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Disclaimer: I don't own highschool dxd or it's characters.the oc is created by me.i dont make any money from this fic.

After having a long intimate session with Asia and discovering that I could multiply myself was a nice bonus to know, but I won't do that every time cause apparently the clones and myself were linked with our stamina and Asia sure tired me out. Then Xenovia came in and almost sliced me till I manipulated her mind a little and was cool after words. But that was about 2 weeks ago as me, Asia and Xenovia would take turns with our sex sessions. As Asia has Monday's and Wednesday's, while Xenovia has Tuesday's and Thursday's as we then take a break on Friday's and Sunday's, but Saturday's are always a long and steamy 3some. Either at my place, outside or during school. As much as I like these naughty girls, I would like to have more…

- Friday Afternoon with Xenovia and Asia -

Asia: "Ahh~~" Dusk-san

Dusk: Ahh~~ *I said taking a bite from Asia's home cooked meal* Mmm~ this is pretty good Asia-chan

Asia: T-Thank you Dusk-san ^//////^

Xenovia: Mmm~~ ¬///////¬

Dusk: Hm? Something wrong Xenovia-chan?

Xenovia: "Asia this, Asia that" I-I can do that too >///////< H-Here have a bite!

Dusk: But… that's bread with pasta from the café-

Xenovia: I mean feeding you Baka-senpai!!! >///////<

Dusk: That's what you meant?!

Xenovia: P-Plus you know I am not good at cooking

Asia: I did ask if you wanted some help Xenovia-chan with cooking a few days ago

Xenovia: I-I have my pride and did it on my own

*She said while trying to boast*

Dusk: What was your result?

*Xenovia went silent as we can see her sweat a little*

Asia: …

Dusk: …

Xenovia: …

Dusk: …zero progress then-

Xenovia: F-Fine help me cook A-Asia-sensei

*Asia heard "sensei" echo in her head as we see her glimmering with a bright smile*

Asia: Hai! Xenovia-chan!

*She said as her aura was giving off a bright light that looked like she was a angel, despite being part devil, as me and Xenovia both shaded our eye sight*

Dusk and Xenovia: S-So bright…I-Is she a angel in disguise…?!

- After having our meal Xenovia and I separated as we went to class -

Xenovia: Asia is just a cutie

Dusk: That she is, that she is

*I said having a nice grin on my face for both her cute side and her erotic side too*

Xenovia: I heard that we are gonna get a new transfer student soon

*I opened the door while talking*

Dusk: Really? You know who I might b-Gah!?

Issei: Oi~ Oi~ Dusk, is the rumor true about you, Asia and Xenovia?!

Dusk: G-Goddamn it man, you have to stop that!! 

- 2 minutes later for a breather -

Dusk: Ahhh~~ you seriously have a stroke grip… anyways… what were you rambling about a moment ago?

*I said as I grabbed a bottle of water to drink as Issei whispered*

Issei: That you got laid with both of them

*Of course my natural reaction was to choke, despite that being true*

Dusk: W-Were did you hear that from?

Issei: Some girls from other classes have been saying that and guys that they have seen you, Xenovia and Asia head to your place and don't leave for quite a while till nightfall-

Dusk: Cause were studying for the upcoming exams Issei

Issei: Eh?

Dusk: That the truth, we do spend all night at my place, but to study cause Xenovia needs help with Math and Asia needs help with English

*And Sex Ed, but that's a different story*

Issei: That so…?

Dusk: You can ask Asia or Xenovia yourself, but class is about to begin

- I said as the bell rung while everyone took a seat, stood up to now and sat back down to have the class start till… -

Teacher: Ahh~ before we start the last class of the day, we have a new transfer student, come in Miss Leviathan  

*Of course the boys were muttering till the door opened as the majority of the guys went "Ooooo!!!!!!" from seeing Serafall Leviathan in Kuoh Academy as well as rocking our uniform as she did her famous "peace sign above her head with her tongue slightly sticking out" pose*

Serafall: Hai~ Boys and girls~! Please treat me well okay~?

*She said winking as small hearts appeared, although they did knock out all the guys from her cute-sexiness while the girls were talking in secret with each of her charm and beauty, I withheld myself from being among the fallen men as she talked about being a idol and being a little popular etc, etc. After her introduction she sat in my left as I could feel the guys eye-daggers from being lucky to sit near by Serafall*

- After Class -

*The second the teacher leave is the second the guys would shove me out of the way while circling Serafall with a ton of questions as well as the girls*

Dusk: ow……… @/////@

Xenovia: Y-You okay Dusk-senpai?

Dusk: I-I will live

*As Xenovia and I were talking about our plans for the weekend while leaving, Serafall noticed we left as she had a speechless expression to having a slightly mischievous grin for coming up with a plan*

- At my place -

Dusk: ~_~ *Sighs* They didn't have to swat me like flies or anything, plus not to mention those guys looked like barbarians wanting a "perfect mate" of the other ladies

*I said as Asia was kind enough to heal my scratches and wounds, but even though I am still surprised that they are both Devils along with some other students at the school*

Asia: D-Don't worry Dusk-san, it will be better after they calm down

Xenovia: Yea~ plus~

Dusk: Hm~? O_~

Xenovia: We could help heal you "another way" if you like

Dusk and Asia: 0///////0!!

Asia: I-I think Dusk-san is okay f-for now, r-right?!

Dusk: E-Exactly

Xenovia: =3= Party pooper's-

*Door bell rings*

Dusk: I got it…

*Opens the door*

Dusk: Ye- S-Serafall?!

Serafall: "Hello~" Dusky-kyun

Dusk: Du-Dusky-kyun?! Wait that's not what I meant, what are you doing here-?!

Serafall: Rossweisse-sensei asked to give you this study sheet you forget to get during lunch

Dusk: Ahh~~ I see, I see well thank…you…?

*I said as she pulled back from me taking it from her*

Serafall: Isn't a little rude to not let me inside for some tea or water?

Dusk: Huh…? I mean I would like too, but you just came to deliver this so it short and sweet-

Serafall: >3< Come on, you wouldn't leave a pretty girl like me out in the cold, cold world…would you~? ◕-◕

*D-Damn it she's pulling the puppy dog look now…! Why is she so cute!?*

Serafall: ◕-◕

Dusk: …f-Fine you win

Serafall: ^-^ Yea~!?

*She said skipping into my place, but I feel Ike I have the advantage since I was thinking of making her my next prey into my harem, is what I thought as I started to wake up and had my arms bound to my bed while Serafall strokes my stiff cock with her fresh stockings*

Dusk: S-Serafall, what are you doing?! And why am a I bound to my bed?! Where is Asia and Xenovia?!?

Serafall: Geez you ask a of questions, but I will answer them as I please

*She said while stoking cock with her stockings as I panted a little from the warmth and her jerking me off at the same time*

Serafall: Hmm~~ first would be “where is Asia and Xenovia”? Don’t worry, I put some heavy sleeping pills in their drinks while I was making some tea

Dusk: Wait what are…

*I back track thinking about it… and Serafall did suggest to making tea when she came over…*

Serafall: Next would be “What am I doing”? Well I am giving you a stocking hand job silly ^‿^

Dusk: No, no, no, no, no, I can clearly see that

Serafall: Do you dislike it?

Dusk: Th-That’s not the point I am trying to say-

Serafall: So you like it?

Dusk: …

Serafall: … ^‿^

Dusk: …A little ¬////////¬

Serafall: D’aww~ your so cute

Dusk: Oi~ Oi~ now can you answer my next question~mmm!!

*She continued to jerk me off a little with her stockings and soft hands*

Serafall: Now~ to answer your last question is “Why are you bound to the bed?” Well~ so you couldn’t use the “Journal of Demonic Suggestion” of course

*She said while holding the Journal in her hands while jerking me off*

Dusk: W-Wait where did you get that Mmm~!

Serafall: Under your bed with the naughty photo’s of you, Xenovia and Asia “fun time” of course

*Plus those photo’s were of me and Xenovia at first just commemorating our status as a couple with a lot of lewd poses and situations and then had the same for Asia and then eventually some lewd 3some photo’s*

Dusk: …O…Okay…what do you want me to do…also can you please jerk me off normally?

Serafall: Only if you say “Please Serafall-sama”^‿^

Dusk: …*I swallowed my pride a little*…“P-Please Serafall…sama…”

Serafall: D’aww~ you didn’t have to say that Dusk-kun

Dusk: =/////////= Mmm……

Serafall: Anyways I would like you to do me a favor and I will let you experience what a real devil’s pleasure will be like

*She said as she felt my cock grew a little bigger in her hands*

Serafall: Ara~? Seems like this guy will be happy

Dusk: Okay, okay, what is your request?

*She giggles as she finally took the stocking off my cock and massaged my shaft finally with her soft hands*

Serafall: Good, all I would like you to do is hypnotize my cute little sister and change her a little bit to my liking, don’t worry if it works you will have double the fun with us

Dusk: Mmm~~ That’s it?

Serafall: Hai~ now let me have a taste of this

She said as she took my whole 8 inch cock down her throat as she bobs her head as the sensation was wet and warm while she was sucking like a vacuum as she would massage my balls with this double pleasurable combo. After about 5 minutes of her giving me that amazing blowjob, I came in her mouth as I can hear her gulping down every single drop. Till she pulled back and showed me he mouth with her tongue hanging out

Serafall: Well~? Did my blowjob feel good?

Dusk: Y-Yes it did and I would like more please!!! @//////@

Serafall: Nope! ^‿^

Dusk: …Not until your sis is under my power…?

Serafall: Yup! ^‿^

Dusk: …Figures…

- After a while had passed Serafall untied me as I got dressed quickly before the girls woke up -

Asia: Ahh~~ I must have fallen asleep

*She said rubbing her eyes along with Xenovia*

Xenovia: Sorry guys, did you both study by chance?

Serafall: Hai~ and a few more things too

Dusk: X///////X!!

Asia and Xenovia: Hm??

- After having a nice study session with the girls, Xenovia and Asia left so they could spend time with Rias’ peerage after a slightly long absence as it was me and Serafall alone one Saturday night -

Serafall: They are so cute when they try to figure out problems don’t you think so?

Dusk: Yes they are and who is your younger sister BTW?

Serafall: Sona Sitri, my cute little Sou-tan

Dusk: Wait… Sona as in the president of the school “Sona”?!

Serafall: Mm~Hmm~!

Dusk: Well this got interesting and what do you want me to do after manipulating her to my will?

Serafall: I would like her to be more open when I ask her to cosplay, plus I also wanna see her in erotic outfits when she denied them before heehehee~

Dusk: And you promise that you and Sona will join my harem if this goes as planned?

Serafall: Hai~! I will let you do as you please for as long as you want

- After hearing her goal I of course had a raging boner to plow 2 sisters at once as Serafall would be calling her sister to my place as a nice little advantage -

Sona: Oi~ Onee-chan, why are we hear at a students place?

Serafall: Ooo~ don’t be like that Sou-tan, I just wanted you to meet my class mate is all

Sona: I could just meet him at school or look up his records-

Serafall: Ah~ Ahh~ Ahhh!! It would ruin the surprise silly

*Serafall rings the door bell as I answered and let them in and of course when I closed the door Sona said something*

Sona: Oi~ why did you close the door?

Dusk: To help with your training silly, cause “Sona will be in a trance” after all

Sona: Huh…? You sure you don’t have…a loss screw……or…something……?

Serafall: My~ it looks like Sou-tan is a cute little fool with her cute expression

Sona: …Thank you…Onee…chan…

Dusk: Alright Serafall, I know we had a deal, but I can’t hold back so I would like my deal first okay?

Serafall: Mmm~~ okay, just this one time

Dusk: Okay, when you regain your senses Sona “You will remember that you came with your sister to have a home visit, and a ‘home visit’ means you will give blowjobs to make sure that I cum probably and will have sex to see if I can cum deep in your wombs to make sure that I can mate with one of you” understood?

Sona: …Hai…

Dusk: That’s fine with you too right Serafall?

Serafall: Hai, but I will let you know that I won’t go down easily

*I smirked as I said “wake up” to Sona as she blinks and shook her head remembering the hypnotic suggestion I mentioned before*

Sona: What?

Dusk: Aren't you and Serafall going to make sure something goes well by chance?

Sona: Yes, I do, but I can't believe that our school actually has this rule come true, but let's get this ver with

*She said as she was straightforward in taking my belt, pants off and then my boxers as she blushed from how big my limb cock was before her eyes while Serafall licked her lips from the size as I can feel Sona's soft hands in my shaft as she does her best to make it stand up*

Sona: Are all guys this big…?

Dusk: Maybe, but some are lucky to get this big, however we should head for the bed to continue this don't you think so ladies?

Sona: Mmm…

Serafall: Mmm~~ l bet it will be tasty

- As the three of us took our clothes off, I got to see Sona's petite body with her developing breasts and nice curves as Serafall was well developed in all the right angles. As I laid on the bed I see both sisters licking my cock to full hardness as I can see both their plump asses before me as I can see that they were aroused from just giving me head as I would finger both of their pussies. As I can tell that Sona's was a little tight between Xenovia and Asia while Serafall's pussy felt a little smooth and tight like Xenovia's pussy, while I hear the lewd moans from the girls as I explored their pussy sensations as much as I wanted -

Dusk: Mmm~~ even though it’s your first time Sona, seems like you like the taste of my cock don’t you?

Sona: Mmm~ don't get ahead of yourself Dusk, I am just doing my duty as they president with my Mmm~ sister is all Mmm~

*She said licking the side while sucking at the same time which felt pretty good*

Serafall: Mmm~~ don’t be like that Sou-tan, I can even tell that your a naughty little virgin for getting horny from sucking on his big cock-

Sona: I-I am not, it’s just my duty to make sure that his sexual needs are met and nothing more

*She says which is a little funny cause I am seeing her slowly go from her studious self to devolving into a naughty little slut like her sister as they continued to suck on my cock and I fingered their wet and tight pussies*

- After a while of them suckling my cock I teased both their pussies hard till they both came at the same time while I coated their faces in my thick cum at the same time as I see them in awe while Serafall was licking and drinking my cum with a blissful face while Sona was doing the same while rubbing her nipples a little bit -

Serafall: It seems like Sou-tan would like her cute little cherry to be popped Dusk-kun

Sona: Mmm~ D-Don’t you dare do it or else-

Dusk: But didn’t you say that you will take care of my sexual needs a moment ago Sona?

*I said as she starts to get horny and not think straight as she spread both her leg’s and pussylips*

Sona: F-Fine, but if you make it hurt I will make your life a living hell

Dusk: Ooo~~ and I can see your hymen too

*I said taking a small sniff as it’s mixed with her love juices and a little piss, but I went to have a nice taste as I can see Sona tilted her head back from me licking her pussy as I didn’t give her a chance to counter attack as I licked all around her pussy walls, while fingering her pussy a lot as I see her cum within a minute as she pants from my improved skills with being with the other girls*

Sona:… Ahh…Ah…w-what…was that…feeling…?

Serafall: It’s called a “orgasm” Sou-tan, but you have to say “I’m cumming” when you feel good

Sona: …A…A orgasm…?!

As Sona was trying to collect her thoughts, she can feel my cock rub against her dripping wet pussy as I nicely slide inside of her tight pussy as I feel her hymen braking as she tightened her body and pussy on me as she was shivering from the slight pain. But after a while I would twirl my hips to hear a sweet moan and then started to let Sona know who’s “king” of pleasure. As I lick and suck her cute little nipples and thrusted my cock inside her pussy as every time the tip of my cock would kiss her womb she would moan every time as her face was nice with a ahegao face as I locked lips with her and did a intimate thrusts without giving her a chance to recover. With me slowly dominating her body and mind, she would sweetly wrap her arms and legs around me as if she was saying “go ahead and cum inside of me” as I grin and speed up and give her fresh womb a thick surprise for 30 seconds

Serafall: Wow~ it took you about 25 minutes to dominate Sou-tan as your loyal little girl for pleasure

Dusk: Mmm~~ That’s true and she’s going to be a nice addition to my harem just like you Sera-chan

Serafall: Eh?

Dusk: It’s apart of the rules that we made Sera-chan

Serafall: A-At least go easy on me

- 30 minutes later Serafall fell like her sister as they were both sucking on my cum covered cock. I made sure to give them the same treatment in sexual play. Hammer them against the wall, letting them face a window while thrusting my cock against their plump ass, doing missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, you name it we did it including the 3some combo. After about 4 hours of intense sex, Sona was passed out with her pussy leaking my cum as me and Serafall were in the shower still going at it where I was holding her plump ass and hammering her pussy -

Serafall: Mmm~~ I-I know that I am your girl and I know that I will devote it wholeheartedly, but your stamina is too much for me Mmm!!

Dusk: Ahh~~ I am about to finish Sera-chan, just one more helping for your idol pussy

Serafall: Mmm!! I-I’m cumming from just your thrusts alone cause Mmm I am so sensitive

Dusk: Ahhh!! Make sure to fall even more Serafall!!

*I said pumping her womb again with her moaning off the top of her lungs till I let her down and we both rest as I can see the thick cum leave her pussy. After the 3 of us cleaning up Serafall and Sona were about to leave my house for the home visit reasons*

Sona: *Clears throat* I-I see that you are pleased and I think that I will have to make daily visits to make sure that you don’t do something vulgar to other females-

Serafall: Ara, did Sou-tan want to have more sex then before cause she wasn’t satisfied?

*She said with a smirk on her face*

Sona: That’s righ- No!! That’s not it Onee-chan!!

*Even though Sona did make regular visits to my place to have sex with me for about 2 to 3 hours on weekdays and would have 3somes with Xenovia or Asia. After knowing that my harem was slowly increasing, I laid on my bed while looking at the journal*

Dusk: First was Xenovia, then was Asia, next was Sona and Serafall *a slightly mischievous smile* I wonder how many girls will be added to my harem.






Hope you guys liked the double sister this chapter as the next chapter will be Akeno Himejima that I am currently working on and if you have any suggestions for me to pick a girl that I haven’t picked or any idea’s for the current girls for some kinkiness, let me know until then, peace.

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