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Disclaimer: I don't own highschool dxd or it's characters.the oc is created by me.i dont make any money from this fic.

After having my private time with Tsubaki a week ago and letting her bare my child inside her, I let her rest at home so the baby can nicely develop, as I written in the journal that no one would think “Tsubaki is on school grounds for x amount of months” even though she wouldn’t be… As I had this sexy time with Tsubaki I have started to notice that Asia, Akeno, Xenovia and Sona have been more “slutty” or “straightforward” then before as they all seem to want my child and I couldn’t blame them, but I wanted to wait a little longer to see how my harem would grow as I wanted to aim for Rias Gremory, a busty red haired maiden. Koneko Toujou, a cute petite loli and Rossweisse, a teacher at our school who has a voluptuous body worth dominating. Funnily enough, she’s my temporary teach since my ori ginal teacher “caught the flu” for a little while and had a plan to make her mine…

- Monday morning at school -

To be honest I feel like it’s been ages since I got to sit back in a students seat from me slowly conquering sexy, cute and pretty females in my current harem of fair maidens, however the door opened and all the students looked at the door and naturally the guys go “Oooo!!!!!” while I can feel the girls staring with glee at none other then the busty, mature figured Rossweisse-sensei. To which the principal and Rossweisse stood at the podium as Rossweisse was writing her name down on the chalk board

Principal: Ahem!

The students immediately sat in their seats properly while a long silence was filled in the air

Principal: Thank you… this will be your homeroom teacher as well as the home-ec and gym teacher

Students in unison: Oooo~~~!!

I might have done something with the home-ec teacher and gym teacher with our current homeroom teacher. I said adjusting my invisible classes for the anime glinting sound effect. But what I really did was just hypnotized the both of them to go on a long… very long trip to anywhere their hearts desired for the next year, even though they will still get paid since I “tweaked” the system a bit so there wasn’t anything suspicious at the school

Rossweisse: H-Hello students, I will be in your care

She bowed and got up as the entire class saw her large breasts bounce nicely from that slightly long dip in direction when bowing a moment ago

Principal: Anyways treat her well and we might consider her for a permeant teaching position as your homeroom teacher or something like that

Rossweisse: Don’t be so harsh to the students Principal-san

Principal: R-right… got it young students?

Unison: Ha-Hai!!

Is what they said; but what their thoughts went like…

Unison: ~*W-What a saint…angel!? Is she a angel from heaven!?!*~

They were currently thinking as Rossweisse’s smile hits them all and they had hearts in their eyes from how radiant Rossweisse’s aura is

- After class Xenovia opens the door -

Xenovia: Come on Dusk! Let’s get some lunch

Dusk: Okay, okay, but give me a moment please

Xenovia: Hm…?

She looked to her right as we both looked at the students horde around Rossweisse

Male student: H-How did you find out about this place Rossweisse-sensei!?

Female student: How did you get your hair so silky?!

Male student1: Are you single?!

Female student1: Do you use some sort of smooth cream for your fair skin?!

Male student2: What’s your bust size?!?

Rossweisse: /(/@/~/@/)/ I-I will only answer the a-appropriate q-questions h-here s-students

She said while flustered as the mumbling of student’s question her a bit longer, as I had seen enough and let my mature pray go… for now since I am a bit hungry as I was literally dragged like a statue by Xenovia’s strong grip to the cafeteria where Asia and Sona are at a table wait for me and Xenovia and I noticed that Saji is with Momo, Reya, Tomoe, Tsubasa, Ruruko and Raynare at the far end of the cafeteria as they were being all… “lovey dovey” to him as we know what happens behind the scenes of their predicament and all…

- After Lunch -

I went to classes did the normal stuff and I was being very observant of Rossweisse’s nice assets she has for her killer bod, which I can’t help but teach her a few lessons… Hmm… “lessons” huh…?

- After School -

Rossweisse was stretching in her chair as said “later” to all the other teachers that were either sighing in relief from all the hard work they put up with the students or they are going out for a drink to wash away their stress from the students they were put through…however… Rossweisse heard a knocking sound from the door

Rossweisse: H-Hai…? Come in

I opened the door with a nice smile as I then closed the door behind me and stepped forward to Rossweisse-sensei

Rossweisse: Hello there Dusk-kun, what might I help you with?

Dusk: Well… you see…there’s this predicament I am currently in and I was wondering if you could help me with it Rossweisse-sensei 

Rossweisse: Don’t worry, Sensei can help you out with anything you have to offer Dusk-kun

She said while bumping her chest out with confidence with a cute smug face

Dusk: Then… *Snaps my fingers* …Would it be okay if we go to a love hotel for some more… privacy to discuss about this matter?

It took a moment for Rossweisse to be hypnotized in a trance, but it worked out with her dazed look

Rossweisse: …Hai…That…sounds nice…Dusk…kun…

I grin as I see her get out of her seat, clean up her desk, we both stepped out of the Teachers lounge for her to close it and we both off campus while taking some minor detours so no one would see us head into a love hotel… which took about 20 minutes, but was worth it as I see Rossweisse stand there with her nice figure for my pleasing, naturally I take a shower with a towel to cover my crotch… even though it failed… not that it matters, but I then commanded Rossweisse to clean her body thoroughly as it took about 2 minutes and she came out with her robe on, despite me seeing her lovely cleavage lines peeking out

Dusk: Okay Rossweisse-sensei, now you have to remember that I am not to be assigned any kind of homework since that is how the system works, but my only homework for me to work on is having sexual relation with you in private, where I will teach you pleasure and whatever else I might have in mind for us to do, understand?

Rossweisse: …Dusk…kun…doesn’t have any homework…that’s how it works…his only…homework…I-Is…to have s…sexual relation with m…my body in private…where Dusk-kun teaches me… pleasure…

I nicely rub her soft cheeks on her face as I couldn’t hold it back much long for I clapped my hands and she shook her head saw I was on the bed, she naturally blushed and she looked at herself finally realizing that she is in a robe naked

Rossweisse: H-How d-did I end up here?! W-where a-are we?! @////////@

Dusk: This is a love hotel Rossweisse-sensei

Rossweisse: Y-You know that w-we both can’t be here…!! W-We have to leave i-immediately b-before the school or someone finds out about our situation-

Dusk: Okay that’s fine… but don’t you wanna review the homework I have?

Rossweisse: R-Review your homework…?

It took a moment for the hypnotic suggestion to kick as she gulped heading towards me as she crawled on the bed as I can see her cleavage a bit more the before as well as a bit of her stomach

Rossweisse: Y-Your right…g-go ahead and show me b-but make it fast s-so we don’t get caught… o-okay Dusk-kun?

Dusk: Okay, Okay, Rossweisse-sensei

Even though I will be keeping her all night for her body to maturely trained by yours truly. I then removed her robe to see her large breasts before me as Rossweisse blushed and tried to cover her nipples, but I gently moved her hands away as I throughly licked her right and left nipples simultaneously as her moans were quite sweet and lewd. As I processed to put her nipples together and suck while licking them at the same time as I see her bob her head backwards as I can taste that her nipples are pretty hard from me stimulating her so far…I wonder if she came or her nipples are her weak spot…

Rossweisse: Mmm~~ T-That felt pretty… funny…

Dusk: It’s called a “female orgasm” Rossweisse-sensei

Rossweisse: O-Orgasm…?

Dusk: That’s right, I will help you understand all sorts of orgasms since it’s apart of my homework

I said leaning in the lock lips with her as she was surprised, but didn’t put much resistance as I feel her tongue following mine in a trance like state, while I continued to fondle her large melons in my hands as I see her legs twitching a bit as I can tell that her female instincts are kicking in for some pleasure at her pussy, after a minute I brake the kiss to see her in a daze with a bright red face of being pleasured, it’s almost as if she’s drunk from kissing alone. But I stood up to remove my towel to let her see my hard 10 inch cock before her eyes as I noticed she came back to reality from seeing my hard cock before her eyes

Rossweisse: I…It’s so big… d-do all guys get this big…?

She said gulping

Dusk: Most guys, but I would like you to start using your breasts on the long meaty part and then licking the squishy tip with your tongue Rossweisse

I said laying down as I see her lean forward to pose for 69 as her soft breasts wrapped around my cock and her licking the tip like a lollipop felt pretty good

Rossweisse: Mmm~ Li~liwk~ dish~?!

Dusk: Ahhh~!! Y~ea yea~~ just like that Rossweisse-sensei

I said as I see her swaying plump ass before my eyes, hold it firmly to fondle then I opened her damp pussylips to have a taste of her pussy juices. As when I did that she was surprised and suddenly started to suck on the tip of my cock a bit more aggressively then before as her soft breasts started to go up and down my hard cock. I couldn’t believe that I get to do this with a hot teacher like her as this lasted for a decent 30 minutes till I was surprised we climaxed at the same time, with her twitching pussylips and ass shaking with pleasure and her noticing that my cock was super hard as a rock with her face covered in my thick juices… till I let her lay on her back and rubbed her damp pussy with my eager cock ready to ravage Rossweisse-sensei

Rossweisse: Mmm~!! Y-Your not d-done yet…?!

Dusk: Ahhh~!! Not even close Rossweisse-sensei, now the real fun begins, would you mind saying…

I whispered a bit as I see her blush

Rossweisse: I-I can’t say that as your teache-

Dusk: But if you don’t my assignment for my homework can’t be complete Rossweisse-sensei

I see her dotting her eyes as she gulped

Rossweisse: … “Pl…Please use…your h…hard throbbing cock…t…to help calm down S…Sensei’s lewd p…pu…pussy…I…It won’t calm down u…unless it’s your’s…D…Dusk-kun”

She says this while spreading her pussylips for me to have easy access

Dusk: You need a bit more practice, but I will help you out Rossweisse-sensei~~~~!

I said as my cock goes inside her tight and wet mature pussy as I hear her wince while holding me tightly as I felt something tickle down her pussy from my cock

Dusk: …Could it be… that… i’m your first Sensei?

Rossweisse: … *Sniff* …I-Is that bad…? N-No one would ever ask me out or anything…

Dusk: …Then how about I go out with you Rossweisse-sensei?

Rossweisse: B-But were student and teacher!

Dusk: I don’t mind, plus I can feel your pussy getting a bit wet from my confession just now

Rossweisse: Mmm…T-That’s cause you suddenly confessed!

I said locking lips with her again along with her fingers as I slowly moved my hips to have a nice sensation of her virgin mature folds around my cock to make sure that I don’t miss a single spot. To which my surprise as I was thrusting while kissing her I felt her legs slowly crossed themselves around my waist to help me get a bit deeper then before as the tip of my cock was kissing her womb at the base

Dusk: Mmm~!! Y-Your so sexy-hot Rossweisse-sensei!!

Rossweisse: Mmm!! D-Dusk-kun’s a-adult cock i-is r-ravaging m-my pussy!!

Dusk: Mmm!! That’s right sensei!! It’s perfectly natural when we review my homework as lovers and all!!

Rossweisse: A…As lovers…?! …Y…Your right…!!

She said as her kisses are nice and sweet, but her tongue is acting a bit erotic with mine as I helped her up to sit on my lay as I thrust and let her bounce up and down my hard cock as she twirls her hips at the same time while my hands fondle her melons yet again

Rossweisse: MmM!! I-I’m going t-to o-orgasm a-again D-Dusk-kun!!

Dusk: Mmm!! W-When you do s-say “I’m cumming from Dusk-kun’s adult cock“

I continued my intense thrusts against her womb and pussy as it was nice and slippery

Rossweisse: I-I’m c-cumming f-from D-Dusk-kun’s A-Adult cock!!

She said as I grunted and let her untouched womb have a taste of my thick cum for the first time as she echo’d her moan in the entire room as I see her tilt her head forward to rest on my chest as I rubbed both her head and back at the same time

Dusk: Mmm~ that felt pretty good Rossweisse-sensei

Rossweisse: S-Same for me… but… your still hard… will one more help you out…?

I grin as I see her being a bit more active in asking now

Dusk: Let’s see if you can last the entire night Rossweisse-sensei

I said as we both were in some intimate sex for the next 9 hours with her womb having about 30~40 shots of my raw cum in her womb, the next morning I noticed she left as I asked for some information from my harem females about Rossweisse as she is a hybrid Devil-Valkyrie, that explains her softness and sexiness.

I met up with Rossweisse in private from time to time as I kept giving her some suggestions for “homework” as sometimes she will be braless and pantie-less for homeroom with a mini-vibrators on her nipples and in her pussy at a low setting. Other times she will wear a bit more revealing clothing, not a lot, but just enough to show some nice cleavage for all the students to see.

Another time would be where we would intimate sex during school hours in various places, The roof, classrooms, bathrooms, storage rooms, inside the large locker rooms, the male/female showers, teachers lounge, the teachers room where I would be licking or eating out Rossweisse’s pussy till the teachers leave, etc.

Then other times I would go on dates with her as she would be wearing torn shorts, stocking with a decent tang top on, but without her undergarments on for the entire day. We would have intimate sex in the classroom while she was wearing belly dancer outfit that would bed revealing a lot of skin and the metal pieces covering her nipples with a thin cloth covering her pussy.

Other times if Rossweisse was down in the dumps she would get drunk as I would have intimate drunk sex with her as she wouldn’t remember her calling me “honey” or “Master” when I didn’t order her too. As the cosplay sex didn’t stop with her wearing a sexy china dress or her wearing the student’s uniforms or her wearing a sexy bunny outfit or just the simple apron only attire.

- 3 weeks later -

I made out with Rossweisse intimately as she has a nice ahegao face on as I give her a pregnancy pill and she looked the other way for a moment

Dusk: Come on Sensei, don’t you wanna have my child?

Rossweisse: B-But… we can’t cause if the school finds out-

Dusk: I don’t mind if they do, cause if they do, I will marry you

She immediately went bright red and thought about it again

Rossweisse: …Mmmm…D-Do you really wanna make one that badly…??

Dusk: More then anything!!!

She uses her hands to pull my head forward a bit within kissing range

Rosweisse: Then you better take responsibility “Daddy-Dusk”

From those words alone I got a massive rager as I put the pill in my mouth to kiss her and let the pill go down her throat as she willingly drank it as she rubs her belly knowing that she has a higher chance of pregnancy, as I put her legs on my shoulders and immediately go for the matting press as she moaned out and bobbed her head back from my cock kissing her womb harshly

Rossweisse: I-It’s t-thicker th-then before Mmm!!

Dusk: Ahh~!! S-Sensei!!

I called her name out as I vigorously thrusted my cock in and out of her fertile pussy

Rossweisse: ~*Mmm~~ H-he’s so determined to making a child with mmm! M-Me!! I-If what he says is true about… t-taking responsibility…then… I don’t mind having his children… <3 *~

She thought as her leg’s held a tight grip on my waist so I can continuously assault her womb to my mercy as her moans keep leaking out multiple times, till the I came prematurely inside her womb

Rossweisse: MmM!!!

I pant for going ahead of myself for the intensity of how go her pussy’s folds feels now

Rossweisse: Y-You came early then usual…

Dusk: I-I couldn’t help it since your body feels so good to ravage Rossweisse

Rossweisse: Well you don’t have to go all out since I am not running away

She says opening her arms

Rossweisse: Go ahead and take as much time as you need Dusk-Run ^-^

I feel her bright aura hit me like a wrecking ball as if I was looking upon a angel from heaven. I naturally nodded as I continued our intimate sex session with Rossweisse going from Missionary to her giving me head, Reverse Cowgirl to Doggy style, her back against the wall to cowgirl position, hot make out session in the shower head to her laying on her front while I hammer her ass cheeks, the night went on till the morning broke out and we were both exhausted from our semi-slow to fast baby making session. And of course we checked and Rossweisse was confirmed to have my child, but I written in the journal that “if any of the students, excluding the hypnotized females in mine and Saji’s harem, or the teachers noticed her having a round belly be not mention it once or notice her round belly at all”

Rossweisse: Thank you Dusk-kun ^-^ I hope your ready to take responsibly for being so horny “Papa”

*I sweat a bit, with confidence*

Dusk: O-Of course R-Rossweisse-sen-

*Rossweisse put her finger on my lips*

Rossweisse: Rossweisse is fine in private Dusk-kun

*I blush from her being mature about the situation*

Dusk: .////////. O-Okay… R-Rossweisse…

*She giggles with joy as she rubs my head naturally as I blush a bit harder then before, but my next target will soon be closing in… ooo~ so very soon…*






Hey~ guys, I know that this… is a pretty lengthly chapter… but you couldn't blame me for how hot Rossweisse is- I mean!! Her body is just nicely curved, along with a nice bust, etc, etc. plus I need to make sure that the situation for everyone so far in the story is consist and not just… "Forgotten" or whatever

Clears throat

A-Anyways, the next chaper will be about Irina Shidou and it's probably going to involve a "certain someone" into the mix to this sexy party ;) I wonder if you can guess whom it might be, till then, peace

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