Hypnotized DxD Girls

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After fully making Irina my cute and naughty angel worth dominating and conquering, I have now 8 girls to my harem as I would like to give them each their own special time for sex or helping them of their sexual frustrations. Asia is on Monday’s, Tuesday’s is Sona, Akeno is on Wednesday’s, Irina is on Thursday’s, Xenovia on Friday’s, Rossweisse is on Saturday’s and Tsubaki is on Sunday’s, where as for Serafall… she joins whenever she feels like it from time to time. I do like this plan but every so often I will have at least one or 2 more girls added on certain days which will turn to a 3some or 4some, not that I mind. But now I have over half of Rias’ peerage into my harem it’s time to make Koneko Toujou to my harem for my full plan to be exacted…

-Early on Monday Morning-

I enjoy the sight of Asia giving me a well training blowjob, to her being gentle yet erotic sucking skills, while she was cutely wiggling her ass for me to noticed she was rubbing her pussy and her breasts, which from me fondling her B-cup sized breasts are slightly bigger to be a double C-cup sized

Asia: Mm~~ good morning Dusk-san, I hope to treat you to perfect health with my healing techniques I’ve mastered for the past 3 months

She says as she makes a cute sucking sound by taking my cock down to the base as her mouth-pussy was wet and tight, I see her sucking a bit harder with her blowjob skills, along with her now giving me a blowjob tittyfuck with her smooth breasts around my shaft

I helped Asia to be positioned at 69 so I can have a taste of her demonic nun pussy to the fullest. Asia natural moans out, but doesn’t stop her blowjob-tittyfuck action for the past several minutes, where Asia came cutely a few times from me licking around her g-spots or nibbling on her clit

I can tell Asia doesn’t want to be the only one pleasured as I can feel her mouth-pussy now taking on my thick girthy cock to speed up her sucking skills as I couldn’t hold back and dump a thick half liter of milk down her throat

Dusk: Phew~~ that felt good Asia-chan, but are you ready for the real thing now?

Asia: Mmm~ thank you for your sacred milk for me to have and yes please

We ended up having sex 5 times before we realized we had to bolt to school in a hurry as Asia had to have my thick amount of cum swirling inside of her for the entire day of school

- Lunch Time on Tuesday -

The distant moaning could almost be heard from within the Student Council Room, as I was holding Sona’s wrists while standing with her as I can see her smooth back and ass being hammered by my thick member along with her abrupt panting from the current pleasure she is receiving

Sona: Mmm~!! e-Every day~!! a~a~ah~At lunch You mmm~!!! Go straight for sex by my des~~k~!! Ahhh~!!

I can feel Sona’s tight pussy convulsing as she came from my thrusts

Dusk: Mmm~!! I can’t help it Sona, you were being a bit harsh earlier to me in front of the students for no reason, now I’m just showing a bit of punishment is all

Sona: Mmm~!! Y-Your throbbing behemoth is just too much~!!

Dusk: Mmm~!! You’ve also came about 7 times without a break, so here’s your reward!!

For lasting a good hour of holding back, a thick wad of cum filled Sona’s womb to the brim, making sure there was not spot missed as she climaxed a bit hard then usual as she fainted from the extend sex session

Sona: …ah…ah…ah…ah…ah… y…you behemoth…so…good…Ah~!

*She says as she felt some cum leak from her pussy*

Dusk: Mm~! Don’t worry Sona-chan, I’ve got about one more round inside of me, so let’s make it a quickie this time

Sona was astonished that I still have a sex drive within me, as we ended up doing 3 more quickies before the lunch bell rang. Sona was then laying on her back, on top of her desk in full glory, with her body covered in my cum with her slightly blissful facial reaction she’s giving with her eyes slightly rolled back a bit with her body twitching a bit from the extensive pleasure she received

- During Class on Wednesday’s -

In a empty classroom with the door being locked, if you listened closely to the door or the walls, you could hear the moans of girls and their love juices gushing multiple times

Akeno: Mmm~~ Y~Your fingers feels so good Dusk~kun

Serafall: Mmm~!! C~Come on and ravage my pussy already D~Dusk~kun~! I don’t want to cum from your fingers again~!!

They both said as they were siting on the desks bare naked with their legs spread apart as I finger their pussies to notice that Akeno’s pussy is a bit wetter then Serafall’s, however Serafall’s pussy feels a bit softer then Akeno’s from my fingers alone

Dusk: Hmm~ I wonder what I should do then~?

Serafall: Mmm~~ come Dusk-kun, ravage this demon pussy with your large and thick human cock

Gulps tempting to go for Serafall first

Akeno: Mm~~ if you thrust your throbbing member inside my pussy right now, I promise to suck as much as your milk inside my womb while asking you to mate with me

My cock throbs now wanting to plow Akeno to heaven

Serafall: Don’t you wanna cum inside this wet, soft and tight idol demon pussy that for your use only Dusk-kun?

Akeno: Don’t you wanna feel my fallen devil pussy nicely wring out your cock to the fullest Dusk-kun?

From hearing both their requests, I helped them get to the teachers desk, letting Serafall be on her back and Akeno being on top of her as I couldn’t help but swiftly double penetrate their pussies simultaneously

Akeno: Mmm~!! That’s more like it Dusk-kun!! Keep ravaging my pussy like that~!!

Serafall: Oooo~~ it’s going in so deep that it’s hard to think a bit straight from your vigorous thrusts Dusk-kun

As I patiently build up my lewd thoughts of plumping their wombs with my thick load of cum, I enjoy their different sensations of pussies; Akeno’s being a warm vacuum wanting my cock to stay deep inside of her, while Serafall’s it tight and wet at the same time which made it easier for me to womb fuck her demonic idol pussy as I please

Just that mental image alone was enough to fire a spark inside of me to cum inside their pussies even more, as I hold on for a good 30 minutes of holding back, I came deep inside both of their pussies with their erotic moans in unison from me cumming with full force as they passed out from the semi-Intense pleasure they just received

- Thursday After School -

Under a large tree near the Sports equipment area, I was currently holding Irina’s legs over my shoulders as I thrusted hard and deep inside her angelic pussy as she was covering her mouth so badly that their was students near by to hear her erotic moans, till she did her best to whisper

Irina: Mm~~ S~~stop for a second Dusk~kun~ I~I can hear the others putting the Mm~ equipment away~ C~Can’t you wait a bit longer~?! Pl~Please!?

Irina says desperately as her soft yet erotic moans are just a turn on as I just want to tease her even more then before

Dusk: Mmm~~ as much as I would like too~! I wanna see how long you can keep that erotic voice of yours down till your body cums from the pleasure it’s receiving, Irina!

Irina was about to say something, but when the tip of my cock hits her womb for a pit of womb fucking, she covered her mouth to stop her moans from leaking out as her push clenches nice and tight from the thought of getting caught while fucking on school grounds

Irina: Mmm~!!! I-I’m at my limit Dusk~kyun!! Pl~Please slow down Mm!

Dusk: Mmm~~ I just a bit closer to climaxing Irina, I wanna see your reaction when the girls leave the equipment Mmm~ room as they hear your muffled moan from being so close

I said thrusting my hips like a jackhammer inside of Irina’s tightened pussy as I can see her eyes rolled back from wanting to cum badly from the excitement and pleasure her current situation she’s in as we both hear giggles and talking of some guys and girls leaving the equipment room as I held Irina tightly and dump a thick load inside of her womb while locking my lips with her to help her muffle her climax moans, as her legs crossed around my waist to make sure her womb is taking my thick milk

School girl: Hm? Did you hear something?

School boy: Nope, you sure you didn’t make it up?

School girl: It might have been my imagination, let’s hurry and and leave

School boy: I hear you loud and clear

It took a few minutes for them to leave as I finally let Irina’s lips go as I can see her flushed face of being pleasures and pleased all at once

Dusk: Mmm~~ That was pretty kinky in my opinion Irina, wanna continue or go home?

Irina: Mmm~~ You such a tease…but…I wanna keep going till your dry Dusk-kun

I grin as I continued to hammer Irina’s pussy in various poses for the next 10 rounds on school ground in the same area where none of the teachers ever came by “wink, wink, nudge, nudge”

- Friday In the Storage room after Gym Class -

Xenovia’s back was against the wall, her legs were on my shoulders as I hold her ass in the air as I continuously hammered her slow maturing pussy, as the students were talking and giggling right next to us in the back, to which we had to whisper or keep our moans down as best as possible

Xenovia: Mmm~~!! Your such a pervert for asking me in here to just have sex with students near by Dusk-senpai

Dusk: Me?! Who was the one wagging their ass while giving me a public rimjob that no one noticed again, Xenovia?!

Xenovia: Mmm~~ I couldn’t Ahh~ help it, you haven’t had sex with me ever since you’ve brought more and more girls Mmm!! To your lustful harem, Dusk-senpai

Dusk: I can’t help it, each of your pussies are in a class of their won as I wanna be sure to pleasure all of you privately on your special days of the week

Xenovia: Mmm!! I cant hold it in any longer Dusk-senpai, I wanna feel your thick and creamy milk insider of my womb-pussy, you love to do so much Dusk-senpai

I give Xenovia as double spark on her ass as I noticed her pussy clenched a bit tightly on my cock that’s already conquered her pussy and womb at this point

Dusk: Mmm~~ You have to be patient Xenovia, plus I wanna see how long it takes for the students to realize we’re fucking near each other, so let’s do this

I said licking my lips so hungrily lock lips with Xenovia’s as I ravaged her pussy with my bulky cock along with my spanking Xenovia’s ass so I can feel that same tightness as before; of course the girls can hear some slap sounds along with some gushing and moaning sounds in the mix, as they were about to approach, the teach came in to lecture the female students and closed the door behind himself not realizing me and Xenovia have the whole Gym Storage Room to ourselves as I can see a mat big enough to be considered a bed

Dusk: Mmm~ seems like we’re in here alone Xenovia, so let’s go as initially planned

Xenovia gives a lustful reaction as moments later you can hear from the outside semi loud moans, but inside the Storage Room you can hear Xenovia’s erotically loud moans as I wasn’t showing her pussy or womb Mercy while playing with her delicious melons

Xenovia: Oooo~~ fuck just like that Dusk-senpai, keep it inside of me just like that please!!

Dusk: Mmm~~ You were a diligent student Xenovia, but now your a horny slut that only has sex on her mind!! Goes this firm and wet pussy is top class!!

Xenovia: I can’t help it if you keep finding my sweet spots while we’re having sex so many times of the week Dusk-senpai, Mmm~ plus your cock is pretty big that I can’t live without it!!!

After hearing that from her, I lean in to kiss her lips, massage her breasts, deeply make the tip of my cock be inside her womb, Xenovia leg locking and wrapping her arms around me so I can be as deep as possible inside of her as I give her thick reward of my cum straight away after holding it in for a good hour

Xenovia: …ahh…ahh…ahh…having sex with you as a lover is so hot Dusk-senpai…

She rubs her belly

Xenovia: I wonder when we can have a baby though

Dusk: Don’t worry, I’ll make you a mother soon enough, but let’s go for 25 rounds since we’re gonna be in here for a while

Xenovia gave a “Yah” as we were fucking like animals in our sex-enduced fumes in this semi-large room where if you were to come to this room you can totally smell the scent of sweaty teens having sex for hours; which happened from 4pm-7am as we sneakily escaped when the teacher left the door open to clean the sweaty smell of lust and sex that was left by use

- Both on Saturday and Sunday evening till dusk -

I was enjoying my sleep from just hammering Xenovia yesterday when I see early in the morning my two lovely impregnated girls giving me head to my morning wood while wearing nothing but a apron

Rossweisse: Mmm~~ tasting my students cock early in the morning is quite kinky as a teacher

Tsubaki: Mmm~~ I have to make sure my soon to be husband’s cock can still produce offspring as both the vice-president of the school and as a woman

I wasn’t able to talk much cause of Rossweisse’s smoothest tongue licking my cock along with Tsubaki’s soft and erotic tongue doing it’s job. As they both suck on my balls while double hand jerking my cock off from tip to hilt with no mercy, they even noticed I was on the verge of cumming as they brought their faces and tongues together as my cock being aimed at them

Rossweisse: Come on Dusk, don’t you wanna mark this pretty face with your thick and tasty cum?

Tsubaki: Dusk-kun, don’t you wanna see your soon to be wife covered in your fresh and manly cum?

Rossweisse: Come on Dusk, you don’t have to be shy about it, I promise to keep it a secret and let your grades be A’s all the time

Tsubaki: Come on Dusk-kun, don’t you wanna see my uptight face being smeared from your dominance as a man showing me who’s in charge?

Unison: Dusk(-kun)!

I couldn’t hold back from their erotic teasing as I marked both their faces, mouths, tongues and breasts with my thick n’ horny cum I have slightly backed up

Rossweisse: Mmm~~ so tasty and creamy

Tsubaki: Mmm~~ Just how I imagined my soon to be husband’s cum tastes like

They said lewdly cleaning my cock clean while French kissing in the mix, however they both kneel while resting their bodies down but their dripping wet pussies up from my point of view of Rossweisse’s plump and marshmallow ass vs Tsubaki’s plump and firm ass side by side

Rossweisse: Come on Dusk, we know we have your child, but don’t you wanna know the feeling of having sex while or wombs develope the babies?

Tsubaki: Mmm~~ don’t tease us with that behemoth of yours and show our soon to be milf pussies who’s boss from behind in domination

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing as my lust was turned on to max, holding Rossweisse’s ass as my doppelgänger was holding Tsubaki’s ass as me and the doppelgänger from the journal, matched the thrusts and time to cum when ready as both Rossweisse and Tsubaki weren’t expecting to get fucked at the same time

Dusk x2: How does it feel to have your students/ husbands cock ravage your student/mature pussies ladies?!

Unison: It feels so good that we can’t think straight Dusk(-kun)!!!

I thrusted my cock in both their pussies at the same time feeling their unique sensations at once as I am glad that this is happening right now that I can’t help it any longer by dumping another thick load inside their wombs this time as they both moan erotically at the same time as we both pulled our cocks out and see their pussies seeping out the double cumshot

Dusk x2: Now that you’ve both got me like this, it’s time to show you both no mercy in sex for two days straight

I can see their facial reactions of bliss while cumming from the fact of getting fucked for two days straight is making them thick of ovulating while pregnant, of course I couldn’t be as rough of 100% dominate as I usually am with my girls so I was holding back only until I came inside both Tsubaki’s and Rossweisse’s womb

As we went from doggy to missionary, standing lap dance to hands on the wall while being lifted in the air, being on the air bed while giving 69 to shower sex while standing. Along with cuddling from time to time to let the girls rest even though they were covered in cum from head to toe from the amount of lust we had over the weekend

- Starting back on Monday Morning, I was 5 minutes late to school for morning class cause I was plowing Asia and Serafall and lost track of time, wait for lunch to happened as I was on the roof chilling from my girls for now -

Dusk: Phew~ my sex life sure is exciting to pick and unsafely cum inside there pussies and wombs as much as I want, plus Tsubaki and Rossweisse should develop soon-

I said as I heard the door open and she a cute petite girl with silver hair and b-cup breasts, it was Koneko Toujou my next target to add to my harem, though her being here wasn’t my plan, but it can be altered. As I was thinking that she approached me in a cold and slightly harsh aura around her

Koneko: Are you Dusk-senpai?

Dusk: Y-Yes my name is Dusk Tarragon that transferred here about 2-3 months ag-

She puts her hand out asking me to “stop talking”

Koneko: I didn’t ask for all of that Dusk-senpai, but you’ve been acting a bit suspicious for quite a while with some of Rias’ classmates

Dusk: W-What gives you that impression…?

I said as I sweat a bit and thought “Crap… did she catch on to my plans and knows what I might do next…?” as I looked at Koneko-chan for what she is about to say next

Koneko: I’m asking you now cause if I find anything fishy later on, I’m not going to hold back

Dusk: You sure your not going to hold back, “if” you find out that I’m innocent?

Koneko: So you are hiding something then! And yes, I’m not gonna hold back Dusk-senpai

Dusk: Good… *Snapped my fingers* …cause I’m going to rewrite your objectives, okay Koneko-chan?

It took a moment for the hypnotism to be put on Koneko-chan as she resisted for a split second, only to fall prey like the other girls

Koneko: …hai… …Dusk…senpai…

She said as I softly rubbed Koneko-chan’s very soft cheeks as she naturally blushed and moaned a little from me rubbing her face

Dusk: Okay, would you mind telling me what Rias told you to do with me Koneko-chan?

Koneko: …Hai…My given job…is to check to see…what you were planning…tell Rias…then severally punish you…if quilt…but if innocent we…will apologize for…thinking you were the culprit for…doing something funny with Rias’…peerage members…as your not strong enough…to take me down…as if you were to do something funny to me…I would punch your lights out…and bring you to Rias for…interrogation…

Wow… that was a bit harsh for either opinion, good thing this hypnosis is handy for these situations” I was thinking, till a light bulb sparked for her ‘new’ objective

Dusk: Well~ just to give you a update Koneko-chan, Rias told me herself that you have to do something different and forget your current objective

Koneko: …From Rias…forget old objective…and listen to the new objective…?

Dusk: That’s right, as it’s the truth she told me to tell you

Koneko: …It the truth…from Rias…herself gave…to me only…

Dusk: That’s correct Koneko-chan…now listen closely…

I let Koneko-chan listen to my “false” commands from Rias as I “alternated” her memory a bit to fit my needs for what I have planned in store

• 1. When she comes back to consciousness she will be in the same state as before questioning me about my sexual urges as I need to let it out more then 3 times a day, however over time she will feel horny and need some assistance with her own built up sexual urges

• 2. She will be asking me to help out with her lustful nekomata nature either it be giving fore play or sex to Koenko-chan as that is Rias’ command in helping out her peerage pent up sexual needs

• 3. When Koneko-chan consumes, marked or takes my cum inside/outside of her body, her love for me will increase naturally as a lover while giving cute cat sounds when I help her sexual needs to be met

• 4. Once she in a comfortable statement to trust me as a lover she will be asking me to mate with in her Nemomata form while calling me “senpai” in private or with my other hypnotized females

• And lastly 5. Koneko will report “false” accusations to Rias such as ‘he is clean Rias Bucho, he is just hanging out with them as the rumors are false’ kind of examples as I do lewd actions with Koneko-chan behind Rias’ back. Koneko-chan nodded naturally as she repeated in her cute hypnotized tone all the information I just gave to her, I clapped my hands as I see Koneko-chan shake her head a bit with a mad scowl looking at me with a nice blush face

Dusk: Y-Yes?

Koneko: Now that I’ve caught you red handed… I will have to personally punish you…

I sweat a bit thinking that maybe the hypnotic suggestions might not have worked this time… however

Koneko: …so remove your pants. Now.

Dusk: Eh? What did you say?

Koneko: D-Don’t make me repeat myself! I will be interrogating your sexual needs with my first time giving a blowjob and handjob hentai-senpai

I am glad the hypnosis worked, but I couldn’t help but get a hard-on from Koneko-chan saying that nonchalantly

Dusk: Y-You sure there’s no other way to interrogating Koneko-chan?

Koneko: Strip now. Or I’ll rip your pants off myself

Dusk: Hai… ╥ω╥ I understand

I take my pants off as I see Koneko-chan adjusting her hair a bit while looking straight at my pants, then my large bulge in my boxers made her eyes open a bit from the size alone which I then pulled it down, as Koneko-chan’s eyes lit up from the size and length being much bigger then she had initially thought as it was almost close to her nose for her to smell my mating lust

Koneko: W-Why is it so thick and long…?!

Dusk: Cause I was born naturally to have a 10 inch cock this long, hard and stiff Koneko-chan

Koneko: I-I didn’t ask for all of that… so…. Now what do I do with this thing before me…?

Dusk: Huh~? You’ve never done this before Koneko-chan?!

Koneko: O-Of course I haven’t! This is my first time seeing something this long and hard as well as interrogating information out of you like this sexual urge you have

I mischievously grin a bit from that response she made

Dusk: Then how about you start off by using your hands to rub my cock off from tip to hilt

Koneko blushes a bit from that idea, it she nodded as I felt her very soft hands on my cock, her hands were a bit small compared to other girls whole can fully grab my cock to handjob me easily, but Koneko-chan’s hands feels very pleasant for being a much smaller grasp on my shaft

Koneko: I-It’s so hot and warm…plus it’s throbbing a lot

Dusk: Mm~ that means it feels good when your touching it Koneko-chan, now move your hands for me please

Koneko: D-Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m just getting information of your sexual intentions is all

She said as it takes her a moment to think of how she is going to do this as she goes from my hilt to the very tip with both of her hands cupped on my shaft for a double handjob

Dusk: Oooo~~ your small hands are so soft Koneko-chan

Koneko: Mm~~ D~Don’t make it sound so perverted D-Dusk-senpai

She says; but I wasn’t lying either, her hands are way softer then Asia by a massive landslide that I almost busted a nut from this double soft stimulation Koneko-chan is proving me, just thinking about Koneko-chan’s lips, mouth, ass or her pussy on my cock to be kissed, sucked, licked, rimjob, grind or have sexual intercourse is just turning me on even more to dominate and make Koneko-chan mine just like the other girls in my harem

Dusk: I can’t help it if it feels this good Koneko-chan, your hands are soft when jerking my cock off

Koneko: O-Okay, I get it, I get it, what is next?

Dusk: Ooo~~ try using your mouth, tongue and avoid using your teeth please

Koneko-chan looks at me with a distasteful look in her eyes from me giving her that type of suggestion… but she did listen to my request as I feel her soft lips going up and down my shaft along with her tongue sneakily licking the sides for better stimulation of how soft it feels to be given head from this naughty Nekomata I’m currently training from the ground up

Koneko: Mmm~~ Your cock tastes very funny when I lick it or suck on it like this Dusk-senpai

She said as I noticed that her hips are swaying about from getting turned on from the hypnotic suggestion that was implanted in her mind, I can hear Koneko-chan making sweet moans as she sucks and licks the side of my cock as she goes to slurp my cock down her mouth; I moaned from not only how tight the sensation it felt, but how warm and wet her mouth is at the same time

Dusk: Ooo~~ Y-Your blowjob feels so good Koneko-chan k~Keep it up~!

Koneko-chan didn’t hear me as she was in her own little pleasant world of sucking of my cock to the fullest, of course she only sucking of 4 inches of my 10 inch behemoth, I am still enjoying how well her blowjob skills are improving on the fly as she uses both hands to fondle both my heavy balls in her super soft hands

Dusk: That’s it Koneko-chan keep sucking off this big and juicy cock your liking so much

I said getting a bit cocky from how pleasant Koneko-chan’s mouth and hands feels on my throbbing cock to heaven… however she bit on my cock at 5 inches till she reached the tip to give a soft bite while looking at me with a stern look on her face

Koneko: I-I know I’m here to help with your pent up sex drive, but don’t get ahead of your when I’m just helping you out this one time Dusk-senpai

She told me as a warning as she immediately goes back to sucking off my cock like a vacuum this time, the soft feeling of her lips rubbing against my cock, the soft and wet tongue rolling around my throbbing cock, her vacuum like tight mouth sucking me off is just unbearable that I caved prematurely to bust a thick nut filling her mouth full of my cum that she had to pull back and her face get cumshot with the very strong lust scent along side her puffed cheeks

Dusk: Ahhh~~ S~Sorry I didn’t give you a wa~warring Koneko-chan, just make sure to drink my cum cause I don’t have a tissue for you to spit it out onto

Koneko-chan scolds me with her blush with her cum filled mouth, along with my cum all over her face, but she knew she had to do something as she bobbed her head back and I could hear her loudly drinking every single drop of my cum down her throat as she looked at me, opened her mouth to show she drank it all with her erotic blush face that was just a massive turn on that my cock wasn’t ready to go down yet

Koneko: Y-You came so much next time give me a warning when your gonna cum like that… plus your still hard…? Geez Dusk-senpai is a real pervert

Dusk: I-I did say I was sorry K-Koneko-chan, can you give me another blowjob please? Cause I have a very strong libido then most males

Koneko: …Hentai…getting off from my small mouth…does it feel that good…?

Dusk: Ahh~~ yes it did, I couldn’t help the way you were sucking me off while pleasing me at the same time Koneko-chan

Koneko: D-Don’t think flattery will get you anywhere Hentai-senpai

Dusk: I am still ready for more Koneko-chan, I’m not close to done quite yet and lunch isn’t going to last forever unfortunately

Koneko-chan blushes from me swaying my cock left to right as she went to cheekily suck on my cock while cupping both of her hands to give me a double handjob while blowjobbing me at the same time

The fast pace of her bobbing head taking inch by inch of my cock down her small and clamp throat was amazing that she got 7 inches down this time, along side her small and smooth hands following her blowjobs as she slight tightens her grip for me to have a better stimulation then before

I can tell Koneko-chan is getting more into sucking me off for the sake of getting over it, for a solid 15 minutes of enjoying Koneko-chan’s tight mouth pussy she would go for slow bobs to recover from going a bit fast to fast and harsh suction bobs to make me lose my cool so I would prematurely cum again, but I do my best to champ it out

As another 10 minutes past of Koneko-chan giving head to my thick behemoth, she started to massage my prized jewels with her soft hands, as a nice half hour passed, I finally dumped my second thick load down Koneko-chan’s throat, she did have some teary eyes for a bit, but gulped down as much as cum down her throat as she can

Koneko: Mmm~~ still tastes bad…are you satisfied now- w-why are you still so hard H-Hentai-senpai?!

Dusk: It’s cause I can still keep going Koneko-chan, now it’s time for the main course for me to enjoy Koneko-chan

Naturally Koneko-chan was a bit scared to think my cock would fit inside her pussy or ass to the base as her body was actually starting to take the effects of the journal by heating up her body for pleasure, as I was about to remove her damp white panties off the lunch bell rang as I made a “tch” sound as I was about to get to the good part, got my pants on and walked to the door

Dusk: Don’t worry Koneko-chan, we’ll get more opportunities in the future to have a nice one-on-one session

Koneko-chan felt relief from me not going all the way as her body was still reacting to wanting pleasure as I sneakily put a “6th” hypnotic suggestion for Koneko-chan; “6. In the event of not engaging in a sexual intercourse, your body will have a very small lingering sensation of wanting to receive pleasure as it will build up to the point of masterbation, the only way to make it subside is letting your womb directly have cum inside as Koneko-chan’s small lingering pleasure will reset” now let’s see how long she’ll last for the entire day like this

Koneko: Mmm…hentai…

She said as she got her act together while cleaning herself off, as she attended class she couldn’t help but notice that her lust was trying to get the best of her as she pants a bit softly while in the middle of class as she was very tempted to masterbate near so many people, but does her best to not fall to such temptations

However as the end of class she immediately heads for the girls bathroom, used her magical circle to teleport to the Occult Clubhouse and took her damp panties off as she sits on the couch fingering her smooth wet slit while teasing her erect nipple. After a good few minutes of Koneko-chan masterbating a bit intensely she came with a bright red blush to look at her right hand covered in her love juices. She then hears someone coming to the clubhouse as she immediately stripes down to head for the private shower head area

Rias: Phew today was a really harsh da- …Koneko-chan? Why did you leave your clothes on the floor…?

Rias said as she heard the water turned on

Koneko: G-Gomen Bucho, it was a little hot and I need to cool off a bit

Koneko-chan says but is fingering her pussy a bit more while teasing her erect nipples again

Rias: Okay, but you know we have baskets for throwing your clothes inside of till your dried up right…?

Koneko: G-Gomen, I wasn’t thinking a bit straight since it’s really… *soft moan* …really hot today

Rias: …Okay, I get the message, so how about that Dusk from the Sophomore class? You find anything suspicious about him?

Koneko-chan could barely listen to Rias as she was on cloud 9 fingering her pussy to cum again from her small little fingers

Koneko: I-I am not sure yet B-Bucho, I will have to o-observe him a-a bit more wi-with your permission B-Bucho

Rias: Alright, I give you permission, after all your one of my most trusted companions along with being pretty cute for a petite girl Koneko-chan

Rias said brewing up some tea for Koneko-chan to drink after her shower, but little did Rias know that Koneko-chan came 3 times while being very near. Koneko-chan knew that her fingers aren’t going to be enough as she slowly remembers the size and forth of my smelly cock and slowly imagines her tight little pussy getting ravaged over and over again

Rias: Koneko-chan? You okay? Do I need to come in there?

In a split second Koneko-chan came to her senses, quickly cleaned herself off while drying herself off with two towels being used for her petite body and her hair as she came out

Koneko: G-Gomen Bucho, I was a bit too focused cleaning myself off

Rias: It’s okay Koneko-chan, just drink your tea after a hard day of work

Koneko drinks with Rias for a good girl-to-girl talk, as I was enjoying a rest session with Akeno, Xenovia, Irina and Sona naked with skinship before we get to the kinky stuff all night long

- Tuesday morning -

Koneko-chan does her usual routine of taking a shower, getting dressed for school and finishing school like normal, but for the entire day her mind was filled with nothing but wanting to masterbate as she had to go to the bathroom every time she had a break was because her panties were already soaking wet before arriving to school, but no matter how much she fingers her pussy to climax over and over again, her lust will not subside

- Wednesday through Thursday -

Koneko-chan could help it by asking me to “privately” join her for some “sexual relief” even though it was a excuse to suck me off or have her body put at ease of her increased lust in her system. Either it be in the boys bathroom, girls bathroom, the school roof, behind the school or even the empty classrooms

I would always enjoy Koneko-chan sucking me off while her erotic face is coming together quite nicely from her stern look to her more lax and pleasured facial reaction she’s giving off

I also make sure to cum inside her throat, mouth, face and her back from getting some rimjob action as her slightly plump and softest ass is always too cum onto

As much as I was the one to only receive true pleasure, Koneko-chan’s own lust isn’t subsided as her body right now is 3 times sensitive that just lightly rubbing her panties would make her cum easily

Dusk: Phew thanks for the treatment Koneko-chan, if you want another milk shot, let me know so I can make a pla-

Koneko: U-Umm… D-Dusk-senpai!

I grin while playing dumb for a bit

Dusk: Yes, Koneko-chan?

Koneko: T-Tomorrow…do you wanna…

She stumbles on her words as it’s hard for her to think straight

Dusk: “Do I wanna” what, Koneko-chan?

Koneko: …Do you wanna cut school and… go to a love hotel… all… day long…?

Dusk: Hmm~~ I’m not sure about that idea Koneko-cha-

She goes to hug me tightly as she was shivering with her pleasure reaching it’s limit right now

Koneko: Pw-Pwease!! I-I am at my limit D-Dusk-senpai!!

Dusk: Alright, alright, tomorrow will just be me and you in a love hotel

Koneko-chan had a blissful face as she cutely nuzzles my chest knowing full well she is going to have sex for her first time

- Friday Morning -

As I headed for school as usual, I see Koneko-chan at the front fiddling with her fingers as she noticed I walked up to her and she blushed harshly as I put my hand on her waist as we both ditched school to have sex for the entire day

Of course I had written in the journal before hand that Koneko and I will be absent because we caught a cold as well as getting the love hotel room for free including refreshments and meals will come out of the employees pockets. To which me and Koneko-chan arrived to the love hotel within 20 minutes to our love nest room

Koneko: T-The room is quite large D-Dusk-senpai

Dusk: That it is Koneko-chan

I said stripping down without a care in the world as Koneko-chan pants a bit lustfully as her nekomata side got her excited  from me taking my shirt and pants off

Dusk: Come on Koneko-chan, you strip too unless you just wanna suck my cock off only in this love hotel

Koneko-chan jolts a bit but would feel dissatisfied if she only performed fellatio and not received the full experience of sexual relief and pleasure; to which she nodded taking her clothing off piece by piece until she was wearing her cute white and green striped lingerie on which tells me it’s her combat armor for sex

She soon enough had the courage to remove her bra and damp panties off as her cute nipples were hard, her nice b-cup breasts are developing nicely as her love juices seep down her trembling legs

Koneko: D-Dusk-se-senpai

Dusk: You have pretty skin for a petite girl Koneko-chan, now let’s clean each other up in the shower first

She smiles from the comment as she nods holding my hand with joy pulling me in the shower head room first, she then turns the water on as it slowly warms our bodies up as I go to fondle her cute B-cup breasts and tease her nipples from behind as I enjoy giving myself a rimjob from her slightly plump ass that felt like a marshmallow to the touch

Koneko: Mmm~~ Dusk-senpai is such a teaser~! N~Nya~

I noticed she said “Nya” for the first time as I am fully aware that she must be very close to falling as my lover willingly

Dusk: I can’t help it from such a cute and naughty girl before me that I wanna pleasure and tease you at the same time Koneko-chan

Koneko: M-Mou!! B-Baka!! Also how long are going to rub my small breasts and my ass for?!

Dusk: I’m just helping clean your body is all

Koneko-chan wasn’t having that for a answer as she turned around for my hands to firmly lock on her marshmallow ass, my cock directly underneath her already moist pussylips and her arms wrapped around my neck to pull me in to kissing range

Koneko: Y-You better take responsibility f-for making me like this Dusk-senpai…or else…

Dusk: H…Hai…to the bed…?

Koneko: Yes, now carry me like this

I was a bit astonished from that response that I held her ass up which she locked her legs around my waist, while I walked to he bed she cutely licks my neck or nipples as if she was marking her territory like a slutty cat in heat, which she probably is at this point

Dusk: Say Koneko-chan, I have a idea that would be interesting for you to hear

I said approaching the bed while groping her soft ass and grinding her damp pussylips

Koneko: W-What Dusk-senpai…?

I explained to her the details as she refused at first, but me stimulating her already sensitive body to the edge of climax, she agreed to my erotic plan for her first time…to be recorded on camera; to which I ordered the staff for me to get as I got 5 cameras for the POV, left/right side view behind her head and one camera behind us to make sure that I can get all the spicy angles of Koneko-chan’s cute, naughty and erotic behavior all on camera for her to look back on when I’ve conquered her heart

Dusk: Okay~ Koneko-chan, let’s start with your cute introductions, what you will be doing all day and what you plan on with your “senpai”

I said as I started to roll the all the camera’s as I can see Koneko-chan panting a bit from my cock directly rubbing against her damp pussylips and on her stomach

Koneko: M-My name is Koneko Toujou, I-I am 15 year old petite girl with b-cup sized breasts, I’m a reincarnated devil along with being part Nekomata, I attend Khou Academy as a Freshmen…A-and today…I…I’ll…be…mmm…nya…

I see her struggle a bit as I tease her pussy lips by thrusting my hips back and forth just a bit for her to focus

Koneko: Mm~!! I’ll be losing my virginity on camera~! I-I hope you enjoy this petite girl losing her v-card even more perverts, so make sure you get your t-tissues ready to see how much sex I'm going to be receving!

I smirk my lips as I held Koneko-chan’s left waist, because my left hand is holding the camera at the moment, as I get the nice angle of her entire body along with my cock just grazing her dripping wet and begging pussy

I couldn’t help it any longer as I slowly thrust my cock inside her tight pussy. Koneko-chan winces a bit as my cock was pretty thick as she feels her individual pussy folds being stretched along with her hymn breaking but not as bad as she thought, however I continued to go deeper and deeper inside of Koneko-chan top class tight pussy that even beats Asia’s by a landslide, after a few minutes, my cock was touching Koneko-chan’s womb as only 8/10 inches of my cock was engulfed by her tight Nekomata pussy

Koneko: Nya~~ Sh~Shempai’s cock is so bwig~!!

She says as I can feel her tight folds convulsing just a bit with her squirting in the mix as I can tell she’s definitely wanting more of this then her own fingers to be pleased by

Dusk: Mm~~ That’s true Koneko-chan, but my cock isn’t fully inside of you quite yet, but let’s take our time till I stuff your womb with my cock

At this point Koneko-chan nodded in agreement as she was lost in lust, I thrusted my cock back and forth inside her tight and wet pussy that me pulling back had a harsh hold on my cock but me pushing forward only made her pussy folds just lossen a bit that it’s hard for me to no immediately lose my cool and just fuck her to domination right away, so I’ll take my time exploiting her sexual weaknesses

Koneko: Mmm~~ Senpai’s cock feels so good thrusting inside of my Loli-Neko pussy, it feels rewarding and pleasuring senpai

Dusk: Mm~~ glad to hear that Koneko-chan, let’s change positions

I said turning her around without pulling out, I sit down as I hold her plump thighs for the camera at the end of the bed to see Koneko-chan’s full nudity in her glory as I lift her light body up and down my cock as she makes cute “nya’s” as her womb is being kissed by the tip of my cock every time

Koneko: Se-Senpai’s thick, sturdy and long cock is ravaging Koneko-chan’s former virgin pussy, can you see the shape of my pussy taking Senpai’s cock inside of my Loli-Neko pussy~?

She said as I can feel her rubbing her stomach area where my cock is thrusting inside of over and over again as I helped her body going up and down my cock go a bit faster as I also thrust my hips into the mix, this almost feels like we’re making a porno from how far this escalated

Koneko: Mm~!!! Senpai is thrusting his cock while plunging my pussy up and down his mighty behemoth

I wasn’t lasting much longer as her tight and wet pussy was too much as I went for the lustful doggystyle to wrap up round 1

Koneko: Mmm~~ Se~~Senpai~~ your going bit more faster then before Nya~a~Nyaa~ahh~Nyaa~ <3

Dusk: Mmm~!! I can’t help it Koneko-chan, your tight and wet pussy is out of this world! Plus how does it feel to be dominated from behind for a in heat Nekomata~?!

Koneko: Mm~!! I-It feels so good Senpai! More! I want to feel this pleasure even more pwease!!

On instinct I continued my thrusts as Koneko-chan mains out every second on the second as time passed, I finally came inside her womb as she let out her lewdest, loudest and erotic moan that anyone could have heard from our room…Koneko-chan’s naughty orgasm face along with her twitching body has finally subsided her longing to feel pleasure as her inner Nekomata side wanted more of this pleasure

Dusk: Phew this was a massive turn on to have sex with one of the cutest girls in all of Khou Academy, what do think of your first experience of sex Koneko-cha-

My sentence was interrupted by Koneko-chan pushing me down, locking her lips with mine, cupping my fingers with hers as she immediately thrusts her hips from 4 inches down to the hilt with her impressive wet and tight pussy folds, I was surprised that Koneko-chan has this much strength, but wasn’t surprised that her lust was this perverted

We both didn’t say a single word as our moans or love juices smacking in echo’s all around the room was sex engrossing. For the first 30 minutes Koneko-chan was on top of me wringing my cock about 4 times, before we were kissing in the “Kneeling Lap Dance 180” position for a solid hour which she would barely give me time to breathe form time to time as her pussy knows how to wring me out for the past 10 times

Then we move to the bathroom as I let Koneko-chan’s rest on the wall as I lifted her cute marshmallow ass in the air as I show her my dominance in thrust from behind while in heat

This went on for 3 hours in the shower alone changing position to position such as “Standing Doggy-Style”, “Slippery Doggy-Style”, “Standing 69” and “Floating Cowgirl Position”

We then headed for the bathtub and didn’t stop even once as we were doing the “Wet Lap Dance Position”, “Oral sex while I sit on the rim of the bathtub”, “Simple Touch for Two”, “Cowgirl”, “Reverse Cowgirl”, “Handjobs”, “Grinding our sexes together” and Rimjobs”

After being in the bathroom for about 6 hours now, we both moved to the bed as Koneko-chan has a fondness for sucking on my cock more cat like in a erotic slutty way to which I noticed her cat tails and ear popped out finally after 7 and half hours of sex, meaning that I’ve conquered her heart if she trusts me this much as her mate in the future

Dusk: Mm~~ your Nekomata form has appeared Koneko-chan

Koneko: I thought you would like it if Senpai sees the real me

She says in a cute tone, but her mouth and tongue are lewd for the pleasure factor

Koneko: Plus I wanna let you hear my request Senpai

Dusk: Mmm~~ what might that be Koneko-chan?

I said as I see her lay on her back, holding her legs back while opening her little tight pussy for me to see

Koneko: I want Senpai to make me his number 1 girl or his favorite girl to have sex with

She said in a teasing tone with a hint of shyness

Dusk: Ooo? Are you asking me to make you my girl by conquering your heart with sex?

Koneko: S-Something like that but… Mmm!

She moans as I grind my cock on her damp pussylips just to tease her some more

Dusk: Come on Koneko-chan, you can be honest with your feelings with me

Koneko: …S-Senpai… please use your… thick and strong cock…to conquer and make my Loli-Neko pussy for your exclusive use only pl-please! M-My pussy can’t wait much longer Senpai, please stick in to the base of my womb!!

After hearing that, I plunged my cock deep inside her pussy and her womb in one thrust that her moans Nya’s are erotic and a turn that I can exploit her weaknesses every time she Nya’s

As I enjoy her tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked, I cupped her hands kissed her lips as my hips bucked back and forth inside her tightly-damp pussy. It was even easier to thrust this deep is because of her legs being down for better access as well as my balls constantly hitting her marshmallow ass several times. Koneko-chan doesn’t mind my advancements as she openly welcomes them for herself and I to receive this type of pleasure.

Dusk: Mmm~~ here comes your first milk shot as my Mating Nekomata; Koneko-chan!!

Koneko: Please Senpai! Let me feel your warm milk inside my nicely tight womb Nyaa~!!

After a few good deep thrusts, I can inside her womb for the 25th time now, that I’m very surprised that her belly hasn’t formed from the amount of cum I just given her for the past 8 hours of sex

Koneko: Nyaa~~ Senpai’s warm mwilk

She says rubbing her belly with her bright red face while kissing me like a sweet lover, I couldn’t help it as I feel for this and kissed her back with a lovers kiss as for the next 6 hours, with some breaks in the mix this time, we felt like we were trying to copulate like wild animals in heat, which we are for having so much sex

- 16 Hours of Sex later; Almost midnight -

Me and Koneko-chan were passed out, Koneko-chan resting on top of me with her large cat smile, I ended up cumming inside of Koneko-chan’s mouth 10 times, on her face 10-15 times, her ass 10 times, but inside her womb 50 times, Koneko-chan is a keeper in knowing how to pleasure a man with her petite body along with keeping up with my sex drive to actually be satisfied for cumming 80-85 times

Of course when midnight was close we left the love hotel, after cleaning each other “naturally” this time, we headed to my place so Koneko-chan can rest for the day before she heads back to Rias’ place to sleep, however she suggested we would “cuddle” with bare skin cause she felt most comfortable resting on top of me

I blushed from the thought of doing it, but agreed as I stripped down with Koneko-chan and rested for the entire night cuddling with each other like lovers… Is what I was hoping till all of my other hypnotized harem barged in to the naked cuddle session as I finally got some rest… sort of… but now that Koneko-chan is added to my harem, whom else will be added?






Hey~ guys, hoped you liked this chapter with Koneko-chan being added to the harem now, this initially took a bit longer then anticipated but hey~ "Better late then never" in my opinion, as of course when I do make the next chapter it's going to be the "Nekomata sisters" chapter as Kuroka will be added to the harem as well. Also just letting everyone know... if you say "Continue pls" or "when's the next chapter" isn't really good feedback and doesn't help my cretive thought process, so I would like to you hear your opinions about this current chapter and what you would like me to add for the next one being with both Koneko-chan and Kuroka sexiness and until then, peace

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