Like a Switch

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Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, own or make money from Fruits Basket or any of its associated characters.

A/N: This is a revamped idea for a fanfiction that I had a long time ago. I will be going off of the anime depictions as that's the only medium I've experienced this story from. My style of writing tends to be what's called the '2nd perspective' which means that it will have the 'you' view, though I avoid things such as name blanks.


Blanket Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, own or make money from Fruits Basket or any of its associated characters.


Like a Switch

Chapter One


You smiled as you continued down the street. Every so often you would see someone looking up from their generally straight, strict line of view. It was easy to see that you didn't exactly look like all those around you. Even with the effects globalization in play there weren't as many non-Japanese looking people out on the streets. At least not in this area. Or maybe that was just your experience based on the fact that everyone always seemed to be surprised to see you. You hummed quietly to yourself as you listened to the music playing through the bluetooth headphones.


Even though you did note that you were running a bit late you didn't try walking any faster. You knew that there was a potential that you could be late but at the same time you didn't know the area well enough yet to hurry. You might have missed something and when that happened who knows how long you'd have gotten lost for. You were good at plenty of things, direction was not one of them.


Quickly you moved around one of the people who had decided to stop and stare at an advertising sign. So quickly in fact you didn't see that there was a bike speeding down the street right where you stepped out into in order to move around the lingering person. And with your headphones in you didn't hear any of the warning signs, including a young man warning you to watch out.


You felt the wind rush past you as the bike swerved. Not only that but a helping hand gripped onto your wrist to pull you back onto the sidewalk. Considering that you weren't very quick to recover from unexpected movements, saying that you stumbled would be the polite way to put it. You squeezed your eyes closed as you felt that instantly breathless moment which came right before a fall.


Thankfully you had been able to catch yourself. It just happened to be on the person who tried to pull you away from the bike lane. That only took you a second to realize. What else you discovered was the fact that the man helping you to stand up straight looked absolutely shocked. You flushed in embarrassment as you untangled yourself from them. Apologizes spilled from your mouth in rapid succession as the young man continued to stare at you with a sense of wonderment.


You regained as much composure as you could as you continued to apologize and thank the dark gray haired teenager before you. If it wasn't for the fact that you had already been up close and person because of the accident you might have been hard pressed to decide if your savior was male or female. Their features were quite beautiful and refined which instantly feminized them. Especially considering the fact that you stood eye to eye with them. Which gave you the unique glimpse in the artificial night lights to release that they had to be wearing colored contacts. Otherwise their eyes would have put Elizabeth Taylor's violet eyes to shame.


After what had to be a million apologize you started to turn back around. You still had to get to work after all. Your boss might be flexible with scheduling but you never wanted to be late. That was just poor manners. Besides that cut into your earnings which you could afford just yet as you had recently moved here. Besides that being late just never felt right to you. Unfortunately the person who had caught you had very good reactions. They also apparently hadn't let go of your wrist which you hadn't noticed in your embarrassment. Understanding that he wanted to ask you a question, you slid your wireless headphones off your head so that they could hand around your neck. It was the least you could do for the person who had saved you from getting clipped.


"Who are you?"


The question seemed innocent enough. You were dressed and dolled up in a very naturally pleasing manner. You shot for "cute" tonight with your champagne color scheme and lightly dusted cheeks.


"My name is Anita," you replied with an understanding smile.


The beautiful young man let his grip slip from around your wrist as he stared at you. You vaguely wondered if this was his first time meeting a "foreigner" or something. Otherwise you weren't sure why he was staring at you like you were lit up with a heavenly glow. Politely you reached into you clutch and pulled out a personalized card, handing it to him in a rushed politeness. When he'd quickly scanned the card his eyes only seemed to widen more. You were suddenly struck with a sense of deja'vu and familiarity you couldn't quite shake. Somehow it felt like you knew the young man. It was in his surprised wonderment and the warmth with a hint of fear with which he stared at you with. You knew him but it was a frustrating feeling because at the same time you were pretty sure you had never met him.


"Anita Sohma?"


"Yes, that's right. I am truly sorry but I need to get to work. I don't want to be too late. If you'd like to keep talking, I work just around the corner at the club Yozora."


He looked at you with such an imploring tone that you hesitated. It was strange; you felt that you had met him somewhere before but you had no idea as to where or when. Heck he hadn't even introduced himself yet. It might have been because he seemed so surprised about something, but it was slightly strange and rude of him.


With one final goodbye you left him to his thoughts.


Yuki sat at the low table, chopsticks poised in his hand. It was practically a crime to leave Miss Honda's food uneaten as it was but he couldn't help it. His thoughts kept him rather distracted. They were the same ones that plagued him last night as well.


Slowly Yuki brought some rice and egg to his mouth, chewing slowly. Close by his cousin Shigure kept Tohru entertained with conversation as Kyo made a comment here or there. Even his inane comments couldn't pull Yuki from his musings.


His mind kept replaying the meeting he had on the way to pick Tohru up from work. Never would he have believed that he would be in the situation he was in now. He had helped a young woman only slightly older than himself avoid being run over by a bike. In the process the woman (you) had lost her balance and had used him as a means to regain it. The way that it had played out should have transformed him the moment that it happened. Yet the hold had lingered and at no point had his curse manifested.


Yuki could still feel her skin under his hand. He curled his fingers as he stared at the flesh, completely perplexed. Never in his life could he remember touching a girl in such a manner without transforming. Unless they were cursed of course. And her last name was Sohma...but there was an issue with that. All of the zodiac members were accounted for. Not to mention you worked at a Hostess club named Yozora. If you had been cursed as a zodiac member there was no way that you could have maintained such a risky job.


Which meant that you couldn't have been a part of the zodiac like he was. Yet he hadn't transformed. That alone left very few options.


"Miss Honda? I was wondering if I could ask you for a favor?"


Tohru peeked up instantly and looked at him. The intensity in her eyes humbled him. She was such a vibrant soul.


"Of course Yuki! What did you need? Did you want me to warm your food back up? Did it get cold too quickly?"


"No. Nothing like that. I was just wondering if I could give you a hug?"


Yuki felt that he needed to test something. Unfortunately his question sparked the cat's ire. His hair practically stood on end as he spouted a few judgemental questions. Shigure however didn't even bother to try and hold himself back and went straight to some perverted notions. The violet eyed teenager glared at him though it did little good.


"A-are you sure Yuki?"


It was quite cute how flustered Miss Honda had gotten at his request. Yuki' gaze softened as he looked from his perverted and violent cousins to the young woman living with them.


"If you don't mind."


"Not at all!" She was on her feet almost instantly. "You can give me a hug anytime you want!"


"What? Why would you want the rat pawing at you at any time of the day?!" Kyo was definitely not pleased by this situation.


"Better than a filthy cat," he could help himself and it only seemed to escalate Kyo's temper.


"Now now boys, calm down. No need to destroy my house," Shigure's statement was a valid concern given that the two senior high school students in front of him had squared off.


"Oh yeah why don't you say that to my face you little rodent?"


"I believe I just did," Yuki tossed back quickly. "You should have Hitori check for hearing loss."


Tohru and Shigure helplessly watched as Kyo launched himself over the table. Yuki shifted to the side in order to avoid the pounce. His hands landed directly on Kyo's back to promote the carrot top youth to stumble through the open shoji screen door and into the dirt. Tohru had gotten up by this point as Shigure thanked whatever deity was on his side that nothing had been destroyed yet. The bills from last year alone after the main house cut him off from financial help had been staggering.


Before Kyo could make it back into the house, Tohru latched onto Yuki from behind. She relaxed her head against Yuki's back and waited for the smoke to appear. Only nothing happened. All four occupants of the house went silent at the revelation as Yuki and Tohru waited for the transformation, as though it had just been delayed. Yet as the silence dragged on it vacate clear that he wasn't going to transform.


Yuki stood still, trying not to look impacted from this moment. Other than the three female zodiac members he has always had to worry about transforming wherever he went. Not only that but actually being hugged was rare. His family had never been very affectionate and the hugs he had received as a child had been extremely rare. His hands curled around Tohru's as he bowed his head, soaking in something as simple as human warmth. He didn't want it to end but at the same time he didn't stop Tohru from moving back when she was ready to let go.


He knew what everyone in the room was thinking as Tohru pulled away. A million hopes fluttered through his stomach and raced through his heart as he once more took a seat at the table as though nothing had happened.


Did they break the curse?


"I think this deserves a test don't you?" Shigure asked with a ear to ear grin. "And being the patriarch of this household I volunteer to take this risk onto myself!"


Shigure' dramatic words were accompanied by him moving over towards Tohru. Before he made it too far, Kyo's foot had lodged itself into his back and pushed him to the ground. As Shigure twitched on the floor, Kyo muttered about perverted old men regardless of the fact that said old man was only a few years older than them.


With a rather exquisite blush as he tried to act as masculine as he could in the moment, Kyo reached out and pulled Tohru into a hug. She looked on with wide eyes as Kyo's arms encircled her. The moment that they closed however…




The smoke disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, leaving behind a very frustrated orange tabby. Even though it was Kyo and not him, Yuki couldn't help but feel like his chest was being crushed. The curse hadn't been broken after all.


"What the hell?!" Kyo hissed out before snatching up his bracelet in his mouth and running off with the house.


Everyone watching could only stay silent at that. Kyo more than any other zodiac member would have taken this the hardest. Especially considering that the person who hadn't transformed had been Yuki.


"While Kyo's vulgarity is normally upsetting...I believe he's right. Why didn't you transform?" Shigure questioned as he tried to regain some dignity.


Yuki actually allowed for the confused, vaguely hopeful expression to show on his face. He had no idea why he hadn't transformed, only that he had felt something a moment ago that he had never felt before. He had felt warm, as though he had been warmed up by the sun as it split the dark clouds above his head. Unfortunately after he hugged Miss Honda that sensation had faded. He wanted it back.


"It happened yesterday too," Yuki mused. Now he had the other two's complete attention, not that he hadn't before. "I helped a young woman avoid a bike. She ended up stumbling into me but I didn't transform. And there was something else very strange about her. I felt as though I knew her. Not in a passing way as though I met her at school but as though I had known her all my life."


For once Shigure's expression was serious as he listened to Yuki's confession. An idea floated through his head as he watched the younger man try to explain the situation and the feelings it had encoded. He didn't want to say anything just incase this was all some sort of an accident. Shigure did not want to get Yuki's hopes up.


"Did you happen to get her name?"


Yuki nodded. "Anita Sohma."


Shigure's heart practically skipped a beat. Wait till Aya and Tori heard about this.

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