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- Continuation of Part 1 -

I then told them both to get on the bed, lay on their backs, hold their legs up while spreading their legs and pussies as they introduce themselves on camera, like their names, 3 sizes, hobbies and such including of what they will be doing today. Of course they blushed at first, then nodded at each other as I rolled the camera seeing their sexy asses crawl on the bed as they laid on their backs, they both in unison put their their legs straight up for a brief moment only to put them down in a nice spread as they both opened their in heat pussies for the camera to see their lovely Nekomata folds

Kuroka: M-My name is Kuroka Nya~

Koneko: M-My name is Koneko Toujou Nya~

Kuroka: I’m a Nekomata with a c-cute little sister

Koneko: I’m also a Nekomata with m-my big sister

Kuroka: My age is xx

Koneko: I’m 15 years of age

Kuroka: My 3 sizes are B98, W57 and H86

Koneko: My 3 sizes are B79, W57 and H73

Kuroka: I’m 5’ feet 3” inches tall or 161 cm

Koneko: I’m 4’ feet 6” inches tall or 138 cm

Kuroka: And tomorrow the Nekomata sisters are going to be doing a “copulation” video just for you naughty boys watching this

Koneko: S-So you better enjoy it ever single second hentai’s

I grin as as Kuroka is teasing me with “Copulating” them both as their reproduction with humans is very low to near nonexistent, but her blush face and her breathing seems like she wants my child to a certain degree with her tight and smooth pussy folds convulsing for my cock to return to pleasure her folds again

Along with Koneko-chan’s cute and naughty blush face along side her cute panting breathes just wanting me to thrust my cock inside of her tight and wet love tunnel of her Nekomata pussy

I couldn’t hold it much longer as I hopped on the bed with my raging boner at a thick 10 inch cock between both ladies as I fondle there breasts on camera with the both of them moaning out

Dusk: And I’m Dusk Tarragon, a 2nd Year student, with a 10 inch cock, that will be pleasuring and cumming inside of raw there in heat pussies, so enjoy your fapping session for the next 6 hours boys or any lucky ladies fingering themselves to this

I said in detail as all possible angles of our long sex session will be recorded and I will edit later to see how well this will sell as the one with just Koneko-chan got me a good 90k within the week which is still popular in the adult section

Dusk: Alright ladies, I’m going to have a taste of your love tunnels so keep your pussies nice and wide for me

Unison: H-Hai Dusk/Senpai

I go to see their hot pussies just begging for my cock to calm their in-heat natures of wanting fresh milk or to get impregnated, but that will happen later down the route

Dusk: Mmm~Mm! Looks like I’m going to be enjoying a nice double meal with the sexy and cute Nekomata sisters all to myself today…first off let’s have a taste of this one

As I had started off by tasting Kuroka’s clean pussyfolds for a good minute to lick her soft, firm and very wet pussy. I can tell Kuroka’s pussy is going to give birth to strong children from her erotic scent alone, along with my left hand fingering Koneko-chan’s right pussy to the best of my abilities

Dusk: Mmm~~ Kuroka’s pussy has a erotic scent that would drive anyone to have sex with from just her erotic aura and body alone to plow such a mmm~~ sexy girl like her that I highly doubt any guy wouldn’t hold back from cumming inside of this erotic pussy of yours Kuroka

Next on my plate to have a taste was Koneko-chan to get her very pussyfolds ravaged and eaten up at the same time, her hot, tight and dripping wet pussy is just as intoxicating as Kuroka’s pussy as my fingers finds Kuroka’s weak spots inside her love tunnel to cum from time to time while licking Koneko-chan’s tight and lustful pussy

Dusk: Mmm~! While on the other hand Koneko-chan’s tight love tunnel has a firm grip on my tongue from just licking around the entrance of her petite pussyfolds, mmm~~ this pussy can wring out men’s cum effectively from just the sheer tightness you have Koneko-chan

Which is such a good score as I have both of them under my hypnotic grasp thanks to the Journals powers

Dusk: Alrighty then, time to go for the main course

I said as both sisters smiled and their love juices leaked out in unison as I go to rub Koneko-chan’s hot, smooth and exposed pussylips to hear her cute “Nya” of wanting my cock badly. Then I moved to Kuroka’s pussy as it was also hot, very wet and plump exposed pussylips so I can hear Kuroka’s slightly mature “Nya’s” as I don’t mind starting off with Koneko-chan or Kuroka...

But I wanna hear Kuroka’s moans first so I slammed my cock to the base of her tightly-wet pussyfolds wrapped on my cock causing Kuroka to buck her head back while squirting at the same time for the camera to take as her lustful “Nya’s” could be headed through the entire room

Kuroka: Mmmm~!! D-Dusk’s thick and long cock is amazing~!! Nya!!

Koneko: Mmm! Senpai picking Kuroka-Nee-san over me… I’ll punish you later…!

Dusk: Ahhh~~ We has a full week of intimate sex like wild animals didn’t we Koneko-chan?

I said not showing Kuroka’s pussy any mercy while k have this serious conversation with Koneko, as Kuroka moans in the background enjoying the pleasure so far

Koneko: Y…Yes that’s right Senpai, but I want your milk for myself when I’m in the mood

She said with her cute pouts as I went to kiss her lovely soft lips for myself as I hold Kuroka’s hips and hammered her womb conservatively while her large breasts sway back and forth for the camera

Koneko: Mmm…! K-Kissing won’t make it better, you know that?

Dusk: Yea~ but I love kissing your lips every single day, plus let’s teach your erotic sister a lesson as we suck on her nipples

Koneko: Okay Senpai

Kuroka was a bit astonished as she sees the both of us hold only of her large melons, licking her nipples in unison and then sucking on both of them while licking at the same time as her pussy and womb are being assisted at once

Kuroka: Mmm!!!! T-This feels s~So good m~my nipples feel their on fire for some Mmm!!! Reason Dusk!! I~I’m gonna cum from both my nipples being Nya!!! Suckled and my pussy being attacked Nya! Oooo~!!! I-I can’t-! I’m cumming!!!

As Kuroka came from both her nipples and her pussy-womb being attacked at once, her nipples started to lactate in both me and Koneko’s mouths as we started to drink and lick her milk more and more

Kuroka: Oooo~~ N~Not so rough I-I’m gonna cum from my b-breasts again I-If you both Mmm~!!!

Kuroka came again and again from her sensitive nipples latching milk over and over again that she had a blissful ahegao face that she seems a bit tamed for now as I take my cock out of her hot, well wrapped and super wet pussy

To have fun with Koneko-chan’s pussy as I stick it in right away feeling her tight, very wet and super soft pussy folds taking my cock to the base of her Nekomata pussy

Koneko: Nyaaaaa~~~!!! Sh~Shenpai’s cock is inside me at lasht~!!

I can feel Koneko’s body twitching a lot as her tight folds convulsed on my thick cock as her leg locked on my back hard making sure I couldn’t escape even if I wanted too

Dusk: Ahh~~ my favorite tight Nekomata pussy I love cumming inside of!! Oooo~~ no matter how many hours I’ve cummed deep inside of this pussy you have Koneko-chan you never lose your tightness!!

I said assaulting her pussy and womb at the same time while licking her tongue with mine in deep lovers passion

Koneko: Mmm~!! Of course~Nya~! M~My pussy and body are for Senpai’s exclusive use only~AhNya!

She said giving a nice rolled back eyes ahegao face as her pussy doesn’t stop convulsing on my thrust cock, while I moved to massaged cutely developing b-cup breasts, looking how erect her nipples are and then proceed to suck on them a bit

Hearing Koneko-chan’s cute moaning “Nya’s” from suckling on her cute erect nipples I can taste a little something leaking as I see the Journal’s drug to make them lactate was a huge success even if it did take a bit of time, but I don’t mind seeing Koneko-chan’s premature milk is pretty tasty compared to Kuroka’s slightly more vigorous taste

Koneko: Mmm~!!! Sh~Shenpai’s dw~Dwinking mai~! Mwilk D~Dish Time~!!! Nyaa~!!

Dusk: Mmm~!! Your breast milk are delicious Koneko-chan, almost like a addictive drug

Koneko: I~I’m glad to hwear dat Shenpai~!! M~More~!! Give me more of your superior mating techniques against my tight Nekomata pusshie!!!!

I does as she requested as I pile-drived her pussy to submission, not giving Koneko-chan a chance to think other then pure pleasure and bliss of her erotic moans and Nya’s echoing in the room including the very loud lubricant love juices being made

Koneko: Nyaaa~~!! S-Senpai’s cock is unparalleled, m~my pussy can’t be satisfied without Senpai’s cock R~Ravaging the sweet spots T~Throughly~Nya~!!

I kiss while thrusting my pulsing cock all the way to the base of her pussy-womb that Koneko-chan’s molded pussy is one of many pussies I’ve conquered that has taken it to the root while remaining tight

However, as I was getting the nice and private moment of showing millions of views that Koneko-chan’s pussy and body is mine, Kuroka wakes up from her cat nap to see her own cute sister being dominated by a beast in-heat while enjoying it

So Kuroka surprised me by sucking on my balls as my cock jolted from the sucking sensation on my large jewels, Koneko-chan wraps her legs tighter on my waist knowing that she wants my cum first inside her damply tight pussy

Kuroka: Mmm~~ let me have some of your premium milk Honey, I wanna feel inside my pussy again

Koneko: Mmm~~ K~Kuroka~Nee~chan you have to wait your turn as Mmm~~ Senpai is enjoying my tight Nekomata pussy going to mwilk his thick cock right now

Kuroka: Come on and hurry up Honey, don’t you wanna be inside of my pussy again?

Koneko: S~Senpai please focus in giving me your first cumshot in my loli Nekomata pussy~!!!

Kuroka: I promise my adult Nekomata pussy while wring out your cum more then my Shirone’s Nekomata pussy

Koneko: S~Senpai

Kuroka: H~Honey

For the past 3 minutes I’ve been listening to their requests while assaulting Koneko’s tightly convulsing pussy, that I had to pull out the Journal, after making the camera’s turn off recording for a minutes

I then written “A doppelgänger of myself will appear with the same mind set as me and will either be locked in cumming the same time or have his own fun testing his cumming limit before busting a nut, which will last only when the recording is all finished” as he appeared right before my eyes as the girls noticed another me was there and I turned the recording back on

Dusk: Mmm~~ I guess it can’t be helped, so I will give it to both of you at once

Dusk1: That’s right, so be prepared for a 4-some action right now

As I was hammering Koneko’s pussy from the front, I decided to sit down, turn her around towards the camera while connected as I hold her legs and thrust her light body up and down my cock for her naughty face to be in full view

Koneko: Nyaa~~ They can see it~~ They can see my loli Nekomata body being ravaged by Senpai’s cock oooonyaaa~~!!

As my main self was enjoying plowing Koneko-chan to myself a bit longer, my doppelgänger hopped on the bed, got behind Kuroka, laid her on her left side, lifting her right leg up and thrusting his cock deep inside Kuroka’s pussy, Kuroka let’s out a erotic “Nya” from the sudden thrust in her current position while his left hand was firmly fondling her large marshmallow breast with ease

Dusk1: Well~? How my pulsing cock feel inside your already dripping wet Nekomata pussy you’ve been bragging about for the past 4 minutes Kuroka?

Kuroka: Mmmm~~ I~It feelsh show gwood H~Honnie~~<3!!

Dusk1: Mmm~~ I-I see that and I can tell why the main host wants to mold this erotic pussy now~!?

He said thrusting his hips about inside her well wrapped, very slippery and semi-tight pussy Kuroka has currently

Kuroka: Nyaa~~ Honey’s girthy human cock is out of this world, more~ give me more Honey~!!

Dusk1: That’s the plan Kuroka, now be a good Nekomata and let your womb submit even more to my superior human cock skills

Kuroka: Ha~Hai~ Honey~! Make this slutty Nekomata pussy for your exclusive use to your perfect fit only Nya~~!!

Kuroka says with a very blissful reaction as it’s being filmed on camera letting the audience know that she’s a slutty girl worth dominating as her lover, but have to enjoy themselves watching Kuroka’s erotic body being conquered by someone else, which also includes Koneko in the same category as her older sisters place

Both sisters erotic moans can be heard echoing in the room along with their gushing love juices seeping out ever time one of my cocks would go nice and deep inside of their lovely pussies

Koneko: S~Senpai, don’t tease me for much longer pwease, I wanna feel your thick milk like always please~!?

Kuroka: Come on Honey, mark my newly reformed pussy you’ve conquered, dump your thick human seeds inside my lewd Nekomata womb you love so much

Koneko and Kuroka: Nya~~ <3! Senpai/Honey, I~I’m about to cum, please, give me your unmatched cum inside my Nekomata pussy Senpai/Honey!!

Dusk and Dusk1: AHHH!!!! Receive my seeds you horny sluts I’ve trained!!

I said as I plunged, along with my doppelgänger, deep inside of Koneko’s/Kuroka’s pussies to penetrate their wombs at the same time to cum with full force. They both give erotic moans as their eyes rolled back a bit, squirting and latching at the same time from the overwhelming pleasure they both received

Koneko: Ahhh~~ Se~Senpai’s seeds are back inside my womb again~~ I~~It feels so good Nya~~

She said while twitching a bit along with latching every time Koneko twitches

Kuroka: Ahhnya~~ Ho~Honey’s milk is being poured straight inside my womb~~ ooonya~ <3 I can’t live without this pleasure anymore

Kuroka said as her body twitches along with Koneko-chan with their latching breasts in unison, man they really are sisters in heat. I said as I paused the video again to make another doppelgänger of myself as I pulled out of Koneko-chan’s pussy, along with the doppelgänger inside of Kuroka’s pussy, as I laid on my back with my arms behind my head for both girls to marvel in the girth and size I have packing for a human, then I resumed recording, after I got the girls to dress up in their Neko Keyhole outfits, as I am glad the first two parts were clean for editing later

- Part 2 End -






Hey~ guys hope you liked this 2nd part of this 3-parter short for Koneko and Kuroka, I'd like to hear your feedback from all 3 parts, if not what you'd like about this chapter, by the way the next chapter will be coming up very soon right after this one, until then, peace…

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