Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

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Archduchess Finé had never felt more like doing a day’s work in her life, and at the same time she could not help but despair at the thought of this being one of the few things being denied to her.
“Seriously, you don’t all need to be here” Finé pleaded to those around her.
“Let us be the judge of that, Archduchess” Lotte responded.
Finé shifted restlessly in her bed as she lay propped against the headboard, consumed on all sides by a mountain of pillows and blankets. Dressed in her loose-fitting nightgown all this combined with the sole objective of ensuring Finés maximum comfort.
“I was thrown out of a plane and rode a rifle across a mountain whilst being pursued by Germanian fighters” Finé recounted. “I think I can handle some light paperwork”
“Not while pregnant you didn’t” Lotte contested, continuing to fold another fresh pile of towels at the foot of the bed. “And you really shouldn’t have been doing such things in the first place”
Sometimes it was hard to see Lotte as she was now, confident, independent, capable, and still remember how she had been just a few short years ago. Perhaps she had always been like this, all that was needed was for Finé to finally notice it in her. The young maid had undergone something of a growth spurt since the wars end, now able to meet Bianca eye to eye without the use of a stool.
“You carry the future of Eylstadt in you, Archduchess” Lotte said. “It’s our job to see you both safe”
“Good to know that I can serve my country as the royal heir maker” Finé sighed.
“You’re not just an heir maker” Izetta carefully sat herself down on the edge of the bed beside Finé, caressing her hand along the length of Finés bare arm. “You’re the mother of our child”
“Technically, you could also be considered their mother” Finé responded. “Depending on how you look at it”
“True, but I had very little input in the whole process. Well, one very little input” Izetta joked. “You’re the one who has her work cut out for her”
Despite the inevitable outcry amongst the more conservative groups the announcement of Finé and Izettas marriage was warmly received by the citizens of Eylstadt and the international community. With the announcement of the Archduchesses pregnancy came to the revelation as to the identity of the ‘father’. In the absence of any further details most people attributed it to some arcane ability of the Witches. After all the astounding feats Izettas power had achieved it seemed most people were already jaded before the announcement of this rather more mundane occurrence.
After the news was made public Izetta received requests from some of the world’s top researchers eager to uncover the secrets of the Witches power. Their intent was to understand the Witches abilities through technology and techniques far more ethical than what had been uncovered from the ruins of the Germanian military research facility after the war. Izetta hoped her assistance in this research would both benefit the world and help disavow some of the prejudices towards those Witches who may still be out there. But Izetta had a much more personal reason for her involvement in the research, determined as she was that her child would grow up in a world far gentler than the one she had known.
“Have you got enough pillows?” Izetta asked for what felt like the umpteenth time that day. Izetta seemed wholly prepared to raid every bedroom in the castle at the slightest provocation. “It’s important for you to relax. Just stay off your feet, we’ll take care of everything” Izetta continued to fuss over Finé as she had done ceaselessly since the day they had learned the news of their imminent transition into parenthood. It seems some things never changed.
“She’s right, you know” Lotte interjected. “The ministers are handling all the day to day affairs of state. So for all intents and purposes you are deaf to the outside world until further notice”
“I still feel as though I should be out there doing something” Finé persisted.
“That’s why Bianca’s here to serve as your guard” Lotte indicated the royal guard with a turn of her head. “She’ll stay with you to make sure you don’t try to administrate anything”
All the while Bianca continued to stand at ease against the far wall, unsure of precisely what to do with herself. While Izetta fussed and Lotte took charge Bianca found herself defaulting to what she knew best, being Finés protector.
“Aren’t we rather getting ahead of ourselves” Finé said. “I mean, the baby isn’t due for another two months at least”
“You can never be sure about these things, Archduchess” Lotte said. “For all we know the little one is just as brash and defiant as both their mothers combined”
Izetta reached out to clasp Finés hand in hers. “It’s true”
“You have nothing to worry about. Growing up I helped deliver plenty of animals on my family’s farm” Lotte said. “Although, when the time comes I might need you up on all fours, just until I get my bearings”
“What!” Finé yelled, her grip sharply tightening around Izettas hand.
“Just kidding” Lotte reassured her with a teasing smile.
“Archduch-” Izetta winced.
“Sorry” Finé released her vice like hold on Izettas hand, embarrassed at her sudden outburst.
“It’s important that we’re prepared either way” Lotte indicated Bianca. “That’s why I specifically chose Bianca as your personal guardian. This way she can serve the role as deputy midwife with me until the doctor arrives”
“I can?” the professional visage Bianca had been maintaining throughout her entire vigil shattered in an instant. “I mean, I’ve never-”
“Then it’s time to learn. The best way to prepare for becoming a mother yourself is to help someone else become one” Lotte hefted the freshly folded towels into her arms. “Besides, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before”
Lotte carried the towels across the room only to stop in her step as she caught sight of the flash of eyes darting between the other three women in the room. “Oh, are we still pretending I didn’t know?
Seemingly as if summoned by their shared desire to divert the subject by any means possible Finé emitted a soft yelp of surprise as she felt the young heir stir inside of her. Izetta turned her full attention to Finé, placing the palm of her hand to Finés swollen belly.
“Really, Izetta?” Finé queried.
“What?” Izetta asked innocently. “I want to feel it”
“You’ve already felt my tummy every day for the past month” Finé said.
“I like feeling it” Izetta lay her head against Finés belly, listening to the gentle beat of Finés heart in her chest.
“What are you ever going to do after the babies born?” Finé asked.
Izetta snuggled closer to Finé. “I guess then I’ll have to lay myself on your belly just for fun” Neither of them felt any embarrassment at being affectionate even with Lotte and Bianca in the room, it was just part of how they were.
“Finé” Izetta said. “Do you think I’ll be a good mummy?”
Finé caressed Izettas flaming red hair beneath her fingers. In her previous life Izetta had grown up with no one she could call family other than her grandmother, but something had changed in Izetta since those times.
In the beginning Izetta had voiced her doubts that she would be able to live up to what was expected of being a mother, having known little of one herself. After the news broke she remained ceaselessly restless, always trying to make herself useful, always embarrassed or ashamed at the discovery of some new thing she believed she should have already known. Now she wholeheartedly embraced the idea, this was her chance to experience life with a real family.
“You’ll be a great mummy, Edelweiss Hexe”

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