she was holding onto my right arm

As a natural reaction I couldn’t help but blush and remembering the sensation of her breasts softness and size clear as day in on my arm as I got a boner from just remembering

However it was cut short…

Issei: Ah!? Dusk? Xenovia!? What are you guys doing-? Wait… it couldn’t be?!

Xenovia: Ahh~~ H-Hey Issei, me and Dusk are dating now-

Xenovia was saying as Issei quickly got me away from her and headlocked me and whispered for the two of us to hear

Issei: Oi~ Oi~ Oi~ Oi~!! I thought you said you weren’t gunning for a sexy bae like her man?!

Dusk: I-I never said I was going to hit on her s-since it was the other way around

Cause if I told him the truth then it would be a little chaotic and I wouldn’t like to share this power, but I would like to do something in the future that might involve him and someone, we’ll see, we’ll see

Dusk: A-And I can’t breathe with you head locking me like that man!! Give!! Give!!!

Issei: Mmm~! Fine, but you better treat her like a lady okay?

Even thorough we graduated to adulthood, but okay

Dusk: Y-Yea, yea I got it

Xenovia: You guys okay?

Unison: Yup, just talking about dude stuff

Xenovia: Th-Then I will see you both later

We both waved while smiling

Issei: Tell me your secret ^‿^

Dusk: Not gonna happen ^‿^

Issei: Why not?!

Dusk: Shall I list a few things that you did on a certain day?

Issei: Gomen…

After that conversation, I went to homeroom and did the normal class stuff, as lunch rolled around me and Xenovia has lunch on the room in private like a normal couple

Xenovia: Mmm~~ your cooking is pretty good Dusk-senpai

Dusk: Well~ I did have to do this on my own, so it’s not that bad to pick up as cooking skill

Xenovia: Hmm~~

Dusk: What?

Xenovia: I was thinking of bringing my friends up here to have a meal with us

A lightbulb turned on in my head for some fresh prey

Dusk: Maybe you should bring them so they could know that we’re dating and stuff

Xenovia: B-Baka that’s not what I was intending or anything!? °////// °

Dusk: IK, I just wanted to see your cute flustered expression is all

Xenovia: Mmm…! =///////=

Dusk: So you don’t wanna bring them?

Xenovia: No, I will, but can I have a reward please?

Dusk: Even though it’s in broad daylight, I didn’t think you were so daring to ask me-

Xenovia: I-I meant a kiss baka-senpai

Dusk: Really~? I didn’t know what you meant ¬‿¬

Xenovia hits my chest in a moe way

Xenovia: >///////< Ba-Baka-senpai, why do you like to tease me so much?!

Dusk: Cause I love to tear girls that I like ;)

Xenovia stops with a bright red face, looked the other way, as I lifted her chin to kiss her lips for a little while, as I saw someone peaking at us as the door closed slightly

Xenovia: N-No more tease o-okay?!

Dusk: I will consider it-

Xenovia: Or I will only give you handjobs for a month

Dusk: …

Xenovia: …

Dusk: …I will dial down the teasing to a minimum

Xenovia: Good

As me and Xenovia finished our meals we left to head for the classroom, but I told Xenovia to head off before me as I felt that someone was staring at us from a distance

Dusk: …How long are you gonna hide?

To my surprise I say a blonde slightly small female with green eyes

Asia: M-My name is Asia, Asia Argento… umm…

Dusk: My name is Dusk Tarragon, Asia-chan

Asia: I-Is it true…?

Dusk: What is?

Asia: That you and Xenovia-chan are da-dating?!

I can see that she is quite a innocent person, almost angel like, then I took my Journal out and wrote “Dusk and Asia will be ‘thought’ to be in class for the remainder of the day” so I could trick the students and teachers to think we are in class for the rest of class today, as I wanted to have a little fun with Asia-chan, while I also wrote "for the teachers and students to ignore us for the day" so nothing suspicious could happen as a safety measure

Asia: W-Well…?!

Dusk: Yup and I could prove it if you want too

Asia: P-prove it? Prove what?

Dusk: Ooo~~ just for “Asia will be in a trance” is how to start it off is all

Asia: Ehh…?

She said as I noticed that she didn't say anything as it was a little "too" easy for Asia to be put Ina trance, but I won't deny the results as I wrapped my right arm around her waist

Dusk: Well we are going to head for the school storage room so I can help you show that me and Xenovia are dating okay? ^‿^

Asia: …Hai…Dusk…san…

I nicely guided Asia towards the school storage as I saw that there was a decent mat for me and Asia to have a steamy time

I went to write back inside the Journal again to put a "defensive" precaution that "anyone one that has gym class or a teacher that enters this pace will see we are invisible and can't hear us" and hope that this will work

Dusk: Okay Asia-chan, if you would be so kind as to sit on the mat please so we can get started

Asia: …Hai…Dusk-san…

I see that Asia walked towards the mat, turned around and held her skirt as she took a seat as I see her cute and spaced out expression as I then kneeled in front of her as I lifted her skirt to see what kind of panties she was wearing

Dusk: Ooo~? Pure white, that pretty cute Asia-chan

Asia: …thank you…

Dusk: But~ I think your uniform is getting in the way, don’t you think so?

Asia: …Hai…?

Dusk: I mean, it’s a little hot in here so it’s only natural to take some clothes off, isn’t it?

Asia: …Ahh…I understand…Dusk-san…

While I watched her take her sweater off and then her shirt, as I wanted to make a “humorous” note in the journal “After Asia make me cum from her mouth, there will be 4 more versions of me that will appear and will only disappear after the 4 of them are satisfied” is what I had written

Asia: …It feels nice and cool…being in my undergarments Dusk-san…

Dusk: Mmm~ your slightly developed breasts with your slim figure

Asia: …thank you…

I then took her bra off as I see her b-cup’d sized breasts in my view as I went to lick her right nipple while hearing her cute moans as I went to suckle on her left nipple while massaging her left cheek and rubbing the right side of her waist as I continue to hear her cute and slightly lewd moans

Dusk: Mmm~~ even though they are a little small, you have some juicy moans for a innocent girl Asia-chan

Asia: …Mmm…Th-That’s because of D-Dusk-san…being e-ecchi…

Dusk: Hai~ Hai~ but now it’s your turn to have a taste of this Asia-chan

I said striping off my pants to show her my thick 8 inch cock as her eyes opened wide

Asia: I-It’s so big…what is it…?

Dusk: Ooo? Innocent to the core huh? Well, it’s called a “cock” and you will kindly help “heal” me by using your mouth of course Asia-chan

Asia: …Heal…with my mouth…? …I understand…

She said as she tried to cup her hands on my cock, but it was a little large for her small fingers, however they were quite soft to feel in her hands. As I see her slowly lean forward to lick the tip as I gave off a soft moan from her cutely licking my cock

Asia: Mmm…! It’s bitter…Dusk-san…

Dusk: Mmm~~ don’t worry, it will taste better after time, but try to put it in your mouth Asia-chan

Asia: …Okay…

She then starts to massage my shaft with her soft hands, while she take about 2 inches of the tip and shaft into her mouth while she slowly swirled her tongue on the shaft as it was a little clumsy compared to Xenovia, but felt a little soft and warm for the difference in giving head

Dusk: Mmm~~ your blowjob needs a little work, but I can see you have some potential Asia-chan

Asia: Mmm~~ I-It’ starting to taste a little better then before…but I-I will do my best Dusk-san

Dusk: Ooo~~ that’s right Asia-chan and can you massage my balls while trying to take it a little deeper please?

Asia: …Hai~

She massages my balls as it felt quite nice as I slightly drooled from having a angel give me such treatment while taking 4 inches in her soft and warm mouth as I can hear her moan while bobbing her head at a decent pace

She has a flushed face from sucking on my cock for about 30 minutes while massaging my balls as I see that she had a wet stain on her panties as I took my shoe off to rub her wet panties while hearing her moan from her sensitive pussy

Dusk: Oooo~~ that’s it Asia, just use your mouth and don’t your hands cause I am gonna cum soon

Asia nods as she puts her hands on my thighs as she went from the tip to about 6 inches of my cock into her mouth as she was trying quite hard to “heal me” as she went back and started her deepthroating action

Asia: Mmm~~ D-Dusk-san’s cock is too big, mmm~~ pl-please be healed soon with my mouth pwease~!

Dusk: Ahh~~ crap this is so hot that I can’t hold it for much longer!!

I said as when Asia’s mouth was deep enough, she could feel her cheeks puff a little as my cum was filling her mouth as I can hear hear starting to drink my cum that was slowly filling her mouth

And after about 20 seconds of her gulping down all of my cum, she pulled back to make a naughty pop sound

Asia: W-Was that good Dusk-san?

Dusk: Yes it was and I can’t wait to have a round with your pussy Asia-chan

Asia: …w-with all 5 of you Dusk-san…?

I blinked thinking that she might have been drunk from drinking my cum, by I turned around to notice that there were 4 nude versions of myself and to my surprise, they were just as surprised, as I huddled to communicate with them to have a plan with what we will do with Asia

Asia: …Dusk…sans…?

Dusk: Seems like your going to have a nice time “healing” all of us with your body Asia-chan

Asia: Hmm…?

I laid on the mat as the other’s helped take her panties off as they placed her on me while, Dusk2 was behind her and Dusk3 and Dusk5 used her hands to touch their cocks while Dusk4 was right in front of her while 4 of us see Asia bright red from her current position

Dusk: When you come to your senses Asia, you will “learn to pleasure us with your body to heal us till satisfaction” understood?

Asia: …I think so…?

Dusk2: Hmm~ then “When you are out of your trance, you will learn a new healing technique to heal us with you body”? 

Asia: …Ahh~ I understand…

Dusk5: Then kindly “Wake up” Asia

It took a moment for Asia to notice that she was holding two cock and was wearing clothes as her cute red face said it all

Asia: W-What has ha-happened D-Dusk-san- Umm…! Dusk-san’s?! Eh!? Y-You have brothers?! @///////@

Dusk: You see, we need some of your “divine healing” from your magical tough Asia-chan

Asia: B-But why do I have to naked a-and why am I naked?! >////////<

Dusk2: You don’t remember? You were giving some nice blowjobs from before that actually helped calm Dusk down a little

Dusk: And I was wondering if you can help please all of us Asia-chan

Asia: B-But you guys seem that you guys are s-so big and bulgy º/////// º

Dusk5: Don’t worry, we will take it slow and help you with the advanced course of “healing”

Asia: A-Advanced healing…?

Dusk4: Yup~ so listen to us and it will not be as hard as you think

Asia: B-But- Ahh~~ W-What are you doing D-Dusk-sans?!

Dusk: Just helping stimulate your lower half with my fingers

Dusk2: And I am just teasing your cute little asshole

Asia: B-But that place is dirty Mmm~!?

Dusk4: Don’t worry, now get your mouth a tasting please Asia-chan

Asia: Mmmm~~~

Dusk3: Don’t forget to use your right hand nicely Asia-chan

Dusk5: Don’t tease us by holding it Asia-chan, just nicely jerk it

Asia: Mmmm~~!!

While Asia felt a little pressured from 5 guys telling her to loosen up or start her “training” you could say, she finally caved and started to suck on Dusk4’s cock while swirling her tongue as she jerked off both Dusk3 and Dusk5 at the same time while rubbing the tip to the shaft in unison, while I suckle on her cute little nipple while Dusk2 cupped her little ass and started to do a assjob while we hear Asia moaning from giving pleasure and receiving pleasure at the same time

After a while of stimulating her wet pussy and her ass finally loosened up. Both me and Dusk2 rubbed our cocks at her soon to be 2 lost virginities at the same time

Asia: Mmm~~ *Made a naughty pop sound as her handy work did stop* W-What are you doing with those c-cocks D-Dusk-sans?

Dusk: It’s just about ripe for the advanced course Asia-chan

Dusk2: So we had to loosen you up cause it might hurt at first

Asia: W-What are you talk about Mmm!!

From her reaction she felt 2 thick cocks slowly entered her ass and pussy at the same time as I could feel that Asia’s hymen that was slowly breaking from my cock as she gave out a painful cry while I can feel her blood rush my cock a little

Asia: Mmm~ I-It hurt’s g-guys

Dusk2: Don’t worry it will feel better soon enough

Asia: B-But how can it feel better if it hurts?

Dusk4: This is what your training is for after all

He said as he put his cock back into Asia’s mouth while slowly thrusting his cock, cause she wasn’t used to it yet, while Dusk3 and Dusk5 hold her hands and started to thrust their cock from the soft sensation of a angel as I started to continue my penetration till my cock kissed her womb and Dusk2 started to mold her ass while also thrusting his cock

After a while Asia expression when from in pain to slightly lewd as her face looked like it was in heaven while giving pleasure and receiving pleasure

Asia: Mmm~~ I-It hurt just a moment ago, but cock taste pretty good, s-so Dusk-sans…

Dusk (All): Hm?!

Asia: Pl-please help me, help you with the advanced healing please!

Dusk (All): With Pleasure

Like a switch that has been flipped we when from software mode to speeding up the process of training Asia-chan into our cute and lewd little angel

As soon as Asia noticed that we picked up the pace, she knew that she also had to work extra hard to please all of us

Dusk4 was enjoying her improvement in her blowjobs as Asia was licking not only the tip, but under the girth with her tongue while felt pretty stimulating that a normal guy would cum after a few licks

As Dusk3 and Dusk5 enjoyed her double hand job with the included lubricant from the pre-cum, it was giving off a very naughty sound while her soft hands just milk any guy dry

While Dusk2 was enjoying her virgin ass as they tight folds felt like suction cups from pulling out, but was wet and lubricant while thrusting inside

As I continued to mold her pussy as well as kissing her womb quite a lot since her tight pussy felt a little better then Xenovia’s compared to tightness

Asia: Mmm~~ D-Dusk-sans c-cocks are bulging a lot, c-could it be Mmm~ working my healing?!

Dusk (All): Ahhh~~ yes, ahhh~~ crap this is just too good that I am gonna—!!

Asia: Mmm~~ Ish okay, cum, cum as much as you can Dushk-shan’s

Just like Asia wanted, Dusk4 came first from her amazing blowjob as we can her gulping it down as she could hear Dusk 5 panting and gave him a blowjob and drank his cum as well as Dusk3 for the same service

While me and Dusk2 both plunged out cock to the base and filled both her ass and pussy with our thick cum as Asia moans from the 5 times pleasure as Dusk3-5 pulled back to mark her face a little

Asia: Mmm~~ I-It’s a little bitter, but I think I could like it

Dusk: Ahh~~ that was good, but you think it’s over Asia-chan?

Gulps down the extra cum on her face she wanted to taste

Asia: Eh?

Dusk3: We are just getting started of course

Dusk4: You think we will go down from one round?

Dusk5: Your handjob and blowjob felt good but~

Dusk2: We will have our fill with your sexy and naughty body of course Asia-chan

Asia: C-Can we take a little break plea-please?

We all looked at each other and nodded

Dusk (All): Fine, but we will get back to your training okay?

Asia: Hai~! ^‿^

And after 10 minute break, Asia got up to tease us by opening both her pussy and ass as the 5 of us had raging boners to ravage her insides

Well all took turns of course from going on 1-on-1 action to a 3some or the straight up 5some

The first up to take action was me of course to do the missionary position with Asia as I slowly dominated her pussy while locking my lips wit her’s till I filled her womb again

As Dusk2 and Dusk4 went to double penetrate Asia while she was held in the air and of course they also locked lips with her and came in both her holes and turned her around to have the reverse action and cum again in her ass or pussy

As Dusk3 and Dusk5 would do the doggie style from her being on her knees of the mat till both came in her pussy or mouth and then did the reverse pose while she was laying down this time till the came in her pussy or mouth again

Of course people did come to get some equipment as we took the advantage of having sex while near them till they left as they wouldn’t even see or hear what we were doing near them

After that long session for about the last hour, Asia took down Dusk2-5 as they were in pleasure heaven as they of course faded away while Asia rested on my chest as it felt pretty kinky doing with Asia as I looked for journal to write something down…till…someone opened the storage room door

Xenovia: There you are Dusk-senpai…and…Asia…?!

Dusk: X-Xenovia?!

Xenovia: Wha…What are you doing with Asia-chan!?

Dusk: I-I can explain!!

I said as I just a quick note saying “It’s okay for me to have more then one girl in my harem”

Xenovia: Well? I am waiting

Dusk: Y-You see that A-Asia over here need some help and I wanted to help her

I said trying to get Asia to say something, but was out cold with her cute smile in cum, which was little erotic and cute

Xenovia: Mmm~~

I looked at her while sweating some bullets

Xenovia: *Sighs* Just next time ask me if your backed up baka-senpai

Dusk: Eh?

Xenovia kneels down to rub my cock

Xenovia: If your gonna have more girls, be sure to tell me in advance if your gonna add more to your harem okay?

Holy crap that was fast

Dusk: Ha-Hai!

After a while Asia woke up as the situation was explained to her as they both licked side of my cock while I fingered their pussies

Dusk: Man~ this is the life honestly

Asia: Mmm~~ make sure to help me train a little more okay?

Xenovia: Pull this again and I will torture you with a footjob for a week with no rest understand?

Dusk: Y-Yes, I understand Xenovia and Asia Ahh!!

I came on their faces and then before I knew it, we got dressed up, went to my place for the 3 of us to have a 3some till it was midnight






Hope you guys like this chapter as Dusk has both Xenovia and Asia conquered to his harem as another girl will be added and that will be the surprise for the next chapter. Also if you have any other suggestions let me know. And I do plan on adding Kuroka only after Koneko-chan or I might add both in a chapter? It depends on my mood. Anyways, peace

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