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After conquering both the lovely and sexy sisters of Khoa academy, I now have 4 girls that I can plow and do as I please in my harem. Even though Serafall is the only girl so far free from my hypnotic control, I written in the journal that “If Serafall tries to overthrow me or try to conquer me, She will be in a hypnotic state and regain her senses as a obedient and docile girl” as a safety measure plus it would be cute to see her being a naughty obedient idol for me to plow anytime I like, even if it’s temporary. Regardless, I then added Tsubaki to my harem after having Sona’s assistance in making it quite easy for me to both hypnotize her and have a nice taste of her luscious body to the fullest in Sona’s office in private right now…

*I continued to lick both Tsubaki’s nipples as I thrust my cock in deep into her pussy and pull out slowly enjoying another top quality (Former) virgin pussy on Sona’s desk. As for the straight laced Tsubaki’s face went bright red with her tongue hanging out while having a ahegao face*
Tsubaki: Ahh~~~ W-What ish this fweeling Dushk-san?!
Dusk: Mmm!! It’s called Sex-ersises Tsubaki, Sona told me to help you be familiar with the process, man this pussy is quite soft and has a nice suction like it doesn’t wanna let go of my cock!
Tsubaki: Mmm!! Se-Sexx-ersises feels so good more!! I would like more Dusk-san!!!
Dusk: Mmm!! Okay, then just give me a nice loves kiss while wrapping your leg’s around my waist Mmm! and I will give you a nice little reward
Tsubaki: Ha-Hai Dusk-san!!

From Tsubaki obediently listening to me, she wrapped her smooth legs around my waist as I fondle her big breasts in my hands while my fingers plays with her nipples as I French kiss Tsubaki. This was super hot to plow Sona’s queen in these circumstances as I think I might have tapped into Tsubaki’s slutty nature

Dusk: Mmm!! Does my cock feel good when it kisses this spot Tsubaki-chan?!
Tsubaki: Mmm!! It doesh, pwease keep kissing it Dusk-san Mmm!!!

As I listened to her request, I speed up my thrusts to pistol strikes as I can hear her sexy lewd moans then before while kissing her as her legs tightened up some more as I can’t help but blast a thick load inside her womb without mercy. Which at the same time I feel Tsubaki’s tight convulsing pussy milking my cock to fill her womb with her erotic ahegao face from cumming so hard. After a few moments I tried to pull back, but she wrapped her arms around me

Dusk: Hm~?
Tsubaki: I…I would like some more please…
*She said with her slightly innocent lewd expression as I give a slight grin*
Dusk: Alright I will keep going till either your womb is filled to the brim or till you pass out
*She seductively licked her lips*
Tsubaki: Only if I don’t wring out this thick cock that keeps hammering my pussy first

- After hearing her challenge, I kept going for 7 long rounds which lasted till the end of the day as she was both filled to the brim and passed out at the same time -

Dusk: Ahh…Ah…Ahh…Ah…man she has a impressive sex drive…ahh…I wonder if she was really pent up from being both a Queen and Vice-president under Sona-chan…
Sona: Seems like you two had a nice time together, plus it seems you took her down, as expected of Dusk-sama
Dusk: Ah- H-Hey Sona-chan, would you kindly give me a nice blowjob clean up please?
*She went bright red tsundere mode*
Sona: W-Why would I do that!? You should clean yourself up with the private showers we have
Dusk: Yea~ that’s true, but your blowjobs are honestly the best Sona, plus you had those 2 mini-vibrators on all day and I bet you wanna have a taste…don’t you? ¬‿¬
Sona: Mmm…Y-You told me too put them in my pussy…mmm…fine…! Just one clean up and you have to help clean the mess you made in this office
Dusk: Hai! ^‿^

- One sexy and hot blowjob clean up session later -

Dusk: Ahh~~ I swear your blowjobs just improve every time
*I said carrying the pass out Tsubaki to the bathroom to clean her up while Sona clean’s her…“Sticky” desk and coffee tables she has*
Sona: I-It can’t be helped from the naughty co- *clears her throat* girthy genitals you have Dusk-sama
Dusk: Says the girl that had a face of a entrance lewd girl wanting more then just a blowjob-
Sona: I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I Never have a face like that at all-
*I show her a video of her having a slightly slutty face while moaning for more as it echoed in her office as Sona’s covered her face and I see the steam coming off of her head from deep embarrassment of not acknowledging that moment*
Sona: O-Okay, Okay, you’ve made your point and you said you would delete that video
Dusk: Heehe~ I couldn’t get ride of such a sexy and priceless treasure that can only be viewed possibly once in a lifetime
Sona: Mmm…
Dusk: Also, cleaning out Tsubaki’s pussy is quite a tough job, man I sure did cum a lot cause it’s still flooding out not matter how much I clean her pussy to the best of my abilities-
Sona: Why do you sound so proud when saying that Dusk-sama?
Dusk: Did you want that to be you and me all day by chance?!
Sona: I-I never had that thought in mind B-Baka-sama!!! @///////@

- I laughed and finally cleaned up Tsubaki as I went home with Sona and Xenovia to have a nice “study session” and then a real study session cause I need to keep up my grades and stuff, but after having 5 beauties in my harem, I felt like having a new target, but who… -

*I was thinking in deep thought in the corridors on Thursday morning as I accidentally bumped into some soft melons*
Dusk: Ah- I-I am sorry I was paying attention
Akeno: Ara, Ara, I am also sorry for bumping into you too… umm…?
Dusk: Dusk Tarragon
Akeno: Ara~ I am sorry for bumping into you Dusk-kun
*She said blowing as I can see her very large breasts dipping down as I try to keep my thoughts in check from ravaging those huge knockers before me like a wild animal…! Calm down lower half!! Calm down!!*
Dusk: I-It’s really my fault for not paying attention… umm…
*She straightens her posture as I can see her breasts bounce about 3 times till they stopped*
Akeno: Akeno Himejima
Dusk: *Gulps* R-Right Akeno-senpai
Akeno: Well~ I will take my leave then

After witnessing such a sexy bae like her walk away with her slender body having the right curves, luscious breasts and slightly plump ass for any guy to masterbate plowing to a sexy goddess in their eyes. Plus in the distance I can see her breasts bounce quite nicely as I bet her soft melons would wring out a nice load from giving me a good titty fuck or two. Now I think I have a idea of who my next target to add to my harem

- Friday afternoon -

*After having studied where Akeno might be since Tuesday till now, I have a good chance of meeting her to putting a nice hypnotic suggestion for her and look who’s coming now*
Akeno: Okay, Rias, I will handle the paper work so make sure to not have “too much” fun with Issei
Rias: Ooo don’t be like that Akeno, were just good to the theater and have dinner
Akeno: But it’s not the “movie theater” and a musical theater while having a meal at a 5 star restaurant isn’t that right?
Rias: Yes, I have been planning for weeks on
*I sweat bullets while thinking “how rich are these girls?!” But snapped myself out of it cause they were done talking and the ladies separated for me to make my advance on Akeno*
Dusk: Umm… Akeno-senpai
Akeno: Ara~ If it isn’t Dusk-kun, what might I do for you?
Dusk: You see, “Akeno will be in a trance” cause of a important task I have for you?
Akeno: Important task while……in a trance…Dusk…kun…? …mmm…
Dusk: That’s right and “you will come with me after school to go to a love hotel” plus “when I snap my fingers your will be in this exact same trance” understand?
Akeno: …Hai…I understand…
Dusk: When you regain your senses and forget what we just talked about, but the hypnotic suggestion will kick in letting you think it was your idea, okay?
Akeno: …Hai…
Dusk: “Wake up” Akeno-senpai
Akeno: …Mmm…? Wha…?
Dusk: …You okay Akeno-senpai?
*I said acting dumb for now*
Akeno: Hai… but you were saying something?
Dusk: I was wondering if we could have lunch together, but I think you might need to go to the nurse
Akeno: …Y-Yea, sorry about that
Dusk: Don’t worry, you will make it up to me somehow
Akeno: Yea, later
*I grin seeing my plan work as I will take down another queen to my pleasurable enjoyment*

- After School -

*Akeno has put her stuff away as she was planning to have a girls nice with the girls, but a spark hit her as she rubs her head and “felt like meeting with Dusk after school” which she happens to see me by the gate from the window, moments later she came by heading towards me*
Akeno: Wait Dusk-kun, I was wondering if we could hang out together by chance
Dusk: Sure that sounds like fun
*I sent a message to Xenovia to let her know and inform the other girls that I will be doing some private training with Akeno*
Dusk: Ready to go?
Akeno: Hai~

- We didn’t immediately go to the love hotel as planned, but we had some restaurant food and some karaoke, however I wrote in the journal while Akeno was singing that “when she takes a drink of water it will feel like aphrodisiac is in it” while I grin waiting to see her fall to my grasp -

Akeno: *Mm~~ even though I did agree to go on a dat- err… hang out with Dusk-kun, but I have a kinky sensation to go to a hotel for some reason, come on Akeno, you can be erotic with your kouhai’s no matter how much I wanna dominate or tease them Ufufufu*
Dusk: Here you go Akeno-senpai, you seemed a little bit parched
Akeno: Thank you Dusk-kun
*I watch Akeno drink a full glass of water as the aphrodisiac suggestion should kick in any second*
Akeno: *Mmm~~ ooo no I am getting wet and horny for some reason, I better wash off-*
*Akeno was saying till I went to lock lips with her as while using my tongue to swirl with hers as I felt her trying to fight back, back slowly gave in to her lust as she also let me take the lead for the last 5 minutes*
Akeno: Mmm~~ That was pretty hot for some kisses but I think-
*I snapped my fingers as she went into a trance as I grin*
Dusk: What your about to say and think about is “going to a love hotel” okay?
Akeno: …Hai…
Dusk: When I snap my fingers again, you will not remember what I said, but will think it’s your idea, kay?
Akeno: …Hai…
*I snapped my fingers as Akeno shook her head as she was thinking of what to say*
Akeno: Mmm~~ I think we should go to a love hotel if we’re going to do that kind of thing, okay? ;)
Dusk: Sounds like a plan Akeno-senpai

- I paid for the karaoke as we both headed straight for the Love Hotel -

Akeno: Ara~ Ara~ the bed is pretty big along with the bathroom Ufufufu~
Dusk: Shall we get started with a nice clean up Akeno?
Akeno: Hm? I thought that we might have a nice rest?
*I snapped my fingers as she was in a trance again*
Dusk: That sounds like a nice idea, but we should clean each other throughly in the bathroom, after all, your probably dripping wet right?
Akeno: …Yes… I am a little in heat…
Dusk: And of course by “cleaning each other throughly” I also mean giving each other “sexual service” too okay?
Akeno: …Hai…
*Of course I told her that the same thing as last time “She won’t remember what I said, but will be a mental thought she was thinking of by herself” and so on as I snapped my finger after she agreed to the terms*
Akeno: Mmm~~ Shall we get started
Dusk: I am glad you would ask
*Of course we both stripped as when Akeno saw how long my behemoth was between my legs, I can see her moan softly while her nipples were starting to get hard as I can hear her faint love juices flowing out of her pussy*
Dusk: You think you can clean my dirty cock with your mouth and oppai Akeno?
*Plus speaking of her breasts, they were even bigger then Xenovia’s huge rack, I bet they would feel soft when she wraps it around my cock… damn I almost prematurely came from the thought of that*
Akeno: Hai, just lay down on the air bed
*I did as she asked as I see she let me see her plump ass before me as she laid down on my as she nicely lifted my cock as she saw it grow to it’s hardest 8 inch length as I sniff and have a little taste of Akeno’s pussy*
Dusk: Mmm~~ it’s a little salty, but your love juices keeps flowing out Akeno-senpai
Akeno: Mm-! Du-Dusk-kun, not there please I am a little sensit~ ahh!!

I couldn’t believe it but I made her cum just a little bit, but I did flip her switch as she put my cock better her soft melons as the sensation was totally different compared to both Xenovia’s and Tsubaki’s in terms of softness and plumpness that I have to keep a calm head of trying to not busting a nut quickly, but that wasn’t until she used her hot tongue to lick around the tip while rubbing my balls at the same time. Of course because of the sexy triple combo I came in her mouth and face cause of how pleasurable it was

Dusk: D-Damn…that was hot Akeno…
Akeno: I am glad you like it, now I bet your all calmed down now~? Ara~ still so hard are we?
Dusk: I won’t go down that easily Akeno-senpai
Akeno: Ara~? Then would you like to put a bet? Of course you can make your terms of winning
Dusk: Heehe~ interesting, what’s the bet?
*I said as I softly moan as Akeno was jerking my cock off with her delicious melons*
Akeno: Hmm~~ If I make you cum 3 times, then you will do as I say for a entire year and you won’t back talk, but don’t worry, I won’t be that rough… “maybe” Ufufufu
*I shivered a little as I gulped*
Dusk: Then if I make you cum with my fingers and tongue then we have a full night of sex until I conquered you Akeno-senpai
Akeno: Ara~? Being confident are we? Then deal-
*Of course I went straight to licking her pussy while my left hand was rubbing her plump left ass as my thumb was rubbing her clit and my middle and index fingers were rubbing her pussy folds*
Akeno: Mmm~~ going straight for the sure victory? Then I better do my best then

- Akeno went to use her mouth for a deepthroat action while rubbing my balls, of course she used her breasts in the mix and I came twice from her devilish sex appeal, but she finally came after 2 hours of finding her nice weak spot -

Dusk: L-Looks like I won
Akeno: Mmm~~ I was so close, but a deal is a deal Ufufufu, now where would you like to do it? Here? The bathtub? The shower? Or maybe the bed?
Dusk: Hmmm~~ tempting offers, but let me get cleaned first
Akeno: Ara~ That would be a waist, so stand up so I can clean you

I couldn’t help but get turned of from those words as I did what she asked as I felt Akeno throughly licking along the shaft as she gave me a slow and smooth blowjob from licking around the tip to giving me a deepthroat to the hilt of my cock as I almost came again, if only she didn’t stop at the good part

Akeno: There we go, I will dry off, so make a decision “Na~ugh~ty~kun”
Dusk: H-Hai!

Of course I do plan on dominating Akeno fully to my harem, but I feel like having 3 rounds will do it as I am glad that I stuffed my towel with the journal so I can “cheat” to have my way. As I was thinking of what to write it hit me as I write “I will have the stamina of 5 Dusk clones combined for sexual intercourse” cause I know that when I wanna jerk off or have some lovely dovey sex with my harem girls it would be 3 to 4 shots, but if I get super horny I would cum about 7 to 8 times thanks to the training with my harem conquering, so Akeno will be taking at least 15 to 20 or 35 to 40 shots of cum

Akeno: Ara~? Putting a towel over your girthy cock is so naughty
Dusk: Says the girl that was giving me head not so long ago
Akeno: So I guess it’s the bed~?
Dusk: You know it Akeno-senpai
Akeno: Then you have to be a man and carry me

I did as she said as I let her lay in her back as I towered her not in size, but in lust as I can feel the journal’s power flowing in me as I feel like I might be a cum machine once I am done with Akeno. However I see her opening her wet and dripping pussy as her hand was held against my cock as she uses it to rub against my cock to her opened pussy

Akeno: Mmm~~ make sure to throughly enjoy it Dusk-kun
*As my sanity was about to snap, I slowly enjoyed her folds as I let my cock enter her hot, soft and convulsing pussy that was wrapped around my cock which felt like a perfect fit as I was a little surprised that it went in so easily*
Dusk: Mmm~~ Your pussy feels amazing Akeno, could this be your first time by chance?
Akeno: Ufufufu *She then nicely wrapped her legs and arms around my body as she whispered in my left ear* M~a~y~b~e~ but you will have to find out yourself D~u~s~k~ <3

As my sanity was on a thin thread, I of course started to thrust my cock in her devilish pussy as she moans sweetly from both thrusting in her pussy and the tip kissing her womb at the same time as I can feel my slightly heavy balls smacking her ass as I went to take full control of her naughty mouth with some French kisses while my hands rubs her big juicy breasts in my hands. After a long wait of plowing and stirring her lovely pussy, I would cum deep inside as her head went back and I felt her pussy clench tightly as I came a little bit more then usual from her reaction

Akeno: Mmm~~ I can feel your thick and naughty juices inside me Dusk-kun, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got me pregnant from cumming so much

And just like that, my sanity snapped as I went on full ravage mode. To where I would plow her pussy in missionary position 2 more times to having doggy style 3 different ways, as well as licking her tongue while her legs are up while her back is against the wall as I plow for a decent 30 minutes straight as we both transferred to the shower as she was standing on one leg and I plowed away if it was from the front or back. Then she gave me cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position in a nice and warm bathtub. As we just indulged in our lust that we did it around the whole room that the last spot was on the bed as I hold her legs and plow with vigorous intent

Akeno: Ahhh~~~ Dusk-kun’s cock is so lively that I feel like I can’t live without your horny cock inside of me~~~!!!
*She says while moaning with perfectly hot ahegao face*
Dusk: Mmm~~ Then swear to be my girl Akeno~~!! Crap I’m gonna cum!!!
Akeno: Ahhh~!! Ah~ A~h Ah~!! Ahh~!! HA~Hai~~!!! I promise, I promise ahhh~~!!! I’m gonna cum while your cumming inside me again
Dusk: Then Fall!! My Fallen-Sexy-Devil!!!
Unison: AKENO/DUSK!!!!!

With my next thrust I came deep inside of Akeno to where she blissfully passed out with her womb filled to the brim of my 25 thick shots of creampie and 10 blowjobs or tittyfucks. I then pulled back realizing that I am dead tired that I laid back and noticed it was morning from the window light and hitting the jackpot of conquering another hottie like Akeno to my harem, plus it felt like she was both pent up and was teasing me to knock her up quite a few times when we were having sex, but it seems that no matter how much I cum inside my harem’s wombs they don’t show development, so I will experiment with it till they have my babies, but until then, I need to rest for a few days cause I am burnt out from banging Akeno 40 times and I think 40 times was a bad idea…

- I said as I passed out with Akeno by my side and wonder what my goal will be for next time for my increasing harem -





Hope you guys liked that and IK that Tsubaki didn't have a lot of time for this, but I do plan on adding her to have her own chapter in the future as the next chapter will be about Sona's peerage and their standings and if you have any suggestions after that chapter let me know since I also do plan on having both Rias, Koneko, Rossweisse, Irina, Kuroka and a few more "surprises" down the line, but until then, peace

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