Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Archduchess Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt was bored. So very bored.
Finé shifted uncomfortably in her seat for what felt like the umpteenth time that morning, attempting in vain to regain some of the feeling in her numb behind as they entered their third hour of the days latest presentation for the Conference of the Eylstadt Royal Office of National Statistics.
The conference was billed as an opportunity for Eylstadts administrators to assemble for a week-long meeting of presentations and discussions of the results of last year’s initiatives and decide on revisions and new proposals for the coming fiscal year. While Finé could appreciate the wider value in their work to the uninitiated the conference devolved into a ceaseless stream of numbers, administrative jargon and references to statutes dating back to her great-grandfather.
The one thing which made the experience even remotely bearable was sitting at her left hand. Izetta, Lady Izetta, with whom together they could overcome anything. At least that was what they had always told eachother. Despite reaching the third morning of the conference Izetta sat unflinchingly with dignified grace even as Finé was certain on the inside she was as bored as she was.
When the blessed relief of that mornings break in the proceedings finally came, and the assembled ministers disbanded to take tea in the lounge adjoining the conference room, Finé to the opportunity to make a stealthy exit and sequester herself in a private room. Finally alone Finé flopped unceremoniously onto the sofa, thankful that no one was there to witness her unladylike display. Despite her attempts to be less formal in her day to day activities than the Duchies of the past, arcane protocols and formalities remained in certain circumstances. 
As the relief overtook her Finé couldn’t help but think of all the things she was missing for being here, the warm summer day beaming in through the open window was a tempting siren. Over breakfast Liesel had asked Lotte if they could take a walk down to the lake to watch the birds. The young Princess would likely be asleep in bed by the time they were finished for the day, such was the burden of leadership and the expectations of an Archduchess.
Finé was awoken from her idle daydream by the soft press of lips against her forehead. Finé opened her eyes to be greeted by the sight of Izetta carrying cups of tea between her hands. “It looks like you could use a pickup”
Finé reached out to accept the offered cup, taking a sip and savoured the flavour washing over her tongue.
She always knew how to perk me up.
Izetta sat down on the sofa beside Finé, taking a first sip of her tea. “You seem uncharacteristically down, Finé”
“Another long boring conference. Its barely been a few hours today and I miss Liesel already” Finé leant back on the sofa, resting her tea in her lap. “Sometimes it’s hard being Archduchess” Finé looked over at Izetta sitting beside her. “You know you don’t have to be here”
“And leave you to face all of this alone?” Izetta said with a smile. “Never”
Izettas eyes suddenly flashed with inspiration. “Tell you what” Izetta leant in with a devilish smile spread across her lips. “I think I know a way to make this better”
Finé recognised that look. It was the one Izetta had when the flustered and embarrassed girl she had once been gave way to the wily and cunning woman she had become. Finé wanted to ignore her, to not give Izetta the satisfaction of rising to her bait and only stoking the fire that Izetta herself had so effortlessly lit beneath her. 
“And what pray tell may that be?” Finé asked.
Izetta leant in closer. At first Finé thought she had been leaning in for a kiss but her course soon shifted to come to rest at Finés ear, the tip of her nose tickling just behind her ear. “It’s a surprise”
Finé settled back into her seat on the raised dais at the very back of the of the conference room, a long white cover spread across the table reserved for the Archduchess and her family. Liesel didn’t need to be here, she could learn about these things when she was older. Finé sat and watched with half-hearted interest as the other delegates returned to their seats. Yet even as the room once more began to fill with people one seat remained noticeably empty. Even as the conference prepared to resume there was still no sign of Lady Izetta. However, as Izetta was not a vital member of the conference it could still proceed as planned.
“Archduchess” the Chairman spoke from his position at the lectern at the head of the conference room. “If it pleases you, we may resume where we left off”
“You may” Finé replied.
And with her minor functionary role complete Finé was left to face the next three hours with little to do but resist the urge to fall asleep. Even Finé admitted that the dullness of the conference combined with her lack of input left her mind free to wander.
Izettas veiled insinuation had lit a flame inside of her that would not be so easily extinguished. In a single sentence Izetta had succeeded in making the next several hours that much more interminable. Only adding to her frustration was the realisation that by the time the royal couple retired to their bedchambers they would both be too tired and the time too late to make any real headway in settling the matter. The ceaseless cycle of frustrations only grew with each passing minute that was on the verge of driving the usually serene Archduchess to the point of madness.
Finé contented herself with leaning back in her seat and stretching her legs out underneath the table. Although it had been rigorously drilled into her by her tutor that it was not proper for a lady to slouch she was far beyond the point of caring at this moment. She also knew full well that for the next several hours all eyes would be placed firmly on the front of the room, I mean what are the chances that anyone would think to-
Finé met something under the table with the shift of her foot. At first, she thought it had been a table leg and was prepared to pull herself away when she felt a hand clasp her ankle softly. It didn’t take a great mind to put two and two together, this must have been the culmination of Izettas hinted surprise. Finés heart began to race wildly in her chest, a sudden burst of adrenaline bringing every sense into focus and instantly removing any lingering taint of lethargy.
Even through the material of her white stockings and matching garter belt Finé felt the tips of Izettas long fingers tracing across her legs. Izettas intimate knowledge of her Archduchess meant it was a simple matter for her to find every sensitive spot and draw the most efficient path between them as she ascended Finés leg. At the same time, Finés other leg did not go untended, Izettas lips tracing elegant circles across the covered skin. 
Finé knew no matter wonderful she felt she could not reveal anything above the desk without bringing the eyes of everyone in the conference upon her. Falling back on years of etiquette training Finé locked her expression into one of regal interest and set about preparing herself to resist the siren call of Izettas temptations.
Izettas final pass saw her reach the apex and trace her fingers across the snow-white material of Finés panties, feeling the moist patch growing beneath her agile touch. Izetta slipped her fingers beneath the lip of Finés panties caressing her fingers up the inside of Finés thighs, taking the soaked panties into her hands she drew them down across Finés legs to reveal her dripping pussy.
Finé had expected Izetta to tease her more with her fingers or her tongue as she had done before. Instead Izetta did something that Finé had never experienced and couldn’t have even imagined. Finé felt Izetta pinching her pussy lips softly but firmly between her fingers, gathering up as much of her lips as she could hold and in the process causing her engorged clit to bloom forth from its protective hood. Finé had only a moment to wonder as to the reason for this unorthodox act when the results began to have their immediate effect. Without her even consciously yearning for it her engorged clit began to shift seemingly of its own accord. Every involuntary movement of her muscles caused her clit to shift in and out, in and out past the artificial valley created by Izettas tender hold.
Finé felt there was no way to control it, no way to release herself from this torment of growing ecstasy other than by removing Izettas hold over her. But she couldn’t do that, she couldn’t bring herself to surrender and bring a premature end to such overwhelming bliss. Whether she knew it or not Izetta had managed to bring the Archduchess to the point of madness solely through the actions of her own muscles working of their own volition. Finés mind ran riot wondering how and where Izetta had even learnt this? Despite its simplicity Finé could not help but suspect some form of Witchy intervention was at play here.
While Finé was left still reeling from Izettas initial act, Izetta made her next move to only heighten her pleasure. Using only the very tip of her tongue Izetta leant forward and lightly brushed it against the quivering bulb of Finés exposed clit. A silent yelp passed Finés lips, forcing her to hold on to her consciousness for dear life lest she completely lose all focus now. Izettas tongue retreated, her fingers kept securely around Finés pussy lips. Izetta allowed Finé just enough time to recompose herself before she returned to Finés lips, her warm breath giving Finé some small hint of warning before Izettas tongue was upon Finés clit once again. Finés clit once again tried to retreat of its own volition, once more it found itself constrained by Izettas fingers. And like a phantom, Izettas tongue once more disappeared, leaving her pleasurable devastation in her wake.
Finé was not sure how much longer she could hold on. These probing attacks, never knowing when the next contact would arrive caused Finés entire body to quiver with anticipation. It was almost as if Izetta-
Izettas tongue struck Finés clit. This time Finé was unprepared and let out a startled yelp she could not move swiftly enough to supress. This sudden outburst drew some casual glances from some of the guards standing off to the side of the room. Finés ability to regain her composure convinced them that it must have been nothing. Finé decided that if she couldn’t bring herself to stop this, she at least had to bring it under control.
Finé placed her hands in her lap and began to search out Izettas hiding place. Passing her hands back and forth beneath the table Finé was determined to locate her elusive White Witch. In the end though, the Witch found her first. Grasping Finés wrists tenderly in her free hand Finé felt her fingers becoming consumed by the warm wetness of Izettas mouth. Passing her tongue up and down the full length of Finés fingers Finé felt herself being delectably teased by Izettas gentle caresses.
Having sufficiently moistened them Izetta soon turned Finés fingers upon herself, teasing the tips of her fingers along the bottom of Finés lips. Izetta pressed Finés fingers past the lip of Finés moist pussy, touching her fingers down on the base of Finés pussy. Finé felt her body erupt in a sudden up wash of pleasure, the experience different from any of the times that Izetta had fingered her before. Izetta guided Finés fingers in and out, caressing the base of Finés pussy with each thrust and retreat. Even when Finé masturbated herself could not hope to compare to this. Somehow Izetta had managed to eclipse an entire adulthoods worth of sexual experimentation in a single act.
Finé could no longer hold herself back and her orgasm soon overtook her. Finé could do little but fall back in her chair as her lower muscles released in a single bound in a cascade of released cum. Izetta, eagerly awaiting Finés release, lapped at Finés lips taking as much of Finés juices into her waiting mouth as she could manage. Finé fought to keep herself upright in her seat, her mind capable of little more than basking in the warm afterglow of one of the most blissful orgasms of her life. 
As the strength returned to her body Finé glanced to her side to see Izetta sitting in her seat atop their shared dais as though she had been there since the beginning. Even as she daintily whisked a stray mark of lingering evidence from her cheek with the pad of her thumb Izetta continued observing the presentation with regal dignity.
A small part of Finé felt bad for not being free to reciprocate but the warm smile on Izettas lips assuaged her fears, assuring her that she would find her way. For the time being, she had several hours available to her to devise an appropriate thank you for such an overwhelming experience. Suddenly, three hours spent listening to discussions on amendments to Low Country Farming Subsidies didn’t seem nearly as tedious a prospect.

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