Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Contains: No sex, Descriptions of Izetta x Finé, Gossiping Maids

The young maid returned to the Palace servants’ quarters, laying the tray down on the table which dominated the small communal kitchen. She braced her hands against the table for the support, her heart racing, her breath ragged. She was still amazed that she had manged to make it back from the library without dropping anything. She was certain that what she had seen could not have been what she thought. But she had seen it, she had heard it. If she had been daring enough perhaps, she would have even been able to feel-
Hey Abagail
Abagail looked up to see Arwen, another of the Palace maids, stepping past her carrying a stack of plates and cutlery to be cleaned. “How are things with-”
Arwen stopped when she noticed the look on Abagail’s face. “Oh, you saw them didn’t you”
Abagail silently nodded. Arwen sighed. “Come on then”
Arwen took her juniors arm and led her to sit down at the table. Arwen prepared a pot of tea, pouring a cup for each of them as she sat down beside her. “Tell me what happened”
Abagail took a sip of her tea, staring down at the mug cupped between her hands before turning back to Arwen. “I was doing my usual cleaning of the Palace Library. Dusting the shelves, sweeping the floors, brushing the curtains. I stepped around the bookshelf and saw Archduchess Finé and Lady Izetta sitting on the sofa. I didn’t wish to interrupt them so I quietly stepped around to retrieve their afternoon tea from the side table. It was only as I was leaving that I noticed Lady Izetta was looking rather, flushed”
Arwen nodded with a knowing smile as she took a sip of her tea.
Abagail continued. “I was going to call for the Royal Physician when I noticed Archduchess Finé had her hand in Lady Izettas lap. She was holding Lady Izetta’s…”
“Penis” Arwen said flatly.
Are you talking about Archduchess Finé and Lady Izetta?
Abagail and Arwen looked up to see Mary, the Palace laundry maid, walking into the servant’s quarters carrying an armful of bed linen to be washed.
“Yeah, first time” Arwen clarified.
“Oh, where was it?” Mary asked.
“The library” Arwen explained.
“Oh, pretty standard then” Mary said as she dropped the linen into the hamper before coming to join them at the table, pouring herself a fresh cup of tea. “First time I saw them together was when I came to collect the bed linen in the morning. The sun was barely up and they were already wrapped in the throes of passion”
“Isn’t that normal for a new couple?” Abagail asked.
“Most couples don’t do it on the balcony” Mary clarified as she sipped her tea.
Abagail’s cheeks continued to burn a deep crimson, the poor girl having little context with which to make sense of what she had just heard. Arwen stepped in to explain.
“Lady Izetta is a Futanari” Arwen explained. “It’s a term originating in the Far East. There are other words for it, but I prefer that. It means that while she has all the characteristics, including the genitals, of a woman she also has a fully functional male member as well”
Abagail blinked. “I guess that explains the Princess”
“Yeah” Arwen said. “They did say it was the result of Witch magic. So, I guess it was at least partly true”
“So, you both knew about this?” Abagail asked.
“Oh yeah, most of the Palace staff will stumble across them at least once while working here” Mary nodded. “It’s kind of an unwritten tradition”
“Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” Abagail asked.
“Tell you what exactly?” Arwen asked. “Here are your quarters, here’s where we keep the bed linen. Also, expect to walk in on the Archduchess and the White Witch of Eylstadt doing the nasty on the chaise lounge”
“It’s not so bad here” Mary assured her. “At the last house I worked at the cook had to order an extra crate of root vegetables every week. Somehow they kept going ‘Missing’ from the pantry”
“Oh, that’s nothing” Arwen interjected. “I once found her using breast milk in her tea”
“How is that strange?” Abagail asked. “I’ve heard of plenty of mothers who have done something similar”
“But this was long after the princess was born” Arwen clarified. “Years later”
“And you weren’t there for the time when she turned herself into a horse” Mary added.
“You mean while she was pregnant with the Princess?” Abagail asked. “That doesn’t seem fair to say-”
“No, I mean she was an actual horse” Arwen said with a completely straight face. Abagail simply stared back at her in shock. Abagail looked across to Mary for support. The laundry maid simply nodded.
“Hooves, a tail. Everything” Mary confirmed. “It seems both the Archduchess and Lady Izetta are quite the adventurous sort”
Abagail couldn’t even begin to imagine how such a thing would be possible. Both in terms of the Witches power necessary to create such a thing as well as… mechanically. However, one thought continued to linger in the back of her mind.
“So, does that mean that you have also…” Abagail said.
“Oh, nothing like that” Arwen assured her. “Besides, nobles and commoners marrying is the kind of thing that you only hear about in fairy tales”
“You mean like the ones where the White Witch single handily defeats a Germanian tank division?” Mary asked.
“Although, you know Lotte, the Archduchesses maid who is engaged to the Captain of the Royal Guard?” Arwen continued. “Let’s just say I have seen her looking rather worse for wear after visiting the Archduchesses rooms. And it wasn’t from cleaning”
Abagail was stunned. She had honestly expected that seeing Archduchess Finé and Lady Izetta like that would be the strangest thing that she saw today. She was sorely mistaken.
Mary reached out to lay a reassuring hand upon Abagail’s. “Welcome to the Eylstadt Royal Palace”

Inspired by a work by WotanAnubis

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