Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Contains: (Izetta x Finé) Futanari (Izetta, Finé), Yet more Witch Tome madness, Centaur (Finé), Horse cock (Finé), Blowjob, Handjob, Vaginal Sex, Anal Fingering

The elite horseback archers of the Turkish Sultan Kilij Arslan demonstrated far greater speed and agility than their Crusader counterparts. Such feats required great skill and training from a young age to be able to fire arrows accurately whilst galloping. This advantage in mobility was used to great effect at the Battle of Dorylaeum in 1097.
Finé allowed the book to fall to rest in her lap, taking a moment of peace from reading the histories of the Crusades to retake the Holy Land in the 11th Century. The Archduchess allowed the silence of the library to wash over her.
Glancing to her side Finés caught sight of the bright blue cover of a certain familiar book, beckoning to her with its silent sirens call. She knew she shouldn’t. Every part of her told her that she should have learnt her lesson from her previous attempts to master the books power. But just as before her resolve proved less than absolute.
Finé laid her book aside as she once more found herself buried amongst the faded pages of the Witches Tome. She read the first page of a chapter which caught her interest.
A potion to enhance a Witches speed, endurance and longevity.
The description made it sound like some kind of an early health supplement. Perhaps this could be something they could release to the world if it proved to be safe. For her part, Finé was all too happy to trial her latest discovery.
Archduchess Finé was awoken the next morning by a creak. And then a crash. This was followed swiftly by the feeling of her entire body tipping out of bed to crash ungainly to the floor. Finé blinked the sleepiness from her eyes. Looking down her body she could see, fur?
Finé was convinced that she must still be sleeping. Her entire lower body beneath her waist was replaced by thick muscle covered in light blonde fur. She was part horse!
“Ugh” a low groan emerged from the other side of the room. A wash of messy red hair emerged from beneath the disintegrated remains of their shared bed. Izetta shook her head, her mind disorientated as she looked across the room at Finé.
In an instant her face became awash with shock followed swiftly by realisation. “Again!?”
Finé sat in a private corner of the palace stables. The Archduchess idly flicked her long blonde tail back and forth as she was left to contemplate the reality of her situation. While her horse half remained bare but for her fur her human torso was wrapped in a loose-fitting white nightie.
A visit by the Royal Physician and the Royal Veterinarian concluded that, while they may not fully understand the nature of her condition, there appeared to be no immediate risk to her health. However unorthodox it may seem her combined human and horse body continued to work in harmony with each set of vital processes working independently to support her respective bodies. All that remained was to speculate on how long it would be before she returned to her normal self.
“How are you feeling?” a familiar voice called out to her.
Finé glanced over her shoulder to watch as Izetta stepped into the stable, dressed in her usual red and black outfit with white trim.
“Embarrassed” Finé admitted. “Selfish, ridiculous”
Izetta stepped forward to lay a comforting hand on Finés wide flank. Finé was once more reassured that the seemingly alien body was her own as she felt Izettas hand caress the film of thick fur across her back.
Finé could not help but feel her nerves stir inside of her. The feeling had been intense, Izettas presence only enflamed it further. Izetta hadn’t seemed to notice yet. From where she was standing it was probably hidden from view. Finé couldn’t bring herself to check.
“Finé, what’s the matter?” Izetta asked.
Finé knew it must be plainly obvious something was amiss. For anyone else she would simply brush it aside, wait for them to leave and try to devise a solution on her own. But Izetta would never simply leave her be, not if there was even the slightest inkling that something was wrong.
“I need to ask you something” Finé swallowed deeply. “It’s kind of… unusual”
Izetta met her wife with compassionate eyes. “Finé, you turned half of yourself into a horse. I’m not sure how much weirder this could possibly get”
Finés cheeks erupted with embarrassment. Given the number of things they had done together Izetta couldn’t think of what Finé could possibly imagine as odd.
“Could you help… relieve me?” Finé asked.
“Relieve you?” Izetta asked.
Finé still felt as though she couldn’t bring herself to say it. Instead, she decided it would be easier to simply show it. Finé raised herself up shakily on her hooved feet. Izetta glanced around her wife's side, a sharp tinge of red touching her cheeks as the source of Finés discomfort came into view.
It seemed that in creating her new body the Witches Tome had provided yet another unanticipated side effect. Between Finés legs was a large sheath swathed in pink and brown containing well over ten inches of semi-erect horse cock. With the way Finés new body was arranged her arms had no way of reaching around to deal with it herself. Izetta understood why Finé had asked for her help.
“Ok, I promise to be gentle” Izetta reassured her as she crawled underneath Finé.
Izetta could hear her lovers breathing intensify. Izetta crept closer as she reached out towards Finés shaft. Before her fingers even touched it Finés sizeable cock began to twitch. Finé yelped in surprise. Izetta stared in amazement as the shaft of her cock began to grow larger beneath the sheath.
The flared head of the cock emerged, adding a few extra tantalising inches to the already monumental shaft. Izetta moved closer, pressing her lips to the edge of the shaft a few inches beneath the bulbous tip. Izetta felt it twitch against her lips. The white witch kissed her again and again in a seemingly endless barrage. Izetta reached around to the far side of Finés cock, circling her hand around the base. Due to its size, Izettas fingers could not eclipse the circumference of her shaft.
Izetta shifted around to kneel in front of Finés cock. She kissed the flared head of her penis, feeling the heat pulsing from the skin. Izetta wrapped her lips around the wide head, feeling her mouth stretching to accommodate it. The witch eagerly gulped down the first few delectable inches of her cock, reaching as far and as deep as she could.
Izetta could taste the first release of pre-cum emerging from the tip to wash across her tongue. Izetta moved her lips back and forth across the shaft. The red headed beauty could feel Finés cock beginning to twitch between her lips.
“Izetta, I’m going to-” Despite Finés attempt to warn her wife of her impending release the archduchess had not realised quite how sensitive her new body had become. Finé felt her entire body quiver with ecstasy as she came. Izettas lips released from around Finés head with a wet pop, a wash of white spreading across her chest to stain her red dress.
Izetta raised herself to her feet. Finés expression turned distraught when she realised the true extent of her release. Izetta reached down to scoop a trace of the white release from the front of her dress. Izetta licked the juice from her finger, a devilish smile creasing her lips. “Still tastes like Finé”
Finé could not help but feel her body stirring at the sight, feeling her itchiness rising from elsewhere. It seemed her new body would not be satisfied by a single release.
“Izetta, could you…” Finé said. “I feel”
Izetta smiled to herself, deciding to tease her wife a little. “What Finé? You need to tell me”
“My… horse pussy” Finé said beneath her breath.
Izetta stepped around Finés side, finding herself stood face to face with the base of Finés tail. Izetta watched as her lovers long blonde tail flicked nervously in anticipation.
“Tell me again, what was it?” Izetta teased.
“My horse pussy!” Finé repeated.
“You mean this?” Izetta slipped her fingers beneath her tail to caress Finés outer lips. Finé let out a sharp scream of surprise, forcing her hands to clasp over her mouth to stifle herself.
Izetta withdrew her fingers, the lingering feeling sending shivers through Finés body which refused to dissipate. Izetta reached down to the hem of her dress, pulling it up over herself in a single move to hang it over the wooden post on the edge of the stable.
Izetta searched around the stable for something to stand on. Finding stool off to the side Izetta brought it over behind Finé. Izetta raised herself her behind her lover, her cock standing proudly erect and eager in anticipation. Being unfamiliar with her lover’s new physiology Izetta could not help but wonder quite how much of an effect she would have on her. Regardless, Izetta was eager to find out.
Izetta reached out to lift Finés twitching tail aside. Grasping the base of her cock Izetta teased the tip of her cock around the outer edge of Finés pussy. The effect was instant and pronounced. Izetta felt Finés pussy quivering at her touch, the tell-tale cries of supressed moans escaping her lips.
Izetta pressed forward, feeling the head of her cock being consumed by the warm embrace of Finés vagina. The witch could feel her lover’s lips beginning to constrict at the intrusion. It seemed despite the sheer size of the opening Finés muscles proved more than capable of closing tightly around Izetta from every conceivable angle.
Izetta grasped Finés flanks for support, feeling the size and firmness of her new body filling her hands. Izetta thrust her hips forward to delve deeper even as Finés opening fought a losing battle to resist her. Izetta dragged her cock back only to thrust forwards once more.
Having settled into a rhythm Izetta dared to try something adventurous. Izettas hand began to rise up Finés toned flank, her fingers moving inexorably towards the pulsing rosebud in the centre of Finés backside. Izettas finger drew a careful circle around the outer ring of Finés puckered asshole. Finé let loose with a deep howl of ecstasy at the unexpected contact.
Izetta pressed herself forward, feeling the small cluster of muscles resisting her attempt to enter. This did not last long before the tip of Izettas finger pierced inside. Finé fought to keep her voice stable, biting down on her knuckle as she experienced being pleasured from both sides simultaneously. Izettas playful finger soon turned adventurous, curling up inside of Finé to tease a particularly sensitive cluster of nerves.
“Oh, mistress” Finé moaned. “Give this lewd mare more of your affection”
Izetta sped up her movements, driving her fingers even deeper inside of her.
“Please” Finé panted. “Impregnate my dripping horse pussy”
The red headed witch intensified the thrusting of her cock into Finés pussy. The swift tightening of Finés lips around shaft heralded her lovers swiftly approaching release. Finé let loose with a torrent of cum from her pussy, bursting out from around Izettas cock to wash across Izettas front. At the same time the tip of Finés cock erupted with fresh spurts of pearly white cum onto the straw floor beneath her.
Izettas cock remained buried deep inside of Finé, gently thrusting herself back and forth into her lovers’ moist hole. Finés knees began to collapse beneath her. Izetta clutched onto Finés back for support as the Archduchess slowly lowered herself down onto the floor, her body quivering with the warm afterglow of her release.
Izetta withdrew herself from Finé with a moist squelch, a fresh wash of Finés juice spilling out of her pussy onto the floor. Izetta stepped around Finés side, passing her hand across the soft fur of her back as she passed. Izetta raised herself up in front of Finé. Her beautiful wife continued to pant from the sheer power of her orgasm.
Izetta reached her hands up to hold Finés cheeks, leaning close to kiss Finé tenderly on her lips. The witches tongue snuck past her lover’s lips to play across the inside of her mouth. Finé accepted Izetta, embracing her wholeheartedly as she felt herself being swept up in the moment.
Izettas fingers traced across Finés cheeks, following her neck towards the gentle rise of her chest. The witch’s fingers grasped tenderly around the mound of Finés breasts, feeling the peak of her erect nipple against the palm of her hand.
Izetta leant down to lick the tip of her tongue across the peak of Finés pert nipple, sucking eagerly on the sensitive nub like a sweet treat. The truth was there were few things Izetta enjoyed more than simply burying herself between her wife’s supple breasts. If the duties of the state did not demand their attentions which such regularity Izetta might have been tempted to remain there indefinitely.
Izetta kissed her way back up Finés front, retracing the line of kisses she had left on her way down. Izetta leant in closer to Finés ear, whispering softly. “I want you to take me”
Finé’s eyes flashed wide at the insinuation. Izetta swiftly confirmed it.
“With your big” Izetta whispered, her voice low and sultry. “Throbbing… horse cock”
Finé felt her member instinctively rising at the mere thought of it. Part of her feared what would happen to Izetta were she to go through with it. Another part of her feared what would happen to her if she didn’t. With Izettas help Finé raised herself up on shaking feet. Izettas eyes flashed with glee as she caught sight of Finés renewed erection waiting in anticipation for her.
Izetta gave an encouraging pat on Finés side as she crawled beneath Finés equine body. Izetta kissed her lips to the flared head of Finés cock, the lingering taste of the remains of Finés previous ejaculations clinging to her lips.
Izetta rose onto her hands and knees, presenting herself to Finés straining cock. Slowly the witch crawled herself back until the flared head brushed against her lips, feeling them resisting the size of her intrusion. Izetta felt her entire body tense in a way she had never experienced before. The witch was silently thankful that Finés cock wasn’t quite as large as she imagined the real thing would be. Such a monster would no doubt tear her in half.
Izetta felt her lips parting as she lowered herself onto Finés large cock. The moment the head was consumed Finé felt a warm heat pulsing through her body, it was like reliving her first time all over again. Unable to see her lover underneath her, listening only to the low pants of exertion rising to greet her, Finé could not help but feel her body tense.
Finé dared to ask. “How is it?”
Izetta lingered for a moment before replying. “Really good”
Finé supressed a low pang of jealousy that, for the time being at least, she would not be able to experience the feel of such a thing reaching deep inside of her. Finé consoled herself by embracing the overwhelming warmth of Izettas pussy wrapped tightly around her cock.
For her part, Finé resisted the overwhelming urge to thrust forwards into Izetta. She was adamant that Izetta be allowed to take her at her own pace. Izettas pace proved mercifully swifter than Finé had feared. Accompanied by the shuffling of displaced straw beneath her Finé could only stare into the drab wooden wall of the stable as more of her engorged shaft was consumed by Izettas burning heat.
Izetta reached roughly a quarter of the way down Finés cock before slowly drawing herself back towards the tip. The flared head of Finés cock resisted every attempt she made to remove it, rubbing past the inside of her walls with each movement.
Finés member began to pulse and twitch seemingly of its own accord, caressing another sensitive cluster of nerves inside of her lover. Just as she reached the cusp of freeing herself Izetta lowered herself back down, feeling her pussy opening to once more accept the sheer girth of her lovers’ cock.
In the end, Izetta settled roughly halfway down the length as the limit of how far she dared to go. Although this arrangement seemingly left the rest of Finés cock untended Izetta would never be so unkind as to leave her unsatisfied.
With one hand planted firmly on the rough stone floor for support, Izetta reached between her legs and traced the tips of her fingers along the underside of Finés shaft. The moment that Izettas fingers caressed the soft skin a deep howl of excitement rose from between the Archduchesses lips. Finé was forced to clasp her hands tightly across her mouth lest some inquisitive soul discover such a perverse spectacle as this.
Izettas fingers, although unable to completely encircle the significant girth singlehandedly, clasped firmly around the base of her shaft. Izetta began to stroke back and forth along the length in regular movements. The actions of her hands were swiftly matched by the movement of the rest of her body, causing the Witches lips to progress a few tantalising inches before plunging back down onto the Archduchesses pole.
“Oh Izetta” Finé moaned. “It’s amazing, it’s so…”
Finés mind struggled to find the words to match what her body was feeling, overcome by the sheer brilliance of the pleasure that was coursing through every fibre of her being. Izetta may have offered to assist her were she not so pre-occupied with her task at hand.
As the pace of her thrusts began to increase Izetta was forced to relinquish her hold over the base of Finés cock simply to remain upright. The witch swiftly made up for it as she began using the combined strength of her arms to push and pull herself across Finés cock with even greater force.
It was not long before the core of Izettas pussy suddenly erupted in a shower of her release. The sheer girth of Finés cock ensured that there was nowhere for the witch’s juice to escape. Izetta pulled herself forward, assisted by Finés matching counter thrust, withdrawing the cock from deep inside of her. A shower of Izettas juice erupted from between her lips, spraying wildly out behind her.
Finé followed swiftly in her wake, the tip of her cock erupting in her most intense orgasm of the experience. Finés cock exploded in a shower of pearly white cum, showering Izettas pale buttcheeks and her back in a fresh coating of horse cum.
As Izetta crawled out from underneath Finé the Archduchess allowed her shaking legs to finally collapse out from underneath her. The Archduchess fell to the floor of the stable beneath her. Struggling to right herself, Izetta made her slow and awkward attempt to reach Finés front.
Unable to summon the strength to pull herself up, Izetta settled for simply encircling her arms around Finés human midriff. Finé was more than content for her to remain, reaching down to wrap her arms around Izetta in return.
Despite the no doubt awkward conversation they would need to have with the royal furniture maker to replace the bed, the royal couple could not help but admit that the experience was a pleasurable one. A lingering hope remained that the effect would last long enough for them to truly make full use of it.

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