Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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The door to the Archduchess’s bedchamber burst open. Finé gasped and turned to face the figure standing in the doorway. 
Bianca, Captain of the Eylstadt Royal Guard, stood with her pistol drawn and her trigger finger resting against the frame of her gun. “I heard a noise and I-” Bianca’s words passed into silence, all those involved stunned into inaction. Bianca’s eyes, initially met by Finés, drifted back to Izetta and then came to rest between the two of them.
Finé was the first to recover herself. “Bianca, I can explain” The precise nature of the explanation she felt she could give that would make the situation any less awkward eluded her. After all, the sight of her Archduchess naked, crouched on all fours on her bed with an equally naked Izetta pressed into her from behind, the two bound by what looked like a real penis emanating from Izettas waist made little more sense even with the appropriate context.
“No, Archduchess” Bianca said through quivering lips. “That won’t be necessary-” Only now did Bianca realise she still had her pistol drawn and ready. Summoning her lifetime of military training to remain resolute she wordlessly engaged the safety catch before lowering her pistol.
“I’m sorry for the interruption” Bianca turned away, her hands visibly shaking as she struggled to maintain control of herself. “I will be taking my leave now. Please…” her voice faltered for a moment. “Please enjoy yourselves”
Bianca swiftly departed, closing the door behind her. Finé and Izetta remained unwavering as they listened to the hurried footsteps growing ever quieter as they disappeared down the hall outside. It was only at this moment that Izetta realised that the tip of her engorged cock was still pressed against Finés moist lips.
Izetta yelped, stumbling back to fall onto the bed beside Finé. “I’m sorry, its just-”
“Shush” Finé crawled over to lay at Izettas side on the bed. “It’s ok, you have nothing to be ashamed about” They both knew Bianca was loyal and discreet in equal measure, their shared secret was safe with her. Finé reached out to take Izettas cheeks in her hands, turning Izetta to face her. “You are the most beautiful and selfless person I have ever known”
“Oh, Finé” Izetta sighed.
“And now that we’re alone” a mischievous formed smile across Finés lips, reaching her hand down to caress Izettas creamy white thigh. “Maybe I can show you just what being so selfless can get-”
“Apologises, Archduchess”
The door to the bedroom peeked open. Through the gap appeared Lotte, Finés Royal Maid, hefting a stack of bed linen between her arms that was almost as tall as the girl herself. “I thought your room might need some fresh sheets” The young maid stepped across the room carrying the pile of laundry, oblivious to the goings on mere feet away. “You know what’s funny, I nearly ran into Bianca just now. She was going at one heck of a pace” Lotte lay the stack of bed linen at the side of the room. “Makes you wonder what she must have seen to make her move like-” Lotte finally turned around to be met by the sight of Finé and Izetta. The change in her expression could only be described as drastic.
Finé whispered to Izetta. “Maybe we should have locked the door first”


I decided to shift this into a chapter 1.5 because it didn’t suit the tone of the first chapter but the encounters are necessary for the plot of the second chapter.
The second chapter is currently underway and will involve a third party member previously alluded too. I’ll give you a hint, it’s the one whose inclusion won’t see me, and in all likelihood anyone reading it, doing a long stretch in Strangeways.

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