Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Izetta stared captivated by the array of freshly prepared laundry Lotte had brought up to her and Finés room. Accepting the basket from Lotte, Izetta had said she would store them away in their proper place so Lotte would be free to tend to her other duties.
Placing the laundry basket down beside the dresser Izetta set about properly folding and storing the variety of freshly laundered clothing in their proper place. As her task neared its conclusion Izetta found herself face to face with one of the Archduchesses frillier and more intimate pieces of clothing. Izetta had become very familiar with this particular type of garment over the years, almost as much as what they usually contained, but something about them still set her heart aflutter at the merest sight of it. Finé knew that if she ever wanted to do something special for Izetta, appearing dressed in such attire was all that was necessary to ensure that they would both remain lost to the outside world for a long time after.
Still, Izetta forced herself to remain focused on the task at hand. But even as the rest of the clothes were stored away in their proper place this single pair of matching lace pink bra and panties decorated with an interwoven design of roses and frilly borders remained untouched at the bottom of the laundry basket. 
Izetta leant down to retrieve the lingering item. But the tips of her fingers brushed across the delicate material of the cup of the bra she felt a shiver cascading through her body at its soft touch. Withdrawing her hand she unconsciously brought the tips of her fingers to her nose, inhaling the lingering hint of lavender washing powder interwoven with the fleeting familiar scent of her beloved Finé.
A part of Izetta wanted to abandon the task, overwhelmed by the sense of embarrassment at being so quickly reduced to quivers at the touch of the material against her skin and the faintest whiff of the scent enflaming her senses. But a greater part of her wanted to see the task through to the end. Steeling her will she thrust her open hand down and pulled out the bra from the bottom of the basket. The logical part of her mind told her to simply stuff it away in the drawer and be done with it, but her body refused to obey her minds command.
Without a moment’s hesitation Izetta smothered the cups of the bra against her face, feeling the soft caress of the silken material against her cheek. A lingering touch of the sun kissed heat from its time spent hanging on the laundry line in the midday light sent a shiver through her body. Pressing the open cup against her nose she inhaled deeply of the sweet scent, all that she had experienced before a mere shadow of the smell which now eclipsed her senses.
Izetta felt her free hand drift down her front of its own accord, tracing her fingers along the black line of her skirt that sat above her flat stomach to come to rest over the growing bulge at the base of her pelvis. Izetta lifted the hem of her skirt with her free hand, finding difficulty in balancing her skirt while drawing her panties aside. Izetta refused to allow the contact of the fabric against her face to falter for even a moment.
Izettas dexterous fingers finally managed to pull her member free, feeling the pulsing heat of her engorged member against her palm as she clutched her shaft tightly. Izetta began to pump her hand up and down the length of her member feeling the give and flex as she moved. She started as she usually did, slow and firm, drawing the loose foreskin to gather around the head before drawing it back down towards the base. She repeated the rhythmic movement of thrust and retreat, each time feeling herself grow that little bit tenser with each repeated action.
Staring down into the basket a single thought burned ceaselessly inside her mind. With all of what had once been her indomitable will having evaporated she could offer little resistance to herself as she reached deep into the basket to retrieve the matching underwear still lingering inside.
With as much dexterity as Izetta could muster in a single hand she wrapped her lovers freshly laundered underwear around her hard member. The renewed thrusting of her hand intensified while she continued to press the bra deeper into her nose, inhaling the intoxicating aroma with each deep inhalation. Izetta could feel the pleasure building inside of her, she knew that she couldn’t hope to contain herself for much longer-
A soft breath of air cascaded across her ear.
Izetta was stunned into inaction, unable to summon the will to even turn her body.
So, this is what you get up to when I’m not around
Izetta was prepared to protest, to offer some kind of explanation.
Shush” Izettas words died on her lips, a single breath all that was necessary to silence her attempt to respond.
A hand snaked around Izettas belly, their long fingers cupping Izettas hand still wrapped around her member. They began to guide Izettas hand in slow, gentle movements up and down her length. At the same time, another hand reached around to relieve Izetta of her sweet-scented prize, only for a new and intense scent to overwhelm Izetta as a body pressed tightly against her back. 
“Was it me you wanted, or just my underwear?” Finé whispered huskily across Izettas ear, seeing the burning red to match her lover’s hair spreading across her skin.
Izetta could not summon herself to reply. Finés ministrations slowed to a crawl.
“I…” Izetta tried to vocalise herself.
Finé could not bring herself to tease Izetta for too long, she could not bring herself to be too harsh with her. But time and practice had taught her precisely how to bring her White Witch to the very brink and sustain her there with minimal intervention necessary, never quite allowing Izetta to surrender to her release.
“I want you” Izetta admitted through quivering lips, barely a whisper.
“Good girl” Finé cooed softly as she resumed her ministrations with renewed vigour. What Finé hadn’t told Izetta was that she had been practicing. Drawing upon the extensive book collection in the library as well as the intimate knowledge divulged from some of the more matronly women of the palace. Their surprisingly forthright descriptions of the art of the marriage bed had summoned a redness to Finés cheeks that took hours to finally dissipate. Still, as her hand moved expertly across the length of Izettas member, Izetta would do little but bask in the benefit of her research.
Izettas breath quickened in her throat as she fought to sustain herself. “How did you…”
Finé leant closer, the press of her chest tightening against Izettas back as she whispered softly in her ear. “This is for what you did at the conference”
Finés pace quickened, finding the seemingly perfect balance between intensity and tenderness which shock Izetta to her very core. Having been teetering on the edge before Finé had even intervened Izettas long overdue release was finally brought to fruition in an instant, Izetta releasing her cum across Finés panties and her lovers hand.
Izettas body surrendered completely, falling to her knees as the energy sustaining her fled her body, Finés support the only thing which kept her from collapsing unceremoniously to the floor as she fought catch her breath. Finé held her hand up to her gaze as she admired the mess Izetta had made of her and decided that such a gift should not go to waste. Drawing her fingers to her lips Finé traced her tongue across the length of her long fingers, savouring the tantalising, sweet cream of Izettas release. Finés lips closed around her finger, drawing it from her mouth in a single flourish to remove any lingering trace of Izettas sweetness. 
Finé knelt down and pressed a dainty kiss to Izettas flushed cheek, tracing her moistened lips across Izettas ear she whispered. “Next time you decide to make a mess of my underwear, I best make sure I’m wearing them first”

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