Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Archduchess Finé awoke to the fresh rays of morning sunlight beaming through the open windows into her room. Despite feeling so consumed by the overwhelming fluffiness of her pillows she resisted the urge to simply fall back into slumbers warm embrace. Finé forced herself to overcome the sirens call and roll herself out of bed to meet the day head on. Rising to her feet she stretched her arms high above her head, feeling the tightness of her muscles unfurling in an instant.
Watching Izetta still laying in their bed Finé felt a smile forming to her lips. In the time since the war had concluded Izetta had discovered the benefits of sleeping in, the fatigue of the war finally catching up to her. Despite usually being the first to rise and start work Izetta had learnt the value of indulging herself on occasions when there was nothing urgent requiring her attentions.
Leaving Izetta to her peaceful slumber Finé stepped out onto the balcony of their shared bedroom to embrace the new day. Finé drank in the magnificent sight of the rolling mountains just beyond the boundaries of Landsbruck and felt a great sense of serenity overtake her. Finé embraced the warmth of the sun in the sky, the wash of the cool morning breeze across her skin. Most of the castle staff had been dismissed for the national holiday to celebrate the wars end, leaving only the few volunteer guards and maids necessary to keep the castle functioning.
In a few hours Landsbruck would be awash again with fresh celebrations and festivities. So, for now Finé allowed her eyes to drift closed and embrace the looming silence rising from the valley below-
Finés tranquil calm was shattered by the sudden onset of a breeze which overtook her nightdress, lifting the hem high above her waist and threatening to lift it free from her body. Finé instinctively slapped the wayward dress back down with the palm of her hand, a flash of embarrassment erupting across her cheeks glanced around to confirm she was indeed alone. The very thought that she may have been seen by someone was unthinkable. And yet strangely invigorating.
During her studies of the other European cultures and histories before the war Finé had stumbled across a social and political movement originating in Germania that advocated private and public nudism as way of life. It encouraged cooperation between people of differing opinions and a reconnection with the natural world. After coming to power the movement had been restricted by the ruling Germanian government despite the concept being embraced by many amongst the highest echelons of the party.
In that moment, a twinge of excitement shot through her. Should she do it? More vitally, could she even bring herself to do it? Finé decided that she was going to do it, she was going to bear her all to the world. Finé walked over to the edge of the balcony and leaned out as far as she dared, scanning the grounds below and the skies above for any sign of any unseen observers. Content that she was alone Finé clutched a handful of her nightdress tightly in her hands, feeling the spike of adrenaline rush through her body as the reality of her actions became apparent. Deciding that boldness would prove her best approach Finé flung the loose article of clothing up and over her head in one fell swoop, allowing the garment to fall into a pile at her feet.
It felt so relieving to embrace the air like this, feeling the morning breeze was across her bare skin and embrace the morning light. In that moment, she felt herself being overtaken by a complete sense of serenity that-
Finé emitted a primal shriek out of sheer panicked instinct. She wheeled around to face the source of the voice, her arms instinctively raising to cover her chest and her pussy as best as she could manage. Finé was met by the sight of Izetta dressed in her same nightgown, carrying a breakfast tray held between her arms. Despite Izetta having gained a thorough and intimate knowledge of Finés every curve and dimple Finé still felt it necessary to conceal herself for the sake of modesty.
Finés mind went into overdrive considering her potential routes for escape. Despite its effectiveness in removing herself from such an embarrassing situation Finé discounted the option of leaping from the balcony several stories up as impractical. Finé resisted the urge to simply charge past Izetta into their shared room and lock herself away somewhere. In the end, she realised that there was only one option remaining to her.
“Izetta” Finé said. “I can explain”
Finé seemed to be finding plenty of opportunities to make use of that particular phrase recently.
“Lotte brought us breakfast” Izetta indicated the tray held between her hands, completely ignoring what Finé had said or what was presented in front of her. “It was the first time in a long while I’d seen the poor girl enter our room without coming in backwards or shielding her eyes. How she could have managed the latter whilst holding the tray…” Izetta stifled a giggle. “Perhaps she still had good reason to”
“Oh, knock it off” Finé snapped. “This is already embarrassing beyond comprehension”
“I like embarrassing” Izetta laid the tray aside on the table, walking towards Finé with a delectable sashay to her hips as she approached. “Maybe I should join you” Izetta whispered in her ear.
Izetta took a step back and before Finé could respond Izetta had gripped the hem of her matching nightdress and pulled it up and over her head to deposit it at her feet beside Finés without a moment’s hesitation. Despite her intimate familiarity with almost every inch of her White Witch the burn on Finés cheeks only grew redder at the sight in front of her.
“Izetta, I didn’t mean you should…” Finé said. “What if someone sees us?”
Izetta nodded in agreement. “You’re right” Izetta stepped past Finé to clasp her hands on the side of the balcony, inhaling deeply before calling out at the top of her lungs. “Hey, anyone wants to see the Archduchess naked she’s right here!”
“Izetta!” Finé yelped, shocked at her sudden audacity. Finé reacted on instinct and charged forward intent on silencing Izetta, pinning her lover against the balcony support. Finés hands grasped wildly in search of purchase to subdue Izetta, Izetta responding in kind with flailing grapples of her own. Finé found her lips pressed against Izettas, the frantic struggle quickly devolving into a heated kissing match with no clear translon to be found. The two of them finally separated, their breaths heaving as they stared into each other’s eyes. 
“Come on” Izetta panted through quivering lips. “Breakfast is getting cold”
Izetta reached out to take Finés hand and lead her towards the table atop which sat their tray of freshly prepared breakfast, filled with an array of fresh local delicacies and exotic delights. Sitting at the table Izetta poured two fresh glasses of orange juice, handing the other to Finé. “To the end of the war” Izetta held her glass aloft.
“To the end of the war” Finé and Izetta clinked their glasses before taking a sip, staring out over the rolling hills of the valleys surrounding Landsbruck. This was one of the pleasures they shared since the end of the war, waking to freshly prepared breakfast on the balcony together. Although never quite like this.
The tension fled Finés body, her primal fear of discovery shifted to the back of her mind. This was the culmination of all that they had fought so hard to achieve, so that the world could once more know peace. The people could be free, so that wars can end.
“Finé” Izetta broke the looming silence. “Let’s get married”
Finé fought to resist spit taking her drink across her front, coughing deeply to dislodge the lingering drink that had caught in the back of her throat. “What?” Finé finally managed to blurt out in response.
“You heard me” Izetta said as if what she had said had been the most casual of pleasantries. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, to be with you. In fact…”
Izetta replaced her glass to the tray. Slipping from her seat she knelt in front of Finé, taking Finés hand into her own.  “Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt, would you do me the greatest honour of being my wife?”
Fine had never once dreamt that her wedding proposal would ever unfold like this. “Izetta…”

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