Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Even in her younger days Finé spent much of her time perusing the multitude of books which lined the high shelves of the Palace library. Finés parents had ensured their daughter had received the finest education on a variety of topics from European History to the latest developments in Mechanical Engineering.
During the war, she’d had little free time for idly reading while her duties as monarch required her presence elsewhere. Now was her opportunity to make up for lost time. Finishing the autobiography of the Britannian explorer Mungo Park, explorer of Western Africa, she laid the book aside and prepared to delve into her next daring tale.
Amongst the pile of books Finé had prepared to read today something unique caught her eye, a book sitting next to her pile. Taking the weighty tome in her hands she brushed away the thin layer of dust to reveal an old book that clearly hadn’t been read in years. Opening to a page at random revealed pages upon pages of flowing script and finely detailed illustrations. As far she could discern this was an old alchemy book dating back to the time of the White Witch. Finé never put much stock into alchemy as a science beyond its social and cultural influences. 
Finé was about to close the book and move on when her eyes passed over a chapter which caught her interest. The archaic text made it difficult to interpret but it seemed to be referring to a concoction which could grow the size of your… something. The exact wording had become faded due to age.
A secret that Finé had kept even from Izetta was that she had always been slightly jealous of her wife’s ampler bust, feeling rather conscious of her relatively modest chest. Finé could not help but feel a tint of envy as she listened to Bianca complain about how they get in the way or strain her back during exercises.
In the back of her mind Finé could not help but think something seemed off about this particular passage. The same voice of reason told her it would be best to consult her personal Witch expert for her assessment. Such sensibility was quickly snuffed out by the other part of her which imagined the illicit thrill the would follow with surprising Izetta when she was done.
The ingredients listed were easy to procure in modern times and to her knowledge none of them were inherently dangerous. Determined to see this through Finé spent the next few days assembling the necessary ingredients, some bought from the shops in town, others picked fresh from the forests in the hills and others procured from within the castle stores itself when the staff weren’t looking. Assembling them together and preparing them per the books instructions produced a rather pungent elixir. Steeling herself Finé downed the concoction in one swift gulp. The instructions said that the reaction would take time to take effect so Finé decided to retire for the evening and await the results tomorrow.
Awaking the next morning Finé practically leapt from her bed in a way that she hadn’t done since being a girl on Christmas morning.
Stretching her arms out high above her head she bounded across the room to stand in front of the full-length mirror, ready to admire the nights effects. She weighed her bust in her hands exploratively. Sure, it had only been one night but she might have hoped to have seen some improve-
Finés eyes froze upon the new bulge emerging from beneath her nightdress. The only thing was, it wasn’t her chest. The rise was instead emerging from the waist of her nightdress. In that instant Finés mind could not react fast enough to contain her scream.
Izetta awoke behind her with a jolt and a mumbled call of surprise.
Finé turned to face Izetta, eagerly attempting to finally get herself ahead of the situation. “Izetta, this isn’t what I…” Finé stumbled over her own words, in her desperate attempt to pre-empt Izettas inevitable question she had neglected to prepare anything comprehensible with which to answer. “I wanted to surprise you” was all Finé could think to say.
In the time that it took her to recompose herself to respond Izetta had finally shaken off her morning drowsiness enough to take in the situation and reply. “Well I’m definitely surprised”
While Izetta threw on a dressing gown and made a mad dash to the library to find the aforementioned tome Finé was left sat shuffling nervously on the edge of the bed. Finé sat with a pillow clutched tightly in her lap on the off chance that anyone should come into their room unannounced and discover the truth.
The catch on the bedroom door released, Finés heart ran wild as her eyes darted towards the door fearing who might be-
Finés panic began to subside when she saw the familiar flash of red emerge from around the door. Izetta stepped back into the room, carrying a familiar book under her arm.
“I found the book you were referring to” Izetta sat herself down on the edge of the bed with the book in her lap. Finé shifted closer to Izetta, finding her presence a soothing comfort given everything which had transpired this morning.
Izetta opened the book and began idly leafing through the pages. “Which one was it?” Izetta asked, continuing her search through the pages.
“That one” Finé pointed out one of the pages as it flicked into view.
Izetta skim read the page and Finé could only sit and watch as her lover’s expression shifted with each line she read. “Finé” Izetta looked up to face Finé. “Do you know what this spell does?”
A thousand conflicting thoughts circulated in Finés mind as to the answer which would come from such a loaded question: The change was permanent, the spell was fatal, its after effects would cause her to lose her mind, its accomplishment is a breakthrough in the understanding of Witches powers.
“It’s a concoction designed for Witches to increase the size of their members” Izetta explained. “I wouldn’t have thought it would have had any effect on anyone else but I guess not” Izetta allowed the book to fall limply into her lap. “What was it you were trying to do?”
Finés cheeks flared red at the prospect of having to answer. She knew Izetta would be understanding. She knew that in a perfect world, couples in a relationship shouldn’t need to keep secrets from eachother but the truth was life was not some fairy-tale. Sometimes people were forced to conceal things from those they loved.
“I wanted to make my breasts bigger” Finé admitted. “You, Bianca and even Lotte have grown so much and all I wanted was-”
“I understand” Izetta wrapped her arms around Finé in a warm embrace. “You do whatever makes you feel comfortable and I will always be there for you”
Finé cuddled herself closer to Izetta. “Thank you, Izetta” Finé said through quivering lips.
“You know” Izetta said. “Things may not have worked out how you planned but it does open certain, possibilities”
Finé raised her head from Izettas chest and stared into her eyes. “You think?”
Izetta nodded. “Here” Izetta gently laid Finés hands aside, raising herself from the bed to kneel in front of Finé.
Izetta wetted her lips as she admired the uncharacteristic tenting emerging from the front of Finés nightdress. It was quite a sight in of itself, almost enough to tempt Izetta to blush. Izetta began to draw the gossamer thin material of Finés nightie up across her body, revealing a reality Izetta was already fully aware of. That Finé tended not to wear underwear to bed. It proved a fortunate choice today as otherwise her panties would currently be found straining to contain her new 8-inch member.
“Relax” Izetta cooed softly beneath her breath, reaching out to caress her fingers across Finés member. The faintest brush of skin against skin sent a pulse of quivering through her entire body. It was as though her clit had been expanded to cover the entire length of her member, with all the sensitivity maintained and expanded. Finés mind began to run wild with curiosity at how Izetta could hold herself together for even a moment if this is how it was for Izetta.
Is this what Izetta felt every time?
Finé had little time to indulge her idle thoughts as Izetta worked her hand up and down Finés swiftly growing member. Izettas movements were slow and tentative, allowing Finé the chance she needed to adjust to the sensations she was experiencing for the first time.
This gentle rhythm lasted for only so long. Once Izetta was confident Finé was comfortable the speed and intensity of her movements began to increase dramatically. At the same time Izetta began to change the pressure of her hand, loosening and tightening her grasp as her hand glided up and down her shaft. Finé was fast beginning to reach her limit, the ceaseless pleasures causing her to lose control of any lingering restraint she may have maintained over her new appendage.
Izetta released her hold over Finés member, causing a shiver to tear through Finés body at the sudden absence of contact. It was as though she had been experiencing some amazing daydream before being sharply withdrawn back to reality. “How was it?” Izetta asked.
“It was…” Finé couldn’t believe how suddenly breathless she was.
‘How did Izetta handle this every time?’
“It gets better” Izetta remarked with a coy smile. Finé only had a moment to question how things could possibly be better before Izetta answered for her.
Izetta slipped the strap of her nightgown from her shoulders, drawing her dress away to reveal her pert breasts topped by a pair of bright pink nipples. Izetta shifted herself forward on her knees, her ample chest laying across Finés lap.
Izetta brought her hands up from her sides, clasping her breasts to wrap around the length of Finés hardened shaft. Fine began to feel the heat radiating from all sides as the sensitive organ was suddenly enveloped in her lover’s chest.
Izetta began to slowly raise and lower her chest, alternating her speed and pressure to always keep Finé guessing as to what was to come. Occasionally, the soft tips of her nipples would brush across the skin of Finés stomach, eliciting both a delightful tickle and a yelp of surprise from Izetta at the unexpected contact. Izetta was right, this was so much better.
It wasn’t long before Finé began to feel something rising up inside of her loins. It felt familiar but so much more intense than anything she had ever experienced. Before she could even realise it, Finés member let loose a flurry of snow white cum across Izettas chest.
Finé fell back onto the bed, her body completely overtaken by the sudden onset of exhaustion. She had never felt like this before, her first orgasm with a penis had proved the most intensive of her life. Certainly, her more vigorous times together with Izetta and Bianca had left her listless and in need of a moments rest but this was something she had never imagined possible.
“How was your first orgasm as an honorary Witch?” Izetta asked.
Finé could not bring herself to respond, barely managing to hold her head up to face Izetta. The Archduchesses weary smile was all that Izetta needed to see. That smile soon shifted to surprise and then to desire as Finé finally took note of the aftermath of her first orgasm.
Izettas creamy white skin was slathered in a thick layer of cum, the velvety liquid trailing between the valley of Izettas heaving breasts. Izetta noticed this and caught the head of the leading end with the tip of her finger before it could stain her nightdress, tracing it back up across her front until reached the peak. Izettas finger came away dripping with the product of Finés release, this soon found a home betwixt Izettas cherry red lips as she licked her fingers clean.
This erotic display set Finés heart aflutter. Even if the rest of her body could do little but lay splayed across the bed her mind continued to run wild with the boundless possibilities.
“Oh, I see someone’s ready again” Izetta remarked with a wry smile.
Finé looked down at herself and felt her eyes go wide at the sight of her recently deflated member slowly begin to rise back to its full hardness at the sight before her.
“Looks like it’s time to move onto the best part” Izetta said.
Izetta pulled herself to her feet in front of Finé. Izetta gripped the hem of her nightdress encircling her waist, slipping it further down herself with a coquettish sway of her hips. Her nightdress cast to the floor at her feet revealed Izettas erect member, unconfined by the restraint of underwear.
Izetta clambered on top of Finé, straddling her legs on either side of Finés legs as her hands roamed further upwards to tease Finés heaving breasts. Izettas erect member stood proud above Finés stomach, the tip already leaking with pre-cum in anticipation. 
Finés member, still wet with the remnants of her first orgasm and Izettas blowjob, rested nestled between Izettas spread legs. Izetta licked the tips of her fingers before reaching down to caress the length of Finés member, slowly gliding her fingers from the base back to the tip. Izettas touch was tender and fleeting, careful not to tip Finé over the edge before they had a chance to properly indulge in eachothers pleasure. 
Izetta continued to caress Finés hardened member as she brought it up to press against the Witch’s stomach. At full length the tip of Finés penis reached just beneath Izettas navel, leaving a faint trace of precum to trail across her stomach. “See this, this is how deep you’re going to reach inside of me”
It took all of Finés restraint restrain herself from letting loose right there and then. Izettas persistent caresses across her moistened length was not helping matters. Once Izetta was sure that it was sufficiently wetted, the red headed Witch raised herself above Finés waist. “Time to take your new Witch cherry” Izetta said with a sweet smile.
Izetta lowered herself towards the proud mast of Finés erect cock. The moment that Izettas warm lips caressed the tip Finé was overtaken by a sudden wash of pleasure cascading through her entire body in a wave. This feeling only grew as the head was consumed by Izettas warm insides, creating an experience far different from any Finé had ever had before. 
While still enjoyable, the use of a strap-on left a certain level of disconnect lingering between them as Finé could not feel Izetta in return. This caused Finé to become especially attentive to Izettas reaction to allow her to judge her movements and pace her thrusts. But now Finé was experiencing everything first hand herself, every muscle shift, every warm touch was hers to experience.
Izetta continued to lower herself down onto Finés erect member, bottoming herself out with Finés entire length inside of her. As Finé felt the warm press of Izettas thighs against her own Finé took a moment to settle eachother to the new experience.
What Finé felt was something unlike anything she’d ever known before. All around her she could feel the heat and moist pressure of Izettas lips closing in around her. At the same time Izetta was faced with something unique to her, the flesh and blood cock having the warmth and softness of her lover’s fingers combined with the length and girth of the strap on. A marriage of all the best qualities.
Grasping her hands to Izettas thighs for support Finé made a first cautious thrust upwards. The act was met by a fluttering stir of Izettas insides as she reacted to the movement, so familiar and yet utterly unexplored. Izetta reached her hands down to press Finés closer against her thighs as she began to lift herself up. Allowing her weight to bring her back down Izetta was met by the irregular upstroke of Finés advance. Despite their initial shared hesitance, they soon found their shared resonance as Finé became more adept at the use of her new addition.
As the speed and fury of Finés thrusts continued to increase she felt the wet thwack as Izettas member struck her flat stomach with each regular fall. An idea entered the Archduchesses head as she witnessed such a display. As Finés thrusts began to slow into a more measured rhythm she called out “Izetta”
Izetta immediately turned her attentions at her lover’s call, her immediate reaction fearing that something was amiss. All that was necessary to reassure her was for Finé to use her free hands to gather up her chest to provide a tantalising target for the redheaded Witch.
Requiring little more encouragement than that, Izetta grasped her hardened member with a shaking hand as she used the other to keep herself upright. It demanded a certain level of coordination to allow her to keep herself stable as Finé continued to thrust into her whilst keeping her hands moving up and down the length of her own member. Soon the rhythms of both of Izettas hand and Finés penis were equal, Finé driving herself up into Izetta just as the Izetta reached the height of her stroke. 
Izetta felt her pussy lips beginning to tighten as her cock’s release approached, the two working in synchronicity through her body. Izettas member burst forth in a flurry of hot white cum to splash across Finés bare chest. At the same time the release being given to Finé was quickly repaid in kind as Finé let loose for a second time, this time into Izettas welcoming pussy. The scale of Finés ejaculation was in no way dampened by her earlier orgasm, ensuring that no small part of Izettas pussy was left untended by the sudden flurry.
The same fatigue that had previously incapacitated the Archduchess soon returned, causing her to fall back and become consumed by the sheer voluptuousness of the bed surrounding her. Despite her familiarity with her own orgasm the intensity of the experience could not help but have a profound effect upon her. Izetta soon joined her lover as she fell forward to lay sweaty and panting on top of her lover. Finés slowly deflating member still pressed between Izettas lips releasing with a wet pop to spill the combined contents onto the bedsheets. Neither of them cared.
Izetta recovered herself enough to rise off her lovers heaving chest, tenderly drawing a loose strand of golden blonde hair from Finés face as Izetta stared down at her.
“So, what did you think?” Finé asked with a delightfully breathless tinge to her voice. 
By Finés tone alone, had she not been so blissfully exhausted herself, Izetta would have taken her again without a thought. Instead she simply replied. “I think you were amazing”
“I meant, how long do you think the alchemy effects are going to last?” Finé leant forward to kiss Izetta, tasting something she could only call ‘herself’ lingering on the Witches cherry red lips. “But thank you for the compliment”
“Oh” Izetta said, despite all that had occurred between them still finding a way to light up red in embarrassment. “Well, based on what the book says I would say it should only be a few days”
“If that’s so” Finé snuggled herself closer, bringing her arms up to wrap around Izettas back. “Then we best learn all we can about in the time we still have”

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