Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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The soft crunch of the thick grass underfoot echoed off the trees as they walked hand in hand along the trail through the dense forests that blanketed the hills and valleys surrounding Landsbruck.
“It really hasn’t changed much” Izetta mused idly.
“Perhaps we’re the ones who have changed” Finé replied.
The truth was that their shared experiences had made a significant impact on them both since those carefree days that felt like such long ago. Finé was far less brash than she had been in her youth, more prepared to consider the bigger picture than simply jumping in to face every challenge head on. Izetta by contrast had become emboldened by her experiences, no longer ashamed of her Witches’ power and now fully prepared to share her gifts with the woman she loved most in the world.
Despite the war having concluded well over a year ago, the ceaseless parade of journalists and officials seeking an interview or a publicity opportunity with the White Witch of Eylstadt continued unabated. This persistent interest was likely exacerbated by Izettas decision to retreat from the public eye after attending a few key events to celebrate the wars end.
With the war now concluded thoughts swiftly turned to Eylstadts future and the heir that would lead them. Theories and questions abounded as to who would be Archduchess Finés choice of suitor, several well to do aristocrats and foreign royals already having put forward their betrothal offers. But the truth was that Finé had married her sweetheart in a ceremony attended by her closest officials and wartime allies. 
By tradition, Izetta and Finé had been sequestered from seeing eachother before the wedding day. As a staunch romantic traditionalist Bianca did her best to ensure this was maintained, even going so far as to suggest the use of sharpshooters to prevent a covert aerial insertion. After being quick to clarify she hadn’t meant it as a euphemism Bianca swiftly relented on the use of snipers.
As the morning dawned and Finé was being helped into her dress she found herself fending off renewed advances from Elvira Friedman eager to enjoy one last sampling of her curves before they became, as she described it, ‘For Izettas sole enjoyment’. In the absence of her late father Finé had asked Lord Redford to escort her down the aisle. Seeing Izetta waiting for her at the end of the aisle took her breath away and with a single kiss they sealed their union The ceremony was marked with the exchanging silver wedding rings, each with marked with the emblem of the Eylstadt Royal Family.
Some among those attending had suggested that they make the marriage public at the best opportunity, minimising the controversy of the engagement by announcing it while people were still wrapped up in the elation of the wars conclusion. Instead, Finé and Izetta had decided to keep their relationship private for the time being, preferring to live away from the spotlight at least for a while.
It was a nice change at last to be free of the confines of the castle for a time. Having decided last night, without informing anyone in the castle, they had slipped out of an unguarded passage known only to those inside the castle and into the dense forest surrounding the capital. Walking hand in hand they trekked a pathway they both knew well for it was the route that Finé, under the arcane guidance of the Witches power, had followed when she first met Izetta.
Reaching the edge of the treeline they emerged blinking into the morning light in sight of the lake where so many years ago Izetta had been hovering on her broomstick above the surface of the water. Despite the scars of war which still marked Eylstadt this area was largely unscathed and just as beautiful as they remembered. The animals were returning to the forest, the trees and plants regrowing from freshly planted seeds.
Stepping out onto the small dock which extended into the lake they stared out over the water, the surface was so calm it was like glass. Seemingly as if by fate, they found a broom left leaning against the last of the docks supports. No words passed between them, Izetta reached out and touched the tips of her fingers to the broom, imbuing it with the Witches power.
Raising above the surface of the lake Izetta climbed astride her trusty steed, holding out her hand she helped Finé into her lap. Drawing upon the ample energy at her disposal Izetta flew her broom out over the lake, keeping low below the treeline to avoid being spotted by the outside world. They could feel the breeze wash over them as the broom accelerated, barely skimming the surface of the water centimetres beneath their dangling feet. Finé leant over and traced the tips of her fingers across the water, leaving a shimming trail in their wake across the unbroken surface. After so much time spent riding a rifle it made a nice change to indulge the classics.
Finé felt the warm press of Izetta against her back, her long arms wrapping around to encircle her middle. This was swiftly followed by the soft caress of Izettas lips across the back of Finés neck, eliciting a soft giggle as Izetta laid a ceaseless barrage of kisses across the nape of her neck. Finé leant back around trying to return the embrace to Izetta sitting behind her on the broom. The sudden shift of weight caused the broom to falter in the air. Izettas attempts to regain control only exacerbated the situation until they both lost their balance and fell from the broom to strike the water with a resounding crash.
As they lay basking on the dock, whispering sweet nothings to eachother while they waited for their clothes to dry, Izetta suddenly shifted. “Finé” Izetta whispered. “I have an idea for something fun”
Izetta stood up beside Finé, gripping the hem of her underdress she pulled it off with a single elegant motion with the kind of boldness Izetta had wished for in her youth. Casting the last of her clothing aside Izetta charged at full speed towards the end of the dock and leapt into the water with a resounding crash. In an instant, Izetta simultaneously undid all the good that had been done in drying herself and drenched Finé in the process. Izetta broke the surface of the water with a huge gulp of air.
“Come on in” Izetta goaded to Finé still sitting on the dock. “The waters great”
A part of Finé wanted to leave Izetta to her mischief and simply enjoy the warmth of the sun basking down on her. That part of her was quickly snuffed out by the greater part which only wanted to follow right in after her. Rising to her feet Finé cast her dress aside and leapt into the water with wild abandon. The shock struck her in an instant, the freezing cold touch of the water shooting through Finés body at such a pace she barely had time to comprehend it.
“You utter Witch!” Finé cursed, splashing Izetta with the full force she could muster in retribution. Izetta returned the favour with a grand up wash of water. Izetta made a break for it before Finé could prepare a fresh salvo. Finé began her pursuit of the fleeing Witch across the water, Izetta making a mad energetic dash while Finé relied on a more refined technique to make swift progress against Izetta. Finé reached out to grab Izettas ankle as it passed in front of her, eager to stifle her escape and catch her prey. As she closed in on Izetta Finés proximity left her vulnerable to a counter attack and the moment her fingers brushed the skin of Izettas ankle her sight was consumed by a sudden up wash of water. 
Drifting to a flailing stop as her vision cleared Finé soon found her target had disappeared without a trace. With only a moment to contemplate the possibilities Finé suddenly felt a weight press against her back, arms binding her from all sides.
“See, that got you all warmed up now” Izetta said with a soft giggle. Finé turned herself, still eclipsed in Izettas arms and pressed her forehead to Izettas as they idly floated together in the lake. “I’m so glad we could have this time alone together” Izetta said. “I guess what I’ve always wanted to say is…” Izetta peered lovingly into Finés eyes. “Tag, you’re it!”
Izetta poked Finé square in the middle of her forehead with the tip of her finger before turning away and making best speed out across the lake. Never one to turn away from a challenge Finé swiftly gave chase after Izetta.
Soon after beginning this race however, Izetta changed tactics. Rather than solely making this a chase across the water Izetta shifted and headed towards the bank of the lake, running off into the surrounding forest. Izetta gave taunting twirl, beckoning Finé forward before she disappeared amongst the undergrowth. In all her life, she rarely allowed herself to dance through the forest like this, it makes the trees jealous.
Finé gave chase after her through the forest, feeling the soft patter of the long grass treaded underfoot as she made her pursuit. A new kind of thrill overtook them, so caught up in the exhilaration of the moment that they did not fear for who might see them.
The wash of the cool morning air against her bare skin only spurred her on to greater feats of athleticism. Her time spent on the battlefield had helped to bolster Izettas natural endurance and agility making her a difficult person to pursue on foot. But Finé herself had not spent the war idle. While she might not have endured quite the level of physical exertion Izetta had but she had made sure to keep herself reasonably fit. This put her in a good stead as she managed to keep pace with Izetta through the forest growth. Izetta realised that she would need to change her strategy.
Izetta reached out and brushed her fingers across the tree branches as she passed them. Imbued with the Witches power Finé suddenly found the very forest itself turned against her, branches dipped to obstruct her, bushes shifting of their own volition.
“Hey, no Witch power” Finé called after Izetta.
Having learned to evade the obstacles cast in her path Finé began to gain ground on the sly Witch when she saw the opportunity. A sudden burst of speed preceded a powerful leap which saw her crashing into Izetta’s back. Finés arms encircled Izetta as they stumbled over together to collapse into the thick grass, rolling over eachother until their shared momentum subsided with Finé emerging on top. Beads of sweat formed across their foreheads, the shared melody of their panting breaths melding with the gentle sounds of the forest which surrounded them.
“Looks like you won” Izetta said through quivering lips.
“So, what’s my prize?” Finé asked.
Without a word Izetta leant in and brushed her lips across Finés, the momentary flash of contact sending a shiver cascading down her spine. In that moment, it felt as though the entire world was-
A rustle emanated from the bushes behind them, startling the two lovers before they could consummate their kiss. It seemed their fears had come home to roost. While it could just as easily be an animal the reality of possibly being caught grounded them, they couldn’t take the risk of being spotted.
“We need to hide” Finé clambered to her feet and helped Izetta up after her. Choosing a direction at random the couple set off running hand in hand through the dense forest hoping to lose whatever may be upon them. They saw an old barn laid out in a clearing amongst the dense undergrowth. Seeing their opportunity, they threw open the barn door and ran inside, pulling the door closed behind them.
As they stepped inside they were immediately struck by the musky scent of hay and animals, taking rapid breaths in the wake of their sudden exertions as their hearts pounded ceaselessly in their chest.
“Finé, guess what” Izetta said through intermittent gulps for breaths.
“What?” Finé asked.
“We’re all alone here” Izetta approached Finé with a coquettish shake of her hips as she walked. “And all that running has got me so worked up” Izetta clasped her hands to Finés sides. “I’m going to need your help if I’m ever going to be able to get out of here. Perhaps we could…”
Finé and Izetta let out a soft giggle between them. Izetta leant forward, giving the kiss to Finé which had long been denied to them out in the forest. Still intertwined in their embrace the two lovers stumbled back to fall into the pile of loose hay behind them. Izettas hands were upon Finés ample chest in an instant, her fingers caressing, circling and lightly pinching at will. Izettas lips added to the pleasure, planting a seemingly random constellation of kisses across Finés body.
Izettas continued to descend to brush her lips across Finés lips, her passions rejuvenated by the familiar smell which wafted up from her. Izetta touched the tip of her tongue across Finés delicate lips, tracing the intricate groves and lines which made up her most perfect pussy. Her tongue dared to delve deeper, feeling Finés lips tighten in an unconscious response to the intimate intrusion. Izetta overcame this defence with minimal effort, the illicit taste only intensifying as she reached closer towards the very core.
“Izetta” Finé panted. “Izetta, I’m ready for you”
Izetta ceased her advance, her work here was done, the main event was about to begin. Taking a moment to savour the lingering flavour on her lips Izetta couldn’t help but admire the sweet view laid out before her. “As you wish, Finé”
Although her words were compliant, her actions spoke a very different tongue. Izetta crept herself up Finé until their eyes met, those shining purple eyes of hers begged for her touch, to feel the warmth inside of her that only Izetta could ever give. Izetta, slowly to savour the anticipation, traced her fingers down Finés front as she made her way towards her now hardened member.
Finé felt her usually ironclad will disintegrating. Finé buried her face into Izettas shoulder, suddenly self-conscious of the blooming red tint that had no doubt emerged across her cheeks as she yearned for Izetta to simply cease this borderline torture and take what was openly being offered to her.
“Izetta, please” Finé said, casting all decorum aside as she pleaded openly. “Take me now”
As much as she may have enjoyed the decadent thrill which may have come from daring to tease the Archduchess a little longer Izettas confidence at her ability to wage a battle of wills was swiftly unravelling by the second. Better to simply enjoy their shared pleasure together than suffer the humiliation of having the tables turned on her in a game she had decided to begin of her own accord.
Izetta reached down to take a hold of her member, guiding the tip to Finés lips. Finé accepted Izettas first gentle thrust with little resistance. Izetta retreated and thrust forwards again, reaching deeper than before. Izetta repeated her actions, withdrawing herself only to thrust deeper again with each renewed advance.
Although she wished this moment could last forever Izetta felt the culmination of her orgasm was fast approaching, such was the effect that Archduchess Finé had on her. It would only be a matter of time until they both-
The harsh creak of the doors rusted hinges cried out from across the barn, freezing both in each other’s arms. The barn doors swung open with the light shining in from the outside, casting a deep shadow over the figure as they stepped in through the doorway before closing it behind them.
Heavy footfalls foretold the person’s approach as they moved deeper into the barn, their features concealed beneath a veil of shadows. As they drew closer Izetta and Finé could make out a farmgirl dressed in rough work clothes and a shawl draped over her head, casting a deeper shadow across her features. Both Izetta and Finé feared that another few steps would be all that was necessary to uncover the secret-
Whether by fate or merely dumb luck the farmgirl stopped a few paces before discovering Finé and Izetta, the girl’s heavy breath resonating through the enclosed barn. The girl clutched at her chest and stumbled back against the barns support. In the moment, they feared the poor girl was having some sort of panic attack, until they saw her free hand diving between her spread legs. They both quickly realised what she was doing.
Izetta tried to steady herself, fearing that any attempt at movement would push her over the edge and only hasten their discovery. With neither advance nor retreat a viable option the ensnared lovers found themselves forced to endure a perpetual limbo where the slightest provocation could lead to their demise.
The farmgirls long fingers clawed at her top with ravenous desire, seemingly ready to tear her clothes from her body if only she had the claws to achieve it. Instead she reached down to the ties which bound her white top in place and began releasing the buttons away with a shaking hand. The moment the last button fell away the girl’s hand dived inside of her top, forcing her simple white bra aside with little care before grasping her hand to her bare breast. She bit her lip to stifle the moan rising from her chest, feeling the pleasure being intensified by the sudden skin on skin contact.
Eager to treat her lower half as well as she did her top the farmgirl lifted her skirt to bunch around her waist, pulling her moistened panties aside her fingers caressed and probed across the expanse of her outer lips. As the pleasure overtook her body the farmgirls legs struggled beneath her weight, leaning heavily on the support just to remain on her feet. Her fingers teasingly caressed across her outer lips until she finally dared to enter. The sweet smell of sex wafted over them, an intoxicating cocktail mixed with the natural earthiness of the barn surrounding them.
Izetta couldn’t resist a moan escaping her lips despite her best efforts to contain it. Finé acted decisively in the moment, leaping forward she clamped her lips to Izettas to silence her escaped moan. This desperate act of preservation may have proved their undoing because in shifting to silence Izetta Finés movements had been all that proved necessary to tip Izetta over the brink. The irreversible reaction now set in motion, all Finé could do was to keep her lips planted firmly to Izettas as they rode out the ecstasy of their shared orgasm together.
A sustained moan escaped the farmgirls lips, her body slumped listlessly against the barns support. The girl breathed heavily to sustain herself, her breathless gasp betraying the true intensity of her orgasm. As her strength returned to her body she set about recomposing herself, readjusting her displaced bra and closing the buttons of her top. The farmgirl shifted her panties and smoothed out the ruffles of her skirt. Making her best effort to appear composed she hurriedly left the barn without a backwards glance or moments thought for those who had secretly played witness to their pleasure.
The adrenaline that had been sustaining her finally left her body, Izetta collapsed down on top of Finés heaving chest. The two lovers remained intertwined for a good long while, both lacking the strength to right themselves as well as continuing to fear that any further movement could betray their presence. Instead they were both overcome with shock and relief in equal measure as the reality dawned of how close they had been to discovery and what a brush of fate it had proved for their secret to remain intact.
“I’m sorry, Finé” Izetta said. “I couldn’t hold-”
“Shush” Finé whispered softly, her fingers tenderly caressing through Izettas hair. “You were amazing Izetta”
Izetta summoned what strength remained to raise herself from Finés bosom and meet her gaze, laying a delicate kiss upon her lips in gratitude.
Stepping out of the barn Izetta and Finé embraced the wash of the fresh air across their skin, the warm beat of the sun as it approached its apex. Assured that the coast was clear Finé and Izetta cautiously stepped outside, intending to head back towards the dock where they had left their clothes. Turning around the corner of the barn they suddenly found themselves face to face with the farmgirl they had seen inside.
Archduchess!” the farmgirl cried out.
Finé knew that voice, it couldn’t be-
“Bianca?” Finé asked.
The woman reached up and removed the shawl from over her head, pulling it back to reveal the face of Eylsadts Royal Guard Captain.
“I’m sorry, Archduchess” Bianca replied. “I-” 
Bianca was interrupted by the sound of movement from the bushes behind them. Turning to face them she drew her pistol from a concealed holster at her belt, turning to face the source of the sound.
The hills fill my heart” a voice offered.
“With the sound of music” Bianca offered in return, lowering but not holstering her pistol. Bianca only dared to safety and holster her weapon when the figure emerging from the shrubbery ahead of them, dressed in woodland camouflage, pulled down their hood to release the shoulder length brown locks of Lieutenant Lindsey Fresher. Lindsey served Bianca as her second in command of the Royal Guard. In quick succession, sounds began to emanate from all around and with them emerged more of Eylstadts elite. Looking past Lindsey, Finé was sure she could even make out a silhouette perched in the high branch of a tree, to the casual observer what would appear to be little more than an oddly shaped piece of shrubbery concealed the full barrel of a sniper rifle cradled in their arms. On the one hand, Finé could not help but feel equal parts pride at the magnificent display of skill her soldiers presented in remaining unseen for so long whilst at the same time fearing exactly how much of the day’s events they may have paid witness to.
“Lindsey, what are you…” Bianca struggled to find her words.
“We followed you Captain” Lindsey answered.
“But what are you all doing out here?” Finé asked.
“This would be my doing, Archduchess” Bianca said, her gaze averted as if she were preparing to admit to some terrible crime. “When we saw you leaving the estate this morning I decided that you would need protection, so we followed you out here and took up positions around the lake to ensure your safety. When you suddenly ran off into the forest it was rather a scramble to keep track of you without you noticing”
“When we saw the Captain entering the barn we assumed she had found something and so we took up positions outside and awaited her instructions” Lindsey explained.
Izetta was shocked, turning to face Bianca. “That was yo-”
Izetta slapped her hands across her mouth to stifle herself before the words could escape. In an instant, a replay of the events cascaded through her mind like a cinema newsreel, the features and details of the farmgirl that had been obscured by darkness suddenly resolved into the Captain of Eylsadts Royal Guard. The sudden look of guilty admittance on Bianca’s face only confirmed the truth to those in the know while those outside were left to speculate. 
“After we lost sight of you I instructed the other guards to search the forest while I checked inside the barn and…” Bianca trailed off.
“Took matters into your own hand” Finé quipped.
Bianca’s cheeks flared a tint redder. “If I had known you were there I…”
“In any case, Archduchess” Lindsey unhooked her pack from her back. “I’m sure you’ll probably be wanting these” Lindsey handed them a fresh set of clothes from her pack, uncannily prepared but nothing that should come as unexpected of Eylstadts elite. “When you’re ready we can return to the castle”
“Thank you” Finé accepted the offered clothing. As the royal guard made their preparations to depart Bianca moved to join them only to be stopped as she felt the Archduchess’s hand around her arm.
“Bianca” Finé said. “While I commend you for your preparedness in being able to muster the royal guard at such short notice I must also consider that I have paid witness to what some might consider a clear dereliction of duty” Finé moved closer to wrap her arm around Bianca’s. “Wouldn’t you think so, Izetta?”
“Agreed, Archduchess” before she realised it Bianca was ensnared from both sides as Izetta mirrored the Archduchesses grasp. “An undoubtable display of misconduct”
“I think this is something which will require further discussion” Finé giggled. “In private”
After redressing into the clothes provided by the Royal Guard Finé and Izetta returned to the castle in even higher spirits than they had left that morning, carrying with them the future of Eylstadt.

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