Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

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Night cast it’s shadow over the castle which served as the cultural and political centrepiece of the Duchy of Eylstadt. Within its walls, the royal couple lay gently shifting in half lidded slumber embraced in each other’s arms. Izetta, through unconscious habit as much as anything, idly traced her finger tips across Finés side, feeling the soft give of Finés skin beneath her elegant nightgown.
Izetta jolted to a stop as her fingers met the boundary of Finés scar, a wound she still bore because of Izettas mistake. In her head she had long ago made peace with what had happened, she knew she was not to blame. But something inside of her still brought her back to that moment, something which made her pulse quicken and her eyes welling up with sadness when she thought of it. Even though it had healed nearly a decade ago Izetta could still feel the slight indentation branding her otherwise perfect skin. Izetta couldn’t help but feel tears coming to her eyes, she stifled a whimper as she tried in vain not to remember the pain she had wrought through her stupid-
Izetta, what’s wrong?
Izetta opened her eyes to see Finé staring back at her, even in the dim light she could make out that deep purple glow of her eyes that made them look so radiant.
“I’m sorry <sniff> I didn’t mean to wake you” Izetta said through quivering lips.
“Never mind that” Finé reassured her, tracing away a tear from Izettas eye. “Now tell me what’s wrong”
“I know it was a long time ago, and you keep telling me it wasn’t my fault” Izetta let out another sniffle. “But I can’t help but feel as though I am responsible for what happened”
Finé knew what it was that Izetta was referring to. No matter how far she came, how much she said she had put it behind her, she always had these moments of vulnerability. “Izetta, you never need to apologise for anything, especially for what happened back then” Finé lay a warm kiss against Izettas lips. “I’m proud of my scar and for what it represents, that I was willing to put myself in danger for someone I care about” Finé took Izettas hand into her own, returning it to trace the impression left by the scar across her side. “This mark is nothing compared to what you achieved even though I begged you not to. But even back then you proved as stubborn as ever”
“Finé” Izetta could feel the onset of tears forming in her eyes, the only difference was they were now being summoned by feelings of joy.
“Now” Finé snuggled closer to Izetta. “Why don’t we see about putting some of that stubbornness to better use while you-”
Izetta and Finé rose from the bed at the sound of the sudden voice. In the doorway stood the First Princess of Eylstadt, Elizabeth Sofia von Eylstadtdressed in her sky-blue nightdress.
“Liesel, what’s the matter?” Finé asked. 
“I heard a noise outside” Liesel responded with a taint of fear touching her voice. “I got scared”
“It’s ok, go back to bed, sweetie” Finé reassured her daughter. “I’ll come and tuck you in”
Liesel nodded before slipping back into the hallway.
Finé clambered out of bed, stretching her tense muscles as she stepped across the room.
“Do you want me to-?” Izetta asked.
Finé draped her nightgown over her shoulders, tying the belt around her waist. “No, it’s ok” Turning back she knelt onto the bed to plant a kiss on Izettas forehead. “I’ll take care of her”
Stepping out in the hall Finé felt an immediate chill overcome her. Despite the continent beginning to enter summer there remained a biting cold in the air which caused her to clutch her gown tighter around her as she moved through the empty hall. Since becoming Archduchess Finé had relocated to her father’s room, leaving her old room vacant until a few years ago.
Opening the door, she found Liesel curled up at the head of her bed. Elizabeth was the very image of the European princesses from the fairy tales, clear white skin and long blonde hair with sharp flexes of red tied in a long braid. Finé sat down beside her on Liesels bed, bathed in the silver glow of the full moon coming in through the windows. “What’s the matter sweetie?”
Liesel hugged her mother closely. “I heard a noise outside” Liesel buried her cheek into her mother’s side. “I thought it was the Germanian fighter planes”

Finé listened out to the world around her, hearing the flutter of the wings of bats and night birds outside of the window. “It’s ok, sweetie. It’s just the animals outside, I promise there are no Germanian soldiers here anymore” said, her voice comforting and warm in a way only a mother could do.
“But what if they came back?” Liesel asked.
Even since she first held her in her arms Finé remained eternally grateful Liesel had never had to experience the war for herself. Yet despite the wars conclusion its effects still lingered, millions killed, countless families devastated. A generation of people forced to endure such horror for the whim of a single man’s whim seeking to restore his countries lost glory.
“Sweetie, they’re never coming back” Finé reassured her. “I know you’re still scared about what happened but the fighting is over. And even if they did come back we have the Royal Guard to protect us” Finé caressed her hand along the length of Liesels long golden hair. “Tell you what” Finé perked up. “Tomorrow we’ll ask Auntie Bianca to let us meet with some of the soldiers from the Royal Guard. Would you like that?”
Liesel peered up at Finé with those bright blue eyes and nodded softly.
“Ok then, we’ll do that” Finé placed a dainty kiss to the crown of her head. “Now, where’s Gracie?” Finé retrieved the stuffed grey wolf that had been Liesels constant companion for as long as she could remember. Tucking the two of them into bed Finé placed a last kiss on Liesels forehead as the young princess drifted soundly off to sleep.
Her task complete Finé returned herself to her room to find it deafly silent, save for the slow exhale of breath as Izetta lay curled amongst the flowing red sheets. Removing her robe and laying it aside Finé crawled back into bed beside Izetta, careful not to disturb her as she pulled the sheets around her. Once she had settled down she began to feel hands wrapping around her in a comforting embrace.
At first she thought that it was merely Izetta moving in her sleep until she heard a whisper.
“She ok?” Izetta asked.
Finé snuggled back into her lover. “She heard the birds outside and said she was worried about Germanian fighter planes”
A weary sigh escaped Izettas lips. “No child should have to worry about such things”
“And thanks to you she doesn’t” Finé leant back to place a dainty kiss on Izettas lips. “Which is why I want you to remind me in the morning to speak to Bianca about assembling the Royal Guard for a training demonstration”
Izetta was taken aback by that last comment. “I’m sure in your mind that connection makes perfect sense”
Finé laughed. “You’ll see”
Finé awoke to the fresh glow of morning light, turning over she found the other side of the bed empty and cold. Rolling out of her bed Finé redressed in her gown and set out in search of her missing love.
Heading down to the living room she was met by the sight of Liesel laying on the rug drawing while Izetta sat curled up on the sofa, a sketchbook held in her arms. Izetta had taken to creative sketching as a way to see and preserve the beauty she saw in the world.
Finé approached behind her, leaning over the high back of the sofa she planted a kiss to Izettas cheek. “What are you drawing?”
“It’s a map” Izetta relied, putting a finishing flourish to her work before presenting it to Finé.
As Finé admired the sketch its contents and Izettas description seemed at odds. “It looks like a focus on my eyes”
“Exactly, Finé” Izetta responded eagerly. “A map of your eyes, because I often find myself getting lost in them”
Even before she finished processing the boundless terribleness of such an attempt at a romantic gesture Finé found herself erupting into a haughty laugh. “I’m sorry, but that was just really terrible. I honestly can’t believe you said that with a straight face”
Izettas response was to draw herself up and pull Finé into a tender kiss, forcing Finé to lean further over the back of the sofa to achieve the desired contact. Utilising this imbalance, and the element of surprise, it took little effort on Izettas part to pull her Archduchess over the back of the sofa until she found herself drawn into an impromptu wrestling match across the sofa as both sides grappled to gain some physical advantage over the other.
Their impulsive competition was brought to a stalemate by the call of Liesels voice. Looking over they found the young princess watching intently from her place on the rug in the middle of the room. “Why are you always hugging and kissing eachother so much?”
“It’s because we love eachother very much, just like we love you” Finé replied. “You’ll understand when you’re older and find someone you really care about yourself” Seemingly satisfied with this answer Liesel returned her attentions to her drawing.
Finé reached down to retrieve the discarded sketch as she settled down into the crook of Izettas arm. “I have to say this is rather good interpretation, the attention to detail is astounding”
“Well I’ve had plenty of opportunities to become familiar with my subject matter” Izetta closed her embraced around Finé. “You know, it could hardly sleep last night thinking about what you said” her lips drifted towards Finés ear. “I guess what I’m trying to say is-”
Finé and Izetta turned to face the source of the voice to be met by the sight of Bianca standing in the doorway. Despite the early hour, she was already dressed in her Captains uniform, as was to be expected of a Royal Guard soldier.  “Ah Bianca” Finé said. “Just who I was looking for. I have a request for you”
Eylsadts Royal family stood on the veranda overlooking the parade ground. Princess Liesel, dressed in a bright yellow sundress, was held in Izettas arms so she could better see the troops assembled on the parade ground before them. Each stood resplendent in their spotless white dress uniforms and freshly serviced rifles, the very embodiment of military dedication and pride.
“Archduchess” Bianca stepped forward from her position at the head of the formation. “With your permission, we will begin the exercise”
“You may” Finé announced to her guard.
“By your command, Archduchess” Bianca swiftly changed in that moment as she lead the troops on a display across the parade ground before them, she could prove quite the spectacle when placed into her element. Liesel and Izettas faces beamed with joy at the display of the troops before them, like mother like daughter indeed.
After the display, Izetta with Liesel ran down to meet the soldiers themselves. “Auntie Bianca!” Liesel called out as they approached. Finé lingered on the balcony and watched as Liesel practically leapt from her mother’s arms and threw herself around Bianca. Even from there the sudden tint as Bianca’s cheeks flared red was evident, only deepening as a low snigger rose from some of the soldiers behind her.
Finé knew that in a perfect world Eylstadt would have no need of people trained to give their lives to protect their country. But until that day came it was a great comfort to know that the countries first and last defence was held by men and women of such dedication and resolve. This was what Finé had made her stand for, to see the birth of a peaceful world for her family and her people. A place for her Edelweiss Hexe.

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