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- Continuation of Part 2 -

Dusk: Alrighty ladies, it’s time to clean my cock you both made a mess of, go ahead and clean to your hearts content

I see as both sisters had very small heart shaped pupils in their eyes as they crawled to me and started to lick up and down my cum covered cock along with the both of them licking their erotic love juices from before

However from getting this nice camera angle of the girls sucking me off, both my doppelgängers got behind the Nekomata sisters asses, slid their panties to the said and slowly enjoyed their pussy folds as both girls moaned out from my doppelgänger cocks matching the size and shape of the original

Dusk1: Oooo~~ and here I thought Kuroka’s pussy was tight, but Koneko-chan’s on a whole other level, even if Koneko’s not as wrapped as her sister, the pure wet sensation is a nice lubricant substitution for milking any guys cock to be milked from this sexy loli Neko pussy

Koneko muffles while moaning from serving my cock with her lewd tongue and soft lips, while she clenches her pussy on my doppelgänger’s cocks with the same love and affection as the real thing

Dusk2: Ooo~ god I can see why this pussy is top quality, it’s hot, smooth and very well wrapped to thrust inside of, plus this jiggly ass is a nice bonus to see being slapped against my cock and all

Kuorka also muffles from suckling on my cock like it’s super delicious to eat, along with her muffling from my other doppelgänger thrusting deep inside of her neko pussy along with thrusting deep inside of her womb at the same time helping me reshape her pussy-womb to my mold

Dusk: That’s it ladies, clean my cock off while focusing on the cocks pleasuring your pussies

Koneko and Kuroka: H~Hai~ Senpai/Honey~ <3 !!!

Koneko goes for the deep throat action from the tip till she reaches 8 inches of my cock Mmm~ Koneko is getting closer then before with her blowjob skills as she might end up the the hilt of my cock one day, but I will enjoy this sensation for as long as possible. While Kuroka sucks and cleans my balls at the same time along side Koneko giving head, but Kuroka’s mouth and tongue are just very stimulating as it glides ever so slightly on my balls sack that she’s trying to help me build up a thick milk shot later on

Dusk: Ahhh~~ Koneko-chan your blowjob skills have improved so much~!! As well as the way you suck on my balls Kuroka, it’s quite demonic in pleasure~!!

Dusk1: Ahh~ Damn Koneko-chan’s pussy is clenching my cock hard along side of her lubricant pussy folds, what a slutty nekomata I’ve trained to my liking

Dusk2: Ooo~~ Kuroka’s tightening up alright, that’s it my erotic nekomata, tighten that pussy of yours for the “premium” milk you’ve been trying to milk all day

Both girls moan out from the comments we were making about them, while Koneko stopped sucking me off to go and suck on my balls for a while as her small mouth and very soft tongue were very pleasuring that I could mark her face from her looking at me sucking on my balls with her lustful gaze

As Kuroka see’s a opening and goes for the deep throat of going to the base of my cock to suck me off from the hilt to 6 inches, letting me feel all of her sensations of her Nekomata mouth-pussy being top quality in comparison to her little sister

But damn Kuroka’s fucked silly face sucking on my cock is out of this world lewd that any guy seeing this would cum twice without thinking about what they are looking at for erotic-incarnate

Dusk1-2: Ahhh!!! I-I can’t hold it much longer!!!

Dusk: S-Same!!

The three of us grunted as we painted their wombs and faces in our thick musk that Koneko-chan and Kuroka were over joyed from the milk shower or milk shots they were receiving, my doppelgängers were having very pleased faces cumming deep inside of Koneko’s and Kuroka’s Nekomata’s pussies as they can feel their folds purposely milking them as if they were begging to get impregnated on camera, as both girls gives a very hot girls actions of clean up my cock on camera of their faces being marked in my cum that seeing both sisters cleaning each other up from my cum was super hot to not get a raging boner from

Koneko: Mmm~ S~Shenpai’s mwilk is top class in quality Nya~

Kuroka: Mmm~ Honey’s milk is out of this world N~y~a~

The 3 of us panted from how hot that was as we gulped in unison as we grinned and I stopped recording again to save what we have so far as I make the 3 and final doppelgänger for this erotic ganging compilation video we have so far, as we helped the girls get changed into their belly dancer outfits for that extra spicy sex appeal

Dusk: Alrighty ladies, time for the next main course

Dusk1: It’s time for your own personal 3P sex session

Dusk2: Now be sure to tell the audience what your thinking of while having sex ;)

Dusk3: Man your belly dancer outfits are quite erotic to look at in my opinion

We all said nonchalantly from the erotic view we were having as the “normal” dancer outfits belly dancers wear would have very small bra’s and panties on… but Koneko and Kuroka were only wearing the very think see through cloth as their very beauty can be caught on camera along side their nice curves or erect nipples or even their cute naughty happy expressions they have on them

Koneko: Nya~ s~Senpai, hurry, hurry, I wanna feel your cock inside of me already Nya >///////<

Kuroka: Honey~ don’t leave me hanging from that milk shower and one milk spurt, I wanna feel more then that Nya~ <3

Koneko: D-Don’t give Kuroka-onee-chan any attention, I can even prove it with my tightest Loli Nekomata pussy you love plowing into every night Nya~

Kuroka: You know you like to hammer my pussy ever since you laid eyes on my erotic body Honey~ go ahead and shower my body from head to toe in your milk Nya~

Koneko: Senpai <3!

Kuroka: Honey~ <3!

The four of us were stunned as we nodded of what we have to do next, as me and my 2nd self went to go to Koneko-chan first

As the 1st and 3rd self went to Kuroka to position themselves for the 3P/Gangbang action that’s about to happen on camera

Koneko-chan was laying on her back as I was ready to thrust my cock inside her begging loli pussy lips as the 2nd was on Koneko’s right side of her face holding a camera to get her to give another blowjob up close and personal this time

As the 1st was holding up Kuroka’s sexy birthing ass in his hands ready to penetrate her from his lap as the 3rd has a camera on his head for him to use his hands freely to hold her legs up high while his cock just teasing Kuroka’s lustful naughty of sucking my cock only

Koneko: Mou~! Senpai’s cocks are pulsing with lust even though I made you cum so much, you still have so much energy

Dusk: Hehehehee, what can I say? I like what I see and it’s your beauty Koneko-chan

Dusk2: Plus, it can’t be helped from how sexy you are in your lewd Nekomata form especially in your revealing belly dancer outfit Koneko-chan

Kuroka: Nya~ <3 Honey’s cocks are pulsing with energy, are you not satisfied quite yet Nya~?

Dusk1: Damn straight I’m not satisfied from blowing your sister and now your pussy again Kuroka

Dusk3: I just got here and I wanna ravage you till your lights are out Kuroka

Koneko: Mou~ Senpai no Ecchi

In a sweet tone Koneko gave

Kuroka: Go ahead and try, because “Onee-chan” is going to be wringing out all of Honey’s premium milk you have stored up in your balls

The 4 of us nodded and grinned taking on Kuroka’s challenge along with Koneko-chan to see who wring’s out the most cum from this sex-session competition

So me and 1st stuck our cocks inside their pussies at the same time as their naughty “Nya’s” could be heard as 2nd was softly rubbing against Koneko’s soft cheeks till she instinctively slurped his cock down here throat with a very erotic ahegao face of sucking his cock

While 3rd cock slaps Kuroka’s cheeks and lips to tease her as she fell for the bait of opening her mouth wide and slurping his cock down to the base as her nice ahegao face matches her sisters for being a little cock gobbling slut

Koneko: Mmm~~ <3 Senpai’s cocks are raving from my mouth and pussy at the same time, it feels so good Nya~

Dusk: Glad to hear you like it Koneko-chan, cause this batch of milk is going to for you exclusively

Dusk2: Ooo~~ god the way you roll your tongue with the tight suction is out of this world Koneko-chan

Kuroka: Mmm~ <3 Honey’s cocks are super tasty today that I wanna drink your milk to the last drop now, please let me have it all Honey

Dusk1: Ahhh~~ god damn your pussy is clamping down hard Kuroka, I can even feel it pulsing to wring me out immediately

Dusk3: Ooo~~ damn, this erotic Nekomata’s mouth-pussy is out of this world, especially with the way you looking at me while sucking my cock off Kuroka 

Koneko and Kuroka didn’t say anything much as their mouths were literally sucking cocks for pleasure as well as there tongues rolling on the tip of their thick shafts or their bobbing hands on the thick shaft while looking into our eyes with lust in their heads for a solid 10 minutes, plus don’t get me started on their different sensations of pussy that can wring a guy from pure pleasure and wetness or firmly wet tightness

As time passes from doing these poses for 20 minutes straight, the four of us cum down their throats or deep inside their welcoming wombs as they moan, squirt and breasts latching from the double sensations at once. Then you can hear them slurping down every single drop from the cocks in their mouths as they looked with flushed erotic expressions

Koneko and Kuroka: M~More, we want more of Senpai’s/Honey’s thick baby milk inside of us, well trained Nekomata sisters

This lite a spark in all 4 of us as we pounced loving onto both of them for the semi-intense orgy

First was Koneko-chan wearing a white shrine maiden cloth going doggystyle, Dusk3 holding her arms thrusting from behind deeply, while Dusk2 was nicely thrusting his cock deep inside her tight mouth as she was sucking about 8 inches of his 10 inch cock

Then it was Kuroka in a gym uniform being double teamed in the air as I was hammering her pussy to submission while kissing her lips while Dusk1 was thrusting deep inside her ass from us combined thrusting at the same time

Next was Koneko in a revealing Kimono attire as she barely standing on her tiptoes from sucking my cock this time while Dusk2 was enjoying the tight sensations of her pussy milking and pleasuring his cock at the same time

Then Kuroka was wear a erotic maid uniform as she was being double teamed again as her back was on Dusk1 from him thrusting deep in her ass as she was kiss wholeheartedly Dusk3 as he held her legs down so his cock can enjoy her folds to the fullest while assaulting her baby chamber at the same time

Next was Koneko in a Nurse outfit as she was in the missionary position moaning lewdly from Dusk1’s cock ravaging her pussy and Dusk3 thrusting at the same time, with Dusk1, as he couldn’t believe how tight her ass was around his cock

Then Kuroka was wearing a sling swimsuit as was giving me a reverse cowgirl thrusts her birthing hips while sucking of Dusk2’s cock like a drug from the way her mouth feels when sucking something delicious

Next was Koneko in a sling swimsuit herself as she was being double teamed while kissing Dusk3 as his cock was ravaging her tightly wet Nekomata pussy at the same pace with Dusk1 thrusting inside her tight ass with Koneko-chan moaning every time they reached the base of her pussy/ass with the length of their cocks

Then Kuroka was in her pop idol outfit as she was also standing on her feet as I thrusting inside her damp pussy while holding her arms while Dusk2 was enjoying her mouth-pussy to the fullest

One cosplay after the other

• Cheerleaders • Pop idols • Apron only • School Uniforms •

• Sprint Running outfits • Sexy Cheetah Bikini’s • Bunny Girl outfits •

• Police outfits • Wedding Dresses • Chinese Dresses • Ninja outfits •

• Gothic Attires • Santa outfits • Ribbons with thin lingerie •

• School Swimsuits • See-though nightgowns • Shrine Maiden •

• One-piece outfits • Jester outfits • Doggy outf its •

•Nun outfits • Fairy outfits • Witch outfits • 

Just about anything you can think of for the girls ware

Not to mention they drank, revived and were marked from head to toe in a lot of thick cum as well as their breasts being drunken or sprayed multiple times for 6 hours, the flavoring of the breast milk felt like a addicting drug you can’t stop having as their breasts milk hasn’t stopped for quite a long time…

Then we went to finish it off with both girls going doggystyle as Dusk3 was thrusting inside of Kuroka’s ass and Dusk1 thrusting in Koneko’s ass as the both of them were holding their arms so the ladies could sit upright, as I was thrusting deep in Koneko-chan’s damp pussy while Dusk2 was enjoying Kuroka’s soft and well wrapped pussy to himself, while the both of us were enjoying their breast milk

For that was the interesting thing to top it off, they are currently facing each other while being fucked by the same guy twice over to see their naughty moans, their pussies gushing or even their ahegao faces of having sex for the past 8 hours of thinking of “Sex with Senpai/Honey is the greatest thing in the world” or something along those lines

Kuroka: Ooo~~ Honey’s cocks feels so good, but looking at my cute little sister’s face in a womanly fashion Mmm~ it’s quite lovely to see as a grown girl now Nya~ <3

Koneko: Mmm~ S~Senpai’s cocks feels so out of this world, but looking Onee-chan’s naughty face being dominated looks a little cute

Kuroka: Mmm~ Same for my cute Shirone

Koneko: Mmm~ D~Don’t be like that O~Onee~chan~ <3

Kuroka: Ahh~ These cocks feels so good Shirone

Koneko: Anya~ <3 Yes they do Kuroka~Onee~chan~ <3

Kuroka: Shirone, give Onee-chan some kisses please~ <3

Koneko: Mo~Mou~ Kuroka~Nee~san is a massive Mm~ Pervert~!

Kuroka: Pl~Please I wanna mark out sisterly friendship together after a long time of separation Nya~ahh!

Koneko: O~Okay~ just this one time your breeding-thinking he~Hentai Nyaa~!!

They both of them gave a sinful girls kiss with passion that their pussy and ass folds were having a tight hold on your cock that we instinctively thrusted out cocks from pure lust

Dusk and Dusk2: Ahhh~ your pussy is convulsing all over my cock right now Kuroka/Koneko-chan I-I’m just at my limit!!

Dusk1 and Dusk 3: Ooo your asses are also tightening up that I keep a straight thought in mind!! Go-Gonna blow!!

Koneko and Kuroka: Mmm~ Ish okay boish, go ahead and blasht all of your thwick yummy milk inside of ush! Don’t hold bwack Nyash!!!

Unison: Ahhh!!! T-Take it your slutty Nekomata sisters!!!

We said cumming a thick load inside of their pussies and ass at the same time that the other doppelgängers couldn’t hold on for much longer as they fainted with bliss as did I from how intense the love making session with the sexy erotic duo I had to go up against at the same time as I felt sweet kisses on my cheeks

Koneko and Kuroka: Thanks Senpai/Honey, you were wonderful, now let’s take a nice cat nap in bed Nya~

They said as I can see their lust filled eyes being satisfied as I…Just agreed with whatever they were thinking of as we cuddled to sleep for the rest of the night, but early in the morning as I edited all of the kinky 8 hour of sex content worth at least 8 volumes of fap material for people to watch, it literally ranked number 1 within the weekend of getting more then 1M copies sold…I did get a pretty penny from that, but now…it’s time to see who else I am going going to add to my harem of sexy and kinky maidens…

- Part 3 End -





Hey~ guys hope you liked this last part of this 3-parter short for Koneko and Kuroka, I'd like to hear your feedback from all 3 parts, if not what you'd like about this last chapter for this 3-parter, it really does help me out to think of new idea's that I sometimes "struggle" with of making something new to make it erotic, kinky, sexy in mind, etc, etc. but the next chapter will be Koneko and Ravel, I do hope you look forward to that chapter in the future, but until then, peace…

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