Hypnotized DxD Girls

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Disclaimer: I don't own highschool dxd or it's characters.the oc is created by me.i dont make any money from this fic.

As I've conquered Ravel Phenix with some spicy “Koneko-chan” action in the mix for a erotic yuri action between these two whom are usually oil and water work it out in the end, but now that I have all the pieces at my disposal for having a two sexy Queens, Akeno Himejima and Tsubaki Shinra, a very strong knight, Xenovia Quarta, two strong rook’s, Koneko Toujou and Rossweisse, a sexy angel, Irina Shadou, a loyal stray kitten, Kuroka, a cute innocent maiden, Asia Argento, a erotic short busty blonde phoenix, Ravel Phenex, a very powerful devil, Serafall Leviathan, lastly would be a tactical king of this powerful devil’s sister, Sona Sitri…which is a total of 11 girls in my erotic peerage at my own to have my way with…now it’s time to add “12” to that number with one of the hardest hurdles to take down for her beauty and erotically natural nature would make men quiver in their pants or just being near her presences alone would make them lustful beasts to have in their beds alone; Rias Gremory, the crimson princess of Kuoh Academy time to “pay” her a visit right now…

- Day 1 of Rias Sexual Training -

- Occult Clubhouse -

I knocked on the door as I did ask my loyal hypnotized girls to wait outside till I called them in, they pouted for a moment, but eventually agreed

Rias: “Come in”

She said behind the door, to which I opened and closed the door behind me

Rias: Might I as what you're doing here early in the morning… Dusk Tarragon…?

Dusk: Dusk is fine, but I’ve come here to make a proposition for you exclusively today

Rias: And “what” might this “proposition” be Dusk?

I grin from her response as I come clean about my “lustful intentions” towards Rias

Dusk: Well that’s for you to join my harem as a loyal sex slave of mine

Rias: H-Huh?!? S-Sex slave?! Why on earth would I do that?! Plus do you have some screws loose in your head!?

Dusk: Nope, I’m not insane or anything, just being straight up with you Rias, so? How about it? Want to be my loyal sex slave?

Rias: In your dreams, sure your a bit handsome with a nice figure, but I’m not going to be your s-sex slave or whatever, for I already have a fiancé who will marry me once he’s graduated from this school, so leave now… *she summoned her Destructive Magic in her hands* …or pay the consequences

Dusk: Alright, alright, I get the message Rias Gremory, but before I leave, I’d like to show you something “interesting” before you’ve have your mind set in stone

Rias: There isn’t anything that will change my mind about this situation-

I opened the door as Akeno, Koneko, Rossweisse, Xenovia, Asia, Irina, Sona, Tsubaki, Serafall, Ravel and Kuroka all walked in their normal uniforms/outfits with smiles on their faces

Rias: W-What is going on and why are almost half of them my female peerage…?

Dusk: Well~ this is your last chance to change your mind Rias, because I’m about to show you what happens if you say “No” one more time, strip girls and show Rias what’s underneath your clothes

Rias: Don’t be ridiculous, like they will listen to your orders, girls come here so we can talk some sense into him…?

She said in a shocked tone as each girl is taking their uniforms of piece by piece until their luxurious smooth body frames could be seen as they weren’t wearing any lingerie, but they were wearing garter belts as there were 4 wired mini vibrators inside their pussies, asses and two wireless mini vibrators on their nipples with all of them breathing lewdly in almost perfect unison

Rias: …what did you do to them…

Dusk: Hmm~? Just used “this” that I happened to stumble upon as it’s quite effective item for training these lovely ladies

I said as Rias see’s I have the Note book in my hand that she most definitely recognizes from the marks it has all over the cover, but as she observed the book she also see’s me fondling or fingering each girls breast or their dripping pussies with my right hand only

Rias: Why do you have the “Devil-Dragon’s Notebook” Dusk…!? And how did you obtain such a powerful Demonic artifact?!

Dusk: Is that what this notebook is called? Pretty cool name IMO, because I found this guy 6 months ago in a shed while cleaning and had it ever since

Rias: Return it to me now, that item is very dangerous in the hands of a mortal such as yourself, I will forgive you for all you’ve done if you return it to me right here, right now-

Snaps my finger as Rias felt a very strong haze effecting her mentally

Rias: W…What are you trying to…pull…!?

Dusk: Ooo? Seems your a little more “resistant” to this power then I thought

Rias: O…of course…I’m not that easy…to beat by a…s…simple trick like this…

Dusk: Hmm~ I wonder about that…Rias Gremory…

I continued to snap my fingers for Rias to hear as the girls put their earplugs on the moment I raised my hand to snap my fingers as a “preparation signal” so I don’t “overwrite” their hypnotic suggestions with Rias’ soon to be dominated mind…

However I’ve snapped my fingers about 10 times and she is till hold on by a thread…Hmm…I wonder what I should do if she is this strong against this “level” of hypnotic temptation I have…so let’s find another way to do this

Rias: …I…told you…it won’t work on me…that easily…Dusk…!

Dusk: Your one tough cookie…so let’s write this then in the journal

Has a semi-evil smug grin as I started to write

Rias: W…What are you going to do…no…now…?!

Dusk: Well~ I will tell you since you will be “conscious” of your “new” experience you will be enjoying with me…so here’s a “New rule” just for you Gremory family members

Clears throat

Dusk: “Anyone from the Gremory family will be controlled while conscious if they hear a ‘snap’ of my fingers, they will be hypnotized under my will as their bodies will listen to my “verbal” commands as they will not resist even if they tried…if they are ‘females’ that is…however if males hear my ‘snapping fingers’ they will fall prey to being immediately being hypnotized as I give them suggestions”

Rias: Wha…what is your end game for doing this…?!

Dusk: Well~ to see how far I can go of course Rias, now then…let’s see if it worked

I snapped my fingers as I noticed Rias’ arms went limp as she noticed this in a near instant

Rias: W…Wha…I can’t feel my arms…!?

Dusk: Ooo~ seems like it worked, now

Gestured the girls to take their earplugs out as they did in a instant

Dusk: Rias, I’d like you to give me a “strip tease” and put a “L~o~t~” of “e~m~p~h~a~s~i~s~” in your “e~r~o~t~i~c~” devil body

Rias: Like…I would ever do suck a thing…for you…!

Dusk: You say that, but why are you taking your necktie off so “willingly” then?

Rias: Eh…?

I said as Rias’ own hands took her tie off, then starting to unbutton her shirt off as I can see her wearing a very sexy black patterned butterfly bra on

Rias: W-Wait…You can’t be serious right now

Dusk: Ooo~ I’m very serious, now go on Rias, show me your luscious ass of yours to “sway for desire” in your “strip teaser” 

Rias: Y…You will pay for this Dusk…!!

She said turning around, leaning forward, starting to unzip her skirt, as she began to shake her nicely rump ass in a nice gyrated motion as I can slowly see her ass and black patterned butterfly panties of with some see-through material, I knew Rias was hot, but not this hot

Now she dropped her shirt and faced me in her lingerie with her having a very “scary” face of disbelief before me

Dusk: Don’t look so mad Rias, it ruins your beautiful a bit as you get wrinkles a bit faster

Rias: Tch! You're such a horn dog you know…that?!

Dusk: Well~ not my fault I have a harem of erotic and cute girls that let me have sex with them when ever I am lustful, right girls?

Unison: Yes Dusk/-kun/-sama/-senpai

Rias: Mmm…I will save them one way…or another from your clutches Dusk…!

Rias says in argument as she now starts to strip tease her bra off as I get to see her very smooth and plump cleavage area being slowly seen for my eyes as I can see a hint of pink nipples as she finally lets the bra go so I can see her 2nd large breasts to Akeno’s in the running

Then I see Rias turn her plump ass to me again as I see her gyrating ass before me as I slowly see her smooth ass being revealed as she leans her body forward for me to see a hint of her smooth slit of her pussy

Till she let her fingers go so I can see both her pussylips and tight ass in full view as she slowly gets straight up faced me with her arms down her sides as she has a very blush face with her cute erect pink nipples saying something else in mind

Dusk: Hmm~ if you wanna save them that badly, then how about a “condition” and “rules” Rias?

Rias: What do you mean…by “condition and rules”…!?

Dusk: Well the condition is “You have to pleasure me for a full month” and the rule is “If you win I will release the girls from their hypnotic states completely as they will have their way with me as they please” however “if you lose to pleasure and temptation I give to you within the month, you must be willing to be my new sex slave girlfriend”

Rias: ………

Dusk: Of course your allowed “one rule” as I must listen to it for the entire month…sounds reasonable right…?

Rias: …… mumbles ……

Dusk: Speak up Rias or you lose right off the bat

Rias grit her teeth as she repeated what was under her breath

Rias: …it’s only a month…I have to endure…right…?

Dusk: Of course, you have my word

Rias: …Fine…I will follow your dumb game and win…

Dusk: Good, now girls, help Rias into her desk, hold her legs down so I can have a taste of her crimson pussy

Unison: Right away!

Rias: W-wait now!?

She said as all the girls carries Rias in a fell swoop as she was on top of her desk with her very tight slit and ass before my eyes in full reveal as she is helpless to do anything about her situation

Dusk: Well~ I’d be a waist to not enjoy the flavor you off Rias

Rias: T-That’s a bit sudden~ahhh!!

She said as I immediately give Rias head as I licked her smooth pussylips as I stick my tongue as deep as possible as my predictions of her folds were right

It both hot and tight at the same time, I’m going to enjoy ravaging her pussy with my throbbing cock!

On the reverse end of me pleasuring Rias pussy, Rias hasn’t really masterbated as she experiencing my full on cunninglingus for her pussy, her soft outer folds and even deep inner folds of her pussy, Rias jerked her head back and climaxed on my mouth 3 times in a row as she is super sensitive at this moment from multiple orgasms in a row as she was almost on the edge of caving in to this bet of ours

Dusk: Ahh!! I can’t wait anymore!!

*I take my clothes off as I let my thick 10 inch and 3 diameter cock rest on top of Rias’ pussylips as I felt Rias jolt from just a “simple” tap on her pussy as I rubbed her clit with my cock as I can already hear her sweet moans ready for my cock as I poked the entrance that is going to ravage her crimson princess puss-*

Rias: Wa…wait…!

Dusk: Hmm? I’m going to ravage your pussy Rias, why should I wait to plow your puss-

Rias: M…my condition is… “Dusk can’t break my hymn for a whole month…until I say so”

Dusk: ………

Rias: H…hehehe…checkmat-

Dusk: Then I guess I get to use your other holes if your going to be like that Rias

Rias: Eh…?

Dusk: Come on, open your mouth nice and wide with your tongue out

Rias: You can’t be serioassshh…??!

Rias let her head rest on the edge of the desk as her mouth and tongue were wide open for my cock to have a “enjoyable” trip down Rias throat-pussy as I softly let her tongue have a taste before I stuck it inside of her

Rias: Ahhh~~ I~ish nasty and pl~pulshes show much~!

( T: It’s nasty and pulsing so much! )

Dusk: That’s good to hear Rias, now enjoy my cock down your throat

I hold Rias’ head firmly as I glide the tip of my cock on her tongue as I don’t stop putting my throbbing cock inside her warm and very hot mouth-pussy of her’s

Rias: Ahh~Mmm~~Mmm~!!

Hearing Rias moan from my cock sent a pleasing shiver down my back as she only taken 4 inches of my cock

Dusk: I’m not gonna be satisfied with this Rias, time to take it deeper down your throat

Rias: Mmm~! Mmm~~~!!

She moans in protest as I slowly walked forward as I see my cock reaching down her mouth as I feel her hot and wet throat lubing my cock as Rias has taken 9 inches of my cock with her still moaning from how big I am

Dusk: Ahhh~ your mouth-pussy is so wet, warm and well wrapped, plus your sucking on it like it’s a delicious treat, I can get enough of this sensation you giving me!

Rias: Mmmm…!!

I felt Rias making a very loud moan on my cock which felt good for how she vibrates it, but it was her being mad for me sticking my cock almost balls deep down her throat as she does see my thick balls about to hit her nose if I were to thrust right now

Dusk: Mmm~ don’t be like that Rias, you’ll be sucking on my cock like it’s instinct soon enough!

I said pulled back and slamming it down her throat as I can’t see her face, but I can see in the mirror helping see Rias’ face show her eyes are slightly rolled back from my motion

Rias: Mmmm~~!!

Dusk: Oooo~ that was so good, treat my cock well with you high-class devil mouth-pussy Rias Gremory

I began to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth as I think of it as her pussy as doing from this angle feels super pleasing, her tongue gliding on my cock, her warm mouth sucking on my cock, her throat taking my behemoth down to the hilt

Watching Rias’ face fall to pleasure as I can see her lower half jerking as I do hear her love juice dripping on the table as I do see some steam coming from her pussy wanting to be ravaged, but I will do my best for the next month to keep her virginity intact…till then, I will train her body as I please till she submits

Rias: Mmm~ Mmm~Mmmffffmmmm~ Mmm~mmmm~ Mmm~!! Mmmffffmmm~mmm~~mmm~mmfffffmmm~

Was the sounds of Rias sucking on my cock as it looks like she is in “auto” mode as I think she caved to the pleasure of sucking on my cock so her mouth-pussy is in full rain to ravage

Dusk: Oooo~ come on Rias, I can’t have my new sex slave fall that easily!

I started to speed up my thrusts down her throat as I can hear her sucking more and more fluidly

Rias: MmmfffffmmffffMmmffffmmmmmffffmmmffffffmmmmfffffmmmmfffffmmmm

Dusk: Ooo that’s more like it Rias, enjoy the flavor of this human cock dominating your mouth-pussy to where it belongs!!

I said listening to Rias suck on my cock like she is now as I watched her swaying breasts motions in circles as I see her nipples are already erect and hard so I fondle them while teasing her nipples to see her reaction

Rias: Mmmm!!!

I heard her moan as her hips jerked upward as I see them twitch for a solid 20 seconds before she lost her strength to keep her legs up as I see her hips twitching every few seconds

Dusk: Hahaha~ did you cum from me fondling your breasts Rias? Just how sensitive are you right now?

I said thrusting my cock more and more inside of her mouth as Rias sucks my cock a bit harder then before as I give her throat-pussy a thick and juicy reward as I see her opened her eyes wide from what I just did

Rias: Mmmmmmmmmm~!!!

Rias moaning can be heard as we get to see Rias squirt for a solid 30 seconds of her love juices slightly flying in the air from her cumming from her giving me a blowjob as I make sure Rias drinks every single drop down her throat

Dusk: Oooo~~ that is top class for a blowjob’s I’ve felt so far Rias Gremory

Rias: Mmmm………..mmmm……

Rias moaned a bit from her being in a daze as I slide my cock out of her mouth to give her breasts a nice cum shot marking as I hear her panting a bit heavily with her tongue hanging out of her mouth

Rias: Ahh…ah…ah…ahh….y…you…

Dusk: “I’m”…?

Rias: …Your so…thick…perverted…single-minded…I…will…enjoy…beating you…once…mmm…this is…over…Dusk…Tarragon…!!

Dusk: I see you still have that haughty attitude of yours Rias…so let’s give you a “new” sensation to feel as I am just, getting, started…!

I said with a slightly evil grin as I see Rias passed out…I wanted her to last a little longer…but I asked the girls, who are already lustful and horny from the service I just gave Rias as I let them all slurp on my cock to be clean as we all ended up taking bathes together while I came inside all of them but Rias, as per our agreement, but I did “carve” something on her body that she will find interesting once she wakes up

- Day 2 of Rias Sexual Training -

Rias: Mmm~~ What… happened…?

Dusk: Ahhh~~ good morning Rias

She jolts from hearing my voice knowing it’s not a dream as Akeno is giving me a very lustful morning blowjob, the very strong suction of her blowing me, her erotic moaning when taking it deep to the base while giving a nice slurp when pulling back, her heart-shaped pupils of love and the way Akeno is cherishing my balls to give her hard working mouth-pussy wants my thick morning cum inside of her badly

Plus with both of the ladies in their birthday suits, this is pleasure heaven for me as I see Rias “attempt” to cover herself up from me looking at her lustful body

Rias: W-What do you plan on doing now Dusk?!

Dusk: Ooo~ you’ll see soon enough, you’ll see soon enough, but I’d mmm~ check your stomach if I were you

Rias: Eh?

*She looks down to see a thick outline of a heart that looks like another heart can fill it up

Rias: W-What is this?!?

Dusk: It’s a “Pleasure marker” Rias, now how it works is-

Rias: I don’t care what it does, now leave Akeno and the others out of this, we had a deal

Dusk: Yes I am aware of the deal we have made, but I can’t enjoy your ripe pussy to my hearts content, so I’ve made a compromise to this

Rias: And that might be…?!

Dusk: Well~ I will show you while talking, Mmm~~ Akeno lay on your back and let me see that lovely hybrid pussy of yours

Akeno: Mmm~~ *Naughty slurp sound* Okay Dusk~kun

Akeno does as she was ordered as she pulled her legs up to show her lovely ass and dripping wet pussy as I leaned in to smell her love lust

Akeno: Mmm~~ Your such a pervert Dusk~kun

Dusk: I know, now let’s have a taste of this Fallen-Devil pussy of yours

I said gliding my tongue of the entrance of Akeno’s pussy as I proceed to dig my tongue deeper then before to lick her well wrapped folds around my tongue as Rias jolts from feeling a tongue sensation licking around the exact same area as Akeno’s pussy as Rias jerk back on the bed to cover pussy from such pleasure

Rias: W-What is this s~sensation?!

Dusk: That’s the effect of the “Pleasure Maker” Rias; “Whenever I pleasure any girl in my harem’s pussy, Rias Gremory, will have those sexual sensations transferred to your own pussy” so you won’t miss out, plus it looks like I’m plow two girls at once

I said licking around Akeno’s clit as she gives out a nice moan as Rias does her best to not moan like Akeno

Rias: Mmm~~ tha~That’s a foul play on Mmmmm~!! Y~Your part Dusk!

Dusk: I mean I can enjoy taking your virginity here and now if you’d like Rias

Rias clenched her teeth as she won’t do that to her beloved Issei as I grin as I am going to enjoy this new “experiment” I have for Rias

Dusk: I see someone’s enjoying this just as much as Mmm~ Akeno’s love juices

Slurps while licking Akeno’s love tunnel to a decent speed, as Akeno plays with her breasts as I give her some well deserved pleasure for not plowing her for a few months, besides yesterday of course, of her being so obedient

Rias: I~I am not enjoying this, it mmm~ doesn’t feel good or anything Dusk…!

Dusk: Strong will I see, then it’s time for the main event

I said rubbing my cock on Akeno’s pussy lips as both girls give nice moans with Akeno’s heart-shaped pupils ready for anything I have in store for her as Rias’ determination is going to fight back what I have in mind

Rias: W~Wait if you stick that inside of her…!

Rias taking a note that me giving head to Akeno was transferred to Rias’ pussy, she now has a better sense of what my 10 inch and wide 3 inch cock will do once I plunge deep inside of Akeno

Dusk: Where do you want me to put it inside of today Akeno?

Akeno: Mmm~~ Don’t tease my pussy Dusk~ I want your cock badly right Mmm~ now!! I want it to churn my folds over and over again till I pass out

Dusk: I know that Akeno, but your “former” King needs to learn from your example to beg where my cock goes inside of first

Rias: L~Like Akeno will ever say it-

Akeno: Mmm~~ I see *Spreads her pussylips* I want your girthy human cock to ravage my fallen-devil pussy to a whole new level of pleasure Dusk-kun, make sure you don’t hold back and give me every drop in your balls to fill my womb as much as you like

She said with her very seductive tone as my raging boner couldn’t hold back from such a request from Akeno

Rias: A…ke……no……

Rias was in a bit of disbelief from what she heard from Akeno’s own mouth

Dusk: Oooo~~ I’m fired up, then let me enjoy my beloved Queen’s pussy!

The moment I thrusted my cock inside of Akeno’s pussy, Rias can feel her folds spread open from the sheer size of my cock as it already kisses her womb just like Akeno’s position

Rias: Mmmm~!? W~What is mmmm!!

Rias gives a semi-loud squirt as she marks the bed with her love juices, as Rias’ pussy has the exact sensation as Akeno’s pussy right now from how my thick 10 inch cock in pleasuring both girls at once in a way

Dusk: Oooo~~ the way you convulse your pussy on my cock is always top class Akeno

I said churning her pussy to find her sweet spot of pleasure as Rias can feel the same sensations as my cock also finding her sweet spots of pleasure as she grit’s her teeth to not let her moans out from how good it feels

Akeno: Mmmm~ I can’t help it if you cock feels this good inside of me Dusk-kun, but enough of the mmm~ foreplay, I want you to ravage my fallen-devil pussy all night long

Rias: A-Akeno, you can’t be seriou-!

Dusk: If that’s what you wish Akeno, I won’t hold back then!

I said thrusting my cock in and out of Akeno’s pussy as you can hear her very wet pussy gushing every time I thrust while Akeno’s head is pulled back, her tongue hanging out, as I licked around her erect nipples while I also see Rias doing her absolute best to not scream with pleasure as she feels her own pussy receiving the same pleasure as Akeno at the same time, both their womb’s being kissed, their different g-spots being hit, their clits being stimulated and Akeno’s pussy clenching on my cock so Rias can feel the texture of my cock very throughly

Rias: Nmmmmmnnnnn!! Y~You won’t get away with Mmm~ This Dusk~!!

Dusk: Says the girl that is orgasming from watching her friend have intimate sex on the opposite side of the bed-
Akeno: Mmm~ I want your full attention Dusk-kun, so please show me your lustful love please~ <3 !

Dusk: Haha~ okay, okay, I understand, then you wouldn’t mind giving me a “lovers” kiss in front of Rias?

Akeno: Mmm~ you don’t have to ask me twice

I make out with Akeno as I churn her pussy nice and steadily just the way she likes it, Akeno is wrapping her legs tight on my waist so I don’t pull out of her pussy and Rias is doing her best to not moan out from having her pussy sensations being stimulated by my cock as she failed to do that as the both of can hear her moan out with us for the next few hours

- 2 hours later -

Rias: Ahh…ahh…ah…ah….ahhh….ah…ah…ah….

Dusk: Mmm~ I’ve been hold a very thick load for you Akeno, is your naughty half-breeding ready for my thickest human cum spurting inside of your womb?

Akeno: Mmmm~~ it’s always welcomes it’s dominate mate’s superior milk 24/7 Dusk-kun, I wanna feel your fresh milk right now

I speed up my thrusts inside of Akeno’s begging pussy-womb that I can hear both of the girl moaning in simultaneous unison as I penetrated Akeno’s womb for the final push as this made Rias jerk her hips upward as I dumped a thick load of cum inside of Akeno’s womb as Rias can feel the sensations of what cum is going inside of her womb as both girls climaxed at the same time as they both panted heavily for lasting this long

Rias: Wa…what…was…??

Dusk: Phew~ that’s called a “creampie” Rias and when this bet is over, that’s what I will be doing to you everyday and every night till you beg for more and more till you and up like my beautiful Akeno

I said lifting Akeno’s body to sit up as I spread her legs so Rias can see how much cum is leaking from her pussy as I French kiss and fondle Akeno’s right breast

Rias: Like…I will lose to this…!

Dusk: Let’s see how long you will last for the next 28 days…Rias Gremory…

I let Rias rest for a bit from Yesterdays very intimate night with Akeno, so I asked her to give me a blowjob clean up and then we started to have sex again for several hours till it was tomorrow in the morning

- Day 3 of Rias Sexual Training -

Rias had some bags under her eyes as she couldn’t sleep a wink last night from what I was doing with Akeno, plus her moans and how Rias was feeling my cock ravaging Akeno’s pussy didn’t help either, so she did her best to masterbate through the night to relieve herself, however I put a camera in her room as she is now going to school braless and panty-less for the entire day. Ooo how I’d like to see her face right now…

Rias: Ugh…

She said under her breath as she started to talk to herself a bit

Rias: I can’t believe I was caught pleasing myself…to only end up going c-commando for a day…this is such a humiliation…!

Issei: Bu…o…oi….uc…o…bu…c….oo…

Rias: What am I going to do…???

She was in her own thought bubble as Issei was trying to talk to her and he finally spoke up a bit for her to hear him

Issei: Oi! Buchou! Are you okay?!

Rias: I-Issei, what are you doing here?!

Issei: I called you out several times now, but you were thinking about something hard that I wasn’t sure if you were okay or not Buchou

Rias: I-I’m sorry to make you worry Issei…

Issei: If your feeling down, just let me know okay

He said with a wink with his trademark smile

Rias: Your so thoughtful Issei

She leans forward to give Issei a good morning kiss as he was in shock that she did this early in the morning, but in that instant she felt her womb being gorged out to the brim as she let a naughty moan out

Rias: I~ I am glad you liked it Issei, I-I will meet up with you later

She said speed walking, cause her skirt would fly up if she ran, and didn’t say another word to Issei

Issei: I’m glad that Buchou thinks of me that way…I do have to find the confidence to call her by her first name…r…Ri-

He bursted into a blush frenzy thinking of how she would react as he had a perverted gaze on his face and headed for school, Rias on the other hand went straight for the girls bathroom and can hear her own love juices dripping into the toilet as she summoned her magic telephone circle to communicate with me as she can obviously hear loud moaning and Nya’ing in the background

Dusk: Ooo~ good morning Ri-

Rias: W~mmm~! What are you doing early in the morning with m~my subordinates-!?

Koneko: Mou~ don’t give her all the attention Senpai, give you naughty kitten her daily mating milk inside her premium tight nekomata pussy

Rias was in disbelief from what even Koneko-chan is saying out of her own mouth as Rias had to find her compose while feeling Koneko’s pleasure flow into her body at the same time

Rias: D-Dusk!!

Dusk: Sorry Rias, I’m going to enjoy the next 3 weeks off of school with your peerage, so I will start by having sex with Koneko-chan all day, hope you don’t orgasm in class

Rias: Wa-

Koneko hung up as Rias is doing her best to understand the harsh situation she’s in…so she had no choice by to go to class and endure roughly 8 hours of nonstop sex sensations from Koneko-chan during class

Rias lasted a good hour, but once I started to slow churn Koneko’s womb-pussy, Rias was finding it hard to let her moans out for a solid 4 hours…

At the end of the last 3 hours, I didn’t show Koneko’s womb or her pussy mercy as Rias grunts her teeth as she orgasmed at least 20 times in class as her own seat is a large mess that even I would be surprised from how much love juices are on the floor or if anyone had noticed she made such a mess on the floor

However I wrote in the journal “until the end of our bet is over, no one will notice Rias’ moaning out, orgasming in class or smell her love juices and will act normal until then” I really am glad that my harem isn’t effected by this as I am watching this live thank’s to Irina and Xenovia setting up the micro camera’s all over school with the “lovely” permission from Sona

Dusk: Mmmm~~ I love having sex with you Koneko-chan, but you current King is gonna fall in being another sex slave of mine soon Mmm enough

I said as I watched Koneko churn her sexy plump loli ass on my cock so she can enjoy the weak spots my cock can hit with her giving nice moans and Nya’s on the side

Koneko: Mmm~ Senpai, Your such a naughty pervert! I wanna feel your fresh milk inside my womb for the 50th time Nya~

Dusk: Ooo~~ I will, I will my lustful Neko-chan, but give me some kisses as you milk my cock just like usual

Koneko: Nya~ <3 kisses with Senpai is the best

She said turning around to face me, lays her petite body on me to wrap her arms around my head, starts with a French kiss, then moves her plump rear up and down like a piston in fast motion, the tight feeling, the soft bulbs, the wet walls, Koneko’s pussy can’t be topped for the quality of her erotic loli body she has. On the flip side Rias made it to her office to her special shower as she moaned to her hearts content as she can tell Koneko-chan is purposely assaulting her g-spots to cause both of them to orgasm while Rias’ fingers can’t help but stop to help her pussy be at ease, but it was futile

Rias: Mmmm~ H~How long are they~! Mmm! Are they going to last…! D-Dusk you ba~Bas~ahhhh!!

A loud moan and squirt hits the floor for the 60th time today as Rias pants as she can feel the sensation of my cumming deep inside of Koneko’s womb

Rias: I…It’s so warm…I can feel the amount he…cum’s too…mmm…I will save my peerage o…one way or another…!

- Day 4 of Rias Sexual Training -

Dusk: So~? What is that you want Rias?

I said sitting in her chair as I am currently getting a double blowjob from Irina and Xenovia who are both wearing apron only with mini-vibrators on their nipples and clits with life sized dildo’s to the base of their pussies at level 3 intensity where their naughty moans and dripping love juices can be heard

Rias: I-I want to make you stop that weird pleasing feeling in my p-p-pu- my lower half Dusk

Dusk: Ooo~? Is the sensation of my cock “pleasing” when it gorges out your princess folds Rias?

Rias: I-I never said that-!

Dusk: Then what did you come in here for? Watching my have live sex with Irina and Xenovia so you can get a better view of how I pleasure two girls at once?

Rias: N-No…I just…want you to stop it f-for a while…please…

Dusk: Hmmm~ alright, I will

Rias smiles from me being so “nice” to her request

Rias: Thank you Dus-

Dusk: However in exchange, you must obey my commands until the end of our agreement for a “additional” request from me

Rias: …

Dusk: Well~? Or would you like to feel your pussy pleasured by other girls for the next 27 days?

Rias: …I…will do it…

Dusk: Good to hear, now strip down, bow and say “Please teach me everything you know Dusk-sama, for I am a horny crimson princess in need of your superior guidance of pleasure and knowing my place on the bed”

Rias: I-I am not going t- Mmm!!

I started pulled the dildo’s out of Irina’s and Xenovia’s pussies as I helped them to the desk to have a fresh taste of their wet love tunnels

Dusk: Mmm~~ then I guess I will enjoy their lovely pussies in front of you this time Rias-

Rias: W-Wait-!

I grin for her caving so easily

Dusk: Go on~ my cock isn’t gonna be satisfied by you taking your time now Rias

Rias: I-I understand…

She struggles a bit to undo her skirt first, but went to undo her top first which I see her purple bra with a nice dark fiery pattern on as she takes her skirt off for me to see her matching panties which had a bit of sling on the side to remove with ease

She blushes from me seeing almost all of it, but if it’s for her friends she will do it. Which she removed her bra off willingly as I see her lovely breasts sway side to side as she pulls the strings on her panties as I see them fly down slowly for her to show her her hairless and smooth pussyslit that I will enjoy ravaging once this bet is over, but for now I am enjoying the view as well as Irina and Xenovia licking while slurping on my cock to make sure I’m always hard for their slutty natures

Dusk: Mmm~~ good, good, now grovel on your knees and say what I told you, or I’m gonna enjoy having sex with Irina and Xenovia at the same time as your limbs will be bound to a chair so you can’t masterbat-

Rias: I-I understand my situation…s-so please wait…

Dusk: I will give you 10 seconds

Rias: …

Dusk: 9…

Rias: …!

Dusk: 8

Rias: hold on-

Dusk: 7

Rias: Can’t I thi-

Dusk: 6

Rias: mmm…

Dusk: 5

Rias: Okay

Dusk: 4

Rias: I’m doing it

Dusk: 3

Rias: …

Dusk: 2

Rias: Mmm…

Dusk: One…?

I see Rias on her hands and knees, bowing as her plump rear is in full view as Rias struggles to say the words for a bit

Rias: Pl-Please…teach me……everything you know…Du…Dusk…sama-

Dusk: I can’t quite hear you Rias, speak up and sound like your “really” willingly to have my “guidance” teach you the right way of sexual satisfaction

Rias: Mmm…

Rias did her best to say it word for word as this was humiliating to say while naked as well

Rias: pl…p…Please teach me everything you know d…du…d…Dusk…s…sama, for I am a h…ho…h…horny crimson princess in need of y…y…our superior guidance of pl…p…pl…pleasure and knowing my place on the b…b…bed

Dusk: Good, good, now first lesson is serving my throbbing cock before your kneeling state

Rias: H…Hai…Dusk…sama

Rias sits up as she see’s the lust aura my cock is giving off as she kisses the tip sweetly and then has a bit of trouble to have a grip on my cock since it’s pretty thick for her to grab, so she gives me a semi-tight double handjob as I see her licking the tip in nice and slow circles while looking at me

Dusk: Good, good, now take it deeper inside your mouth Rias

Rias: …

Dusk: That is if you want me to ravage your friends pussies for a whole day with no rest that is

Rias: I…I understand…Dusk…sama…

She took a second to find the courage to give me a “proper” blowjob, since I forced her to do it a few days ago, but I want her to do it willingly this time

But I see her open her crimson lips, softly kisses the tip only to softly slurp the tip inside of her mouth as it’s so warm and hot as I remember ravaging, plus her slight tears eyes are also a massive turn on as I see her taking inch-by-inch of my cock down her mouth as she’s taken at least 4 inches inside of her

Rias then slowly pulls back to begin her blowjob as the way her vacuum sensations was royal class while her mouth was wet and warm for my cock to enjoy, hell a normal guy would have busted 3 nuts early from how pleasing this feels……but…

Dusk: Rias this is really enjoyable…but I’m not gonna cum from your “innocent” blowjob technique at this rate…

I held her head as I see her pupils shrink for a brief moment from what I am about to do

Dusk: And if you keep this up I will train your mouth to properly give me head Rias Gremor-

I feel Rias picking up the speed as her eyes are shut tight as I can feel her taking 6-7 inches inside her warm throat pussy along with her pussy juices slowly trickling on the floor

Dusk: Mmm~~~ That’s more like it Rias, now to feel these high class breasts while you suck me off

I said giving Rias’ large F cup breasts a good fondling in my hands, they were soft large and just so pleasing to enjoy that I want to have a blowjob and tittyfuck from Rias right now

Rias: Mmm~!!

She moaned from me playing with her breasts as I brought her closer to my crotch so she can give my throbbing cock that blowjob-tittyfuck combo I wanted to feel Mmm~ I am glad Rias is pleasuring me right now

Dusk: Ahhh~~ That’s it Rias, if you keep this up, my thick reward will satisfy your “hunger” for fresh cum soon enough

Rias: MmmfffffmmffffMmmffffmmmmmffffmmmffffffmmmmfffffmmmmfffffmmmm

Dusk: Ahhh~~ That’s it, more like that Rias, suck me off harder like that

I said as both Irina and Xenovia were masterbating to me getting head fro. Rias as both of them fingered Rias’ dripping wet pussy and softly pulling on her erect nipples

Irina: Come on Rias, you can’t let Dusk-sama down now

Rias: Mmm~!!!

She gave a small orgasm from her nipples and pussy being pleasured

Xenovia: Come on Rias, suck on Dusk-kun’s cock like it’s your lover or your reward for pleasure

Dusk: Man this is such a hot sight that-! I’m gonna soon!!

Rias: MmmmMmmMmmMmmmMmmmMmmMmmMmm

I hear Rias almost having her eyes rolled back from sucking on my cock for “autopilot” mode as she came so many times I wouldn’t blame her for passing out, but!

Dusk: Don’t sleep on me Rias and enjoy the thick cum reward flavor you built up!!!

I said holding Rias head to plunge to the base of my cock, forcing her hot throat pussy ingest my thick cum as I can hear her gulp every last drop while moaning from her drinking my cum while orgasming at the same time

Rias: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Dusk: Ooooo~~ That was really good Rias

I said pulling out and marking the 3 beautiful ladies in a thick milk shower as Irina and Xenovia didn’t take long to lick my cock

Rias: ……mmm……

Dusk: You have to clean your mess too Rias……or else

Rias: I…I understand Dusk…sama…

Rias diligently sucks in the tip to clean me up as for the remainder of that day I taught Rias how to give proper blowjobs as she passed out from drinking my cum multiple angles as I give her leaking pussy a good fingering for a minute and tasted the flavor as it was rich and begging for cock

Dusk: Soon enough Rias, my cock will ravage your pussy to a whole new level is sexual pleasure…soon enough

Rias: Mmmm…Perverted…underclassmen…

- Day 3 of Rias Gremory Sexual Training over -

- End If Part 1 -





Hey guys hoped your like this 1st part for the Rias Gremory transformation into her fellow love making servants, but her time to fall will come soon enough, so let me hear your feed back on this chapter or your idea's for the next chapter, it really does help me out find some "new" idea's to flush out the story, but until then, peace

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