Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Archduchess Finé walked through the hallway of Eylstadt castle with a renewed spring in her step, a fresh blush brought to her cheeks once thought lost by the tireless strains that the war placed on all those involved. But to even the most casual observer the Archduchess appeared as if she didn’t have a care in the world. To those who lingered, daring to look a little deeper they would see something more. For the Archduchess carried with her the smile of someone who knew that they had discovered true happiness in the arms of her fiery, redheaded witch. 
Finé was in such a state of contentment that as she turned a corner it was only the swift reflexes of her Royal Guard Captain which prevented them running straight into eachother. As they stared at eachother neither could bring their words to bear. They both knew that it would be an awkward encounter the next time they met but Bianca was too loyal to the Royal Family to simply turn away from embarrassment. “Archduchess, I wanted to apologise for the interruption” Bianca summoned her resolve to speak. “I can assure you I will endeavour to be more understanding in the future”
“You have nothing to apologise for” Finé assured Bianca. “You were only doing your duty”
“Be that as it may, I still feel as though my actions were rather brash” Bianca admitted. “You are a young woman after all and I should have considered the possibility that that you were-” Bianca struggled to maintain her professional composure. Even as she made her attempt at recovery her words continued to fail her. “And I never even imagined that Izetta would have…” 
Finé knew she could have passed it off as a trick of some highly-detailed fakery but that was unfair to all those involved. Izetta was finally beginning to embrace her true nature as a Witch, lying about it now would only serve to undermine all the growth she had undergone to emerge from her shell.
“She is a unique and wonderful person, so full of surprises” Finé said.
“As I said, I apologise for intruding and I’m happy to see Izetta is finding her own place here” Bianca said.
“I’m sure Izetta will be relieved to hear this as well” Finé turned to leave. “When I see her I’ll tell her you said-”
“Wait!” Bianca reached out to grasp Finés arm, stopping the Archduchess in her tracks. “Duchess Finé” 
This violated all protocols, how could she bring herself to-
Bianca inhaled deeply, Finé was sure she had never seen Bianca this nervous before. “I wanted to ask” in a way it was sort of sweet to see the stoic head of the Royal Guard left babbling and flustered. “What was it like to be with Izetta?”
“Bianca?” Finé asked, perplexed.
“I loved the Witch stories all of my life” Bianca said. “As I grew up I learned the more obscure legends of the Witches and their ‘unique abilities’. I always dreamed of experiencing what it would be like to be with a Witch, the arcane power they wield” 
Finé admired the heady breathlessness in Bianca’s voice as she spoke. Finé moved forwards to press her lips to Bianca’s ear. “What if we asked her?”
“What!” Bianca yelped.
“We’ll ask her together” Finé took Bianca’s hand in her own and pulled her along in her wake.
“Wait I-” Bianca’s attempts at protest were swiftly silenced as she found herself pulled through the castle hallways after the Archduchess.
They found Izetta sitting on the veranda overlooking the castle grounds. She sat listening to the call of the birds, the sweet scent of flowers rising from the gardens below. Even in the midst of war it was comforting to know the beauty of nature continued unabated, nature would always prevail.
Izetta turned at the sound of the Archduchess’s voice she was met by the sight of Finé jogging up towards her, trailed closely behind by Bianca.
“Archduchess” Izetta leapt to her feet as she saw Finé draw closer. 
“Izetta, Bianca has something she wishes to ask you” Finé presented Bianca to Izetta like a proud parent. Bianca simply stood there, flustered both by the sudden exertion and embarrassment.
“Archduchess, I’m not sure that this is entirely appropriate” Bianca said to Finé.
“Of course it is” Finé reached out to take Izettas forearm in her hand, a gentle tug was all that was necessary to pull the two of them together. “Besides, sometimes we should be free to be inappropriate”
Izetta, her cheeks flaring red with embarrassment, failed to meet Finés gaze. 
“Izetta, I wanted to know if… you would” Bianca steeled herself, her eyes screwed shut as her voice rose. “Izetta, make love with me”
Night descended over the capital city of Landsbruck, a half-moon illuminating the surrounding hills in a silver glow.
While Finé lay at the head of the bed, propped up by a pillow as she read her book, Izetta sat at the edge of the bed with her hands fidgeting restlessly in her lap. Izetta The White Witch, who could face down a Germanian armoured column, tear Luftwaffe fighters from the sky, sat restless at the prospect of what was to come.
Finé glanced up from her book, noticing the Witch fidgeting in place at the end of the bed. Replacing her book on the bedside table Finé shuffled down the bed to place herself at behind Izetta. Reaching around she wrapped her arms around her red-haired lover, cuddling herself into Izettas back. “It’s ok to be nervous”
Izetta gave a low moan in response, her hands shifting ceaselessly in her lap an admission of her ceaseless nerves.
“I promise, you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with” Finé reassured her.
Izetta shook her head. “No, I want to do this” Izetta turned her head around to face Finé. “I want to be with you” 
Finé smiled warmly at her. “Izetta…”
A soft knock at the door drew their shared attentions. She was here.
“It’ll be great, I promise” Finé placed a fleeting kiss on her lover’s lips before she rose from the bed and headed to meet their new arrival.
Opening the door Finé was greeted by her Royal Guard Captain standing in the hallway, dressed in a heavy overcoat usually reserved for winter operations in the snowy mountains. This imposing façade was juxtaposed by her exposed legs and bare feet from the thighs downwards.
“Please, come in” Finé stepped aside and opened her way with a flourish of her hand. Bianca quickly scurried inside, eager to limit the possibility of discovery by any who may be prowling the halls at this time of night. With the door closed the three women found themselves isolated from the outside world. Bianca shuffled nervously in her place, her gaze drifting to meet Izettas only for them both to turn away sharply in embarrassment.
“May I take your coat?” Finé asked, standing behind Bianca with her hands lingering above Bianca’s shoulders. Bianca wordlessly released the belt of her jacket, undoing each of the clasps holding her jacket in place with practiced military efficiency. Despite feeling out of place about the idea of Archduchess Finé tending to her as a maid Bianca slipped her coat from her shoulders without objection.
Beneath her thick coat revealed her more practical bedclothes, lacking the frilly trim and elegant curvature of her Archduchess and Witch counterparts. As Finé lay Bianca’s heavy coat aside Bianca suddenly found herself feeling exposed, clutching her arm to her side in some small attempt to preserve her modesty. With the experience feeling so new to her Bianca was unsure of the precise etiquette, awaiting Finé to show her the way-
“You alright?” seemingly summoned by her thoughts Archduchess Finé reappeared behind her, placing her hands-on Bianca’s arms. Finés fingertips traced across Bianca’s biceps, feeling the toned muscles flexing and moving beneath flawless skin. “It’s ok” Finé cooed softly. Finé leant herself closer and kissed her lips to Bianca’s exposed neck, feeling the shiver cascade through Bianca as a sharp yelp emerged from Bianca’s lips. Drifting up Bianca’s neck Finé passed her lips across Bianca’s ear, her warm breath cascading across the sensitive lobe. “She won’t bite”
Finés hands moved to press against the small of Bianca’s back, urging the woman towards the bed and the waiting Izetta. Bianca took a tentative first step forward, then another and another. As Bianca drew closer Finé reached out and coaxed Izetta to her feet in front of the bed with a pull of her hand. Taking Bianca’s in her own free hand she guided the two together, the Royal Guard and the Witch, as their hands intertwined at the Archduchesses behest. Yet, despite her best efforts, the looming tension persisted between them.
“Perhaps this will help” Finé offered. Clasping the hem of her nightgown, before Izetta and Bianca could react, she drew her nightgown up over her head and cast it aside at her feet. Finé stood proudly in front of the two women despite her sudden state of undress, she knew a monarch had to lead if she could expect her subjects to follow. “You two as well”
Izetta and Bianca shared a glance between them, both surprised with the degree of Finés sudden brashness. “Here” Finé clasped Bianca’s hand into hers, drawing it to the hem of Izettas nightgown. In a mirror action, Finé took Izettas hand and lead her to the hem of Bianca’s nightgown. Finé lingered for the moment, allowing Bianca a moment to assure their consent. A muted nod urged Finé forwards. “Now pull!”
Izetta and Bianca hesitated briefly before following Finés instruction, pulling the dresses up over eachother before dropping the discarded clothes at their feet.
“There, doesn’t that feel so much better?” Finé asked.
Bianca had to admit the it was refreshing, feeling as though all the burdens of the world had been cast from her shoulders.
Bianca watched as Finé leant forward to kiss Izetta, Bianca left shuffling idly on her feet unsure of precisely what to do with herself. This left her unprepared when Finé suddenly turned to her, placing a gentle kiss upon Bianca’s puckered lips. 
Releasing the embrace Finé reached out to hold Izetta and Bianca’s hands in her own. “Now you two”
Izetta and Bianca leant forward, tentatively at first, to touch their lips together. Closing their eyes, they embraced the full force of their union. The moment the first brush of contact was made a sudden sense of relief overcame them, all of the tension held inside of them just immediately evaporated. Izetta cupped her hands on Bianca’s hips, leaning herself further into the kiss. This was the power Finé had to bring people together, allowing the best in others to shine through by her example and force of personality. Finé was the tie which bound them.
As Bianca opened her eyes she turned to see Finé lounging in her comfortable chair at the side of the room, sipping from a fresh cup of tea Lotte had prepared earlier. Finé glanced up from her cup. “Don’t mind me, you two enjoy yourselves”
Izetta and Bianca glanced at eachother. “It’s what you always wanted” It was true, this is what Bianca had been hoping for since Finé had dared to suggest it. Taking Izettas sweet words to heart Bianca leant back into the kiss with a renewed passion, so consumed by their shared pleasure their balance was easy to overcome as they fell back onto the bed behind them.
Laying on the bed beneath Izetta Bianca felt the touch of the Witches mischievous hands all across her body, seemingly searching at random to ascertain where her caresses could elicit the greatest reaction. Despite the pleasure forming inside of her Bianca remained steadfast in her ability to maintain her composure.
Glancing aside Izetta caught sight of a loose feather from one of the bed pillows, an idea piqued inside of her head. Taking the tip of the feather between her fingers Izetta imbued it with the Witches power, feeling the energy pulsing within it. Gently tracing the feathered edge across Bianca’s side elicited a sharp yelp escaping from between Bianca’s quivering lips. Finé had to supress a giggle at the sight of her Royal Guard Captain being reduced to squirming and yelping at the first touch of a feather against her skin.
Izetta traced the tip of her feather across Bianca’s body, the seemingly random trail of the feather across her body leading directly towards her most sensitive point. Izettas feather circled Bianca’s engorged nipple in slow circles, each pass eliciting another jolt of pleasure as some fresh nerve was enticed into responding.
Watching the display with eager eyes Finé began to feel warmth rising from deeper inside of her belly. Finés hand traced across her front, a soft tingle left in the wake of her fingers. Replacing her cup to the table before anything could be spilt she made ample use of her free hands to reach up and clasp a handful of her chest into her open palms, feeling the press of hardening nipples into her palms. 
As much as it pained her to see her attentions to her chest falter Finé reluctantly removed a hand from her breast and touched her fingers to the end of her thigh. Her desires being enflamed on so many fronts, this teasing anticipation as her fingers traced across her thigh became almost too much to bear.
Deciding that the guard Captain had been sufficiently prepared to bring her to the boundaries of ecstasy Izetta retired the use of the feather and moved on to an even greater source of pleasure. Climbing on top of Bianca Izetta made herself comfortable as she drank in the sight laid out before her. Even laying atop the bed quivering with excitement and anticipation, her long brown hair tracing off in a multitude of directions or clinging stubbornly to her body, Izetta could not help but admire the natural beauty that Bianca presented to her.
Izetta placed the tip of her member to Bianca's quivering lips, finding them already moist and eager for her entry. Izetta withheld her advance for the moment. “I’m going to put it in now” Despite the faultless persona Bianca presented in her role as Guard Captain Izetta could see the underlying hint of innocence that emerged on Bianca’s features. The sense of innocence only spurred Izetta to greater heights of pleasure but she wasn’t about to take advantage of the woman’s trust to satisfy her own desires, she would take a caring approach.
Izetta tenderly pressed herself forwards, a sharp intake of breath heralded Bianca’s acceptance as Izetta felt the woman’s entire body tense beneath her. Izetta held, allowing Bianca to readjust herself to the feeling inside of her. Izetta moment of inaction was well met as she felt the tension in Bianca’s body release in time to the slow exhale of the breath she hadn’t realised she had been holding. Izetta dared to press herself a bit deeper, each gentle advance being met with a far lesser degree of resistance than that which had preceded it. As she passed the halfway point Izetta began to retreat, withdrawing her hips before thrusting them forwards again at a steady pace. The low moan from Bianca’s throat echoed through the room and surrendered her true feelings towards Izettas ministrations.
“The Archduchess appears to be enjoying our display” Izetta said, Bianca left panting underneath Izetta as she slowed her thrusting. “What do you say, shall we let her in on the fun?”
“What?” Finé yelped in surprise. Before Finé realised it, they were upon her. While Izetta took the left, Bianca focussed her attentions on the right, each planting a delicate array of kisses across Finés bare neck. Although their actions were almost a mirror image of the others their techniques divulged their true personalities, Izetta was familiar and sweet while Bianca was daring and decisive in equal measure.
While encompassing her with the kisses Izetta used her free hands to set her next plan in motion. Dipping the tip of her extended finger into the pot of the cream left out on the tray of tea Izetta traced the tip of her moistened finger across the edge of Finés hardened nipple. The harsh clash between the cold cream and the warm skin was an unearthly delight.
Izetta retrieved a bright red strawberry matching her flaming red hair, dipping the strawberry into the cream she traced it across Finés puckered lips. Offering one half to Finé Izetta held the other half between her lips, a single bite was all that was necessary to separate the two halves. Finé laid back in her chair, savouring the sweet mixture of flavours which cascaded over her tongue.
 “You know, Archduchess Finé has a ‘thing’” Izetta said to Bianca.
“A ‘thing’?” Bianca asked in return.
“Yeah” a mischievous smile crept across Izettas lips. “Let me show you” without another word Izetta bounded across the room to retrieve the item from the depths of Finés cupboard. When Izetta presented the item to Bianca her cheeks flared red at the mere sight of it. She had heard murmured rumours of such a thing being used by the Royal family but she had never put any stock in its legitimacy.
Izettas mention of the ‘thing’ awoke Finé from her idle daydream, opening her eyes to be met by the sight of Izetta holding it between her hands. “Izetta, I-” Finé began to speak.
“Finé” Izetta took Finés hand into her own. “With your permission, may I take the lead in this?”
Finé was stunned, a small tear emerging in the corner of her eye. Nothing could have made her happier to see Izetta taking charge of her own accord. “You may, Izetta”
Izetta assisted Bianca in donning the strap-on. Despite never having worn it herself Izetta had seen Finé wear it on the multitude of times they’d made use of it in recent months. Izetta mounted the device around Bianca’s athletic thighs with confident, steady fingers.
Izetta turned her attentions to Finé, accepting her offered hand she pulled Finé up and into her arms to cuddle her in a warm embrace. Guiding her back Izetta lay herself down on the bed, Finé climbing on top to straddle Izetta on all fours.
Izetta placed her fingers into her mouth, moistening them with the sensual pass of her tongue across her fingers. Izetta withdrew her fingers from her mouth with a wet pop, tracing them up and down the length of her member in preparation for Finé. The length of her cock now sufficiently moistened Finé lowered herself onto Izetta, feeling the familiar press of Finés lips closing tightly around her. Finé relied upon summoning all the strength in her legs to raise herself above Izetta before lowering herself back down again.
Izetta beckoned Bianca still lingering at the side of the room, her body quivering at the sight of the entangled couple before her on the bed. Bianca positioned herself behind Finé, teasing the tip of her faux penis against Finés puckered ass. A gentle press was all that was necessary for her lips to bloom and accept Bianca, Izetta slowing her thrusts to a crawl to allow Finé to savour the press of her first experience of double penetration.
With a curt nod from Finé that she was prepared Bianca and Izetta resumed their movements, chaotic at first but they soon found their shared rhythm. They soon fell into a pattern of alternating thrusts, one filling Finé just as the other retreated ensuring that the Archduchess was not completely overwhelmed at once. The urgency and depth of their thrusts only grew with time. In the end, such passions could not be sustained and the three lovers fell into the tender embrace of eachother warmth as the afterglow of their shared orgasm washed over them.
A soft knock rapped against the door to the Archduchesses chambers.
Archduchess Finé?”
The voice was met by the rustle of cloth, anxious whispers beneath hushed breath.
“Come in” Finé called out. The door to the Archduchesses chambers yawned open, Lotte stepped inside with her back turned to the room. Finé couldn’t help but allow a stifled giggle to escape her lips at the sight. “It’s ok, you can look”
Lotte turned herself to face Finé, her hand covering her eyes daring only to peak out from between her fingers, ready to snap them shut at the faintest hint of once more paying witness to something her eyes were not meant to see. Finé and Izetta sat underneath the covers on the bed, their backs propped up against the headboard. Finé was dressed in her nightgown with the cover draped across her waist. Izetta, by contrast, had the covers pulled to just beneath her face, her eyes darting nervously around the room. In the end, she slowly lowered the cover down her front revealing, to both their shared reliefs, that she was wearing a matching nightgown to Finés.
“I’m sorry about that, Lady Finé” Lotte allowed her held breath to release in a single cascade. “I thought you might have been, umm…” Lotte searched for what could possibly be a diplomatic alternative. “I thought you might have wished to be alone”
“Its fine, please come in” Finé smiled warmly. “Neither of us would want to get in the way of your duties”
Lotte walked across the room to the cupboard, eager to busy herself with her work. “You have no idea how relieved that makes me feel” Lotte opened the cupboard to retrieve the dirty clothes to be cleaned. “After last time, I was so convinced that something else was going to happen” Lotte headed towards the door, her load of laundry held between her arms. “Have a good night Lady Finé, Lady Izetta” Lotte closed the door behind her as she left.
As if summoned by the sound of the door closing, the mass which lay beneath the covers nestled between Finé and Izetta began to shift. Only once she was certain the coast was clear did Bianca dare to peek out from underneath the covers.
“We really should remember to lock that door” Finé said.

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