Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Contains: (Finé) Hint of marital discord (But not really), Gloryhole, Chocolate, Romantic Fluff, Handjob, Blowjob, Vaginal Sex, Futanari

Archduchess Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt was infuriated. Incredibly infuriated. Infuriated beyond a level she hadn’t experienced since the global conflict which threatened her entire country and placed her in mortal danger as an almost daily occurrence that’s how bloody infuriated she was.
Today was Finé and Izettas wedding anniversary, and Izetta hadn’t said a thing. Even as the day wore on Finé lived in fleeting hope that Izetta had been preparing some special surprise similar to those she and Izetta had enjoyed in the past. Izetta had been spending more time with work recently. Finé had hoped that their anniversary would be the time they could spend together. In anticipation Finé had even arranged for Liesel to spend the weekend with the family of one of her friends in the countryside. Even when Finé had bold facedly reminded Izetta of the significance of the day disinterested surprise was her Witches reply.
Their anniversary only came around once a year and yet Izetta had still somehow managed to forget it. As someone who valued family so highly this was something Finé at first considered at odds with her usual temperament but at this point she was prepared to believe anything. 
Finé opened the door to her stateroom and stormed inside, firmly shutting the door behind her as she finally felt some small sense of serenity touch her now that she was finally alone. Perhaps some time to herself would help soothe her frustration. Reaching up she undid the tie of her green dress, shuffling out of the garment to allow it to fall to a heap at her feet. Fine stretched herself out, savouring the freedom of standing around dressed only in her loose underwear dress. Glancing around the room she caught something out of the corner of her eye, something she hadn’t expected to find.
Across the far side of the room, against the door of her bedroom closet, was hung a long white bedsheet. Finé dared to approach with caution. Were this still the height of the war she would have been rightfully paranoid about concealed explosives or assassination attempts, but even the wars conclusion could not shake the lingering sense of doubt in the back of her mind.
Reaching out to tentatively clutch the sheet in her hand she lifted it aside. All that she revealed was a hole carved into the cream white wood of the closet door. As Finé stared intently something appeared as if from nowhere, causing her to drop the sheet in surprise and allow it to flutter back into place. The rational part of her mind told her she couldn’t have possibly seen what she thought she had witnessed under there. 
Summoning her composure Finé reached her hand back out to clutch the sheet in her hand. This time there was to be no half measure of it, if what she thought she had seen under there was the truth then there could be no escaping it this time around. With a sharp pull, she whisked the cover aside to reveal that her eyes had not being playing tricks on her. There really was a semi-erect member emerging from the hole in her closet door.
Finés first reaction was shock, both surprised that what her eyes had first assumed to have been an illusion to be real as well as much as its sudden presence in her bedroom. But as the initial surprise subsided Finé soon realised that the sheer audacity of such an act could only have come from a certain red headed witch. Finé knew Izetta would have never dreamed of enacting such a thing in their youth but their shared experiences had brought out a whole other side only a select few were privileged to witness. How far her Edelweiss Hexe had come.
Finé dared to reach out and touch an inquisitive finger to the tip of the semi-flaccid member. The member twitched at the faintest brush of her finger against the tip, surprised by the unexpected contact. Finé could only imagine what the experience must be like, to be completely isolated from your partner and yet feel so completely enraptured by their every touch against your most sensitive organ. Finé expected she would find the experience petrifying and invigorating in equal measure.
Finés leant forward and clutched the member in her hand this time, grasping it softly but firmly between her fingers. Somehow the cock felt different than the one Finé had become intimately familiar with, thicker than she recalled. Perhaps her Witch had been conducting some of her own experiments with the Witches tome.
Unsure as to whether she could hear her through the door Finé kissed her lips to the engorged tip and cooed “My love, this is for you”
Finé enveloped her lips around the head of the engorged cock, feeling the bulbous head flex and roll between her lips. Finé advanced a few tantalising inches before retreating back towards the tip in preparation for another daring thrust. Despite her seemingly male appendage Izetta always savoured the tantalising build up and the shared intimacy of the build-up towards their final shared release. Finé only wished that she could have reached for her red head lovers pussy as well. Finés mind permeated with thoughts of recalling how much her beloved enjoyed the intermingling pull and thrust across her member and the caress and tease her moist pussy lips.
Finé pressed her lips further down her lover’s length before retreating once again, using the tips of her fingers to spread the lubricating saliva further across the length where had lips had yet to reach. All the while she teased the underside of the cock with her tongue, swooping back and forth in time with each pass of her mouth to ensure that no part of her remained untended.
As her ministrations fell into a regular rhythm Finé glanced aside and saw something unexpected, something that had seemingly been prepared in anticipation of her arrival. Beside the discarded sheet lay a bowl of freshly poured chocolate sauce. It seemed the devilish little redheaded minx knew precisely how to entice her Archduchess.
Reluctantly releasing her mouth from the cock, Finé rose to her feet and slipped the straps of her underdress from her shoulders. The gossamer thin material cascaded across her lithe body and pooled to the floor at her feet.
Finé knelt back down in front of the engorged cock and took the ceramic bowl of chocolate sauce into her free hand. She began by slowly stirring the bowl with the accompanying spoon, feeling the delectable viscosity of the sauce as it swirled. Lifting the spoon to her lips she dared to have a taste, finding the chocolate to have the perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavour which marked it as having come from Finés favourite chocolatier in Landsbruck.
Finé lifted the bowl with one hand whilst wrestling the erect member between her chest with the other. Finé began pouring the sauce over the penis and her breasts, at first tracing elegant lines before any lingering sign of them was overtaken by a pool of sticky brownness. Using what co-ordination she could muster, and caring little for proper decoration or technique in the moment, Finé poured the thick syrupy liquid across her breasts and the engorged member in equal measure.
With a liberal application of the sauce now applied Finé lay the bowel aside, fighting to keep as much of it between her breasts before returning her attention to the member. Clasping her breasts tightly around the length she began working it up and down in a slow rhythm. The addition of the chocolate sauce acted as a delectable lubricant while it maintained it runniness but the action of rubbing the two together caused it to melt into their skin. The melted sauce grew stickier, prompting a greater effort to overcome the resistance with each thrust as the pleasure began to rise within them.
The pleasure soon reached its peak as the member released across Finés heaving chest, basting her chocolate covered skin in a thick layer of white cum. Finé leant down to taste the exotic concoction fresh from her skin before it could be allowed to go to waste. Finé found it a unique mix of the salty and the sweet, perhaps she could experiment later in different combinations to see how the flavour was affected. It would certainly prove a most interesting and enjoyable experiment in equal measure. But for now, she had other things on her mind. Seeing the member regain its strength and rising up from its flaccid state spurred her on.
Finé turned and leant forward as she teased her rear to the erect member. Reaching back, Finé tenderly grasped the penis between her fingers as she gave it a few teasing pumps, just enough to keep them on edge until she was ready. Finé shifted herself backwards, spreading her legs so as not to topple over as she rolled her hips backwards. Finé felt the teasing caress of the engorged tip across her weeping pussy lips, tracing it up and down her lips as the pleasure rose and her pussy moistened.
Finé pressed herself backwards once more, feeling the momentary resistance as the flared head met her lips before they parted, accepting it inside of her. Finé allowed a low moan to escape her lips as it pressed deeper inside of her, retreating back to tease the tip across her outer folds before thrusting it back inside of her with firm gentleness.
Despite her intimate knowledge of her lover’s anatomy Finé could not help but shake the feeling that there was something different about her this time. The usually soft and tender shaft felt thicker and more toned than she recalled. While Finé might have been willing to mark it as the influence of the additional layer of chocolate she couldn’t help but suspect that a certain amount of dabbling with the Witches tome was the true source.
Finé continued to thrust herself backwards until her buttocks met the cold surface of the painted door. Finé lingered for a moment and savoured the feeling of fullness that came with having her lover buried to the hilt inside of her. Despite her idleness Finé could feel her lips grasping tightly around the member, eagerly yearning for more pleasure to grow inside of her.
Finé thrusted with a renewed vigour, content for her lover to merely maintain their position while she set about thrusting and gyrating her own whims. 
Finé felt her breasts bounce and sway with each movement, feeling the pull as they reached their peak only to be suddenly pulled back at the insistence of her counter thrust. Finé reached up to grasp one of her breasts in her hand, requiring the other hand to remain grasping her thigh for support lest she topple over. 
Finé lavished her attentions on the pert nub crowning the top of her breast, grasping the nipple between her fingers only to roll and tease the bundle of nerves at her own whim. The combined pleasure rising from her breast and her pussy grew exponentially over time. Finé could feel the release building up inside of her, she knew there was not long for her now.
Finé closed her eyes and allowed herself to be overtaken by the sheer bliss of her burgeoning release. In such a brief time she had transcended from simmering rage to utter contentment and it was all thanks to-
The voice tore Finé from her blissful torpor. Turning towards the doorway to her room Finés mind was unable to make sense of the sight before her. Izetta stood in the doorway, her face carrying a look of surprise undoubtedly matched by her own.
“Izetta!” Finés immediate reaction was to step forward to relieve herself of the engorged member still hilted inside of her pussy. At the same time Finé felt her pussy lips catch against the flared head of the cock, the unexpected shock causing her lips to involuntarily tighten around the engorged shaft. This sudden pressure was all that was necessary to send her partner spiralling out of control, any semblance of restraint shattering in an instant.
Finés simultaneous orgasm interwove with the outpouring of cum into her pussy, the tightness of her hold ensuring that there would be no way for the warm release to leak out. Finé found herself swept away by the torrent of pleasure washing through her body, taking with it the spike of adrenaline that had been sustaining her.
In the end Finé could not hold herself any longer and fell to her knees, the cock was finally released from her hold with a wet pop. Finé felt the warm caress of Izettas hands across her cheeks, her wife having charged across the room to hold her lover up as she saw her fall.
Finé summoned the strength to meet Izettas gaze. “How are you…”
Without waiting for an answer, Finé leapt to her feet with a renewed energy. Clasping the door handles of the closet, the member having retreated through the hole back into the closet, Finé threw open the doors in a single pull.
Finé found her unexpected partner splayed out inside of the closet, their lips panting and their body quivering in the afterglow of their orgasm “Bianca?” Finé said.
Bianca blinked hazily, her eyes adjusting to the fresh inpouring of light beaming down upon her. As her senses returned to her Bianca suddenly came to realise who was staring at her. “Archduchess!”
After redressing and cleaning themselves of the lingering stains of chocolate sauce lingering on their bodies and allowing the time necessary for Izetta to supress her relentless giggling, Finé and Bianca found themselves sitting on the edge of the bed. Izetta sat on a seat across from them. Bianca, eager to explain herself before any more damning theories could take root in her companions, spoke first.
“I didn’t expect it to turn out this way” Bianca admitted. “I was hoping for Lotte to be here” “It’s a special day for the both of us, it’s the day when we started working together at the castle”
Izetta could not help but elicit a low giggle. “And you thought flowers wouldn’t be enough?”
“And what about you” Finé turned her gaze back to Izetta with a lingering hint of venom in her voice, a hint which rarely surfaced. “I still can’t believe that you would forget today was our anniversary”
Izetta smiled back at her wife with an uncharacteristically sly grin. “Did I really?”
Given the tension of the situation the usually composed Finé found herself perched on the verge of violence as she watched Izetta reach into her pocket and retrieved a freshly unsealed letter. Izetta passed it across to Finé. “The institute finally approved my research trip to investigate a previously untapped Lay line. A Lay Line which just happens to be centred on a remote island in the Mediterranean. And they even agreed to allow a certain Archduchess to be my personal envoy”
“Oh, Izetta” Finés frustration subsided in an instant, reaching out to pull Izetta into an all-consuming embrace. Finé probably would have taken Izetta without hesitation had a thought not occurred to her. “Wait, Bianca, I thought you and Lotte joined the castle staff just after my grandmother’s birthday. That would make your work anniversary not for another few day’s”
“I thought I’d surprise her early” Bianca continued. “So, I borrowed the Witches Tome from the library, set everything up for her and waited”
“How long were you in there for?” Finé asked.
“Longer than I would care to admit” Bianca said disheartedly.
“More to the point” Izetta interjected. “Why did you choose-”
The door to the bedroom eased open, Lotte stepped in carrying a pile of clean bedsheets between her arms. She stopped in her step as she took in the sight of the three women looking back at her. “Hello everyone”
“You were supposed to be here ages ago!” Bianca stood up to meet Lotte, a deep red glow forming across her cheeks. “You always clean Finé and Izettas room at the same time today”
“They needed help down in the pantry, so I busy with the-” Lotte glanced between them. “Why, did something happen?”

So just to clarify. Finé and Izetta are married together and have been shown to be open with Bianca. Bianca and Lotte are also in a relationship (It was hinted in an earlier chapter but not outright stated). And as far as each couple goes, while they are primarily dedicated to their own partner they’re each open to a little bit of free-play in whatever combination they decide. Hope that clarifies things for those of you that were interested.

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