Hypnotized DxD Girls

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Even though Rias is holding up her end of the bargain for the last 4 days of her last sexual training, everyday since then her barrier for resisting to suck on my cock grew weaker and weaker as I see her sucking on it, but sucks on it willingly or on pure sexual instincts, however my requests escalated from then on forwards…

- Day 5 of Sexual Training -

I let Rias lay on her back on the desk as I thrust inside of her mouth pussy over and over as she can see my cock’s length going inside her warm and well wrapped mouth at a nice 8 inches out of 10, but not only that but my balls are almost hitting her for reaching the base of her top class princess mouth pussy

I listen to Rias' moans all over my cock I play with her large breasts as much as I want while seeing the mini-vibrators taped on her clit, pussylips and one directly inside her ass just giving her lower half a hell of a time to breaking more and more by the day, man I think Rias deserves my 5th cumshot of the day

I said giving Rias a nice thick cum shot down her throat as I see her hips bucked up and twitch from the sheer pleasure she received while spraying a bit, I pulled back to see her face look very silly with her tongue hanging out, her eyes look up as I jerked a bit to mark her wonderful devilish princess body, but it was a decent amount since I just came and I put my clothes on and let Rias like this for now

Dusk: Good job Rias, tomorrow is Saturday, so be here on time for 8 o’clock or else I’m gonna go home and call 4 girls for a thick creampie party, okay?

I said giving her right breast a nice squeeze as I hear her moan while forming some words together

Rias: Mmm…I…I…understand Dusk…I will…be here on time…mmm…!

Dusk: Good, cause your going to need your rest for what I have in mind

- End of Day 5 of Rias’ Sexual Training - 

- Day 6 of Sexual Training -

- Early in the morning; 8 o’clock -

Dusk: Good girl, now strip for me and take my clothes off please

Rias grits her teeth from listening to my commands, as she has very little choice to disobey if she doesn’t want her pussy to have the sensations of her female harem to be ravaged and creampied a lot

Rias: I…I understand…I will do as you say…Dusk…

Rias take her tie off, then her skirt and then her school uniform shirt as they all fall nicely to the floor, as Rias sits down on a chair to remove her stockings to walk forward wearing her normal black lingerie as she takes her bra off slowly…

Lets it fall as I see them sway in a nice motivation as she turned around to show her plump ass lean forward and takes her panties off to show her Royal pussy to me again as I see her let go and fall to the ground as she is blushing before me as she walked to her desk, kneel and started to take my pants off to only be introduced to a throbbing hard and smelly cock before her eyes

Rias: Your in a rather horny mood Dusk…

Dusk: It’s early in the morning Rias, my morning wood’s not going to calm down, unless I get a morning blowjob that is

Rias: Enjoy it…while it lasts Dusk…

Rias opened her mouth wide and willingly and started to suck on it like second nature

Dusk: Oooo~~ getting a blowjob on your chair feels pretty good Rias, now pick up the pace a bit and look at me when giving head

I said as Rias does that, but her eyes have a bit of detest in them for following my orders so far as she wanted to suck on her lovers cock…but is sucking on mine instead for the time being

Dusk: Mmm~ Don’t be like that Rias, cause I will have to reform you for your looks behavior for not liking the taste of my cock Rias

Rias continued to look pissed while sucking on my cock as I pulled the Journal out and I see her jolt and shiver as I see Rias stopping her blowjob

Dusk: “Rias will make very pleasing sounds when giving head or when she feels sexual stimulation from my harem, also Rias will masterbate until I say ‘climax’ and when she ‘climaxes’ 10 times her hands will stop, but every time she fondles her breasts or fingers her royal pussy, the climaxes will get better and better” how does that sound?

Rias growls a bit with a pissed off look

Dusk: Or~ do I use the journal to “kindly” have you beg for my cock to take your virginity, right here and now Rias…?

Rias sweats as she nods for the first option as she feels her breasts and pussy flare up for some self pleasure as she fingers herself while playing with her nipples as I hear Rias’ earnest moans from sucking on my cock as her eyes are more honest to lust, I can hear her teasing her virgin folds dripping on the floor just to be ravaged by my cock alone

- 3 hours later -

I can see Rias’ eyes are a bit vacant from going all out from sucking on my cock for so many hours without fail and fingering her pussy max limit from being forced to not climax as I can tell she’s at her limit right about now as she did make me cum about 20 times without a moments hesitation as I rubbed her head as I can feel her shiver from how sensitive she is right about now

I then pulled my cock out of her hot mouth to softly rest on her lovely breasts of her’s as I hear Rias give a nice moan from my action as I thrust a bit to have a nice sensation of the top of her breasts a bit as they are soft and warm as I had thought

Dusk: Alrighty Rias, turn around for me with your ass raised up for me

Rias: B…but you promised…

Dusk: And I am keeping my promise, so do what I say Rias or I’m going to bring in one of my lovely sex filled girls for a intense marathon for you to watch and masterbate for a very long time-

Rias: O-okay, okay…I will do it…

And just like that, Rias go on her desk on all fours, leaned forward as her plump rear peeks up as I throughly massage her ass as she fidgets and moans a bit as she can feel my thumb slightly digging in her tight ass

Rias: Wai…wait…you can’t be thinking of taking that fi-first…!

Dusk: Then you prefer I take your lovely virginity Rias…? I don’t mind either one to take first and all

Rias knew that she wants to keep her first time for Issei, so she had to bare with her first anal virginity to be taken away from me of all people

Rias: Okay…I get it…just be gentle…at least

Dusk: Ooh I plan too, considering how tight this ass of yours is

I said getting the lube, fingering her ass very throughly as I hear Rias moaning from her covering her own mouth as 5 minutes passed of me loosening her ass a bit, I pulled my fingers out and placed the tip at her asshole and slowly shoved it in as you can hear Rias make a very naughty “Mew” sound of pleasure as my cock made it to the base of her ass in one stroke

Dusk: Mmm~ even though it’s your first Anal experience, it went in pretty smoothly Rias

Rias didn’t reply as the size of my 11 inch cock as in her ass for being a bit shocked that something so long can be inside of her, but she reacts nicely once I started to move my cock inside her ass

Dusk: Oi~ Oi~ Rias, I can’t have you passing out on me, I might take your last virginity if you passed out next time

Rias heard what I said as she bites the pillow she grabbed from her seat and moves her plump princess ass in my cock as I can see it jiggle every time she reaches the base, mmm~~ I can’t wait to take her virginity inside her very mint condition devil pussy of her’s, but I will train her ass for now as it is long enough to rub against her sensitive womb from inside her asshole it is a different sensation I normally do with my harem, but I will make Rias tempt for my cock to break her hymen one way or another

- 3 more hours -

You can ear defiantly hear Rias moan out more and more lewder and lewder moans by the second as the shape of her ass is not fit for my cock that it’s wet and smooth from her first anal sex experience, but now I hold the edge of her desk and started to thrust as I please inside of her ass, Rias moaned out louder then before as she can feel the sheer vigor my thick cock is ravaging her ass with no mercy as I enjoy the sensations of her ass slightly tightening up from my aggressive thrusts

Dusk: Ahh~!! I’m gonna cum soon Rias, be sure to savor your first cumshot in your royal ass

Rias: Mmm~ J~Just cum already Y-you perverted b~beast~!!!

I grunted as Rias moaned as we both cum at the same time, Rias squirted from the thick cum going inside of her ass and I bust a nut from how well trained Rias’ ass is now for having my cock inside of her for so long…

I then slowly pulled out as you can see a slight gap inside of her ass as you see Rias twitching from being cummed inside of for the first time as I grin and opened the journal

Dusk: Don’t worry Rias, you will wake up in about a few weeks, but till then, I will thoroughly train your princess body to be a slutty princess before you know it

I said starting to write down a new command

Rias: You…you won’t get away with this…!

Dusk: Oh how wrong you are…but until then snaps fingers as my voice started to fade a bit in Rias’ eardrums see you…in the final……days of…your training……Ri…as……Gr…em…or…y…

- Day 27 of Rias Gremory Sexual Training -

About 3 weeks have passed as I snapped my fingers as Rias was back to her normal self slurping on my cock as she opened her eyes wide as she got a nice morning cumshot, she unintentionally drinks it down as she coughs a bit

Rias: Y-You can give me a warning next time if you going to do that…wait…how are we in your room…?

Dusk: Ooo~? Did you forget what I told you? I said “I will train your body for a few weeks” don’t you remember that before I put you under a long time hypnotic trance?

Rias raised an eyebrow as she feels the experience of her body and mind doing things she wouldn’t do for a whole 3 weeks as it all slowly comes back to her bit-by-bit

Dusk: I even made it a nice porno as your currently the top seller for “Red haired School Girl Anal specialist” Rias

Rias: You can’t be serious…y-your just saying that to make me fall-

Pressed a button as the T.v. plays the porno I’m talking about as Rias was on my bed with her leg’s spread and there were 11 clones of me and myself included in this orgy

Rias: “Hey~ there my naughty fan’s this is Day 14 of my sexual training and I really want Master’s cock to violate my tight ass, mouth, breats, plump ass, hands, feet whatever he desires, but my pussy is off limits because I have a bet with him”

She said with a cute giggle, Rias then get’s on the edge of the bed as I deep throat her while she’s on her back and having a orgy with 11 of my clones as we just ravage her to the fullest as Rias gave double handjobs, a tittyfuck, double footjobs and anal that her face for that whole 24 hours was pleasing to see her fall to pleasure

She even did the “Drink cum from a cup” which all 12 of us came inside of and Rias drank every last drop of it, next as a thick “facial cumshot” which all 12 of us did by jerking off in 12 different directions of Rias as almost every part of her body was marked in cum from the top of her head to the tip of her toes

I super tempted to ram by cock straight inside of her pussy, but it wasn’t time quite just yet to do my final actions. On that same day we recorded Rias sucking and being plowed in the ass by me and my 11 selves where it was so sex-induced she didn’t even notice the camera as she said things like “Ahhh~~ Master’s cock is tasty and feels thick in ass”

However I do enjoy Rias’ reactions to the scent of my cock that makes her climax as she been more and more obedient to giving me oral sex for the past 4 weeks

Where I have noticed that she’s more slutty or horny while sucking on my cock despite me not writing this in the journal or having her pussy stimulated like I’m actually having sex with her cause of the mark on her belly

Rias: Wha…what is this…

Dusk: I told you Rias “It’s your porno video” of having nothing but anal sex, plus this is your 8th video out of 20 video’s of 24 hours of sexual pleasure, there are a lot of comments on off brand site’s that says “take her pussy dude!!”, “It’s right there and I wanna plow her pussy to submission for how slutty she is”, “I bust a nut from how her ass is, but I want to bust more from her pussy getting creampied a lot”, as the comments go more and more along those lines

Rias: . . .

Dusk: Though you have 3 days to hold on…Ready for more anal sex with you conscious this time Rias…?

Rias: …okay…

I grin as for that 27th day me and Rias had very intimate anal sex as she didn’t hold her moans back once as we lost track of time of her ass being remodeled to fit my cock to fit, but as promised from our deal, but I know she’s going to cave one way or another as I have a slightly underhanded plan for when the last 2 days happens……

- Day 28 of Rias Gremory Sexual Training over -

Rias slurps on my cock loudly as it stands upright from her cleaning my cock for the 20th time for her excellent service

Rias: It’s getting late Dusk-sama…shall we pack it in…?

Dusk: It is getting late…sure but you must cuddle with me “very closely” so we can keep each other warm

Rias: ……I……understand……if you will excuse me

I rested on my back as Rias mounts me and lays directly on top of me as my throbbing hard cock was smothered by her plump and thick thighs while I feel her softly devilish skin all over my body as I feel her up and hear her moan and give soft squirting sounds from Rias being just that sensitive due to the mark on her belly

Dusk: Good girl, now give me some kisses as we pass out

Rias: …I understand…

We made out for that entire night as we did pass out, but Rias was wishing it was Issei…all she could think about was Issei…

- Day 29 of Rias Gremory Sexual Training -

Rias: …Eh

Dusk: What? Didn’t you hear me? I said “have sex with Issei”

Rias: B-But why now?!

Dusk: You want to have sex with your beloved don’t you…? I’m giving you a chance here…unless you wan more anal training from me…?

Rias welled up and rushed to Issei

- Issei’s room -

Issei bought a new eroge that he wanted to bust a bust a nut too, but he was tackled from behind by Rias as they landed on Issei’s bed

Issei: W-What are you- B-Buchou?!

Rias: … mutters a bit …

Issei: W-What was that???

Rias: I want to have sex with you right now Issei

*She said unbuckling his pants and shirt as she see’s he has a bulge in his boxers from her erotic figure*

Issei: O~Oi~ Buchou, ca~can we sl~Slow it down please???

Rias: Nope, I want to throughly enjoy my time with you Issei

She said licking and sucking on his erect nipples as she rubs his bulge more and more as she is ready to have her own virginity taken by her love and not by me of all people

Issei: Ok-Okay, okay, I get it, I get it, sit on the bed and I will take my boxers off……but you have to strip too Buchou

Rias: ^-^ Glad you understand, now let’s see that lovely dragon cock of your’s Issei

Issei gulps as he is going to lose his v-card with Rias as the moment he takes his boxers off Rias was a bit shocked that Issei’s cock was at 3 1/2 inch long and barely 2 inches wide, but she shakes her head and thinks “it’s not the size that matters, as long as we love each other is wants important” she had in mind as she proceeds to give him a blowjob to help him get harder since Issei might be nervous for his first time

Issei: Ahh~~ B~Bochou, your mouth feels pretty good that I’m-!

Rias: Hmm~?

Rias felt Issei cum right inside her mouth as it was decent amount as she drinks it and slurps on his sensitive cock

Issei: B~Bochou, I~I just came and I’m all ready-!

Rias stopped her at blowjob as she strokes his small cock to see it didn’t grow or get thicker as she hopes that when they start to have sex it might get bigger

Rias: Bad boy, you shouldn’t cum so early, but I want the feeling to be right inside her Issei

She’s on her back with her legs spread wide as you can see how wet she is from wanting to have sex really badly with Issei

Issei: Ha-Hai! I will do my best to last longer Bochou!

Rias: That’s good to hear Issei, now come ravage me

She said with open arms with a slightly lewd expression on her face

Issei: Bo- Rias!!

Rias was shocked that Issei finally calls her by her name as he thrusts his cock inside of Rias as Rias locked her arms and legs on Issei tightly

Rias: Issei

Issei: I-I’m already-!

Rias: Eh?

Issei: Cumming!!

Rias felt him cum…a bit inside of her but Issei’s cock hasn’t even broken her hymen, in fact it’s not long enough to break it from what Rias can almost feel

Rias: I…It’s okay Issei, I want to feel more of you

Issei: Y-You got it Rias

After spending 12 hours of sex in Issei’s room, Issei came inside of Rias 60 times without pulling out, but Rias couldn’t believe that whole time with Issei didn’t feel like anything happened

Rias: ………

Issei: …Few…I’m beat, wanna take a shower with me Rias? ;)

Rias: Huh…? Umm…I will, but I have to be somewhere, so go on without me okay?

She kissed him on the cheek as he grinned and dashed to the bathroom

Issei: Hai!!!

Rias waved with a smile as she frowned in disappointment and dissatisfaction, she got dressed rather quickly and teleported back to the Occult clubhouse as she see’s be getting a triple blowjob from Asia, sucking on the tip, Xenovia, slurping the right side of my shaft and Irina, licking the left side of my shaft on her chair

Dusk: Ooo~? Hey Rias your just in time for me to mark the 3 sisters in my cum the helped me build for 2 hours- Ahh!!

I said marking their faces, mouths and oppai in my thick amount of cum as the slurp the cum in their mouths with joy, Rias did notice all the other girls are in bliss in the same state as the holy trio, Koneko, Kuroka, Akeno, Ravel, Rossweisse, Serafall, Sona and Tsubaki covered in my cum from top to bottom, except their pussies are still in fresh condition as I haven’t had any of their lovely sensations cause I wanted to give Rias her “alone” time with Issei

Rias: . . .

Dusk: Phew that felt pretty good Asia, Xenovia and Irina, your skills along with the other girls have vastly improved in my opinion

Rias: . . .
Asia, Xenovia and Irina: A-Arigato Dusk-san/-senpai

Rias: . . .

Koneko: Mmm~ glad to pleasure you any time Dusk-senpai

Rias: . . .

Kuroka: Any time honey, I do love the taste of your thick manly milk you always give me ;)
Rias: . . .

Serafall: As Satan and a Idol I have to make sure your always in top form Dusk-kun ;)

Rias: . . .

Sona: I-I have to be sure your not plowing random girls, s-so as president I have to check your health below your waist daily…th-that’s all…

Rias: . . .

Tsubaki: As your wife I have to satisfy you needs as much as possible, considering I have your child and all Dusk-kun ^-^

Rias: . . .

Rossweisse: As well as I Dusk-kun, I have to practice more and more before you get the chance to let me have another one of your children

Rias: . . .

Ravel: I’m glad you let me have your delicious milk as always Dusk-senpai, please be sure to give me more for my in-heat state as a Phenex member ;)

Rias: . . .

Dusk: Hmm~? Rias? When did you get here?

Rias: . . .

Dusk: If you want to clean up their mess be my guest, but if you want to have fun with Issei then go ahead, I can wait a few days to have sex with my beautiful 11 girls right here after all

Rias: . . . !

Rias flinched from that remark as she slowly strips her clothes off to the ground as she stepped forward butt naked as her lovely breasts sway freely towards me as I was pretty hard enough from getting that lovely triple blowjob from before

Dusk: Something wrong Rias? Your rather obedient then usual-

She kneels before me as she stokes my cock before her eyes as she nicely licks the shaft while kissing it at the same time as her eyes were more “loving” then her usual glances at me when giving head

Rias: I-I…!

Dusk: You…?

Rias: I’d like to satisfy your co-cock as well Dusk…kun…

Grins as I lightly lift her chin up

Dusk: That’s “Dusk-sama” or do you want to be satisfied with the “pleasure sensations” from that mark on your belly after so long Ria-

Rias: I-I am sorry Dusk-sama<3! Please forgive me<3! I-I want to satisfy- no I need to satisfy your cock with my high-class mouth-pussy<3! Please let me satisfy you with all my heart Dusk-sama<3!

I grin as I see my “plan” worked from her having “sex” with Issei as Rias needs a “small” push to be mine now

Dusk: That’s okay with me Rias, satisfy my cock as much as you’d like to your hearts content

Rias: Hai~<3!

Rias goes to kiss the tip of my cock which is her first time doing as she goes to softly slurp on the tip as she licks around the tip with her tongue as she being more assertive then she was yesterday

Dusk: Ooo~~ That’s more like it Rias, now take it deeper and let me see those pretty eyes of your’s

Rias: Mmm~Hmmmmm~~<3!

Rias takes my cock to 9 inches as I see her heart shaped pupils for her falling this easily after 28 days of sexual training here……well 29, but who cares are I’m going to enjoy deflowering Rias Gremory for the next 3 days of intimate sex we could have done from the start

Dusk: Mmm~~ That’s a good girl Rias is my cock better then Issei’s by chance?

Makes a naughty pop sound as her tongue rolls on the tip of my cock as she double hand jerks my cock

Rias: Your so much longer and thicker then he is, plus the amount of cum that cums from your beautiful cock is 10 times better

She says going back to deep throat jobs

Dusk: Mmm~~~ I’m glad to hear your praise Rias, but you didn’t come here to just drink my cum for the rest of the night right?

She moans as she shakes her head “no” as she looks at me with lustful intentions while playing with her left breast and nipple as her right hand fingers her dripping pussy for my cock to go inside of right away

Dusk: Then it’s okay if “I” help your lovely princess pussy go to womanhood, Rias Gremory?

Makes a nice sloppy suction sound to make my cock pop out of her mouth as she kisses and licks the tip some more

Rias: Of course Dusk-sama, I’d like it if you teach my mint condition Royal pussy what sex is from your most experienced cock-sama

Dusk: That’s what I’d to hear from you Rias, but I’d like your defloration to be in a bed even though I want to plow you on the desk, but this is a once in a lifetime experience for you exclusively Rias

Rias: I understand Dusk-sama

Rias used her teleportation circle to take us none other then Issei’s room, I feel like this will be a insult to injury if he sees Rias moaning like a slut, so I wrote in the journal “When I am having sex with more then 10 girls, anyone out the room were all in will be unaware of the lust filled moans and will have zero reason to barge into this room for any circumstances” as I’m gonna wholeheartedly enjoy taking Rias’ Royal virginity for myself Issei

Dusk: I see, why you picked here Rias, but I want your to lay face forward on the bed with your ass raised up so I can enjoy this moment of your deflowering Rias 

Rias: Anything for you Dusk-sama<3! I also promise to wring your thick baby milk out of your superior cock with my mint condition devil pussy

She said getting to position as she’s just swaying her plump ass for me as I can see Rias’ love juices just coating Issei’s bedsheets without a care in the world as I come from behind her, massage here ass and purposely rubs her wet slit with my cock to hear Rias moan out lovingly from a simple foreplay

Dusk: Now~ now~ Rias, help me with what you want me to do and what we should do for the next 3 days of our “bet” we have

Rias: Mmm~ I’d like your big, throbbing and hard 10 inch cock that’s 3 inches wide to come from behind my fallen royal devil pussy to break my untouched hymen and make sure it feels the shape of your cock for as long as possible and I’d to feel that strong cum inside my untouched womb as many times as possible Dusk-sama~<3!

Dusk: Hehehee~ Your gonna be a nice addition to my harem, Rias

Rias: Don’t tease me Dusk-sama~<3 I wanna feel your cock please~<3! Bring your cock over here~<3!

Waving her ass like she’s in-heat animal, but I hold her ass firmly as I slowly dig my cock inside her hot and wet royal devil pussy as Rias moans sweetly as the tip was bigger then Issei’s cock from what she remembers but is washed away as I break her hymen and penetrates her pussy till it kisses her womb for the first time

Dusk: Ahhh~!! This is hot and tight Rias!

Rias: Ahhh~~~<3! Dusk-sama’s cock is inside of me at last~!

The girls clap for Rias losing her virginity at last

Asia: Congratulations Rias-onee-chan, let’s both practice healing Dusk-san’s cock with our pussies together

Ravel: Nice Rias, now it looks like I take the lead on losing their first time Rias

Koneko: Congrats Rias, but always remember to let yourself go and fall to pleasure when Dusk-senpai is in charge

Kuroka: Nya~ good job Rias, now enjoy the shape and size he has till he dumps a nice thick load inside your virgin womb

Sona: Congrats crimson princess and to be more accurate, Ravel, I’m first for losing their virginity to Dusk-sama in this high class of devil pussies he’s ravaged

Xenovia: Good job taking it to the base Rias, just don’t hold your moans back and make your pussy as tight as possible

Irina: Congratulations Rias, do you best to take Dusk-kun’s seed in your womb now

Tsubaki: Congratulations Rias, you might bare his child soon enough like me

Rossweisse: Congratulations Rias, now be sure to enjoy the taste of cum inside your womb when he cum’s it’s the best sensation before getting knocked up

Serafall: Wow~ Rias now a woman, just let Dusk-kyun take the lean, I promise it will feel very good in no time from his skills alone

Akeno: Ufufufufu~ I’m glad that everyone is going to enjoy Dusk-kun’s cock together Rias, so fully enjoy it till he’s done Ufufufu~

I hear their praises from Rias losing her virginity in front of all of them as I enjoy Rias’ folds for a bit longer, but Rias thrusts in my cock right off the bat to let the tip kiss her womb a lot

Dusk: Wow~ there Rias

Rias: Mmm~~ move your hips please, don’t keep me waiting!

Dusk: I wasn’t planning on it!

Grabs her waist as I pulled back and forth with my long and hard cock inside her reforming pussy to be shaped to fit for my cock’s use only

Rias: Ahhh~ the shape of your cock feels amazing Dusk-sama, it feels 10 times better then when you ravage the girls for my princess pussy to have that same sensation to plow me whenever you felt like it Dusk-sama<3!

Dusk: Glad to hear that Rias, but as you probably know, I’m not gonna pull out of your deflowered pussy right?

Thrusts my cock inside of Rias a bit faster as I am getting her used to my shape as quickly as possible, as I did write in the journal “once Rias’ hymen is broken from my cock, the pain will subside in less then a minute as the pleasure will be all she feels from my cock” so I can ravage her to my hearts content for her to power though the pain a bit

Dusk: You know what’s gonna happen next right?

Rias: Ahhh~ I want it so badly, I want you to cum inside my womb so badly, to have the pleasure sensations transmitted to me made me cum more than 10 times when your cumming inside the girls, it was both irritating that I couldn’t join in sooner~!!

Dusk: Mmm~ then you wouldn’t mind if we do this “daily” Rias?

Rias: D~Daily~!?!

Dusk: That’s right, I get to cum inside your pussy as much as I’d like and you get to have sex with your master whenever I get super horny, sounds fair and simple right~?

Rias: Ahhh~~ I’m gonna do it, your deal is amazing Dusk-sama~!! I promise to pleasure your cock 24/7, just mark my womb as your personal “Princess cumdump” for your use only please~!

I leaned forward to make Rias lose her strength as I didn’t give her a chance to move her body as I go balls deep in the doggy position to purposely penetrate her princess womb that I’ve been dying to cum inside of since day one of seeing Rias

The beautiful crimson haired dame of Khou Academy, to grovel beneath my cock at my mercy and now I can say that my play is wholeheartedly complete as the very lewd moans from her mouth and pussy juices resonated in the room that her parents would be surprised from Rias making such a slutty tone for being apart of the Gremory clan

The folds of her hot pussy is perfect, the tightness is there but not disappointed of how it’s coiling around my cock, the wetness of her pussy is top class of me easily thrusting in and out of Rias crimson pussy, man I wonder what the other females of the Gremory clan feels like to ravage without a worry in the world……in fact……

Dusk: Mmm~ say Rias, you have a mother right?

Still thrusting inside of Rias without mercy at all

Rias: Ye~Yes I do and a step-sister as Mmm~ well~!! Why do you ask~?!

Leans on top of her to let her feel the weight of my body a bit as I strongly but slowly churn her pussy as I go to fondle her lovely breasts for the camera to have a good view of while her pussy being plowed at the same time

Dusk: I’d like to meet both of them, to discuss our “future” together, to let them “understand” why we're a thing and all, you don’t mind helping me with that right~?

Rias: Mmm~ your gonna have sex with both of them aren’t you Dusk-sama~?

Dusk: That all depends on them if they are willing to have a “private” conversation with me, so is that a no? Or are you jealous that I might want to bang your mother and step-sister just like you right now?

Rias: Mmm~ I~I will make arrangements for you to meet them, but more importantly I want you to cum while facing me, so we can make that deal sealed up Mmm~!!

I flipped Rias on her back for the traditional missionary position as I hold down her legs to her head and my balls don’t stop slapping Rias ass once as well as my cock being straight inside of her womb that I’m glad that Rias is wholeheartedly over Issei to have my cock conquer her pussy to my will

Dusk: Then I guess it’s settled! Your mother and step-sister have a name by chance?

Rias: Mmmm~ V~Venelana Gremory is my mother and my Step~si~sister is Grayfia Lucifuge, head maid of the Gremory Mmm~!! C~Clan!!!

Dusk: I’m glad to hear their names that will be apart of my own sexual needs like you lovely 12 ladies!!!

Rias: Mmm~!! That’s good to hear Dusk-sama! But please let me have your yummy and thick cum please~<3!!!

Dusk: I’m right on it now Rias!! Just about there!!!

I leaned into Rias’ breasts as I suckle on her nipples as I speed up my thrusts against her womb and pussy at once while not giving her a chance to have a break while I fully conquered her body and soul

Rias: Mmmmm~!!!!!! That’s more like it Dusk~sama~!!! Don’t hold back your thrusts please~!!!

Dusk: Ahhhhh~!!! That’s it Rias~!!! Make sure your slutty princess pussy drinks down your first betrayal of my mating cum inside your high-class devil pussy!!!

Rias: I swear!! I swear I will take all of your thick and superior cum inside of my cumdump princess pussy!!!

Thrusts more and more that all the girls watching this couldn’t help but masterbate very vigorously and cums a lot from seeing Rias being ravaged by my cock that I can hear all 12 girls individual moans, orgasms and heavy pants that I bucked my hips deep and cums inside of Rias so that I don’t give her womb a chance to have breathing room from being filled up to the brim from the very first round

Dusk: Ahhh~!!! That’s it Rias!! Fall!! Fall to my human cum inside of your pure breed devil pussy!!!

Rias moans very lewdly from my actions on her first creampie while being deflowered at the same time

Rias: Ahh~<3!! This sensations feels so gwooooooood Dwushk~shama~!!!!

*She says making a very lewd ahegao face as her tongue is hanging out while her whole body twitches a lot as her folds are drinking down my cum like it’s last meal*

Dusk: Ahhhhh~~~ don’t think that it’s going to be your last sexual session with me Rias

Rias: Ahhh~~ more~~ I want to have more your delicious cum Dusk~shama~<3!

For the next 52 hours of 13 separate video’s 4 hours each for content of me having sex with Rias and one of the girls individual for a sexy 3some, but for the last video was a massive orgy to enjoy for myself, even though I did cum in all of these girls a lot for 4 hours straight Rias taking the massive amount of cum straight inside of her womb the most as she has a slight bulge despite me cumming inside of her 100 times for her first time as my new sex slave

However to give some context of those video’s the first video was Rias’ solo sex video all on her own, the 2nd video Rias and Akeno both giving me a double blowjob-tittyfuck as you can see life sized dildo’s inside of their pussies as they thrust up and down on them while their faces are marked for me to then have a very intimate 3some

The 3rd video was Rias and Asia, they both gave me a blowjob only with no hands as I can feel their ample breasts on my crotch as the cum fountain marked their faces as they went back to cleaning my cock till I did the doggystyle for the remainder of the time

The 4th video was Rias and Sona as both girls went to the ride my face and my cock while making out with each other as they also play with their lovely breasts or I sandwiched them together to thrust between their pussies or do a quick succession of double penetration against their high-class devil pussies

The 5th video was Rias and Xenovia gave letting me have a taste of their delicious devil pussies as I finger both of them and they give me the pleasure of the double blowjob-tittyfuck combo that I was looking for as our sex positions was time plowing them in the butterfly position as I hold them up close to the camera to get all the details of their sinfully sexy bodies to be recorded

The 6th video was Rias and Serafall I give both girls the standing doggie position as I didn’t hold back my intimate thrusts or cumming inside of their wombs without mercy the feeling of having sex with 2 sexy idol’s at once is pleasurable enough to not enjoy to my hearts content

The 7th video was Rias and Irina as I give both of them the very deep sex positions of Spread Eagle or Anvil to make sure I get nice and deep inside of both the angel and devils pussy at the same time while I have this chance at hand

The 8th video was Rias and Kuroka as the did the work for the Cowgirl, Collapsed Cowgirl and Squatting Cowgirl position as I get to see their breasts sway about freely as I see their begging pussies for my cum to fertilize them as that will happen soon enough in the future

The 9th video was Rias and Ravel pinned down by me in the missionary position as I put their legs past their heads as I enjoy their hot folds at the same time to cum inside the royal pussies of their respective clans, as they both give me the royal treatment of a blowjob clean up with their mouth-pussies and softly hot breasts on my throbbing cock

The 10th video was Rias and Rossweisse were on their knees as they both give me a through blowjob with their mouths only as I used their mouth-pussies to dump my thick amount of cum as I hold Rias firmly in the air as Rossweisse would play with Rias’ exposed pussy as I cum inside of it as I give Rossweisse the same pleasure in the air as Rias has a taste of her subordinates older pussy being plowed this time

The 11th video was Rias and Tsubaki were both on their backs as I lifted their waists up so I can hammer them in this unique pose as their legs locked on to me so I can cum deeply inside of their pussies individually, as for their blowjob’s it was the reverse 69 as I got to thrust my cock in their mouth-pussies as actual pussies for a decent amount of time as their moans and vigorous mastermating was super hot to watch

The 12th video was Rias and Koneko is where the intimate lap dance position was for these ladies as I didn’t give their individual pussy sensation differences any chance of rest once I started to hammer them from behind as they also joined in to their plump ass on my lap several times or to change to the Lotus Flower position to lock lips a lot as I held their asses while thrusting like no tomorrow for Rias or Koneko-chan and when I was going to cum, I would always kiss them deeply to surprise them as their facial reactions were very priceless to witness multiple times

The very last video as mentioned for number 13 was the long awaited orgy video that broke all the records on the porno market had made over 1M in profit that rumor has it that multiple guys had to drink multiple stamina drinks just to keep up with the lewdness of all the girls on screen or even the girls had to replay the best part several times to imagine my cock ravaging their pussies instead of their lovers, husbands, spouse or cheater they have, but for all the praise I got to enjoy my sexual time with my girls as we passed out on Issei’s bed for the rest of the day as all of the girls were covered in my cum from head to toe as well as their pussies leaking still fresh cum from the sheer amount I gave to each of them, but Rias the most since it was her sexual debut for her virginity to be lost and all

- Day 31 of Rias Gremory Sexual Training -

Dusk: Mmm~ now that it’s the very last day Rias, you still want me to disable the 11 girls from their hypnotic states?

Rias giving me a very deep blowjob that was very balls deep as she made a lewd pop sound while looking at me as she softly rubs her cheeks on the shaft of my cock

Rias: That doesn’t matter anymore Dusk-sama, just let me feel your wonderful cock inside of me for the rest of my life please~<3

She giggles cutely as I grin that my plan from the beginning worked

Dusk: If you insist, continue your morning blowjob then Rias

Rias: Hai~<3

As she resumed to give me a blowjob, I looked at the journal as I read what I written when Rias “wasn’t effected by the journal’s effects” from day one, just to let you know that was false, it’s not that it didn’t effect her, it’s that “Rias Gremory will have a strong belief she isn’t hypnotized, even though she is under my control, but once she has enough sexual stimulation she will crave my cock more and more by the day" I have planted in her from the start was entertaining to see her be the prime princess to slutty princess in less then a month

The next thing I put in the journal was "Once her virginity is taken away she will be 100% loyal and will still think she isn’t hypnotized as it was her ‘own free will’ and choice to be my royal cumdump” I can’t help but grin from reading this so many times when Rias was being so "Strong" against me, but was mine once she started to suckle on my cock

Next was Issei, I did meddle with Issei’s cock when he was hypnotized from when Rias was under during that 3 weeks of being trained, I was astonished when he was hung over at 9 inches long with it being 3 inches wide

Issei's size along would have made this bet useless with me and Rias, so I tampered with his body with the journal’s help “Issei’s cock will never break Rias’ hymen as it will barely reach it, also he will believe that his cock is that long until her hymen is broken as they true shape of his cock is revealed, if he has sex with Rias…"

"The amount of cum he wants to cum out of his cock will stop midway and stay inside of his cock as he can't release any ammont of cum or precum inside of any of the girls in his harem, excluding jerking himself to makr their bodies”

I know it’s not fair as I will let the charade of them being together in this awkward relationship, but I also put on Rias a 'Journal' influence of a heart shaped mark on her stomach that “she will not feel anything when having sex with Issei or any other male other then Dusk Tarragon's cock, so she will act like it feels good till her master, Dusk Tarragon, helps her pent up lust all night long”

Now…that I've made Rias my loyal sex slave, but her family members will join her fate soon engouh, 2 very beautiful maidens awaitng for me in the Gremory household, not only are they hot from the pictures Rias has given me, but they are both milfs that I am going to throughly train to my hearts content…

- End of Part 2 -





Hope you all liked this charpter, I would like some feedback from this or the previous chaper as yes, after I have said "multiple times" that I will bring them from "previous chapters" the milfs are going to be next on the list if you have any idea's for me to use for Venelana or Grayfia, let me know, but until then, peace

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