Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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“Mama” Liesel called out. “Where do babies come from?”
Izettas breath caught in her throat, forcing a sharp cough to relive herself. Izetta had known this day would have to come eventually. And yet somehow, she had always felt as though she would have been readier when the time finally came. Perhaps that at some point everything would have simply clicked and no matter the time or the place she would have the perfect answer already prepared. But as she sat on the sofa next to Finé in the lounge any preparations she had hoped she might have made failed to materialise. 
Finé, to her credit, seemed to take the unexpected request in her stride. “My, what’s brought up this question?”
Liesel held up a hefty book from the palace library. It seemed that their gifted little princess was reading the Encyclopaedia Britannica, because of course she was. Even at an early age their Archduchess in waiting had Finés hunger for knowledge and Izettas ceaseless drive, a wonderful and yet perilous combination to be sure.
“It says that babies are born between a mummy and a daddy” Liesel said. “Is that true?”
“That’s right, it does say that” Finé said, reaching down she lifted the young princess to sit up on her lap. “But it doesn’t always have to be mummy and a daddy. Sometimes it can be a mummy and a mummy or even a daddy and a daddy”
“But how does that happen?” Liesel asked. “If I was born from two mummies, where did I come from?”
“Well it’s very simple. You came from right here” Finé pointed her finger straight towards her tummy.
“From there?” Liesel lay her open palm upon Finés tummy.
“That’s right” Finés hand came up to rest atop her daughters. “You were born from mummy as a crystal, formed of our love” Finé leant in and kissed her daughter’s forehead. “That’s why you’re the most precious thing to us”
“Does that mean that Lotte and Bianca will be able to have a baby together as well?” Liesel asked.
“Perhaps they will someday” Finé replied. “And I’m sure that their child will be just as precious to them as you are to us” Finé hugged Liesel tightly in the comforting way that only a mother could for her child.
Liesel disentangled herself from her mother’s embrace, slipping off of her lap as she ran off to continue playing. This left Finé sitting idly on the sofa, glancing over at a completely stunned Izetta staring across at her. If Izettas jaw had been any lower it would have fallen off by now.
“Where the heck did you learn that?” Izetta asked, baffled.

“You mean the crystal story?” Finé replied. “My father told me the exact same thing when I was around her age. You wouldn’t believe the look on my face when I finally learned the truth”
“You were fortunate” Izetta joked as she snuggled closer to Finé. “My grandmother was rather blunt when it came to teaching me the ways of the world. Combined with what I was to learn sharing space with the livestock, let’s just say there were no magic crystals to be found there either”


Inspired by https://haruhi.la/reader/27729.html#26

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