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After making Rossweisse-sensei my personal sex relief teacher and bride to be, I was a little curious to see if I can knock her up without the pills, but no matter how many attempts I did; it was to no avail even when I trained her erotic body some more till her defenseless womb submits to my horny cum, I did end up use the pills and were successful in making her bare my child… However, I heard that there was a new transfer student and her name was Irina Shidou as she is a comrade of Xenovia’s and childhood friend of Issei’s as I knew who my new target is to add to my harem

- On top of the roof with Xenovia -

The both of us were supposed to have lunch on the roof, but were were having intimate sex like animals in heat, where I was holding Xenovia’s ass in my hands helping her bounce off my cock as her breasts were exposed and rubbing my chest while our lips were locked with each other till broke for some air

Xenovia: Mmm~!! I-It’s been so long since you’ve mm!! Done it with my Dusk-senpai!

Dusk: Ahhh~~ so wet and smooth ahhh~ we~well~ I have been preparing for the expansion of my harem Xenovia, mmm~ s~So I hope this makes up for lose time

Xenovia: Mmm~~ Y-You cock keeps striking my womb so much!!

She says as she holds me tightly as I went to suck on her hard nipples and then I let her lay down and for me to ravage her pussy more directly then before

Xenovia: Mmm~!! J~Just like that Dusk-senpai~!? Give me your thick and creamy seeds~!!

I grunted as I poured a thick load inside of Xenovia’s womb, kisses her as she makes lewd sounds as she feels my intimate thrusts making sure she doesn’t spill a drop till I pulled back to see her ahegao and immediately used her mouth-pussy to clean my cock as she suddenly sucks a bit hard and climax from giving me a clean up blowjob

Dusk: Ahh~~ that feel nice Xenovia, don’t let up since I am about to give you another one soon

I said playing with her hard nipples with my fingers and massaging her breasts with my palms, while she lustfully sucks on my cock and started to finger her pussy and clit at the same time. Along with her naughty muffling and sucking skills, it felt like heaven despite her being a horny demon after my seed, then after about 10 minutes I came in her mouth-pussy and pulled back to mark her face as she drank the thick load in her mouth and licked my cock clean while kissing the tip with a mischievous smile

Xenovia: Mmm~ tasty as always Dusk-senpai ;)

Dusk: Phew~ you sure know how to please me Xenovia-chan, plus… I have a nice little assignment for you do for me after school

Xenovia: Hm? What might that be Dusk-senpai?

Dusk: Well…

- I explained the details as the bell rang, we both immediately got dressed and headed for class as Rossweisse is teaching the class about Home-Ec -

Rossweisse: Alright, class, make sure to stir the batter and if you want to add a little bit of chopped fruit or mini-chocolate’s be sure to be careful and not to spill-mm!

The class looked at her from her sudden streak

Female Student: Is something wrong Rossweisse-sensei?

Rossweisse: N-No… Mmm… J-Just that I stubbed my toe by accident is all

Male Student: Hahah Sensei can be a cute klutz some times

The real reason she made a slight moan was cause I turned the mini-vibrators deep inside her pussy and on her nipple as well; go from lvl 1 to lvl 3 as I smirked from her soft panting, slight blush face and her slightly fidgeting from me teasing her in front of the entire class, plus since she’s wearing a skirt I made her go undergarment-less for a added tease and pleasing view for me to watch

Rossweisse: N-Now make sure to not m~make a mess okay?!

Students: Hai!!

- At the end of school in the male bathroom -

*Rossweisse was sitting on the stool of the toilet as I let her ravage my cock to help her out with getting in the mood for earlier*

Rossweisse: Mmm!! Your shush a teaze Dushk-shama Mmm~moop

( *T: Your such a tease Dusk-sama Mmm~! )

Dusk: It honestly can’t be helped since Rossweisse sensei is pretty hot to not tease and all, plus your blowjob’s are improving by the day ahhh!! The way you suck on it is pretty heavenly and your tongue is so damn soft too ahhh!!

Rossweisse: Mmm~ do you like it when I lick here~?

She stopped sucking and immediately goes to licking my shaft and the tip at the same time like a lollipop

Dusk: AhhH!! Y-Yes like that Rossweisse!! K-Keep it up pl-please!!!

She giggles as she continued to lick my cock at the same pace and then went to sucking it off in a hot and vulgar manor that when she hit the base of my cock, I came deep inside of her throat and pulled back a bit to fill her mouth to see her cheek buff a bit. As I pulled back to make her face, she gulps down my thick cum and opened her mouth nice and wide

Rossweisse: Thanks for the meal, Dusk-sama

Dusk: Ahh~ that was so hot and no problem Rosseweisse-sensei, now it’s time to go

Rossweisse: Hai~ <3

After a while of Rossweisse cleaning herself up we both went home as the current girls in my harem greeted with apron only attires

Akeno: Ara~ Ara~ Welcome home Dusk-kun

Sona: D-Don’t get the wrong idea D-Dusk-sama

Tsubaki: I hope you like this attire, Dusk-sama

Serafall: I sure hope you like it, naughty Dusky ;)

Asia: .///////. I-I hope you like it D-Dusk-san

Xenovia: It’s quite breathable to wear this kind of attire

Rossweisse: @///////@ W-What are you girls wearing?!

Unison: Apron only Rossweisse

Rossweisse: >//////////< I-I know that but why-!

The 6 of them giggles as the striped Rossweisse down to get her to wear the apron only attire as well as Rossweisse naturally fidgeted because of her ass being exposed

Rossweisse: Mmm…!! W-Why do I have to wear this!? >///////<

Unison: Because Dusk-sama like it of course Rossweisse-sensei

After a while they did naturally feed me, as I did feed them in return, it’s where we went to the bathroom where the kinky action happened all the way till we hit the bed for a long period of sex without rest till the sun had risen. I got up and got dressed with the ladies and headed straight for class as the other students mumbled about another student coming by

- Early Wednesday Morning -

The students rushed to see the new face of Khou Academy, to which I joined in and it turned out to be another girl with brown long twin-tailed hair with purple eyes, she was giggling with Xenovia as I waited for the hype to die out and talk with Xenovia about who she is

- Lunch -

Dusk: … So basically Irina Shidou is your childhood friend from the same church as she’s a angel… right?

Xenovia: Yup that’s right Dusk-senpai

She cutely eats her meatball sub

Dusk: Hmm~

Xenovia: You were thinking of adding Irina weren’t you?

Dusk: Guilt is charged… though I do have a plan and it does involve your assistance Xenovia-chan

Xenovia blushes a bit from me adding “-chan” to her name

Xenovia: O-Okay, what’s your plan???

Dusk: Well…

- After school -

Female Student1: Later Irina

Female Student2: We should go to Karaoke next time

They both giggled as the left the classroom as Irina waved her hands at them both

Irina: Mm! See you both next time… now I better put my stuff away

She says while packing up her stuff as she heard someone tap on the door to get her attention

Irina: Hm~?

Dusk: Hey~ Irina-chan, I heard that you and Xenovia are really close friends right?

Irina: Yup even since childhood ^-^ *With a cute imaginary halo*

Dusk: Well to be honest…

Irina: Hm? Something wrong?

Dusk: … Snaps fingers … I would like you to join me so you can see what Xenovia’s been up too while you’ve been gone Irina… you wouldn’t mind joining, right?

It took a moment for the hypnosis to work on Irina, but she had a dazed expression as it finally kicked in as I waited to hear her reaction

Irina: …Hai…I would love to know…

I go to rub her head nicely

Dusk: Good girl, good girl *Holds her waist nicely* now let’s go

Irina: …Hai…

- At my place; In my bedroom -

As the 3 of us walked into my bedroom, I gave Irina some hypnotic suggestions before hand while walking home.

1) What you witness may seem ecchi, but over time is natural for all girls to learn.

2) You will be performing the same actions as Xenovia to get a better understanding of her situation.

3) Your sensitive and pleasure are linked as if you body, mouth, tongue, breasts, nipples, clit, pussy and womb are slightly maxed out.

4) Giving into lust isn’t a sin even when doing it in front of your best friends lover. And lastly

5) Once you’ve experienced pleasure, you will ask Xenovia to have a 3some to strengthen your friendship as girls and lovers to Dusk.

Plus as a little added bonus to Irina that I written in the Journal, thanks to Xenovia informing me about this, “If Irina caves to pleasure or get horny and wants to involve lewd actions, she will not loose her status as a Angel ever and her offspring as well” which will be interesting to record from her getting down and horny as a Angel that hasn’t fallen, however I clapped my hands and Irina blinked and was a bit confused how she ended up here

Irina: Eh? Wait… wasn’t I at school…?

Dusk: Ooo~? Seems like your awake now Irina-chan

Irina: What do you mean by awak- X-Xenovia W-What are you doing?!

Irina says as I was sitting on my chair while Xenovia was sucking me off with her lips slurping on the shaft as she pulls back along with her large breasts rubbing against my shaft, as Xenovia then made a naughty pop sound from my cock as she jerks it off while looking at Irina with a straight face

Xenovia: I’m giving my boyfriend a blowjob Irina, what else does it look like I’m doing?

Irina: I-I can see you doing tha- @///////@! B-Boyfriend?! S-Since when did you get one!?

Xenovia: About 2 months ago Irina, plus I want you to watch me pleasure him for important details you have to pick up on

Xenovia says as she immediately goes back to giving me head with her lewd expression as she deep throats my 10 inch cock from the tip to the base like a slutty pro, a “sexy slut” if I say so myself, but as Xenovia displays her erotic skills. Irina watches in full view of how Xenovia is pleasing from from licking the tip to licking or kissing my shaft to even jerking me off while sucking on my balls or even massaging my balls while taking my whole cock down her wet and slippery mouth-pussy or even when she gives me the double hand job while sucking me off which is honestly just as hot as whatever technique Xenovia does

Irina: Mumbles I-It’s so big and long……I……I wonder if I could even……

Irina says as she started to touch her panties and then noticed she is wet and couldn’t help herself to finger herself secretly as her best friend gives head to her boyfriend

Dusk: Ahhh~~!!! X-Xenovia I’m just about…!!

Xenovia winks at me as she immediately started to deep throat my cock while I playing with her breasts and nipples so I wasn’t the only feeling pleasure and Xenovia’s hands ended fingering her drenched pussy to climax and after a few bobs from her sexy mouth-pussy, I came deep inside her throat letting Xenovia have her well deserved reward, after Xenovia Gulps it down she slowly pulled back and let’s my cock rest on her face for a moment

Xenovia: Mmm~~ thanks for the meal Dusk-senpai

Dusk: Mmm~~ no problem Xenovia-chan, how did you like your best friends performance Irina-chan?

Irina came back to her senses a bit as she even noticed she was masterbating to Xenovia giving head to a thick and long cock Irina hasn’t seen before

Irina: °//////° I-I wouldn’t know since I haven’t done it before, s-so I guess I have to find out for myself, don’t you think so?!

I smirked as the journals effects are taken hold of her as Irina’s lust is being honest, I was thinking as Xenovia moved to the side and Irina was on her knees looking, feeling and slightly smelling my cock before. As Irina tries to think a bit rational, her female instincts are giving her a slightly slutty reaction as she goes from kneeling to on her tongues with her damp white panties exposed along with her spread legs, Irina’s breath alone fells pretty good hit my cock, but I want her to do more

Xenovia: Go ahead Irina, have a taste or have a feels with your hands

Irina gulps as she holds my cock with her soft hands, I naturally moaned out as she takes a few moments to look and marvel at how big and smelly my cock is along with smelling Xenovia’s saliva being in the mix which her face was almost she was drunk from the scent alone, till she moves her hands up and down from shaft from the hilt to the very tip.

Irina feels how hot and sturdy my cock is as she then licks the tip sweetly, after a few minutes of her licking the tip alone she went to take the tip inside of her mouth and lick the tip alone and then used both her hands to jerk my cock off like Xenovia from her performance. Then Xenovia giggles as she removed her school uniform only leaving her panties on as Irina’s breasts were swaying about from her beginning to bob her head more and more on my cock taking inch by inch until her mouth was half full of my cock

Dusk: Mmm~~ Even though this is Irina’s first time, your getting better by the minute, X-Xenovia-chan, would you mind getting Irina ready please~?

Xenovia: Alright, but I better get the same treatment when your done, okay~?!

Dusk: Y-Yes, I promise

Xenovia goes to Irina from behind naked as Xenovia massages her panties to get nice 'n wet while Xenovia roughly teases Irina’s left nipple to hardness and would do the same to her right nipple. With Irina’s natural reaction, she made a naughty pop sound from my cock as her hands don’t stop jerking me off

Irina: X-Xenovia-chan W-What Mmm!! A-Are you doing?!

Xenovia: Just helping out a friend is all, go ahead and enjoy yourself

Irina: E-Enjoy myself you say…mmm…E-Ecchi-Xenovia

Irina goes back to giving me a blowjob as I noticed that she then started to give me a tittyfuck with her large breasts, they felt the same size and Xenovia’s but a bit more softer compared to Xenovia’s slightly firm and plump breasts. Xenovia joins in by also giving me head while using her own breasts to give me a double tittyfuck, it was unbearable that I continued to enjoy the sighting of two gorgeous and lewd females pleasuring me or pleasuring each other for my own satisfaction

Irina: Mmm~ this thing is so lewd and naughty~ mmm~ and very tasty too~ <3

Xenovia: Mmm~ it’s not a “thing” Irina, it’s call a “cock”

Irina: “C-Cock”?!

Xenovia: Mmm~ that’s right, now focus on the tip

Irina: Mm~ Dusk’s cock tastes so good~

Their tongues assaulted the tip of my cock to their fullest as their breast goes up and down my shaft while shuffling at the same time to get a different sensation, after about a decent 5 minutes I came hard and marked their faces, tongues and breasts in a thick and horny musk

Xenovia: Mmm~ so tasty

Irina: S-So this is a man’s juices

Irina said as she slurps up some of my cum and eats it as she has a dazed expression on her face while looking as if she was in heat, till she came to her senses a bit to see Xenovia riding on my cock; reverse cowgirl style

Xenovia: Mm~ it’s hitting so deep Dusk-senpai

Dusk: Ahh~ your more wet then usual Xenovia-chan, could it be because of your friend being here~?

Xenovia: Mmm~ D-Don’t say it like that-Kya~

She said as I hold her by the wrists, turned her towards Irina’s position, which Irina was on the floor on her knees still, as I thrust to help Xenovia bounce up and down my cock as my hands holds her wrists from falling down along with Xenovia’s breasts bouncing about in front of Irina’s eyes

Dusk: Mmm~ get a good look at your best friend Irina-chan, she’s be come quite then hentai while you’ve been gone, so I do my best to help her out

Xenovia: Mmm~ B-But that’s cause your cock is just too much~!

Dusk: Y-You say that, but I can feel your pussy walls having a nice hold on my cock, plus I can tell your having a nice ahegao face on right now from me striking your womb so much Xenovia-chan

Of course Xenovia didn’t hear me cause she was lost in lust, while I peeked a bit to see Irina as she was full on masterbating mode with her eyes glued on how my cock is going in and out of Xenovia’s pussy. Irina was using her right hand to massage her left breast while teasing her left nipple at the same time, while her left hand was rubbing her damp pussylips and her stiff clit with a deep blush face as if she was in a trance

Dusk: Mmm~ Have a good view of me planting my thick seed inside of you best friend Irina-chan

I said as I hold Xenovia’s leg’s and thrust my cock while lifting her up and down ever so slightly for Irina to get a full view of Xenovia’s body being dominated

Xenovia: N~No~!! N~Not like that Dusk-senpai~! Mmm!~! I~Irina will see my horny side~! Ahhh~!! S~So good~!!!

Dusk: It’s a little late for that Xenovia-chan, plus Irina eyes are glued from us having a good lovers sex~ Ahhh~!! Here’s your reward for being a good girlfriend~!!!

I plunge my cock deep inside of Xenovia’s womb and dump a thick load of my fresh cum deep inside of her to fill to the brim as Xenovia made a very lustful ahegao face from her womb being creampied directly by my cock, while Irina came with Xenovia at the same time. Of course Xenovia passed out from cumming a bit too hard, I let her rest as Irina regained her senses only to see my thick and throbbing member before her very eyes

Dusk: Mmm~ I’m not quite finished and Xenovia passed out Irina-chan… wanna have a do the same thing like Xenovia-chan?

Irina glared at the massive 10 inch trobbing cock before her eyes, taking in the scent that is making her wet just thinking of being ravaged, along with her soft and sweet lustful pants that Irina nodded as I helped her lay on the bed

Dusk: Mmm~ your already this wet Irina-chan? I think I could just slide it with ease

Irina: B-Baka… I-I am only helping you out a-and nothing else~ ahh

She said as I teased her pussylips and clit with my hot and long cock

Dusk: I like that cute reaction just now Irina… but… I wanna hear you say it from that pretty mouth of yours or I will just help you cum a few times

I said thrusting on her pussylips and clit at the same time as I hear Irina’s pussy squirt every so often while her eyes rolled back a bit from just being “teased” was pleasing to her to cum ever so slightly

Irina: …I…I want…

Dusk: Hmm~? What do you want?

Irina: …Y…your thing… to go inside of my-

Dusk: Come on Irina, say it loud and proud or I will just keep teasing you like this

Irina pants a bit as she gulped while looking at me

Irina: …I~I want your co~cock t~to go inside o~of my pussy and ravage it please!! I~I can’t take it anymore Dusk~senpai~!! Pl~Please help calm this horny angel’s pussy with your thick and throbbing cock please~!!

She said begging while opening her pussylips wide open as I can see her hymn is still intact which was a pleasing and exciting thing to know that Irina’s first time will be with me personally

Dusk: As you wish Ero-Irina

I teased Irina’s pussylips too see her panting with lust that when I stuck my cock inside of her pussy she winced a bit, but after breaking her hymn and letting the tip kiss her womb, her pussy was completely different then the devil girl’s pussies I’ve banged. It felt more smooth, hot and wet all in one with Irina having a blissful expression on her face for having her virginity being taken from a complete stranger

Dusk: Mmm~~ H~oooo~w does it feel to have your womanhood being flourished Irina-chan?

Irina: Mmm~ I~It hurts a bit, but pleasing at the same time mm! M~More~ R~Ravage me to the fullest please~!!

I grin as I locked lips with Irina to my hearts content as she kisses me back lustfully as her legs locked on to my waist while her arms wrapped around my neck, I thrusted my cock deep into Irina’s pussy stretching her pussy walls to fit my cock as I don’t just stop at kissing her womb, but I go a bit deeper for her to also experience having her womb fucked at the same time

As my cock continuously penetrated her womb at my mercy, Irina has a nice ahegao face on as her soft and plump body has a good hold on not just my cock, but most of my body due to her thicc thighs, large and plump breasts as well as her soft arms all at once. After me and Irina have a good decent hour of going at along with her body getting used to the pleasure, I let her opened womb receive it’s first shot of cum with a strong burst as she tilled her head back while moaning at the top of her lungs as her pussy walls sucks on my cock to try and milk me dry

Irina: Ahhhh~~ Sh~Show~~ mush~ cum~~~ b~Bweing dwumped inshide of mwe~!!! Ahh~!!

Irina cums again and again as I suckled on her hard and stiff nipples that I felt her pussy walls tighten as she came again… what a massive angelic pervert

Irina: Ahhh… tha… that felt so good… Dusk-senpai

Dusk: Hm~? You think me cumming about 3 times is going to satisfy me Irina-chan?

Irina: Ehh…?!

She said with a dazed tone

- Hours Later -

Xenovia rubbed her eyes to hear lustful moans and to her surprise she see’s Irina being plowed from me holding her ass and hammering her poor pussy to submission while Irina was talking like a in-heat woman for pleasure

Irina: Mmm~!! D~Dusk~senpai’s c~Cock won’t calm down from D~Dumping Mmm~!! So good~!!! 12 loads straight inside of mm~ee!!!! Ahh~ I~I’m cumming!! I’m cumming again!!!

With my next shot Xenovia can see that my thick cum is leaking out of Irina’s pussy as Irina orgasms while moaning at the top of her lungs as she rests on my chest

Dusk: Ooo~? Looks like your awake Xenovia-chan, I just let Irina experience being cummed inside 13 times without pulling out… wanna join?

Irina could say anything as her eyes will full of bliss and had heart pupils

Xenovia: Was there ever going to be a no?

Xenovia goes to clean my semi-limp cock out of Irina’s leaking pussy, Irina joins in the blowjob clean up as I couldn’t help from how hot they both were and I marked their faces in cum. Of course the night was young as out hot intense 3 some never stopped

I got both ladies to wear multiple cosplay outfits varying from Chinese dress, maid outfits, school outfits, track outfits, gym uniforms, Nurse uniforms, Bikini’s, School swimsuits and even their infamous unitards from the church

Of course we went from missionary to doggystyle, their backs against the wall to them being on the counter and me fucking them as I please, them being on top of each other as I plunged their lovely pussies one at a time to getting a awesome double 69 with them licking and sucking on my cock as I finger their pussies as they waved asses for me to cum inside of them over and over again

However Xenovia passed out like a light this time as I got Irina to wear her unitard again as I hold her thighs down as I matting press her pussy to full submission

Dusk: Mmm~!! I’ve cummed inside of both you at least 25 times and your still begging me for more Irina~chan~?

Irina: Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ B~But it’s so gwood having sex with you Du~Dushk~shenpai~!!!

Dusk: Mmm~ Then why not be my girl as well if you wanna feel like this everyday

Irina: Hai~!! I swear!! I swear I’ll be your girl if I get to experience this everyday~!! 

Dusk: Mmm~!! Then it’s settled, receive your first creampie as my loyal girlfriend Irina~chan~!!

With my next thrust I came deep inside of Irina’s cummed filled womb

Irina: AhhH~~ I~It feels so good… mm…

Dusk: Phew~ that was a work out… looks like she hit her limit… I don’t blame her since I literally fucked them senselessly… But that was a nice little training for me to endure, now I should take a shower 

I said as after a few minutes both Irina and Xenovia came in to give me a triple french kiss while jerking my thick cock to hardness again

Irina: Mmm~ even though were satisfied

Xenovia: You wouldn’t mind if we helped cleaned you up?

Unison: Dusk~senpai ~ <3

I grin as I let them both clean me up to the fullest as we ended up getting dirty from about 10 more rounds 5 shots for each girl… with Irina now in my Harem, it’s quite kinky to have a innocently-slutty angel to corrupt at my leisure, however since I have a bit of knowledge that Irina can get pregnant, I put a spell on her womb that she will not get pregnant until the spell is broken, because I have a plan that is just waiting to unfold soon enough… speaking of which… I wonder how that cute silvered haired girl is doing… Koneko Toujou your next…






Hey~ guys, hoped you liked the hot Irina, (Semi) Xenovia and Rossweisse chapter as of course Koneko Toujou is up next if you have any suggestion for this upcoming chapter let me know, as if anyone says "Add Kuroka" I will just... the chapter after this this one. Other then that let me know if you liked the preveous Rosswessie chapter cause I do like to hear you feed back and until then, peace

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