Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Contains: (Izetta x Finé) Futanari (Izetta), Airplane Sex, Roleplay, Food kink, Oral Sex, Boobjob, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering

Although the true human cost of the war could never truly be repaid, the years that followed were marked by technological and societal marvels that changed the course of human history. One such engineering feat was the development of the first commercial jetliner from a Britannian aerospace company, named the Comet.
One of these first aircraft had been commissioned as the Royal Flight of Eylstadt, the country’s first jet aircraft and the personal flight of the Archduchess. This technological marvel allowed faster and more readily available travel than had ever been thought possible. For its inaugural flight, the Archduchess was to attend a reception in the United States of Atlanta for an anniversary dinner marking the end of the war.
Accompanying Finé and Izetta on the flight, aside from the flight crew, were only a few members of the Royal Guard in the adjoining cabin. Other Eylstadt dignitaries and officials had arrived several days ago to ensure a smooth arrival of the royal retinue. While Finé seemed to be taking the unfamiliar situation in her stride Izetta was proving to be far less at ease.
Despite having flown the length of breadth of the European continent, on a rifle and a flying lance no less, somehow navigating the Atlantic in a purpose-built aircraft proved an entirely different prospect in her mind. The truth was it was far less the flying itself than the perilousness she felt at not being in control of the flight herself. Being unable to feel the machines spirit with the influence of her Witches power left her uneasy. The silence was jarring.
Finé, ever attuned to Izettas true feelings, simply reached across the aisle from her seat and grasped Izettas hand in her own. “It’s going to be ok”
Izetta took a deep breath, one of many she had found necessary to sustain herself since take off. “It feels so different flying this high up. Usually I can see the ground, feel the wind in my hair” Izetta held up her hand and activated her power. She felt only a fleeting amount of energy this high up, probably the first Witch in history to ever contend with such circumstances.
Finé smiled as she leant over and kissed Izettas forehead tenderly. “Just rest for a bit, you’ll feel better after you’ve had some sleep”
Izetta smiled warmly in return. “Thanks, Finé” Izetta leant forward to kiss her wife’s lips.
Izetta settled back in her seat and closed her eyes, willing herself to be consumed by the blissful embrace of sleep.
Izetta wasn’t sure how much time had passed when she shifted awake. Opening her eyes, she found herself still sitting in the cabin. Looking to the side she found Finés seat was empty. Izetta could still hear the delicate rumble of the engines around her. As the sleepiness left her it swiftly began to be replaced by a lingering anxiousness. Izetta inhaled deeply in a conscious effect to maintain her calm.
Miss Izetta, may I get you anything?” a voice asked.
Izetta glanced to her side only for any semblance of her calm serenity to disappear in an instant. Izetta was met by the sight of Archduchess Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt, dressed in an Eylstadt royal blue cap and cravat. And nothing else.
Izettas face flushed red in an instant. Her first instinct was to retreat, only to succeed in pushing herself deeper into her seat. Finé leant forward over her, ensuring that the witch had no recourse to get up from her chair.
“I need to ensure that your seatbelt is properly secure” Finé said sweetly, flashing Izetta a playful grin. “For your own safety of course”
Finé reached her hands down into Izettas lap. Her fingers brushed against the swell of Izettas semi-erection rising against the front of her skirt.
“Well” Finé smiled. “I can see where my services are most certainly required”
Finé knelt in front of Izetta, flipping the loose strands of her long blonde hair over her shoulder. Finé lifted the front of Izettas skirt, revealing her bright pink panties bulging with the form of her erect penis. Finé drew Izettas underwear down her pale white legs, the witches proud cock erupting from her fabric confines. Finé teased the tips of her fingers along the underside of Izettas throbbing cock. Her fingers followed down the underside of the shaft to tease along the outside of Izettas pussy lips.
Izettas head lolled back in her seat as Finé tended to her every desire. Finé teased her fingers inside of Izettas pussy, the witch yelping in surprise at the unexpected intrusion. Finés other hand moved up and down Izettas shaft, teasing the full length of her shaft.
Finé licked her lips. “Thanks for the meal”
Finé leant closer, kissing her lips against the head of Izettas cock. Izetta felt her body quiver as she was bombarded with a constellation of kisses across the bulbous head. Finés lips wrapped around the head, leaning down to suck on the tip of Izettas erect cock like a delectable treat. Finés mouth moved further down Izettas shaft, her lips meeting her hand still clutched firmly around the base of Izettas shaft.
Izettas fingers clutched tightly at the arms of the seat for support. “Finé, I-”
Finé knew that Izetta was already close. The Archduchess redoubled her efforts to bring the witch to her peak. Izettas cum erupted into Finés waiting mouth, gulping down the salty sweet treat. Finé cleaned off the lingering remains of her lover’s release from her lips with her tongue.
Finé smiled up at Izetta, watching as her adorable witch’s cheeks burned red as she panted with the exertion. “It’s rude of me to eat without offering something in return”
Finé raised herself to her feet, catching a wayward strand of cum from her chin she sucked it from her finger. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be right back” Finé stepped away towards the galley at the back of the plane. Izetta could not help but follow the entrancing sway of her supple hips as she moved.
As Finé left the cabin Izetta fell back into her seat. Izetta listened to the ceaseless whirr of the engines around her. The moment of calm gave her mind the chance to try and make sense of what had just happened. This couldn’t be real, even Finé would not be so bold as to-
What kind of fruit would you like?
That profound sense of surety was swiftly shattered when Finé emerged back into the cabin, still very naked. It was only now that Izetta finally noticed the fruit platter held in Finés hand, adorned with a bright array of delectable fruits. Izetta could not help but admit that it did look delicious.
Izetta reached her hand out to pluck one of the treats for herself. Before she could reach it however, Finé drew the platter away.
“Please Lady Izetta” Finé insisted. “Allow me”
Finé laid the tray on the arm of the seat beside her. The Archduchess plucked a fresh strawberry from the top of the platter before placing it between her bright pink lips. Finé shifted forward to kiss the delectable treat to Izettas lips. Izetta accepted the offered treat as Finés kiss suddenly deepened, struggling to manage both the fruit and her attendants ravenous embrace. The sweetness of the fruit merged with the savoury hint of her lover’s lips.
Finé reluctantly withdrew from the kiss. “Would you like another?”
“I…” Izetta tried to summon the words.
Before she could reply Finé had already retrieved another piece of fruit. Izetta had expected her to simply pop it into her mouth as she did before. Instead, Finé laid delectable treat between her chest as she thrust her ample bust towards Izetta.
Izetta stared at Finé as she merely smiled expectantly in reply. Izetta tentatively leant forward, leading with her tongue to try and lift the fruit piece from her skin without needing to obscenely bury her face between her chest. The red headed witch tried her best to balance the piece of fruit on her tongue. This swiftly proved a fruitless endeavour as the treat slipped across her tongue, forcing the Witch to thrust her face forwards to avoid losing it entirely.
Finés hands swiftly rose to encircle the back of Izettas head, trapping her close in her embrace. Izettas tongue began to tease across her smooth skin to remove the lingering sheen of juice which clung to Finés skin. Somehow it tasted even sweeter than it had before.
Finés hands began to drift down to Izettas bare shoulders, tracing her fingers across the soft white skin of her collarbone. “Oh, you are… very tense” Finé breathed into Izettas ear.
Crawling forward, Finé laid her knees atop the armrests on either side of Izettas legs as she climbed into her waiting lap. Finé leant in closer, kissing her lips tenderly to the soft curve of Izettas neck. Izetta let loose with a sharp gasp as Finés lips latched onto her, beginning to suckle softly onto her skin. The Archduchesses delicate fingers continued to pass effortlessly across Izettas shoulders. The witch could feel her muscles begin to relax beneath her touch.
Finé retreated from her lovers embrace. “Oh, Lady Izetta. Your cheeks are so red”
Izetta felt her cheeks only grow hotter as Finé drew attention to it. Finés hands reached up to caress her hand across Izettas cheek.
“Here, let me help you with that” Finé lifted herself up in Izettas. Leaning in closer her hands grasped at the sides of her breasts, drawing the pert mounds around the side of Izettas flushed cheeks. She was not quite sure how Finé had expected this to help soothe the flushness in her skin. In fact, it appeared to be having the opposite effect.
Finé brought her breasts closer together, the erect peak of her nipple teasing across Izettas skin. The tip of the nipple traced around the edge of the witch’s mouth, feeling her nerves tickling with each pass. Izetta accepted Finés pert nub into her mouth, her blonde lover moaning deeply as Izettas tongue circled her breast.
Finé could feel something poking across the inside of her thigh. Finé looked down, noticing Izettas renewed erection peeking out from between her creamy white thighs.
“Oh, you’re especially tense here” Finé shifted her hips to rub along the stiff shaft of Izettas erect penis, feeling it growing harder with each touch of her skin.
Finé lifted herself up, keeping her chest pressed against Izettas cheeks as she reached down between them to grasp the Witches cock. Finé leaned over to kiss the peak of Izettas forehead, burying her nose in Izettas bright red locks to inhale her sweet scent. The tip of the witch’s cock touched against her moistened folds, her body quivering with anticipation at the familiar touch.
Finé lowered herself further down onto Izetta’s cock, feeling her lips parting to accept the bulbous head inside of her. Finé allowed herself to descend, using her weight to press even more of the shaft inside of her. Finé let loose with a deep moan of pleasure at her movements.
“Please, Lady Izetta” Finé cooed. “Allow me handle it all for you”
Finé began to lift herself against Izettas waist, thrusting up and down on the witch’s shaft in a regular rhythm. The Archduchesses breasts bounced and swayed with each movement. Finé reached out to take Izettas hands in her own, guiding them around to grasp Finés supple butt.
Izettas fingers circled around Finés cheeks, supporting her lover as she continued to rise and fall on top of her. As the pleasure grew inside of her Izetta could feel her grip tightening around Finés round globes. As her fingers shifted, Izetta felt the tip of her explorative finger began to brush across the opening of Finés ass.
Finé let loose with a yelp of surprise as Izetta brushed past her. “Oh, Lady Izetta, how very bold of you”
Izetta instinctively began to draw her finger away. Finé reached down to grasp Izettas hand.
“No, please” Finé cooed.
Finé lifted the witch’s hand to her lips, peering into her eyes as she tenderly sucked and licked along her finger. After ensuring it was sufficiently wet Finé returned her hand to its place, ensuring Izettas finger remained lingering at the very entrance to her ass.
Finé swiftly returned her attention to her red headed witch, lifting herself off of her lover’s lap only to fall back down into her embrace. As Finé resumed her downward stroke she was suddenly met by the feeling of Izettas finger driving inside of her. Finés body convulsed in pleasure, her movements slowing as she was overtaken by the intensity of the sudden intrusion.
With shaking hands, Finé grasped at Izettas shoulders for support. Moving closer she whispered breathlessly in Izettas ear “I need you… in my ass”
Izettas cheeks flushed a fresh shade of red. Without waiting for a reply, Finé raised herself up as she reluctantly withdrew herself from atop Izettas member with a moist pop. Finé shifted herself around on Izettas lap, bending herself at the waist to ensure her redheaded witch was presented with the full view of the place she was about to delve. The tell-tale lines of juice weeping from between Finés moist lips heralded her arousal.
Finé reached behind herself to encircle the base of Izettas shaft in her fingers, feeling the urgent, pulsing heat against her skin. Relying on Izettas hands planted against her buttcheeks for support, Finé guided the bulbous tip of her cock towards her moist entrance.
The rounded head met little resistance, the blondes muscles relaxing at her own insistence to allow Izetta to reach inside of her. No matter how many times she felt it, in whatever arrangement it may be, there truly was nothing which could compare to the feeling of her white witch’s cock buried inside of her ass.
Finé allowed her deep moans to roam free as she set about easing more and more of Izetta inside of her. She slowly lifted herself only so that she could the growing intensity of her pleasure as more of her was filled on the next descent. Izettas fingers continued to massage her plump cheeks in her hands, feeling every twitch and every ripple of her skin first-hand as she moved.
It was not long before the witch’s cock had bottomed out inside of her. Finé chose to simply linger there and savour the intimate fullness as her lovers’ cock pulsed inside of her. Finé could feel the vibration of the engines begin to ripple up through her body to her deepest reaches. She had never imagined that such a feeling was possible. She knew now that, whatever it took, they had to find a way to recreate such an effect themselves. Such experimentation would no doubt prove as enlightening as it would be pleasurable.
Feeling her urge for release beginning to boil over Finé reached her hands underneath herself to press against Izettas thighs. With Izettas hands still firmly grasped around her buttcheeks Finé set about driving the witch’s cock in and out of herself with as much determination and fury as she could muster. Izettas cock might as well have been a blur as Finé did her able best to bring about a swift and final release for them both.
Izettas end came quick and fast, unleashing a rush of pearly white cum inside of Finés tight rear end. Finé swiftly followed with a spray of pussy juice, accompanied by a deep trembling orgasm rippling through her which threatened to finally topple the Archduchess from her precarious perch.
Finally reaching the end of her limit Izetta could do little else but fall listlessly into her seat. Finé leant back into Izettas embrace, even as her slowly deflating cock remained held inside her ass. Finé snuggled her back into Izetta, their bodies quivering with the shared intensity of their release.
Finé was the first to rouse herself, shifting herself to face Izetta. “I hope you enjoyed my services, Lady Izetta” Finé smiled.
It took all Izetta could muster for herself to raise a tender smile in reply. Finé reached out to smooth out her lover’s hair from her brow back into place along the side of her head.
“I’ll let you get some rest” Finé planted a tender kiss on Izettas lips. “Sweet dreams, Lady Izetta”
Finé lifted herself from Izettas lap, standing on quivering legs. Izetta watched with rapt attention as Finé moved, her shapely behind sashaying with each step as the lingering remains of their union began to slip down the inside of her thigh. As her love disappeared behind the curtain Izetta laid herself back in her seat and closed her eyes. If this was to be one of the perks of flying, she would certainly be able to overcome her hesitation for next time.
Izetta” a soothing voice spoke to her. “Izetta, we’re here
Izetta snapped herself awake as her mind scrambled to return her to reality. She first noticed the sound; the engines were silenced, replaced by the low roar of people cheering. She looked down to find herself dressed and freshly pampered. Glancing through the window she could see the elated people gathered on the tarmac already cheering their arrival.
“Come on” Finé said. Finé gave Izetta little time to consider before she was being pulled to her feet. “They’re waiting for you”
There was no denying that the people were eager to greet the arrival of the fabled White Witch. Izetta stepped towards the passenger door, ready to be the first to disembark. Behind her Finé tucked the familiar sky-blue cravat into the pocket of her jacket before stepping forward to join her wife in her first Atlantic expedition.

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