Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Contains: (Izetta x Finé) Futanari, More Witch Tome madness, Breast Expansion, Lactation Kink, Roleplay, Vaginal Sex, Dirty Talk

Finé turned the page of her book as she restlessly shifted in her seat in the palace library. She once more found herself enraptured in a chronicle about the campaigns of the great general Hannibal, having just reached the apex of his trek across the Alps to invade Rome.
But even as she tried to engross herself in the epic history Finé felt her eyes wandering. Out of the corner of her eye Finé saw the deep blue cover of the Witches Alchemy book, a text she was intimately familiar with at this point. After the unexpected, if not entirely unpleasant, results of her previous experiment Finé had sworn herself to return the book to the Palace Library and agreed with Izetta that it should remain a closely guarded secret.
Finé forced her attentions to return to her book. The memory of what had happened continued to linger fresh in her mind. She couldn’t honestly believe that it would be prudent to repeat-
In the end, like Pandora succumbing to the temptation of her cursed box, Finé found herself once more buried deeply in the Witches tome. Searching through the pages she stumbled across another entry that intrigued her, detailing a spell that claimed it could expand the size of a Witches chest.
With renewed confidence that this time she had found the correct process, and confident that such a mistake could surely not reoccur so soon, she set about gathering the necessary materials. The brewed concoction proved just as palatable as the last one.
Retiring to bed that night she snuggled up next to Izetta and drifted off to sleep.
Finé awoke the next morning with her chest feeling promisingly heavy on top of her. Almost leaping from the bed Finé practically skipped across the room, eager to admire her new self in the mirror. 
To her delight her reflection assured her that her chest had indeed grown by a considerable amount. Checking her waist, she was thankful to find no new additions there. Finés heart swelled at the prospect, it seemed that this time the concoction had worked exactly as she-
It was then that Finé took note of the small, wet circles that were emerging in th centre of her nightie right above her nipples. A sharp yelp escaped her lips before she could muffle herself.
A startled Izetta snapped up from the bed. “Uh, wha… did something happen-?” It only took the briefest of moments for Izettas mind to take note of the fresh development. And only a second longer to come to the inevitable conclusion. “You went back to the alchemy book, didn’t you?”
“Why do Witches invent things like this?” was all Finé could think to ask.
“It depends” Izetta thought to stifle a giggle at the sight of Finés panicked state. “Sometimes it’s out of necessity, other times due to chance or experimentation. Some even come up with recipes simply for fun”
“So, which one is this?” Finé asked.
“Without consulting the book, I would say it was intended to ensure that Witches could produce enough milk for their babies” Izetta said. “I mean, didn’t you have this with Liesel?”
“Not like this I didn’t” Finé retorted. “How do we fix this?”
“We could try sucking it out like a snakebite” Izetta suggested. “Maybe that will get rid of it”
“You know it doesn’t actually work like that” Finé responded. “And neither does the snakebite”
Finé could see the devilish glint in her lover’s eyes. “Still, couldn’t hurt to try” Izetta argued.
Finé rolled her eyes in submission. “Very well then”
Finé shifted herself towards the bed, still getting used to the new weight of her chest as she moved. She had to consciously support herself with her back to keep from just collapsing straight onto the bed as she lowered herself back to be consumed by the softness of the pillows. Izetta moved rest herself across Finés front, laying her head on Finés bust like a plush cushion.
“Now that I think about it the book never mentioned exactly how it intended to cause my breasts to expand” Finé explained.
“The best way ever” Izetta replied blissfully.
Izettas hand reached out to hold Finés breast in the palm of her hand, finding the mound heftier than the one she was intimately familiar with. Izetta inquisitively traced the pad of her thumb across the bulb of the nipple, raising a thin drop of cream coloured milk from the very tip.
Izettas fingers began to circle around Finés areola, spiralling inward until her finger began teasing the peak directly. Izetta felt Finés nipple beginning to wet with each pass of her fingers. Izetta watched as her fingers returned moist with a thin film of milk. Izetta licked her fingers clean, enjoying the sweet taste as it rolled across her tongue.
While Izetta had to admit the taste was divine, she knew that there was still a better way to enjoy it. Izetta leant in closer and clasped her lips to Finés heaving breast, sucking eagerly from her lover’s erect nipple. It felt different for Finé than it had ever been before, her nipples proving far more sensitive than they ever had before.
Finé began to feel something rising from deep inside of her chest. She was given only a moment to make sense of it before Izetta suddenly had a cascade of milk spilling across her tongue. Izetta knew in an instant that it tasted so much better than her fingers. Izetta eagerly sucked at her wife’s erect nipple, swallowing down the thick creamy milk as quickly as Finé released it. 
Izetta removed her lips from Finés heaving breast. The red headed witch crept her way across Finés lithe body, raising herself over the mound of Finés expanded chest. Izetta pressed her lips to Finés, her cheeks filled with fresh milk straight from her breast. Izetta passed the milk into Finés mouth with a shift of her tongue, the Archduchess feeling the cascade of the warm, sweet tasting liquid across her tongue. Finé felt the illicit thrill passing through her at the thought that this had just come straight from her.
Finé parted her kiss with Izetta. Finé licked her lips as she savoured the lingering taste of the milk. “It’s sweet” Finé mused.
“That’s because it comes from you” Izetta replied, resuming the kiss with Finé.
Izetta reached down to hold Finés breast in her hand. Finés nipple began to overflow more milk into the palm of Izettas hand. Dripping wet, Izetta passed her milk stained hand down her front to grasp at her semi-erect shaft. Izetta massaged her length up and down as it rose to full hardness.
Izetta shifted herself to lay the head of her cock to Finés moist entrance. Izetta entered Finé with a slow press, feeling her lovers’ lips parting to accommodate her presence. Izetta thrust herself forwards with increased speed and power. 
Izetta watched as Finés milk filled breasts bounced and waved with each movement of the Witches hips. Fresh droplets of milk spilled from Finés breasts to splatter across both of their bodies as they moved. Finés moans of pleasure grew in depth and intensity as Izetta continued to thrust deep inside of her.
Izetta piqued an idea. The Witch reached down to grasp Finés ample breast in her hand. Izetta guided her wife’s breast towards Finés parted lips. Finé latched onto the erect nipple in an instant, eagerly sucking a fresh torrent of milk from her breast. Finés lips fought to maintain their hold over her nipple despite Izettas best efforts to bounce it free of her grasp.
Reluctantly, Izetta retreated from inside of Finé. Izetta reached down to grasp Finés side as she turned her over onto on her front before drawing her up onto her hands and knees. Izetta re-entered Finés eager pussy, feeling herself reaching even deeper than before.
Izetta felt her thrusts begin to slow, lingering for a moment as she considered. “Finé, could you please… moo for me”
Finé fell silent, suddenly feeling very thankful that Izetta could not see the redness forming at the sudden embarrassment of her request.
“I’m sorry, that was too much” Izetta was quick to retreat. “I can’t believe I even asked you to-”
“Moo…” Finé cooed softly.
“Finé” Izetta replied.
“Moo!” Finé cooed louder this time.
The illicit thrill emboldened Izetta as she redoubled her efforts to fuck Finé to release.
“Fuck me Izetta!” Finé was on the verge of screaming in pleasure. “Fuck your cow wife”
Izetta moved closer, reaching around to grasp Finés breasts to tease the sensitive tips of her nipples. Izetta could feel Finés milk leaking out onto her hands once more.
“Make me spill my milk all over you” Finé cried. “Then you can keep me in the barn, use me whenever you wish. You can satisfy yourself with my dripping pussy as you milk my heaving breasts dry”
Izetta pressed herself forwards with a final deep thrust, letting loose with a flurry of pent up cum into Finés waiting pussy. The sudden ejaculation caused Finé to lose any lingering sense of control, a sudden outpouring of juice from her pussy accompanied by a shower of milk from both of her engorged breasts to coat the bed beneath her.
Finé fell onto the damp sheets beneath her, followed swiftly by Izetta falling to the bed by her side. The warm press of Izettas skin to her back was a comforting presence as she rode out the last aftershocks of their combined orgasm. Feeling the caress of the fresh milk across her bare skin Finé could not help to see why the queens of antiquity had taken such pleasure in bathing in it. Though, perhaps not in the way she had just experienced.
“Shall I be mother then?” Finé asked.
Finé, having redressed into her long flowing sky-blue dressing gown, laid the tray of freshly prepared tea on the table. Lotte, ever the dutiful maid, had brought it to their room upon her request.
“Thank you” Izetta said, sitting across from her in her usual fiery red gown.
Finé prepared the two cups, laying one aside for herself whilst adding Izettas sugar and handing the other cup to her across the table. As Izetta prepared to take a sip, Finé held out her hand to stay her. “I think that could use some milk”
Izetta was taken aback by the assertion. For as long as Finé had known her Izetta had always taken her tea black with a pinch of sugar. Still, Izetta decided she would humour her. “That would be lovely”
Izetta held out her cup for Finé. Standing up Finé unfurled the sash of her dressing gown, the two halves separating before her to reveal Finés lithe body. Finé leant herself across the table and took her breast into her hand, aiming her erect nipple towards Izettas tea. The truth was, aim was too generous a word for what occurred. The reality was for Finés gentle squeeze of her breast to release a burst of milk squirting as much across Izettas hand and the table as made it into the cup itself. Still, Izetta accepted the offering graciously, taking a sip of her freshened drink.
“How is it?” Finé asked as she cinched her robe and retook her seat across the table.
Izetta licked her lips as she considered her answer. “If I’m honest, it’s probably the worst tea you’ve ever made me” even as she said it a smile creased Izettas lips. “But it’s definitely my favourite”

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