Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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This chapter drifts into what some may argue as dubious consent as Finé initiates and carries out sexual acts with Izetta while she is asleep. While I’m not here to argue semantics (Although I am inclined to agree that being in a relationship/marriage does not necessarily provide universal consent from either person) Finé and Izettas relationship has been established by this point to show that both have the green light to initiate something with the expectation the other will tell them to knock it off if they’re not interested.


Archduchess Finé awoke to the morning light beaming in through the fluttering curtains on the far side of the bedchamber. She rolled herself over across the silken smooth sheets adorning the bed, enjoying the feeling of a familiar weight pressed against her body.
Finé opened her eyes to be met by an easily distinguishable mop of dishevelled red hair, her Witches adorable features blissfully at rest as she slept. Being the early riser of the castle, Izetta was usually up at the break of dawn soon consumed in some task or enjoyment. It was a rare treat when Finé was the first to wake up.
Usually that was where it ended, Finé would awake early before immediately falling back to sleep only to find Izetta up and about when she was actually ready to get up herself. But today, Finé decided to indulge herself in admiring the view before her. Finé reached up to brush the tips of her fingers through Izettas bangs. Even messy and slightly tangled Izettas hair remained silky smooth. Finé watched rapt as Izettas cherry red lips twitched, her chest rising and falling with each regular breath.
All the while Finé could not help but be distracted by the feeling of something firm teasing against her thigh. Lifting the bedcover for an explorative look Finé was met by the sight of a familiar tenting emerging from the front of Izettas nightdress. It seemed the White Witch truly was insatiable at times. Despite having lived in the same bed for years Finé had not known Izetta to get like this without some deliberate intervention on her part. Finé was prepared to dismiss this as a delectable quirk until she began to feel Izetta stirring beside her.
“Finé” Izetta cooed softly. Finé was convinced she could not have heard that correctly, until Izetta blissfully repeated “Finé”
Finé could hardly believe what she was hearing, could it really be true. Was Eylsadts innocent little White Witch having a naughty dream about her?
Finé could not dissuade herself from keeping her hands under control, tracing the tips of her fingers across Izettas front concealed beneath the thin material of her nightdress. Finé could not help but admire the ample bulge emerging from her atop her waist, teasing the tips of her fingers across the swell of Izettas erection. Finé dared to take her teasing further.
Finé slipped herself beneath the sheets, consumed by the darkness as she followed the soft curves across Izettas body. Descending the plain of her lover’s stomach. Finé could feel the swell of her hips beneath her finger tips. Finé guided herself solely by the heat radiating from between Izettas thighs. Finés fingers found Izettas member as she wrapped her fingers around the tip.
Finé caressed Izettas cock in her hands, feeling Izettas member shifting beneath her dexterous fingers. Finé leant forward and pressed her lips to the head of Izettas cock, feeling her erection twitching at her touch. Finé consumed the large head between her lips, feeling the familiar flavour of her pre-cum resting on Izettas tip. Finé eagerly licked and sucked around Izettas head, feeling the warm head pulsing between her lips as she continued to suck off her lover. Yet no matter how much Finé eagerly sucked more pre-cum continued to leak into Finés mouth, the flavour proving intoxicating. This only spurred Finé on further.
Finé raised herself onto her hands and knees on the bed, keeping her lips wrapped around the tip of Izettas member as she shifted. Finé removed her mouth from around Izettas penis with a wet pop, licking the lingering taste from her lips. Arching her back Finé suddenly threw herself upwards to cast the covers back off herself in a single motion.
Izetta shivered on the bed at the sudden touch of the frigid air across her skin, forcing her to unconsciously clutch her arms around herself in an effort to keep the chill of the morning air at bay. Izettas shivering ceased as Finé leant down to wrap her arms around her lover’s torso, their warmth combined enough to comfortably sustain her.
Finé climbed herself down Izettas front, lifting the hem of Izettas nightdress further up the smooth expanse of her front. Finé followed swiftly in its wake with an array of kisses across her stomach, slowly working her way towards the swell of Izettas breasts. Finé lifted the edge of Izettas dress over the peak of the redhead’s breasts. The Archduchess could not dissuade herself from planting a constellation of kisses across Izettas breasts before delving into the valley of her cleavage.
Finé clambered herself up to straddle her witch’s waist. Finé reached down to grasp Izettas member, teasing the moist head with the tips of her fingers in a playful handjob. Finé could feel the semi-erect cock hardening in an instant to stand erect against Finés stomach. 
“This needs to be put back where it belongs” Finé cooed teasingly. Finé lifted herself up to crouch over Izettas waist, drawing her moistened underwear aside with one hand until her dripping wet pussy lips were uncovered. Finé began to lower herself onto the head of Izettas cock, the familiar feeling of fullness overtaking her with each slow inch of her descent.
Finé continued to lower herself down the length of Izettas shaft until her lover’s penis was once more fully inside of her. In spite of the full extent of her cock being buried inside of her lover somehow Izetta managed to remain blissfully slumbering. It seemed even the ever-dutiful Witch could sleep through almost anything given sufficient fatigue.
Finé stated slowly at first, using her legs to bounce up and down in place as she quickly began to build up the momentum of her movements. Finé bit her lip to stifle herself as the tip of Izettas member brushed a particularly sensitive place, but some moans proved too great for her to conceal. Izetta by contrast elicited an endless array of moans, squeaks and low hums to coincide with the pleasures she was experiencing.
Finé leant forward to brace her hands on either side of Izetta, her ample breasts bouncing wildly with each downwards thrust and upwards stroke. The riding position allowed the full length of Izettas member to penetrate deeply inside of Finé, touching deeply at her core. It was only a matter of time before they reached their shared limit.
Izetta was the first to come, letting loose with an unbridled flurry of cum into her wife’s pussy. Finé was swift to finish in quick succession behind Izetta, adding her own release to the mixture still contained inside of her by the press of Izettas member.
Finé fell back onto the bed beside Izetta, basking in the afterglow of her illicit act as the head of Izettas cock slipped free from Finés pussy. Finé panted deeply as she sucked in air to sustain herself. Beside her, Izetta still continued to sleep peacefully with a look of absolute contentment across her face.
Finé dutifully reached down to pull the covers back over the two of them to keep the encroaching cold at bay. Cuddling up to her still sleeping Witch the Archduchess drifted off to sleep.
Finé felt herself shift awake for the second time that morning. She wasn’t sure how much longer she had been asleep. She looked across the bed to find the other side empty once again. Looking up Finé found her wayward Witch sitting at the bedroom mirror idly taming her ever rebellious red hair.
Finé climbed out of bed and walked across the room towards Izetta, draping her arms across her lover’s shoulders.
“Morning” Izetta continued to slowly pass the comb through her hair as she smiled at Finé. “How are you feeling today?”
Finé was momentarily taken aback as she anticipated a response to what had happened last night. Perhaps Izetta truly had simply slept through it in its entirety. Whatever the truth, Finé was happy for this to simply remain her little secret.
Leaning down Finé planted a loving kiss on Izettas cheek, whispering into her Witches ear. “Amazing, as usual”

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