Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Disclaimer: I do not own Izetta the White Witch and I make no money by writing this story.

The majority of this chapter will be significantly darker in tone than those which came before it. There will still be fluff and romance but we have to go to some rather more disconcerting places in order to get there. There won’t be anything which (In my opinion) should upset or deeply offend the average adult reading this but, given the stories light tone so far, I thought it necessary to put this here.
For those who wish to skip all that and go straight to the fluff simply use your browsers search function for the phrase Kirsch Baum and you’ll be fine.
Also, because this chapter includes some Germanian characters I wanted to include some Germanian dialogue. I learnt some basic German years ago as well a few trips to Germany (Neither of which offered much opportunity to make use of the phrases necessary in this context) so to avoid you heading to Google Translate every other line I’ve included the intended English in brackets. Again, apologises to any native German speakers.
Chapter contains: Dub-con, Abduction, Light restraint, Stalker vibe, Knives (Non-sexual), Pursuit, Gunfire (Non-sexual), Gratuitous German


Izetta felt the crunch of the dense foliage beneath her feet as she ran through the dense forest. The moonless night and the overcast sky made her fear the genuine possibility she could run headfirst into a tree at this speed. But she couldn’t slow down, if she faltered she knew they would catch her.
Her chest burned with the exertion, her muscles straining to maintain her pace, but she kept running despite the protest of her whole body to stop. Izetta tried to summon her Witches power but she lacked focus, she couldn’t-
“Ich sehe sie! (I see her!)”
The momentary distraction caused Izettas feet to slip out from underneath her on the uneven ground, she stumbled to regain her footing and kept running. She heard their boots close behind her. If she could just-
The crack of a rifle rang out behind her, the sharp whistle cut the air as the bullet streaked past her. Izetta tripped, this time she could not recover herself in time and fell face first into the dirt. She struggled to pull herself up, she needed-
Another crack of a rifle shot. A patch of dirt a metre ahead of her erupted, Izetta covered her head with her hands to protect against the shower of dirt. By the time she had recovered she knew it was too late. The footfalls grew louder, the metallic clatter of equipment.
“Hauptmann, es ist ihr (Captain, it’s her)”
“Hole sie auf (Pick them up)”
Izetta felt hands wrapping around her arms, pulling Izetta to a kneel. Izetta felt herself unable to resist or even really support herself. She finally got a clear look at her pursuers. Two women dressed in dark camouflage, one standing either side of her, their faces concealed beneath thick face coverings. Another approached from the front, different from the others, undoubtedly their leader. The woman was dressed in a Germanian Officers uniform, her long blonde hair contained in a messy ponytail emerging from underneath her officers cap. Contrary to her subordinates, the leader made little attempt to conceal herself or her allegiance. This made her either confident, stupid or both in equal measure. The woman was poised, athletic and strikingly beautiful all in one. 
“It seems we finally found you little witch” the Germanian leader knelt in front of the captured Witch to meet her gaze. “Captain Heidi Vahlen, 9th Panzer Division” she introduced herself with a mock bow.
Heidi reached out to touch her fingers to Izettas cheek, the skin burning beneath her fingers as a hallmark of her exertion spent in vain to evade her capture. “How did such a thing of beauty cause so much chaos?” a low laugh escaped her lips. “I guess we’ll find out soon enough” Heidi rose herself to her feet, turning to address her soldiers. “Take her to the vehicle” Heidi looked down at Izetta, a devilish grin across her cherry red lips. “We’ll return her to the safe house for ‘questioning’”
A blindfold descended over Izettas eyes and darkness quickly enveloped her, binds wrapping around her wrists, closing another avenue of resistance. She felt herself being hefted to her feet and dragged across the forest floor, her exhausted legs struggling to keep pace and relying heavily on her captors to support her.
“Throw a blanket down in the back” Heidi called out. “We want the Witch intact when we get there”
Izetta was placed in the back of their vehicle, the blanket laid down for her making the ride somewhat tolerable. She heard voices, sometimes Germanian, other times it was English. The hum of the engine beneath her, the irregular bounce of the suspension as they made their way along rough roads. She felt out with her Witches power, there was ample energy for her to break free, for the moment. 
How far were they taking her? when they stopped would they be in an area where she could use her power? She’d seen three but how many more of them were there she had yet to see? Did they already have a gun pointed at her, awaiting the vaguest hint she might try to free herself? These questions kept her occupied for the entire length of the journey.
The vehicle came to a stop, the vehicle doors opened with a wash of cold night air. Izetta felt herself being lifted from the back of the vehicle. The blanket underneath her was wrapped around her likely to minimise the effectiveness of her resistance but with the added benefit of keeping the biting cold of the night air at bay. Having just run through the open forest in a light top and skirt Izetta found this inadvertent kindness a welcome relief. After being taken inside of a building Izetta felt herself being dropped down onto a bed, feeling the flex and give of the bedsprings beneath her. 
The blindfold was whisked away, Izettas eyes taking a moment to adjust to the dim light of the room. Candles arranged around the perimeter of the room, gently flickering in the breeze, bathing the room in a natural glow. The guards stood at the side of the room, their weapons slung unconcernedly in their arms while their Captain paced idly in front of Izetta.
As her mind began to clear Izetta recognised the room in the estate in the foothills just outside of Coenenberg. “How appropriate we find ourselves bringing you here of all places” Heidi said, slowing her step to stand in front of Izetta. “Coenenberg, site of the Empires first military defeat in Eylstadt” Heidi raised an accusing finger to Izetta. “All because of you” 
Izetta pulled herself up to sit at the edge of the bed, she would meet her Germanian captor face to face. 
“You thought we were defeated” Heidi said. “The Allies occupied our country, congratulate themselves on their hollow victory while the Germanian people are branded as traitors solely for their lineage. Even now there are those who remain loyal to the Emperor and are willing to do whatever they must to restore Germania’s pride”
“And this is what you call Germanian pride?” Izetta asked.
A devious smile formed across Heidi’s lips. “Sometimes good people must do bad things so that the rest of the world can sleep safe-”
A pause formed in Heidi’s idle ramblings, her repetitious pacing back and forth slowing as something appeared to have caught her attention. “What have we here?”
Heidi stepped forward, taking Izettas bound hands in her own. Izetta realised what had so captivated her as it was being withdrawn from her finger. “Top quality metal, finely crafted, it even bears the crest of the Eylstadt Royal Family” Heidi admired the wedding ring held between her fingers before returning her gaze to Izetta. “She must really love you, your Archduchess” Izetta refused to respond, she wouldn’t stoop so low as to rise to such obvious bait.
Heidi turned and threw the ring to her second in command, the woman reaching out to catch it in mid-air. “Wait outside” Heidi ordered.
“Jawohl, Hauptmann (Yes, Captain)” Heidi’s second and the other guard departed the room, closing the door behind them. 
Now that they were alone Heidi began to unbutton her jacket with one hand, releasing the final clasp before slipping the garment from her shoulders to reveal a simple white t-shirt underneath. Pulling up a chair she laid her jacket across the back of the chair before sitting down across from Izetta.
“Do you know, Izetta, how much effort the Germanian research division poured into uncovering the secrets of the Witches? They were interested in their power solely as a tool of war. My interest however…” Heidi reached her hand forward, tracing the tip of her finger across Izettas bare forearm. “Delves far deeper than that” Heidi’s explorative finger followed up Izettas forearm, diverting as she reached the crook of her elbow before switching to trace across Izettas front. “Now that I have you here, what mysteries will you reveal to me? Secrets of the Witches? Allied troop movements? The Archduchess?”
Izetta involuntarily flinched at her mere mention. It seems she had struck a nerve.
“I’ve had my eye on you for quite some time, Izetta” Heidi smiled devilishly. “It was such an illicit thrill watching you up on that balcony, I could barely contain myself”
She saw that?
“But the true prize? Watching as you ran through the forest, not a care in the world” Heidi bit her lip as the pleasure cascaded through her body. “I was so close, so tantalisingly close” Heidi’s fingers wrapped around one of the buttons of Izettas top. “Had I wished, I could have reached out and caressed your soft skin, brushed my fingers through your silken hair. I guess things really do come to those who are patient”
Heidi pressed her hand into Izettas front, the sudden force knocked Izetta off balance and cast her back onto the bed. Heidi was upon her before Izetta could think to right herself, the woman’s long arms planted either side of Izetta. “I promise” Heidi’s hand left the bed and set about undoing the buttons of Izettas shirt, one by one. A glint appeared in the corner of Heidi’s eyes as she made her advance, like a predator stalking their prey. “It will be worth the anticipation”
Another button fell to reveal a sufficient gap for Heidi to slip her hand beneath the fabric of Izettas shirt, abandoning the other bindings she set about enjoying the soft caress of Izettas bare skin to her touch. Heidi’s fingers searched blindly, favouring the expectancy of the hunt as much as she enjoyed the thrill of the final strike. Heidi found the rise of Izettas breasts, feeling the gentle swell beneath her hand as she cupped Izettas bust in her palm. She took special interest in the delicate nub of Izettas nipple, feeling the bud harden as she circled it between her fingers.
Her fingers were divine. So gentle, caring, familiar.
While her hand concentrated on Izettas chest, Heidi’s free hand rose to trace beneath the hem of Izettas skirt, tracing the curve of her soft thigh until she reached the boundary of the swell of Izettas underwear. 
“So, it’s true” Heidi mused. “You really are someone unique” Heidi snuck her hand beneath the lip of Izettas underwear, idly caressing Izettas cock as it began to swell beneath her touch. “The strength of a man combined with the gentle touch of a woman. I wager nothing compares to such an experience”
Heidi reached down across her front to release her belt with her hand, shifting her trousers and her underwear down to reveal her already moistened pussy lips. “I guess we’ll find out soon enough”
Shifting herself further up Heidi positioned herself to accept Izetta. Taking hold of Izettas member with her free hand Heidi prepared to lower herself down, only a sparse few inches separating them before she could take-
Heidi’s advance faltered, she stood fast over Izetta, making no further effort to advance. Izetta listened and was convinced she could hear a low whimper escape the woman’s lips. And then she saw something, something tracing down her cheek.
Was she, crying?
Heidi climbed off Izetta without a word. Izetta, her hands still bound, raised herself up to sit upright on the bed. Izetta watched as the Germanian woman withdrew her trousers around her waist, securing her belt back in place. 
“I’m sorry, Izetta” the words were practically a whisper, said through quivering lips.
Heidi reached into her jacket and withdrew a serrated knife from its sheath. She turned to Izetta and began to advance. Izettas heart raced wildly of its own accord, she knew what was coming but she still felt so unprepared for it. Heidi drew closer, the knife gripped firmly in her hand. Reaching out with her free hand she grasped Izettas bound wrists, holding them out in front of her. The flicker of the candles glinted off of the polished metal as Heidi raised the blade to-
The fine edge sliced through the fabric binding Izettas wrists in a single motion, the tattered remains fluttering down to rest in her lap. Heidi returned the combat knife to its sheath and through quivering lips she said “Kirsch Baum (Cherry Tree)”
Izetta had to strain to hear her whisper.
Did she just say-
Kirsch Baum” Heidi repeated, louder this time. The guards burst into the room as if they had been awaiting her call, their weapons laid slack in their arms. The guards pulled off their cloth hoods.
“Archduchess!” a familiar voice cried out.
Heidi sniffed as she wiped away the tears with the back of her hand. “I couldn’t do it” Heidi reached up to remove her cap, unfurling her long golden hair with a shake of her head.
Archduchess Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt stood before Izetta, her entire body convulsing with borderline panic. “Izetta” Finé charged forward, throwing her arms around Izetta as the two bowled over onto the bed behind them. “I’m so sorry Izetta” Finé pleaded as fresh tears formed in her eyes. “I couldn’t go on like that”
Izetta realised now that the mental stress of their roleplay was as much Finés burden as it had been hers. Having to maintain a persona so far detached from her own, even for the purposes of roleplay and the many opportunities it presented, sometimes the necessitated a level of mental endurance that was sometimes too much to bear.
Finé glanced down and saw the rough redness marking Izettas wrists, a lingering reminder of her captivity. Without a word Finé took Izettas hand in her own and tenderly kissed the marks. “Did it hurt?”
“A little” Izetta said. “But I felt safe knowing you were there for me” Izetta saw Bianca and Lindsey standing at the side of the room, watching the display before them. “It makes me wonder though, what would people say about the Archduchess using the Royal Guard in such a way?”
Finé giggled. “I had them list it in the records as a training exercise”
“They still shot at me though” Izetta said.
“Training rounds” Lindsey said, hefting her weapon in her arms. “They sting, but they don’t kill”
Bianca reached into her jacket pocket, retrieving a neatly folded handkerchief. “I believe this belongs to you, Izetta”
Finé accepted the offering, unfolding the handkerchief to reveal Izettas wedding ring. Finé daintily slipped it onto Izettas finger, feeling a swell of pride in her heart that such a precious item was once more back where it belonged.
“We’ll leave you in peace, Archduchess” Lindsey said, once more demonstrating her well-earned reputation as Sub-Commander Tactful. Although she had intimate knowledge of countless acts, playing a significant supporting role in both the preparation and the execution, she did not falter. Bianca and Lindsey left the room without another word, leaving Finé and Izetta entangled and bathed in the warm glow of the flickering candles.
“You know you could have just untied me” Izetta said.
Finé laughed as a hint of blush emerged on her cheeks. “It made sense at the time” Finé shifted to nuzzle herself into Izettas lap, feeling the warmth radiating up from her. “But didn’t it feel so much more like the dashing hero come to save you in the end?”
“It might have done had you not also been the person who ordered me to be tied up in the first place” Izetta retorted.
“I’ll admit that” Finé conceded.
“To be fair, next time I’ll be the Wicked Witch trying to lure the innocent maiden into my forest cottage” Izetta said.
“I’m pretty sure the original story was far more grim that you may be imagining” Finé replied.
“I like my version better” Izetta snuggled closer to Finé cuddled up in her lap. “Your Germanian accent is terrible by the way”


This chapter took on a very different theme than any of the others which came before it. At the time, I was kind of reeling from quite how fluffy and romantic the previous chapters had turned out and felt an urge to shift to something different. I originally wanted to do a bondage chapter but felt it didn’t match Izetta or Finés personalities or the story thus far so it was changed to an abduction roleplay.

Soon after this turned into a coin flip over whether the aggressor would be either the Germanians or Eylstadt gone rouge. I started out with Germania as the obvious choice before considering Eylstadt (Finé, Bianca and Lindsey as themselves) having betrayed Izetta and preparing to either imprison her or turn her over to the Allies to prevent a return to all-out war. There was even ample canon story basis for this idea with the not-Americans preparing for conflict with Eylstadt over fear of the Witches power, the story of the Princes people turning against the Witch in the legend etc. However, several things made me stick with the former.

First, it seemed too depressing to have her wife, lover and everyone she cared about turn on Izetta as themselves (Even for the purposes of roleplay). Secondly, I thought it would be harder to write reasonable excuses for why Finé and the others would simply roll over in the face of political pressure when their entire shtick throughout the story was as the scrappy underdog coming to head over the greater power through sheer force of determination and Witchy powers. And lastly it would completely nerf the reveal that it was Finé all along, a plot point (If a tad cliché in these stories) I wanted to make use of nonetheless.

I debated for quite a while whether this scene could be classified as Dub-con or full on Non-con. I made of point of never having Izetta openly resist or protest what was happening since I didn’t want the scene to devolve into a rape scenario but at the same time it remained quite a grey area for me. Hopefully I got it right in the end.

Normal fluffiness level will be resumed next chapter.

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