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Disclaimer: I don't own highschool dxd or it's characters.the oc is created by me.i dont make any money from this fic.

It had been a few days since I have obtained this Journal, but there have been rumor of Yuma, or Raynare for those who know her real Identity, being around the sports teams or sleeping with the manager of the school. Which were all true of course, there have been video's of her doing it 12 guys at once or taking on the managers of each sport at the same time. But despite having 12+ guys cumming inside of her, it looked like it would be hard to knock her up, but I just wonder how long it would take a mortal to get a fallen angel pregnant. Since I will watch from a distance... for now...

- The Following Thursday -

It was after class and I was eating my lunch on the roof with Issei

Issei: Ooo~ come on, are you still gonna sulk about what happened last week?

Dusk: Would you like me to remind you what I had to deal with?

Issei: ...N-No...

Dusk: Then let me get started with me starting to deal with-

Issei: Don't ignore my comment, anyways, I really am sorry and I promise to do anything to help make it up to your, I promise!!

Dusk: Takes a bite of my chicken sandwich "Anything"?

Issei: ...W-Within reason of course... ha-ahahah...

Dusk: Then you mind telling me who the blue haired girl is in my classroom is?

Issei: Eh? You mean Xenovia-chan? What about her?

Dusk: I wasn't sure how to approach her and was wondering if you could be my wingman to ask her for-

Issei: A-A date?!

I choke on his response

Dusk: W-What?! No! I wanted you to ask her for a study session since I have some trouble with a few questions I would like to be answered is all

That... and it was a excuse for me and her to be together in private

Issei: I-I see phew...

Dusk: That was a little harsh with that "phew" for a relief

Issei: G-Gomen... but I will do you this favor right away~!

It took Issei some time to ask Xenovia, as it worked and she said Friday after school she would join Dusk for the "study session" which I am glad that it went smoothly

- Friday after school -

As I was packing up my stuff to leave, I see Xenovia walked towards me as I see her breasts sway side-to-side ever so slightly as she stopped before me as her breasts had a slightly nice bounce when she stopped moving

Xenovia: I heard from Issei that you needed help with some homework at your place?

Dusk: Yea that’s right, ready to head for my place Xenovia-

Xenovia: Good, cause I need your help!?

Dusk: …Eh?

-We both went to my place -

I-I know that my objective was to get it on with Xenovia… but we’re both actually doing a study session…

Xenovia: Ahh~~ you have some nice and cold Apple Juice Dusk-senpai

Dusk: N-No problem

I said as I couldn’t complain really from getting a nice view of Xenovia’s black tang top and her  sports shorts she wearing is quite hot when I can see her juicy melons almost begging to come out

Xenovia: …sk… Dus…pai… Oi~ Dusk-senpai!?

Dusk: Huh? *Crap I got distracted* What is it?

Xenovia: I said I really appreciate that your helping me out with math and all, plus maybe I could make it up to you, just kidding-

Dusk: Actually… you can right now

Xenovia: Hm?

Dusk: “Xenovia, Will be in a trance”

Xenovia: What are you talking… about Dusk…sen…pai…?

I couldn’t help myself but get behind Xenovia and start to fondle her breasts directly since her tang top was exposing her lovely breasts with no bra on, as I hear Xenovia give a soft moan from me fondling her breasts

Xenovia: …what…are you doing…Dusk-senpai…?

Dusk: I am helping give you a massage of course, it’s perfectly natural for me to do this

Xenovia: Perfect…ly…natural…?

Dusk: That’s right it’s only natural

I said as I take her top off to see her breasts bounce a bit as I cup her left breasts while teasing her left nipple as I rub her smooth stomach and slowly go down to go past her panties and rub her pussy lips

While Xenovia moans sweetly from me massaging her breast and rubbing her pussy

Xenovia: Mmm~~ I-It feels… funny down there…

Dusk: That “funny place” is called a “pussy” Xenovia

Xenovia: It’s… my pussy…?

She says as her love juices flow out and her nipples start to get hard from me stimulating her, as I stop, take my pants off for my thick 8 inch cock to be right in front of her eyes

Dusk: Alright, now it’s time for you to massage this guy

Xenovia’s eyes opened wide from viewing the size before her

Xenovia: …I-It’s so big…

I sit on the bed as Xenovia holds my cock with her right hand and starts to rub it with her firm hand

Dusk: Ahh~~ that’s right, just like that and don’t forget to massage my cock with your mouth too Xenovia

Xenovia: W-With my…mouth…?

Dusk: Yeah~ just lick the head, put it in your mouth and make sure to not use your teeth

Xenovia looks at me as I explain to her, then continues to jerk me off while looking at the sight of my cock, then she proceeds to lick the tip ever so lightly like a lollipop which looked really hot, then she proceeded to suckle the top in her hot and wet mouth as I hear her moan out lewdly as she fingers her wet pussy with her left hand and her right hand jerks off my shaft

Dusk: Ahh~~~ That’s the stuff Xenovia-chan~~ massage my cock with your mouth a little deeper

As Xenovia continues to bob her head, she puts both her hands on my legs as I see her slowly taking inch by inch of my cock inside her mouth as it was completely different from Raynare, the feeling of hotness was the same, but the way they suck on my cock was from different leagues

Xenovia the processed to suck me off as I was having a little trouble to not prematurely cum in her mouth-pussy, so I endured for as long as possible

Dusk: Ahh~~~ X-Xenovia~~ I-I’m gonna cum soon

As Xenovia hears that, she feels my cock pulsing in her mouth-pussy as she then suddenly speeds up her bobbing head and erotic moaning that after her bobbing her head 12 times, I held her head and came down her throat as she moaned from both being surprised and the sensation of having cum being dumped down her throat

However, she was a champ and started to drink down my cum when I pulled back to cum in her mouth, from there she made a naughty pop sound from my cock with her lips closed and I marked her face and breasts in my cum for one last spurt

Dusk: Ahh~~ that… that felt awesome, now… drink what’s in your mouth and stick your tongue out Xeonvia

Xenovia stares at me with her slightly puffed cheeks as she leaned her head back for me to hear her gulp 3 times and stuck her tongue out with her cute blush

Xenovia: Di-Did my massage feel good Dusk-senpai…?

Dusk: Yes it did, now… “When you come to your senses, you will remember giving me a blowjob as a ‘lover’ since we are now going to dating and have lots of kinky sex, as this was your idea as a couple” understood?

I hear Xenovia slightly mumble every word that I said, I proceeded to rub her head and said “Wake up” as Xenovia slowly regains her senses, she looks down to see her breasts were exposed

Xenovia: 0/////0 W-What?! Why are my breasts exposed and why is your cock twitching for before my eyes?!

Dusk: Huh? Don’t you remember that we started dating and you wanted to give me a reward for helping you study Xenovia?

Xenovia: >//////< I-I don’t remember us… dating…?

It took a moment for Xenovia’s “false” memories to kick in as per my hypnotic suggestion as I heard her gulp and look down

Xenovia: …Y-Yea your right… And I know were a “c-couple” now… but you shouldn't be so rough when I give you a blowjob baka

I went to rub her head as she pouts

Dusk: Hahah~ gomen, gomen, I couldn’t help it since your blowjob felt really good

Xenovia: ¬/////¬ W-Well sorry that it felt good… it’s my first time and all… doing something like that…

After hearing that “It’s her first time” giving her first blowjob, then that pretty much means that her virginity is up for grabs since I didn’t have the chance to get rid of mine with Raynare, but Xenovia’s first time will pretty hot too since I am raring to go

Xenovia: *Stares at my cock* S-Say…

Dusk: Hm?

Xenovia: …W…Would you…

Dusk: Yeah?

Xenovia: …*Gulps*…Would you like to do it…with me…?

Dusk: Ooo~? Did sucking me off really flip your switch?

Xenovia: >//////< I-It’s not like that… but… your big cock looks likes in pain… and I was wondering if I could help relieve it…this one time

I slightly lung forward at her

Dusk: Then I will take you up on that offer-

Xenovia: Ahh! But… let me brush my teeth first

Xenovia ran off to the bathroom as I took the opportunity to set up for us to lose both of our V-cards together

Xenovia: I used some of your mouthwash Dusk-senpai-

She said as she didn’t expect me to fondle her breasts from behind

Xenovia: 0//////< D-Dusk-senpai?! C-Can you wait please-?

Dusk: Kouhai’s request denied

Xenovia: A-At least turn off the light please

Dusk: You embarrassed by chance?

Xenovia: …yes…

I take Xenovia’s advice and turned off the lights, however I helped strip her down and myself as I carried her to the bed and let her lay on her back as I got on top of her with my cock’s heat hitting her belly

Xenovia: W-Will it fit…?

Dusk: I promise to take it slow if you want?

Xenovia: …O-Okay… but will you wear a rubber-?

Dusk: I don’t have one, so I will get you a morning pill, okay?

Xenovia: Mmm…N-Next time you have to wear one

Dusk: You say that,  but I can hear your love juices just screaming “put it in me raw please”

Xenovia: N-No it’s not >///////<

Then leaned forward to kiss her lips, massage and grope both her breast in my hands

As Xenovia was shocked, but was please as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I then processed to use my right hand to rub her dripping wet pussy as I hear her moan and wince a little as I slowly stick my cock into her hot and tight pussy walls, after a few minutes my cock reached the base of her pussy where the hot and tight sensation would make a normal guy cum from just sticking it in

Dusk: Mmm~ y-your pussy is to tight and hot Xenovia~~ Ahh~~

Xenovia: Mmm~ I-It doesn’t hurt like I heard… b-but I can feel your cock pulsing inside of my pussy… plus… it’s hitting something Mmm~

Dusk: That’s probably your womb that the tip of my cock is mMm~ hitting Xenovia-chan

Xenovia: M-My womb~?!

To her surprise, I started off slowly thrusting my hips as I hear her give off a soft moan every time I poked her womb, but when I pull back her pussy is acting lick a vacuum and when I push forward it’s nice and snug with that excellent tightness

Dusk: Ahh~~ your pussy feels so good Xenovia-chan

Xenovia: Y-Your cock does too…but…

Dusk: Hm~? What’s up?

Xenovia: I-It’s not that it doesn’t feel good…but…

Dusk: Did you want me to pick up the pace?

Xenovia: Well…

Dusk: Then you have to say this…

I whispered in her right ear as she opened her eyes and looked at me

Xenovia: >////////< I-I can’t say something s-so lewd like that Dusk-senpai, hentai, ecchi-leech

Dusk: Well~ I can pull out right now and let you watch me jerk off to mark your body, or I can help your pussy feel good? Which will you pick?

Xenovia things for a bit as I slowly slide out, but she crossed her legs on my hips

Xenovia: O-Okay, I will say it, I will say it >///////<

I then proceeded to rub her right cheek every so slighyly

Dusk: I am still waiting Xenovia-chan

Xenovia: …I-I would like…Dusk-senpai…

Dusk: You would like me~?

Xenovia: …mmm…t-to ravage m…my…

Dusk: What would you like me to ravage?

As I teased Xenovia, she went out and said it with her bright red face

Xenovia: “I-I would like Dusk-senpai to r-ravage my hot and tight pussy with his thick cock a-as well as p-pump it with his thick cum straight into m-my womb pl-please” I-I said it, n-now please Dusk-senpai, don’t tease me please >///////<

Dusk: Guess it can’t be helped!!

I pulled back slightly and started to pistol strike Xenovia’s womb as well as hitting Xenovia’s sensitive spots

Xenovia moans out lewder then before as her pussy claps down hard as her arms and legs are wrapped around me as I did a French kiss while I start to hammer her pussy to mold it to my cock’s fit

Xenovia: Mmm~ Dusk-senpai! Dusk-senpai’s cock is so big and burly that my pussy is excepting Mm!! your whole length Mmm!! M-more! More please!!

After hearing Xenovia slowly falling to my pace. I started held her ass, made sure her back was against the wall as I thrust into her pussy while kissing her at the same time

Xenovia: Mmm!! T-This position is pretty good Mmm!!

After a while I would change position from doggy style to reverse cowgirl style, then from me holding her ass in the air with her back on the bed to cowgirl position, man Xenovia is erotic no matter what position we do it in as I started to thrust my pulsing cock in missionary position while kissing

Xenovia: Mmm!! I-I can feel your cock pulling a lot, it’s okay, cum. Cum as much as you like Dusk-senpai, mark my womb with your naughty juices pwease!!

After hear that I ended up cumming inside her womb without mercy as she tightened up both her pussy and her body as I couldn’t help but cum a few more spurts while I watch Xenovia’s ahegao face enjoying me cumming inside of her pussy for the first time

After a few moments of me cumming inside her, I slowly pulled out and laid next to her as we both pant from having intense sex for a few hours

Xenovia can feel my thick cum slowly flowing out of her pussy as I rubbed her belly

Dusk: Ahhh~~ that was a really good sex Xenovia

Xenovia: I can say the same for you too, you have a lot of stamina, but~ I am not satisfied quite yet

Dusk: C-Cut me some slake?

I said in a nervous tone

Xenovia: If you can cum 3 more time I will call it a deal

We ended up doing it 5 more times till it was Saturday night as this was going to be really enjoyable for when I get to have her cosplay-sex with me





Hope you guys like the 2nd chapter, in the next one I will continue with Xenovia but in her sexy skin tight outfit. However the next chapter will be “Third Victum - Asia Argento” as for the chapter after that will be a surprise. If you guys have any suggestions let me hear them, but until then, peace

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