Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Disclaimer: I do not own Izetta the White Witch and I make no money by writing this story.

Contains: (Izetta x Finé x Lotte) Futanari, Mild Dubious Consent but not really (Stuck in a hedge), Blowjob, Spit-roasting, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Playful teasing, Coaxing
Finé was not sure how she ever found herself in this situation. All she wanted was to find a way out of it as quickly as possible before-
Finé recognised the voice, of course it had to be her. A small part of her was glad out of all the possible people it could have been it was her and her alone. At the same time, another part of her felt unbridled embarrassment beyond anything she knew.
Finé, is that you?” 
Finé was certain they knew who it was, they simply wanted to enjoy listening to her admit it.
“Yes, Izetta, it’s me” Finé sighed. “Can you please get me out”
“How’d you even get in there?” Izetta asked.
“Exactly what bearing does that have on your ability to get me out of here?” Finé asked.
“Not much, it’s just interesting to know. So…” Izetta crouched down to be face to face with Finé. “How’d you do it?”
“I saw one of the corgis had his paw caught in a root” Finé explained. “I tried to help them out and I…”
“Got stuck in a hedge” Izetta said.
“Yes” Finé begrudgingly admitted to being caught by her wife, on her hands and knees stuck chest deep in one of the hedges that lined the palace gardens. “After I helped him free the corgi ran off leaving me in my current predicament”
“Perhaps he ran off to get you some help?” Izetta offered. Izetta had neglected to mention that she had seen Finés canine saviour eagerly devouring a generously portioned bowl of kibble in the kitchen just moments before she had started her walk through the garden.
Finé could hear Izetta fight back a stifled titter at her private joke.
“You got yourself in there, can’t you just pull yourself out again?” Izetta asked.
“You would think so. But it seems that for once my bust is working against me in that regard” Finé admitted.
Izetta was once more forced to bite her tongue at the implication. “Finé, are you telling me the reason you can’t pull yourself out is because <giggle> your boobs are too big?”
“Yes” Finé could not help but grumble as she said it. And at the same time Izetta could not help but burst out laughing. It seemed their escapades with the Witches tome had some, unintended side effects.
“It’s not funny” Finé snapped.
“I have to admit” Izetta giggled. “It is a little”
Finé gave Izetta a sharp death glare.
“Alright” Izetta threw her hands up in surrender. “Let me see what I can do”
Pulling herself to her feet Izetta stepped around the edge of the hedge to meet Finé from the other side. Izettas initial assessment was that Finé had managed to get herself into quite a predicament. She’d somehow managed to force herself into the thick hedge in the Palace garden such that her arms and her chest emerged from one side while her rear was left jutting from the other side, seemingly wearing the large plant like some form of botanical belt. 
Izetta gripped Finés waist, eliciting a sharp yelp of surprise at the unexpected contact. Izetta tried to free Finé from her predicament, a sharp yank of her midriff only eliciting a sharp cry of protest. Izetta slipped her hands further up around Finés side to gain better purchase. Another pull and another piercing wail as her wife’s ample bust was caught amongst the entangled branches. In the end Izetta was forced to admit defeat, bested by the royal gardener’s horticultural marvels.
It was just as Izetta was considering her other options for untangling Finé when she finally took notice of quite how tantalisingly Finés dress had begun to rise. It was a small thing at first, a flash of snow-white stocking ascending the curve of her leg. But soon Izetta swore she had caught glimpses of the Archduchesses creamy white thighs or dare her to imagine the colour of underwear her beloved her chosen for today. Of all the things she could think of in this moment there was one which stood proudly above anything else which compelled her to-
“Izetta, what are you doing back there?” Finés voice broke Izetta from her idle dream.
Without realising it Izettas fingers had begun to drift downwards, slowly teasing her way across the material of Finés panties through her dress. Finé could not conceal a sharp intake of breath as Izettas fingers passed across a particularly sensitive spot, even through the layers of fabric the effect was undeniable. Finé fought fiercely to recompose herself before Izetta could notice.
Izetta grasped Finés dress in her hands and lifted it up over the swell of her butt. Izettas movements revealed Finés underwear concealed underneath. Pink. Already acutely aware of Finés response, Izetta’s actions only became bolder as she applied an extra pressure with her fingers. Izettas explorative fingers moved across the curve of Finés underwear.
“Oh, you are not thinking abou-” Finés attempt to protest was swiftly silenced as she felt her underwear being brushed to one side. Finé felt the tickle of Izettas fingers across the outer edge of Finés pussy lips.
“Oh, you are so in the doghouse after this” Finé bit her lip, fighting to keep herself quiet before the entire palace became aware of their activities.
Izetta leant closer, brushing her lips across the edge of Finés moist pussy. Izetta teased her explorative tongue along the centre of Finés lips as she lapped up a generous helping of Finés juices into her mouth. Izetta planted a last tender kiss before she retreated.
“Enjoy the sight while you can” Finé called back to her redheaded lover. “Because that is something you are not going to be seeing again for a very long time after-”
Finé heard the rustle of cloth behind her, followed swiftly by the familiar press of a warm bulbous head against the outside of her pussy lips. A single firm press was all that was necessary to slip it inside of her.
“When I get out of here” Finé growled with a hint of barely measured lust concealed beneath. “I’m going to stick that broomstick of yours right up your-”
Finé glanced aside at the sound of another voice. Finé supressed her yelp of surprise as she saw Lotte standing just a few feet away along the garden path. She was dressed in her palace maid uniform. 
Finé did her best to remain calm as she fought to conceal the truth of her situation. The reality was, that it was impossible for her to look innocent at this point.
“Lotte” Finé said by way of greeting. “You’re probably wondering what it is we’re doing here”
Lotte simply stared back at Finé.
Finé persisted in her attempt to explain. “You see there was a dog and-”
“Finé tried to climb through the hedge and got herself stuck because her boobs were too big” Izettas disembodied voice called out from the far side of the hedge.
“Izetta!” Finé called back.
Lotte stepped closer to Finé. “Somehow I find this to be completely in character of what I have come to expect from the two of you”
“Trust me, this was entirely Izettas creation” Finé assured her. “And it goes without saying this is something which is best kept secret from anyone else”
“I suppose that my mere presence implicates me either way” Lotte said. “In that case, there is no harm if I do this”
Lotte grasped the hem of her skirt as she lifted it in front of her. In a single motion Lotte lifted the hem of her skirt up and over Finés head as the Archduchess suddenly found herself cast into darkness and consumed by the sweltering heat beneath the fabric.
Finé was prepared to protest when she suddenly felt something emerge from the darkness to tap against the tip of her nose. Something soft and warm with just a hint of wetness. It felt strangely familiar, it was almost like-
“Lotte, have you been reading the-” Finés words were cut short.
Lotte shifted herself forwards, pressing the tip of her cock between Finés parted lips. Finés lips eclipsed the wide head of Lotte’s new addition, feeling herself moving to consume ever more of the length of Lotte’s shaft. While the size and shape were familiar Lotte’s seemed a little shorter and wider than Izettas.
Speaking of her red headed witch, Izetta continued to thrust in and out of Finés moist pussy. Izettas actions elicited a low moan from Finés throat, the soft rumbling of Finés lips urging the maid onwards in pressing her cock deeper into Finés mouth. This quickly served to increase Lotte’s sense of euphoria and so the cycle continued.
As Izetta settled into the regular rhythm of her thrusts she began to reach the plateau of the pleasure she was experiencing. Izetta reluctantly withdrew herself from her wife’s welcoming pussy. Izettas cock was soon replaced by the very tips of her fingers. Izetta moved her fingers inside of her, gathering up the growing wetness as it dribbled from between Finés lips.
Izetta teased the tips of her moist fingers across Finés butt, circling around the ring of Finés butthole. Izettas explorative digits slipped inside of Finé, sinking deeper inside of her well lubricated hole. Izetta turned her fingers back and forth inside of Finé, feeling the tense ring of muscle loosening with each ghostly pass of her hand.
Izettas retreated from inside of Finés ass, the head of her cock swiftly replacing her displaced fingers. Izetta pressed her cock into Finés ass. Izetta could feel the clenching of the Archduchesses muscles around her as Izetta advanced. Working against the growing resistance Izetta delved deeper inside of Finé, moving her hips at a swiftly growing pace.
“Lotte, how close are you?” Izetta asked.
“Pretty close” Lotte replied with a low grunt as she pressed herself forwards once more.
“Fancy an Archduchess Éclair?” Izetta asked with a sly grin.
Finé had only a moment to think on what Izetta had meant before she felt both her lovers speed up in unison. Finé could feel the pulse of excitement rippling through her their cocks before her insides were swiftly pasted from both sides. Finé felt her body ripple as her orgasm overtook her. Izetta and Lotte pressed themselves as deep as they could as they rode out the aftershocks of their shared ecstasy.
Izetta and Lotte retreated from inside of Finé, the moist intermix of their release combined with Finés fluids as they leaked from her front and her back. Lotte stepped back as she allowed the long hem of her dress to flutter back into place, revealing Finé concealed underneath.
Finés cheeks were flushed with redness, a thin dribble of residue trailing down her chin.
“I think we can all agree that was an experience” Lotte mused breathlessly.
Glancing down at the piercing gaze of thinly maintained wrath Finé was staring back up at her Lotte could not help but elicit a giggle.
“Don’t look at me like that” Lotte chided. “You know full well if I was there you wouldn’t hesitate to-”
Finé and Lotte glanced aside in unison, seeing Bianca staring at them from further up the garden path. The three of them silently stared across at eachother.
Izetta stepped out from around the hedge, just finishing adjusting her dress into place. Izetta looked up and finally noticed Bianca.
“Bianca” Izetta said. “Lovely day for a walk isn’t it”
As I’ve mentioned previously Finé and Izetta (And by extension Lotte and Bianca’s) relationship is one of implied consent, meaning any of them can initiate something and if the other doesn’t object they run with it. If anything genuinely went too far the merest mention of ‘Kirsch Baum’ would see everything brought to an immediate stop.

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