Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Contains: (Izetta x Finé) Futanari, Light Bondage, Vaginal Sex, Breast Play, Fingering, Oral, Dirty Talk, Teasing
“Watch your step” Finé held tightly onto Izettas hand as she guided the redheaded witch down the perilously steep steps deep in the catacombs beneath the Weisse Hexe's castle. Wanting this discovery to remain a surprise until the final moment Finé had insisted that Izetta allow herself to be blindfolded for the descent. “Just a few more steps, we’re nearly-”
Finé found herself regretting the suggestion almost immediately as Izettas forehead struck one of the low hanging beams. “Sorry” Finé pleaded as they made the final descent, still convinced that it would all be worth it in the end. Taking her hand in her own Finé lead Izetta along the catacomb until they reached the end of the corridor, met by a blank piece of wall much like the rough stone which lined the route preceding it.
Finé placed her hands on either side of Izettas head, lifting the cloth blindfold from Izettas eyes so she could once again meet Izettas gaze. “It’s lucky you have such a thick head” Finé leant forward to plant a loving kiss on what would soon become a very prominent bruise. “It’s one of the reasons I married you” Finé turned Izetta towards her surprise.
“You brought me down here, to show me a wall?” Izetta queried.
“It’s not just a wall” Finé clarified. “Look here”
Finé pointed towards a small crevice in the wall. At first it looked to simply be one of any number of cracks but upon closer inspection it appeared to have been carved into the wall. Unlike the other openings and fissures that lined the walls this once appeared to have been deliberately carved into the wall.
“Researchers found this while cataloguing the tunnels beneath the old capital” Finé explained. “They thought it might be the locking mechanism for another secret chamber but they don’t think it’s activated by blood this time”
It was true. Unlike the other locks they had seen built by the White Witch this one looked distinctive, and a unique lock meant secrets to be uncovered.
Tracing her finger along the inside of the crevice Izetta found, in contrast to the rest of the corridor being built from course, rough stone, the inside of this hole felt like polished smooth gemstone. It seemed like far more than a coincidence that the hole was just the right size to accept a certain part of a Witches anatomy inside.
“If you like, we can find out what’s on the other side” Finé said with a wry smile. Izettas eyes practically glimmered at the prospect of uncovering new secrets of the White Witch, almost as much as the anticipated route to achieving it. “Ready?”
Izetta nodded eagerly in response.
Finé knelt on the hard-stone floor in front of her, helping Izetta as she hastily lifted her skirt. Izetta was so thoroughly captivated by the thought of what was to come that she was already semi-erect, her cock already straining against her underwear. Finé lifted her free with a delicate move of her hand, eliciting a satisfied sigh as the tension was released.
Finé grasped Izettas penis in her hand, feeling the quickening pulse of her heart as the shaft slowly stiffened between her fingers. The introduction of Finés moist lips helped to hasten both in equal measure, Izetta eagerly rising to full hilt before Finé could even complete her first pass of her lips. Finé marvelled at the fullness inside of her mouth, no matter how many times she did this every experience felt new. There was something about the spontaneity of it all, the unexpected location they found themselves in, which saw a fire lit beneath her.
As Finé felt her lovers orgasm approach she pulled her lips away with a wet pop. Grasping her lightly so as not to tip her over the edge too early, Finé tenderly guided Izettas member into the hole. The sudden shock of the cold stone against her skin caused Izetta to release her outpouring of cum into the stone crevice, multiple spurts spewing into the opening until Izetta felt herself become completely drained.
As Izetta pulled herself free the wall began to glow with unnatural light, surrendering its origins in connection with the White Witch. A low rumble cascaded through the corridor as a section of what had seemed to be a solid slab of the stone wall suddenly began to retreat away. The disturbed dust began to settle as Finé and Izetta stared into the darkness revealed from behind the wall.
Finé dared to enter first. As her first step met the cobbled floor her mere presence seemed to ignite the same arcane Witch powered illumination that had permitted their entry. All along the wall a peculiar light began to rise from fissures carved into the walls like the glow of some deep marine creature. Soon the darkness retreated to be bathed in this deep turquoise light.
The room appeared to be a chamber of some ancient construction, perhaps going back as far as the original White Witch herself. Izetta, overtaken by a sudden onset of academic enthusiasm, began searching the room for any clues as to its origins or its connection to the White Witch.
While Izetta searched the room with an unquenchable zeal for knowledge Finé chose upon a far more measured approach, idly pacing around the room as she took in the sights around her. Finé noticed a strange glyph carved into the floor in the centre of the room. Despite giving off the same arcane light as the surrounding room it drew her attention as something out of place, something special.
Finés curiosity overtook her sensibility as she reached down to trace her fingers across the elegant design. As her finger touched the last of the outline the glyph suddenly ignited in a burst of bright light. Finés first instinct was to step away only to find herself unable to move. Panic began to rise inside of her as she feared some sort of trap.
Finé could feel the air around her beginning to change. The Archduchess felt herself being lifted into the air, suspended by glowing glyphs bound around her wrists and ankles. Her attempts to pull herself free of her bonds swiftly proved fruitless. As she struggled to break free Finé could feel herself beginning to turn in mid-flight, any movement to right herself seeming to only exacerbate her descent. Finé braced herself for the inevitable impact when she struck the ground, only for it to never come. Finé opened her eyes to find herself hovering at an angle a few feet from the ground, her long blonde hair trailing behind her.
“Izetta!” Finé called out.
At the call of her name Izetta turned away from the mural she was observing. “Finé, are you ok?” Izetta ran to her wife’s aid. “What happened?”
“I don’t know” Finé replied. “I saw a glyph on the ground and when I touched it I ended up like this”
Despite Finés penchant for academia, knowledge the Witches powers were far more Izettas area of expertise. Izetta inspected the glyphs as she considered their predicament. “It looks to be some kind of Witches binding spell”
Izetta reached her hands up to pass her fingers across the bind around one of Finés wrists, shifting herself to gain a better view. In her eagerness to uncover what secrets the chamber may hold Izetta had neglected to replace her member into her dress. Izettas flaccid member, still moist from Finés attentions, resoundly clapped across Finés cheek with a wet thwack. “Sorry” Izetta quickly apologised. “Are you ok?” 
Finé nodded, even as she silently prayed that Izetta had not noticed the flush of redness in her cheeks.
“I think I’ve found it” Izetta announced. “Give it a moment and I’ll get you-”
“No wait, not yet!” Finé blurted out.
Izetta ceased her attempt to free her. Finé hesitated. While this certainly was not the time to be thinking of such things Finé felt she could not help it. If she didn’t say it now she feared she would never again work up the courage to say it. “Could you… do it again?” 
Izetta wasn’t sure she had heard correctly. “What?”
Finé knew Izetta would never belittle her or think less of her for what she asked. But at the same time being able to voice her desires on such a subject proved almost too much for her to bear. Finé dared to repeat herself a little louder this time. “Your penis, could you do it again”
Izetta was taken aback by the unexpected request. “Finé, I don’t want to hurt you”
“I know you do, and that makes it so sweet” Finé replied. “But part of me felt so exhilarated, so excited at the thought of you doing it” Finé felt her heart beginning to run wild at the very thought. “I want you to do it. Being a little rougher with me, but still being yourself”
Izetta swallowed. “Ok” Izetta gripped the base of her cock, feeling it beginning to grow harder once more despite the oddness of the situation. Izetta shifted herself on her feet before she took an experimental swing at Finés cheek. The tip of Finés member tapped softly across Finés cheek.
“Come on Izetta” Finé pleaded. “You know that you can do better than that”
Izetta bit her lip. The Witch braced herself and took another swing across Finés face, harder this time but still with no intent for harm. Finé allowed a seductive purr to escape her lips as the wet flesh struck her cheek.
As Izetta prepared another swing Finé shifted herself forward as best she could, given her current arrangement. Finés lips brushed across Izettas tip as she passed. When Izetta brought herself back Finé pounced and consumed the head between her lips.
Izetta began to lean on Finé for support as Finé eagerly devoured her member into her warm mouth. Grasping Finés sides Izetta felt her fingers shifting seemingly of their own accord, massaging her lover’s sides through the material of her dress.
Finés expert tongue began swirling around the head of Izettas member, searching after every one of Izettas most sensitive points with well-versed ease. Izetta let out a yelp of surprise as Finé caressed a particularly delicate spot, grasping a handful of her dress in her hands as her fingers instinctively tightened. Still Finé continued, alternating between swirling her tongue and sucking eagerly to ensure Izetta was never left untended.
Izettas hands drifted from Finés sides as they were drawn inexorably towards her front. Izetta began massaging Finés ample bust, feeling the erect point of her hardened nubs even through the material of her dress. Finé began to moan against Izettas member still buried inside of her mouth as the Witch continued to lavish her attentions upon Finés nipples.
Finé released Izettas cock from her mouth with a wet pop. Taking in a deep breath to compose herself she said “Izetta, talk dirty to me”
Despite the already unusual situation Izetta felt herself being taken about by the request. “About what?”
“Anything” Finé replied breathlessly. “All the things you want to do to me right now”
“What I want…” Izetta considered her reply. Izetta hands shifted to grasp Finés breasts roughly through her dress. “What I want, is your breasts”
Izetta began to work at the ties in the front of Finés clothing, unravelling each of them with tantalising slowness even as she felt Finés body quiver beneath her in anticipation. “Do you feel that? Only one more left to go” Releasing the final tie of Finés dress she pulled the two halves apart.
Finés chest heaved at the sudden freedom, restrained only by the silken pink bra underneath. Izetta reached out to grasp her covered breasts forcefully, giving the mounds of flesh a testing squeeze. “I swear I never get tired of feeling these”
Izetta could feel Finés body responding to her touch, the gentle quivering as Izettas hands focussed her attentions on her lovers’ breasts. At the same time Finé returned her lips to Izettas cock, savouring the feeling of fullness inside of her mouth
“Even so, doing so with your bra in place just isn’t enough” Izetta slipped her fingers beneath the material of Finés bra, lifting the garment out of the way and allowing her unhindered admission to Finés heaving chest. Izetta leant down to tease her lips across Finés bare breast, feeling the tip of the sensitive nipple passing beneath her lips and growing stiffer with each touch.
Izetta grasped the sensitive nipple between her teeth, Finés howl of pleasure at the sudden compression of the delicate bundle of nerves resonating through the room. Izetta grasped Finés other breast with her hand, feeling the mound of flesh swelling beneath her hold. Izetta felt Finés ravenous sucking of her cock intensifying. Izettas lips moved to match Finés, each of them determined to see how much pleasure they could elicit from eachother. Izetta felt her release was fast approaching, she knew she could not allow herself to end so quickly
Izetta withdrew her member from inside of Finés mouth, feeling her body shiver as the moist skin was exposed to the frigid air. Feeling perilously close to finishing Izetta took her first few tentative steps, careful not to overexcite herself and bring an end to things too quickly. Izetta stepped around to the other side of Finés suspended body, positioning herself between Finés spread legs.
Izetta grasped the hem of Finés deep green dress, teasing the material up across the curve of Finés stockinged legs. Izettas fingers passed over the rise of Finés spread knees, the hem of her dress cascading down to pool in her lap. The movement revealed the Archduchesses same pink panties that had been concealed underneath, noting the deep stain of moisture marking the space between her legs.
Izetta reached down to gingerly shift her lovers’ panties aside, revealing the pink puffy lips of Finés opening. Izetta leant down to brush her lips across Finés pussy, eliciting a delighted yelp from her blonde counterpart.
“Oh, Izetta” Finé cooed softly in reply.
Izetta pressed her lips to Finés pussy, feeling her lovers entire body convulse as the redhead’s tongue began to teasingly search her way inside. Izettas tongue swirled side to side inside of her, eagerly drinking the familiar sweetness expelled from inside of Finés pussy. With each regular pass of her tongue Finés wetness grew, wetness Izetta eagerly gulped down as quickly as it was replaced.
“Izetta, your tongue is so-” Finés praise was cut short as the very tip of Izettas tongue rushed past her clit.
Izetta peered up at Finé with her deep bedroom eyes, watching with barely contained glee as Finés features struggled to remain still the waves of pleasure cascaded through her.
Deciding that the blonde woman’s lips had been wetted enough Izetta decided to move onward. Begrudgingly removing herself from Finés lips Izetta raised herself to her feet, grasping the shaft of her cock with a teasing pump even as she herself continued to linger on the verge of release. 
Despite her own yearning Izetta decided it would be remise of her not to take at least some advantage of the situation. Izetta placed her hand against Finés lips, teasing her thumb across Finés engorged clit.
“Is there something else you wanted?” Izetta asked.
“Izetta, put it in” Finé pleaded.
“Put what in?” Izetta teased. “You have to tell me”
“Your penis… put it in” Finé replied, a hint of lust fuelled panic reaching her lips. While her sensible self knew Izetta would never leave her wanting her current self was far less convinced. It didn’t hurt to indulge the fantasy a little.
“Where should I put it” Izetta brushed the tip of her cock head against Finés lips. “Is it here?”
“Yes, put it in” Finé begged. “Please, put your cock inside my pussy!”
Izetta was quick to relent, pressing her hips forward as she entered Finé. Finés body convulsed, feeling the bonds around her arms and legs resisting to keep her in place as Izetta thrust inside of her. The unrelenting hold of the restraints ensured that there was minimal slack to give, ensuring the full force of Izettas lovemaking was put towards entering deeper inside of Finé.
Izetta continued to thrust in and out of Finé, the archduchess’s breasts bouncing freely in time with each thrust and counter-thrust. Izetta could feel Finés walls tightening around her, simultaneously resisting her presence as she attempted to delve deeper and refusing her withdrawal as she retreated.
Finé let loose with an unabashed guttural howl of pleasure at the experience. Izettas lips met Finés, their entwined tongues courting eachother as Izettas hips moved ceaselessly at a relentless pace inside of her lover. Finés hands yearned to wrap herself around Izettas shoulders, wishing only to draw her tighter into her embrace. The firm grasp of the restraints served to add a tantalising torment as she was forced to leave herself entirely to Izettas whims.
Such a relentless pace could not be sustained forever. Izetta felt her release rising inside of her. With a single powerful thrust Izetta hilted herself as deep inside of Finés pussy as she could reach, feeling the warm outpouring enveloping her as the pressure inside of her threatened to burst. Finé followed quickly in reply, adding her own juices to the ever-growing concoction.
Even as their shared blissful state overtook them Izetta could feel the weight of her partner returning to her. As the restraints began to fade away they carried the Archduchesses weightless limbo along with them. Summoning all the strength she had left to muster Izetta carefully guided Finé daintily to the floor, collapsing on top of her the moment she felt her safely in place.
Finé was quick to make use of her returned freedom, promptly enveloping the woman in an all-encompassing embrace as she savoured the feeling of Izettas slowly deflating member resting just inside her lips. 
As Izetta lay her head atop Finés heaving bosom the Archduchess took the moment of quiet to admire the murals which adorned the walls of the chamber. Their depictions of the acts carried out within these walls were, enlightening.
“The creators built this place so that only future Witches could enter it” Izetta remarked as she noted Finés interest.
“What do you think they designed this place for” Finé asked, suspecting that she already had a pretty good idea herself.
Izettas cheeks erupted into a sea of red, a sign of her true self returning. “Well, I think it’s a…” the rest of Izettas response was whispered so low Finé could not make it out.
“What did you say?” Finé asked.
“It’s a… sex enclave” Izetta repeated louder.
“You mean to tell me we have a hidden Witch powered sex enclave only you can open?” Finé asked with a creeping hint of glee to her voice.
“It would seem so” Izetta replied.
“Well” Finé snuggled closer to Izetta. “We must seek to document this unique historical discovery. Very thoroughly”

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